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NFL Mock Draft (3 Rounds)

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  • NFL Mock Draft (3 Rounds)

    Check it out and let me know what you guys think!

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    ok giants draft-
    1st round if reggie smith is there he is our pick, or dominic rodgers-cromartie also-id also rather have balmer than sam baker too, but its not a terrible pick at all
    AMAZING 2nd round pick- henderson is perfect for our scheme and a great player
    also, brandon flowers is like a borderline 1st rounder at this pt, he wont slip that far but if he does, we trade up to get a like him

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      I debated there between Baker and Balmer for the Giants...I think OT is more of a need than DT though...

      You really think Flowers is first round material?? I'm not overly impressed with him...just my opinion though.


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        good Oakland draft.
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          Now Oakland fans need to hope that Al Davis is smart enough to draft that way and not try to make the flashy pick...


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            1.) Dan Connor...I like Keith Rivers A LOT better, and would much rather go with him here.
            2.) Adarius Bowman... I'm fine with this pick. I like James Hardy too.
            3.) Jermichael Finley... Great pick
            3.) Dejuan Tribble... I'm fine with this.

            Overall, I'd just want to take Rivers in round 1

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            my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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              What's everyone else think about their team's draft??


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                I agree that Rivers is a better player...but I believe there some hidden value in taking college teammates...

                Similar to the Titans pick adding a comfort level along with a solid prospect gives the pick more value...

                Good thoughts though.


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                  WHAT THE $%&@!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  THAT.........WHAT THE %$&%

                  no way, no way no way no way no way.

                  that is the most assanine crock of insanity ive ever heard.

                  aside from teh fact that i would renounce my bears fandom IF ANYTHING LIKE THAT EVEN WERE DISCUSSED, i would renounce my fandom of all things nfl if that trade went down like that.

                  we just sacrificed everything for this year and some of next year for a QB who i have NEVER LIKE and is the MOST OVERRATED HUMAN BEING TO EVER STRAP ON A HELMET and you do that to me!?!?!?!?!?

                  no no triple no. your lucky swear words would get bleeped.

                  aside from my personal hatred of that, the bears have too many needs to just straight up sacrifice something for something like that.

                  we have no OT to keep a guy like that on his feet, we have no running game to take pressure off of him, we have few respectable targets to throw to....

                  no no and again no. absolutely not.

                  are you an eagles fan? a packers fan? someone ive pissed off on another board???

                  now i have to go see a doctor about my left arm feeling numb and this tightening sensation in my chest after reading all that....


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                    I'll be pissed if we draft McKelvin.


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                      The giants would not draft Baker in that situation. Reggie Smith and DRC are still available, we would take either of them. Second rounder Henderson is more of a SLB, but i still like him; Phillip Wheeler would be a better fit. Rubin is a good pick for us IMO.


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                        That Bears trade is the biggest piece of **** I've ever seen in my life.

                        And I love McNabb.

                        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                          McNabb is worth those picks...when healthy he makes a bad Bears offense a good that is much better than their Super Bowl year offense. That defense is aging and you only got a couple years left with it being want to hinge those couple of years on Grossman?? Goodluck with that.


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                            Haha, guess we have a controversial one on our hands here.

                            I love the Chiefs first round. I'd prefer to have Branden Albert in the second, but you did give us a very solid and potentially great OG in Chilo. I just think Albert will be a better player. Either way, back to back offensive lineman will make any Chiefs fan happy, so good job on that front!

                            That being said, I'm not in love with the third round pick. I know to people who maybe didn't see a lot of Chiefs games this year (lucky you) it would seem that QB is a major concern. I disagree. With arguably our biggest offensive weapon out for most of the season and a patchwork offensive line with injuries as well, Croyle didn't get a realistic shot at being the QB for us. Given a year or two to develop behind a competent offensive line and with a healthy arsenal of weapons (LJ, Bowe, Tony G) I think he will be a very good QB at this level. I would have preferred a CB or WR. Brandon Flowers goes a few picks later (which is pretty hard to believe that he'd drop to 3rd anyway) so in this mock I would prefer him there. Ty Law and Patrick Surtain are "ancient" in CB years.

                            Overall, I think you did a good job from a Chiefs standpoint. Again, no one will complain about back to back offensive lineman!

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                            His soft D really turns me off
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                              no freaking way KC passes on Rodgers-Cromartie in RD 2.CB is right up there with OL in terms of need



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