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  • **13 page Mock** 3 Rounds - Trades

    1 - MIA - Chris Long - DE - Virginia

    Went with the conventional selection here mainly because of who is calling the shots. Parcells, with every team he has had a voice, makes a push to strengthen the front seven before all else. He understands that to rebuild a team, the defense needs to be priority A. Miami has some tools set in place on that side of the ball already but the front needs a Chris Long-type to take pressure off Porter and Taylor. He can do it all, at a high level nonetheless. Considered Gholston and the other Long here but there can be value had at those spots later in the draft.

    2 - STL - Vernon Gholston - DE - Ohio State

    Rams need an edge pass rusher just as much as any team in the league. I like Carriker as an UT but his strengths are negated a bit with no help to his outside. Some may consider this a reach but Gholston is widely regarded the top pass rusher in this draft. These guys are always coveted and with the Giants recent success, that value may even increase a bit more. He is expected to put up a show during workouts and matching that with his production, this seems like the most logical selection. Considered Long here but I think they give Orlando Pace one more year.

    3 - ATL - Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College

    I felt stronger about this pick a few weeks ago but I still have this as the most likely consideration. I know some Atlanta fans don’t like this but he IS the top signal caller in this draft and could be a piece to build around. Atlanta needs to start over and doing it with a QB is the most sensible place to begin. They have talent around on offense already but it’s nullified without a QB. If he develops into what I think he will, that offense has the potential to be very dangerous in a couple years. Again, thought about Long but I think they will wait a little bit for the line. They’ll try to trade down but I can’t see anyone giving up enough for something to happen.

    4 - OAK - Jake Long - OT - Michigan

    Looks like Gallery has been shifted to guard for good, a spot I actually thought he did very well in this past season. There is no long term solution to protect Russel’s blind side though and that has to be in the back of Al Davis’ mind with Gallery failing to do so. I remember saying in September of 2006 that Long will be a better pro than Joe Thomas and while Thomas’ level of play exceeded my expectations in year one, I still believe this to be the case. Forget the quickness concerns Long may have, he can hack at LT in the NFL. The Raiders offense was tough to watch in 2007 but with a dominant left side of the line, a franchise QB, and a solid RB unit…the foundation is there.

    5 - KC - Glenn Dorsey - DT - LSU

    No brainer here in my opinion. KC will be ecstatic to get Dorsey without trading up. With Hali and Allen on the outside, Dorsey could have a field day in the middle. That three headed monster could combine for 30+ sacks in 2008 and on a defense that lacks playmakers in the secondary, the trenches will be vital. He might need to add a few pounds to hold up against the run on an every down basis but that won’t prevent the KC brass from selecting Dorsey.

    6 - NYJ - Darren McFadden - Arkansas

    I have go on record saying I don’t think McFadden is the prospect some make him out to be but this is a good value pick for the Jets. I think for McFadden to be at his best, he needs to be involved within a 2 back system. That’s where you have Thomas Jones for a couple years and Leon Washington for the long term future. Some will argue the Jets should look elsewhere but their offense is in need of speed and playmakers. Why not get both of those with one pick? While I personally don’t feel McFadden will be an Adrian Peterson, his ceiling is higher than any prospect in this class. If he avoids the injury bug and learns how to carry the ball, the Jets may have a top tier back for a long time. They have passed on superior talent for need far too many times throughout their history, time for those mistakes to go bye-bye.

    NE trades #7 (1) to NO for #10 (1) and #78 (3)
    I am as positive as one can get that New England will trade down from this spot. They don’t like paying rookies big money, period. However, there won’t be many teams looking to trade up from the teens and 20’s, thus they settle for the 10th pick. Denver is a possibility but they don’t have a 3rd already, and they need a run stuffer.

    7 - NO (f/NE) - Sedrick Ellis - DT - USC

    Every time I watched the Saints this past year, I came away almost embarrassed for their defensive tackles. Hollis Thomas, who should have retired awhile ago, was the best they had to offer. Will Smith and Charles Grant have a lot of talent but without a surge up the middle, who cares? I loved Ellis at USC in 2007, he rarely got the pub he deserved because of how stacked that defense was. Truth be told, Ellis was the player that opened things up for their unreal LB core and without him, many don’t even know who Lawrence Jackson is. His performance at the Senior Bowl pushed him into the top ten and the Saints will love the disruption he brings.

    8 - BAL - Brian Brohm - QB - Louisville

    Really struggled with this selection, I have to admit it. I loved Brohm last year but the more I watch, the more I dislike his potential. Yeah we all know about his system complaints and the Ravens got into trouble by going after Boller, a system QB. However Brohm has intangibles that I want in a QB, what the Ravens need at QB. He is a hard nosed, come from behind winner that doesn’t need all the talent in the world around him. Ravens will need to be patient with him, which may be tough considering their recent QB failures, but 3-4 years from now I think Brohm will be a very good QB.

    9 - CIN - Derrick Harvey - DE - Florida

    Yes I know Carson Palmer called for changes and Marvin Lewis wants to add talent on offense, but come on. Cincinnati’s defense is awful and it’s been awful for too long. The Bengals already are loaded on offense, spending this pick on a RB would be stupid. Harvey reminds me too much of Jayson Taylor it’s scary. He’ll consistently get pressure off the edge with his explosion and pass rush moves, but he also finds a way to stuff the run. Not in a Michael Strahan kind of way, but like Taylor, he pursues well and locates the ball. He may need a year of physical development but he brings the kind of versatility the Bengals D needs.

    10 - NE (f/NO) - Curtis Lofton - ILB - Oklahoma

    Here is what I expect to be my first “bad pick” in the eyes of many. A reach? Probably. But I thought this one out and it makes too much sense for the Pats to do. They need some new blood on the inside more than anything. Lofton is my top rated ILB and while that may be debated, one needs to look no further than what Patrick Willis did for the Niners in year one. Lofton gives a Zach Thomas/London Fletcher mix, meaning he is stout against the run, has tremendous range, and does not miss tackles. Sounds like a Patriot to me. The Pats will have to throw a good amount of money at a #10 pick and this may be the safest financial decision they can make. And trust me, the Pats think economically about the draft more than any team in the league. I look forward to debating this with several of you.

    11 - BUF - Keith Rivers - OLB - USC

    Gave the defensive line a thought here but Rivers, like Posluszny, gives a tremendous about of reliability and playmaking skills. I personally believe he is a tad overrated but those that have sources within the league say scouts love this kid. It would make sense for Buffalo as they failed to find that third LB for their defense that relies heavily on that middle level. A concern I had with him was hiz size but he bulked up to the 230 range without losing his explosion. He has stud written all over him if he has the right players around.

    12 - DEN - DeSean Jackson - WR - California

    Note that I have the Broncos trading Walker to a Chicago, Carolina. Houston, or Washington but it won’t appear in this mock because I don’t think they’ll get anything in the top 3 rounds for him. So that leaves the Broncos with no Smith, no Walker. I love Marshall but there needs to be a speed guy next to him for Cutler to work with. Jackson could absolutely thrive within that scheme because Cutler can throw the deep ball, but Jackson also goes over the middle for the tough catch. Throw in the importance of return men in today’s game and Denver gets a kid that will help in too many ways from day one to pass up on. Their main priority is to re-build that defense but I don’t see the value here. I bet they would take Rivers if he’s available but I don’t see them trading up and I couldn’t find a match for a trade down.

    13 - CAR - Jeff Otah - OT - Pittsburgh

    May take some heat for this one but hear me out. Personally, I feel Otah is a better prospect than Levi Brown was a year ago. You’re talking about a guy with maybe the best feet for a LT in this draft but also carries a good amount of weight with the potential to add 10-15 more pounds. Throw him on either side of the long, move Wharton back to the inside where I think he can be a Pro-Bowler, and you have set yourself up for domination within the trenches. There were a few guys I considered other than Otah such as McKelvin, Jenkins, and Phillips with the thought of improving a weak defense. But Otah will likely be the BPA at this point and the DB class is too deep to reach for one.

    CHI trades #14 (1) to SEA for #25 (1), #55 (2), and 2009 3rd rounder
    Angelo will have a tough decision on his hands at this point. Does he go for another franchise RB, acknowledging the Benson decision was wrong? Maybe he should have traded up for Brohm? I think he can find some great players for what he needs later in this draft, therefore he’ll find a trading partner to stockpile picks. Seattle will overpay a tad and fork over three picks for a back they want in the worst way.

    14 - SEA (f/CHI) - Jonathan Stewart - RB - Oregon

    Shaun Alexander showed me last year that he was done. His emergence was simply a result of a dominant O-line and now that Walter Jones is on the decline and Hutchinson is in Minnesota, Alexander looks poor. Stewart is a physical gem that has the production to match it. Like I said before, I think Stewart is the top back in this class. He is not in the Adrian Peterson class but I have him a notch ahead of Marshawn Lynch. The Pacific Northwest will keep Stewart around and I would assume the Seahawks fans would love it.

    15 - DET - Chris Williams - OT - Vanderbilt

    Williams is an intriguing prospect. He can play both sides although long term I think he’ll be a LT in the NFL. The Lions need help up front before anything else, their line was just embarrassing all season in 2007. They might want to go with Clady here who has the higher upside but Williams offers more from the start and Clady just has too much bust potential. The Lions should go the safe route here, keep Williams at RT for a year, then swap him and Backus. Considered the safer pick in Branden Albert as well here but Williams brings more to the table.

    16 - ARI - Mike Jenkins - CB - South Florida

    I have not bought into the thought that McKelvin is the inevitable #1 corner in this class. Jenkins has been the most consistent DB in this draft the past two years and I think he earned the right to be the #1 guy. The Cardinals like their corners to be physical and smart, Jenkins’ top to assets from what I can see. With the Rolle move to safety official, there is a vacant spot for Jenkins to nab and considering he is the most NFL ready CB in this draft, it will be all but his. Considered an edge talent like Merling or Ellis, but Jenkins could fortify that secondary in the pass happy NFC West.

    MIN trades #17 (1) to ATL for #37 (2) and #48 (2)
    I hesitated to do this deal because I think Dimitroff will try to stockpile picks, coming from the New England school of thought. However I think his priorities will lie within getting a QB, LT and then BPA. He’ll have his QB, but their line still needs a top tier pass protector and I think he’ll have Clady rated pretty high.

    17 - ATL (f/MIN) - Ryan Clady - OT - Boise State

    Like I said above, Falcons will likely have the LT need rated pretty high on their board and many think he has the best LT potential in this class. Some have thought he will need a year to develop but I think at worst they could throw him over to the right side for year one. But he reminds me a bit of Tony Ugoh and might be able to hack it right away on the left side. If the Falcons can nab a franchise QB, franchise LT, and still have a good amount of picks left to work with, Atlanta’s light at the end of the tunnel could be in sight.

    18 - HOU - Rashard Mendenhall - RB - Illinois

    I love this match and I was hoping I’d somehow get it. Houston won’t trade up for a back but they’ll have to take Mendenhall here, a perfect fit for that zone blocking scheme. He has the explosion off his cuts to remind some of a young Clinton Portis and the power to break tackles, a la Ryan Grant. The Texans have a bunch of mediocre backs that don’t get it done every year, it’s time to add some balance to that offense and bring in a top tier back. He isn’t better than McFadden or Stewart, but he could end up having the best numbers with the scheme and supporting cast in mind. The offensive line is a thought, but with Clady off the board they can’t reach for a guy that plays the position easiest to fill in the zone blocking scheme later in the draft. Plus, I like some of the young talent Houston has in the trenches already.

    19 - PHI - Kenny Phillips - S - Miami

    Eagles fans will do cartwheels with this selection because they will ponder the thought of trading up for him each and every selection since pick #12. To see him fall into your laps will cause Eagles nation to go nuts. Despite the fact I have much lower opinion of Phillips than most, this could end up being a great selection if he realizes his potential. The Eagles will be without Dawkins within the next couple of years, and what’s behind him is below average. Phillips is said to have an Ed Reed mind inside of a Sean Taylor body and while I don’t think he compares to either of them, he could ease the pain of being without Dawkins.

    20 - TB - Phillip Merling - DE - Clemson

    Another DE from the same school in consecutive years? Weird, I know. But Kiffin likes to have a solid DE against the run paired with a pass rusher. Adams showed promise as that pass rusher from the right side, but there is a spot on the other side that needs to be filled. Merling has burst onto the scene pretty late due to a surprising declaration, but he is a damn good football player. Aaron Kampan type potential I think, could really elevate that defensive front that I thought was the missing piece to the Bucs being a legit contender in 2007.

    21 - WAS - Calais Campbell - DE - Miami

    Washington has not valued their draft picks all that much the past few years, but they have done a good job with most of them when they are around. They’ll be tempted to move up for Phillips and maybe even Jackson, but they decide to stay put and go after what they need the most. Campbell is a diverse DE that could thrive off of Carter’s emergence opposite of him. The Skins D-line is evolving into a strength, but it’s not quite there yet. Campbell could be the final piece to that puzzle.

    22 - DAL - Leodis McKelvin - CB - Troy
    NFLDC nation will think this is the steal of the draft because somehow the notion that he is a sure thing top 10 pick has spread like wildfire. I think he has tools and talent, but he’s a ways away from being that kind of CB in my eyes. He would be thrown into the perfect situation in Dallas, playing behind Henry in the nickel spot for a year and then hopefully taking over to form a nice 1-2 punch at CB with Newman. I think the Cowboys could use some new blood in the return game as well and if there was any question about taking him, that could put Jones over the edge. Gave a lot of thought to hometown WR Limas Sweed but the value later in the draft will get them a better WR than CB.

    23- PIT - Branden Albert - G - Virginia

    The Steelers offensive line has been sketchy at best the past couple of years and their team has taken a hit because of it. That said, their best lineman (Faneca) is leaving and there absolutely needs to be a replacement ASAP. Albert has been climbing up the boards recently and he may end up going higher than this, but as of right now I see this as being the best fit. Albert is a pulverizing run blocker, something the Steelers brass always covets, but has the pass protection ability of a tackle. Albert will be very high on the Steelers board, no question with this pick.

    24 - TEN - Limas Sweed - WR - Texas

    I feel good about this pick as WR is something the Titans need as much as any teams needs any position upgrade across the league. I compared Sweed to Roy Williams in 2006 and that may be a bit far fetched right now, but his potential is sky high. Reliable hands, great size, deceptive deep speed, and strong route running will make this decision easy. Him being a former teammate of Vince Young certainly won’t hurt as I’m sure Young will push for this selection and we have all seen how much the Titans value Young’s opinion. If the Titans offense is going to catch up to their defense, this pick is necessary.

    25 - CHI (f/SEA) - Gosder Cherilus - OT - Boston College

    I think Angelo makes that trade down from 14 with Cherilus in mind. He knows he can get his RT at this spot, which would hopefully be Williams or Cherilus. I said back in December that before their QB mess is solved, the Bears need to upgrade that line big time. I think they’ll go hard after Faneca but I still think this pick will happen either way. Cherilus will aid the run game especially and seemed to really step it up late in the year and at the Senior Bowl in pass protection. I don’t buy the notion that says you can’t spend a 1st on a career RT. He’ll be a staple in the trenches for a long time on a team that needs vast improvement there.

    JAC trades #26 (1) to NYG for #31 (1) and #95 (3)
    Jacksonville really doesn’t find any value at this selection unless there are some things I’m missing. There may be a few teams looking to trade up here like the Giants, Cowboys, Bills…but I’m not sure they will fork over what the Giants can. Giants need here is pretty obvious and with arguably their top DB still on the board, this goes without hesitation.

    26 - NYG (f/JAC) - Reggie Smith - S - Oklahoma

    Some are currently debating what position Smith will play at the next level, and rightfully so. He surprised me with how well he played CB this year but at the end of the day, his potential at safety is enormous. The Giants are set at CB with the youngsters stepping up, but there is still a gaping hole at safety. The Giants have gone with projects and washed up veterans, now is the time to pony up and go after a guy like Smith. He is a great centerfielder type that can explode into the box and make a hit. His coverage ability is obviously above average for a safety, and the Giants need for that is too steep to gamble on again.

    27 - SD - DaJuan Morgan - S - NC State

    The Chargers last pick until the 5th round needs to be a winner. Morgan is quietly sneaking his way to, or close to the top of the safety board. The Chargers really do have a nice squad on paper all around, very well balanced and put together. The secondary is the weak link though, and Morgan brings a lot to the table at safety. He hits like a truck, covers a lot of ground, and can make a play on the ball. Him and Cromartie will form a nice tandem from one sideline to the middle. Actually have thought to a RB here, a Felix Jones, or Ray Rice to replace the overlooked importance of Turner, but there is an actual need at safety with solid value here.

    28 - DAL - Mario Manningham - WR - Michigan

    I think Dallas would like to have Smith or Morgan, but not to the point of losing picks to move up. Hamlin is going to be there for awhile I think, the need isn’t as glaring as I thought it could be. WR or RB would be the next best option, not sure the Cowboys would pass on a Jones or Rice here but Mannigham is what that offense needs. TO is still on top of his game, but Crayton is a marginal at best possession guy and Glenn might be done. Manningham plays bigger than he is, has deep speed, and is one tough mother. I think he could end up being the top WR in this class if he is put into a system with an accurate QB and a WR to take pressure off of him. Romo, TO, and now Witten could make Manningham look like a flat out stud in year one.

    29 - SF - Malcolm Kelly - WR - Oklahoma

    The Niners will likely want Manningham and might be willing to trade up for him, but you have to consider that this WR class is so even after Jackson. You could make a case for Sweed, Manningham, and Kelly in any order, thus I don’t feel this would be a reach. Alex Smith still has a year or two to prove he wasn’t a mistake, and for him to do that the Niners need to improve the line and the guys he is throwing the ball to. Kelly may not be a sexy pick, but he has the best hands in this class and Smith would love to get a kid like him. He has good size, can get downfield…could end up a poor man’s Larry Fitzgerald and I’m sure Smith would take that in a heartbeat.

    GB trades #30 (1) to WAS for #51 (2), 4th rounder, and 2009 2nd rounder
    We can’t go through a year without Washington making an aggressive move here. I think there will be a lot of competition for this pick considering who is on the board, and Washington won’t think twice about that future pick. Their need at CB is too glaring to ignore and while they could sit tight and hope to get one at 51, they trade up and take a guy that some are calling the best CB in this year’s draft.

    30 - WAS (f/GB) - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB - Tennessee State

    Yes the Redskins were patient and got what they wanted with Campbell, but their secondary is on the brink of becoming a major weakness. Springs may be cut and even if he isn’t, his game has been on the decline. Carlos Rogers, I really don’t know what’s up with this injury that might keep him out another year, thus there is too much instability back there. Cromarite put on a show at the Senior Bowl and has shut-down CB written all over him. It will take a couple years to get used to this level of play and for him to pack on some weight, but this could be a long term investment that pays enormous dividends. While he has the highest ceiling of any CB in this draft, he might turn out to be a major flop. Washington is a team that has no quarrels with gambling, they can always make up for their mistakes by throwing money at free agents anyway.

    31 - JAC (f/NYG) - Antoine Cason - CB - Arizona

    Some feel Cason is the top DB in this draft, other feel he will struggle to be picked on the first day. When he was pondering the draft in 2007, I had him ranked above all the corners from that class. I think he’ll find his niche in the NFL, especially in Jacksonville, and become a very productive CB. Maybe not at the level of Ronde Barber, but Cason has a lot of similar tools that I think Jacksonville will covet. The Jags have been struggling to find a CB to play opposite of Mathis for awhile now, and Brian Williams is not the answer. There is a lot of money put into this secondary now with Cason but when the Colts are consistently the team to beat, you can’t be weak back there.
    ROUND 2

    32 - MIA - Erin Henderson - ILB - Maryland

    I personally fee Henderson can play the weak side in a 4-3 better than the inside in a 3-4, but he is worth this spot in my opinion. Brings everything to the table you want a LB to and Parcells will love him. Himn and Crowder in the middle would be a nice 1-2 punch.

    33 - STL - Tracy Porter - CB - Indiana

    The Rams secondary was not as bad as some will want to say, but it still needs some young blood with talent. I personally love Porter and would not mind seeing the Giants go after him, has a nice speed/size duo and makes plays on the ball. Hill, Porter, Atogewe along with an improved pass rush will make things easier to watch in St. Louis.

    34 - OAK - Pat Sims - DT - Auburn

    With Warren Sapp done, the Raiders start the run on these high ceiling defensive linemen. Sims could turn out to be an absolute beast with the talent Oakland has on that side of the ball already and while a skill position is a thought here, Sims’ fall needs to end here.

    35 - KC - Sam Baker - OT - USC

    Their first choice will be Jake Long in round 1 but they won’t trade up for him, so instead they take an often unnoticed LT that has the feet to play right away. Might need a year to pack on some weight and strength but like Joe Staley, he could be a solid lineman by year’s end. Hopefully KC rebuilds that team the right way, in the trenches.

    36 - NYJ - Marcus Harrison - DT/DE - Arkansas

    I love this kid, a ton. I personally feel he is right below Ellis and Dorsey on the DT board but a bum knee and character concerns may hinder him a bit. But watching him this past season and knowing his knee was not 100%, I just fell in love with him. Fires off the ball well, moves exceptionally well, holds his weight well, plays with intensity….Perfect fit for the Jets’ front seven needs. Will likely be an end in the 3-4.

    37 - MIN (f/ATL) - Jason Jones - DE - Eastern Michigan

    His college sack numbers won’t wow anybody but don’t make a mistake about it, he lived in the backfield of his opponents. The Vikings defense is a couple pieces away from being a top flight unit that could carry them to the playoffs. Jones could be one of those pieces, a steady pass rusher that is about to explode onto the scene. Whoever gets this kid is going to be very lucky.

    BAL trades #38 to CLE for #56 and 2009 2nd rounder
    Cleveland gets nervous with all of these defensive linemen coming off the board and overpays a bit to get a guy rated high on their board. I’m sure they’ll try to move up into the 1st for Pat Sims, but in the end they won’t offer what the teams there want, a 2009 1st rounder. Baltimore really doesn’t have a player they want to go after hard here, and taking this deal is a good idea.

    38 - CLE (f/BAL) - Kentwan Balmer - DE - North Carolina

    Some have projected Balmer as a 1st round pick above the likes of Sims and Harrison but I’m not there yet. However this would be a good trade and pick for Savage as their defensive line is in need of a Balmer type. He can rush the passer from this spot and play 2 gaps.

    39 - SF - Carl Nicks - OT - Nebraska

    With Staley due to shift over to the left side in 2009, there is a newly created hole on the right side. The Niners get a reliable pass catcher in Malcolm Kelly in round 1, and go for the line here a few picks later. Could also play guard if he can’t hack it at RT.

    40 - NO - Dan Connor - LB - Penn State

    Like Posluszny in 2007, Connor falls to the early 2nd. This is a tremendous value pick for the Saints and despite them not picking up any young CB talent, adding Ellis and Connor to the front seven gives this defense a bright future. Connor can play in the middle or the weak side, I’d prefer the middle if I’m New Orleans.

    41 - BUF - James Hardy - WR - Indiana

    Buffalo will love to see Hardy drop down to #41, a player they’d consider to move up for. I like the playmakers that offense already has and the O-line is one of the more underrated in the league, but a lengthy target like Hardy could put that attack over the top.

    42 - DEN -- Jerod Mayo - MLB - Tennessee

    This was a tough pick, as the D-line value wasn’t there and I had a tough time finding the right LB. Some will argue that Mayo is too small for the middle but he plays big and has supposedly gotten into the 230s which is good enough for me. Worst comes to worst, he plays in the weak side and DJ stays in the middle. This run defense was atrocious last year, largely because their linebackers were weak.

    43 - CAR - Chris Ellis - Virginia Tech

    Love Ellis, his upside is as high as any prospect Carolina can get their hands at this point. No, despite my distaste for Peppers this is not a cheap shot at him. Carolina needs another edge talent to balance the attention Peppers obtains and in case Peppers days in Carolina are numbered, Ellis will be fine DE for a long team in this league.

    44 - CHI - Felix Jones - RB - Arkansas

    Chicago has to be happy with this pick. Benson isn’t the answer and while I’m sure they’ll give him a good amount of carries next year, there needs to be another option. I doubt Angelo breaks the bank on Turner, instead he goes after an explosive Jones that gives this offense another homerun threat.

    45 - DET - Patrick Lee - CB - Auburn

    Lee is going to be rated very high on some boards, possibly top 3. Detroit had to nab Williams in round 1 and they’d be lucky to see Lee here. Lee could fit that scheme perfectly and the need is certainly there.

    46 - CIN - Chilo Rachal - G - USC

    When Lewis said Palmer needs help around him, I think he was pointing to the line. Andrews and Jones are there long term, but there needs to be another interior upgrade added. Rachal is close to the level of Albert, just a notch below in every grading category. He paved the way for a potent rushing attack at USC and some Trojan fans have said he was their best lineman all year.

    47 - MIN - LaVelle Hawkins - WR - California

    I have Hawkins rated higher than most and I think this will be the spot he goes to. Minnesota appears to be ready to compete on the defensive side of the ball, however their offense is in need of playmakers for Tarvaris Jackson to work with. Hawkins has been overshadowed by Jackson but he’ll be a perfect fit for that offense.

    48 - MIN (f/ATL) - John Carlson - TE - Notre Dame

    Another upgrade to the offense that offers long term potential at a spot that is in need of an upgrade. Shiancoe was one of the bigger 2007 offseason mistakes, he won’t be there much longer with that contract. Carlson won’t ever be a Jason Witten, but a reliable blocker that gives you 60 catches a year is solid value here.

    49 - PHI - Adarius Bowman - WR - Oklahoma State

    Blaming McNabb for his up and down play the past couple of years has been simply unfair. When healthy, and when given a solid unit of pass catchers to work with, he is still a start. He was at his best with TO obviously and while Bowman has a ways to go before being considered a TO, he brings a similar skill set to the table. Very high ceiling pick here, Eagles will be high on him.

    50 - ARI - Quentin Groves - DE/OLB - Auburn

    I like what Cardinals have got going on defense. Strong secondary, a promising LB core, and a very promising interior defensive line. But there is something missing for me to consider this a strong unit. There needs to be a better pass rush off the edge, Groves gives them that hybrid guy that many were hoping Terrell Suggs would fill.

    51 - GB (f/WAS) - Brandon Flowers - CB - Virginia Tech

    Packers trade down from 30 and still get a guy they would have given strong consideration had they stayed put. While the Packers have the top CB duo in the NFL, there isn’t much behind them and they are running out of time to groom someone. Flowers is a physical, well sized corner that can run with the speed guys. Solid value here.

    TB trades #52 (2) to NYJ for DT DeWayne Robertson
    The Bucs upgraded their defensive front with Merling in round 1 however they still lack a stout, pass rushing attack up the middle. Roberton has gotten a raw deal in New York, just isn’t a fit for the 3-4. Bad timing too because he was coming on in the 4-3 before the switch occurred. Change of scenery and a more aggressive scheme will allow him to realize some of his potential some have forgotten about. Jets trade up for someone that fits their scheme.

    52 - NYJ (f/TB) - Ahtyba Rubin - NT - Iowa State

    Sure this may be a reach in the eyes of most, but the Jets have made it clear they will trade up for a scheme guy. They have lacked a NT throughout this entire 3-4 switch, but not anymore. Rubin isn’t a stud, but nose tackles are always overlooked in the 3-4 and a new duo of him and Sims will help elevate that defense for years.

    53 - PIT - Charles Godfrey - CB - Iowa

    Was disappointed with the Steelers secondary this year. I like Ike Taylor, but the depth behind him just isn’t there. Godfrey falls due to a loaded CB class but he really does have first round talent. Very good value pick here.

    54 - TEN - Justin King - CB - Penn State

    I really don’t know what is going to happen to PacMan but honestly, I see this pick going down either way. He fits the scheme very well and because he came out too early, Titans get a solid value pick here. Won’t do much in year one but a good development guy.

    55 - CHI (f/SEA) - Andre Woodson - QB - Kentucky

    I think Grossman will be back in 2008, but his long term potential here will be on a short leash. Woodson looked erratic at times at the Senior Bowl but I think he has too much of an upside here to pass on. Solid situation to be thrown into that will allow him a year or two to sit and watch.

    56 - BAL (f/CLE) - Devin Thomas - WR - Michigan State

    Yes the glaring issue with the offense has been QB, but the WR core has been very poor in Baltimore for awhile. Clayton and Mason are a decent duo, but they’re very limited physically and won’t ever create a potent passing attack by themselves. Bring in a good sized Thomas, who could have been a top 10 pick in 2009 with another big year, and the potential for that offense to take off soon is alive and well.

    57 - MIA (f/SD) - Roy Schuening - G - Oregon State

    It seems to be the case every year that high quality guards fall in the draft. Schuening is a very solid, NFL ready guard that will provide an instant upgrade. Parcells opts to build the defense with their first two picks but he won’t forget about the offensive line.

    58 - JAC - Ali Highsmith - OLB - LSU

    I noticed a few issues with the Jags linebackers this year and even though I really like Durant, there may be a need on the weak side soon. Peterson is almost done, same could be said for Smith. Ingram and Highsmith on the outside with Durant in the middle would give that Jags defense a fun unit to work with at the second level.

    59 - IND - Phillip Wheeler - MLB - Georgia Tech

    Tough call here with some of the defensive tackles that are still around, but Wheeler could be a hidden gem here. Really does a nice job on coverage, but also brings the heat against the run. Might be the best Cover 2 MLB prospect in the draft.

    60 - GB - Tavares Gooden - LB - Miami

    I think Gooden is going to have a very good NFL career. He won’t ever be the superstar his workout numbers will lead you to believe, but he’ll be a guy that a lot of teams wish they didn’t pass on. Poppinga is solid, and the job will still be his, but Gooden will be waiting in the wings.

    61 - DAL - Thomas DeCoud - S - California

    Dallas needs a new SS, and they’ve needed one for awhile. Dallas is finally starting to realize that and I think they’ll go after one where the value is right. DeCoud is a favorite of mine, does everything well. May not be the immediate solution but down the road he’ll contribute to a resurgence in the defensive backfield.

    62 - NE - Trae Williams - CB - South Florida

    The Pats always seem to grab the underrated corners that find a way to contribute right away. Williams was a damn good CB but playing on the same field as Jenkins, he never got the pub he deserved. Plays a zone scheme very well, Pats like that and need a replacement for Samuel and possibly Gaay.

    NYG trades #63 (2) to CIN for #77 (3), 6th rounder and 2009 3rd rounder
    Giants try to retain the selection they lost in their trade up, even if it’s late in the draft. Instead of going after a 4th rounder, Giants go for the future pick. Bengals have to grab the steal of the draft here.

    63 - CIN (f/NYG) - Ray Rice - RB - Rutgers

    Have a hard time believing Rice will fall this far but I guess it’s possible. I considered him in the 1st a couple times. The Bengals running game is weak and shows little promise in my eyes and this could be the end of Rudi. Rice is a productive mauler that will surprise some with his speed. May not be an every down back, but between him and the other backs in Cincy, balance on offense could finally be obtained.

    64 - MIA - Early Doucet - WR - LSU

    No receivers in Miami for Beck to work with right now, solid value here.

    STL trades #65 (3) and 2009 comp. pick (rd 4 or 5) to DET for DT Shaun Rogers
    This makes a lot of sense for both sides. St. Louis gets the space eater in the middle that they needed all year to form what could be a dangerous front with Carriker and Gholston. Detroit finally rids themselves of an inconsistent, disappointing player that does not exactly fit the scheme. The comp. pick will likely depend on games started, either way it gives Detroit what Rogers is worth right now.

    65 - DET (f/STL) - Beau Bell - MLB - UNLV

    Tremendous fit here for Detroit, Bell can play the MLB in that scheme at a very high level.

    66 - KC - Terrell Thomas - CB - USC

    Poor secondary with no promising youth at corner, can’t put it off any longer with Thomas available.

    67 - NYJ - Donnie Avery - WR - Houston

    McFadden and Avery bring a ton of playmaking ability to an offense that needed it. Speed guy to offset Coles and Cotchery.

    68 - ATL - Frank Okam - DT - Texas

    Atlanta could use a big body in the middle to form up a very nice DT duo.

    69 - NE (f/OAK) - Trevor Laws - DE - Notre Dame

    More of a depth pick here, could see early success as a situational pass rusher.

    70 - SF - Red Bryant - NT - Texas A&M

    Some are labeling him the top 3-4 NT prospect in the draft, Niners have been looking for since making the switch.

    71 - BUF - Fred Davis - TE - USC

    Bills added a WR to the mix already, but good value is on the board at TE, a position of need for them.

    72 - BUF (f/BAL) - Eric Young - G - Tennessee

    Versatile lineman that can provide quality depth at 3, maybe 4 spots.

    73 - MIN (f/DEN) - Heath Benedict - OT - Newberry

    Can compete for the RT spot right away whole providing depth along the line.

    74 - CAR - Kevin Smith - RB - Central Florida

    Pairs up with Williams to replace Foster and form a very good looking, young dual rushing attack.

    75 - CHI - Anthony Collins - OT - Kansas

    Future replacement for Tait, the last piece to a rebuilt O-line.

    76 - DET - Jamaal Charles - RB - Texas

    Tremendous value pick here, him and Jones will give them a two headed monster they have been searching for

    77 - NYG (f/CIN) - Earl Bennett - WR - Vanderbilt

    The most consistent WR in the country over the past three years in the toughest conference, has to mean something

    78 - NE (f/NO) - Ezra Butler - OLB - Nevada

    Emerging pass rusher that will give the Pats some help with their air defense

    79 - HOU - Steve Justice - C - Wake Forest

    Could be a top flight center in this league once he puts some weight on

    80 - PHI - DeJuan Tribble - CB - Boston College

    Philly kind of CB that can go man on man with those smaller, quicker receivers

    81 - ARI - Steve Slaton - RB - West Virginia

    Not a threat to take James’ job, but a much needed change of pace big play threat in the backfield

    82 - MIN - Joe Flacco - QB - Delaware

    Minnesota needs to form a backup plan should the shaky Jackson not work out

    83 - TB - Aqib Talib - CB - Kansas

    Not high on this kid, will need to be in the right scheme to succeed and I’m not even sure this is it

    84 - WAS - Marcus Griffin - S - Texas

    Doughty? Come on now. Griffin provides solid instincts and could win the job right away

    85 - TEN - Jonathan Goff - MLB - Vanderbilt

    Titans need a better player in the middle, Goff reminds some of DeMeco Ryans

    86 - SEA - Kellen Davis - TE - Michigan State

    Highest upside of any TE in this draft, physical gem, Seattle has had headaches with the TE position for awhile now

    87 - CLE - Cliff Avril - OLB - Purdue

    McGinnest is almost done, if not done already. Need to bring in a young gun to play opposite of Wimbley

    88 - PIT - DJ Hall - WR - Alabama

    Love Hall, reminds me of Berrian at Fresno State. Size, speed, hands

    89 - JAC - Barry Richardson - OT - Clemson

    Jags bring in another big body for the trenches, could play either spot and provides needed depth

    90 - CHI (f/SD) - Jonathan Hefney - S - Tennessee

    Versatile d-back with great range. Not sold on D. Manning being a starting player anymore.

    91 - GB - Jermichael Finley - TE - Texas

    Was not used correctly at Texas, has very good hands and Green Bay loves using Tes

    92 - DAL - Robert Felton - G - Arkansas

    Enormous road grader that Arkansas ran behind when they needed tough yards. Interior depth is needed

    93 - IND - Oniel Cousins - G/T - UTEP

    Might get a shot to play guard right away, if not will be the versatile backup

    94 - NE - Adrian Arrington - WR - Michigan

    Some instability at the WR position in New England right now, and a good sized, sure handed, high ceiling prospect is worth a look here.

    95 - JAC (f/NYG) - Kendall Langford - DT - Hampton

    I think he’ll thrive as a situational penetrator and the Jags need another body behind the big two
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    Originally posted by Paul
    Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
    Originally posted by Vikes99ej
    These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.

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    I don't understand why you would have the Packers trade down when the CB with maybe the most potential is sitting on the board otherwise nice picks

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    • #3
      I dont hate the 2nd and 3rd rounders, but TE and DL are two of our bigger needs. And no comment to the first round pick.


      • #4
        I'd prefer Ellis in the first but I like the 2nd pick.

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
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          I've contemplated the Lofton pick to the Pats if they trade down. In that senario, I think the Broncos would probably like to trade up and the Pats would rather trade down to #12 instead of #10. Although I agree that Lofton is definitely the top ILB in the draft and will definitely warrant Top 20 consideration, finding players that fit their system is very important to them. NE prefers bigger, more physical ILB's that are versatile. On D, rarely do they go with the someone who doesn't fit the mold of what they want at a position. Lofton, although is a great player, really doesn't fit as an ILB in the Pats scheme. Anyways, good mock and good effort. I'm glad to see some originality.


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            Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
            I don't understand why you would have the Packers trade down when the CB with maybe the most potential is sitting on the board otherwise nice picks
            Cromartie is not a press corner, that was the main reason I traded down there. Flowers fits that scheme and some are talking about him as the top CB in the draft.
            Originally posted by Paul
            Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
            Originally posted by Vikes99ej
            These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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              Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
              Cromartie is not a press corner, that was the main reason I traded down there. Flowers fits that scheme and some are talking about him as the top CB in the draft.
              So you meant Flowers then instead of Godfrey? Flowers is a great fit for a cover two so if Detroit's going to take a corner it'd probably be him. I don't think Flowers is as great a fit for our defense as everyone seems to think. Switch Flowers and Lee around and it's better for both teams.


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                Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                So you meant Flowers then instead of Godfrey? Flowers is a great fit for a cover two so if Detroit's going to take a corner it'd probably be him. I don't think Flowers is as great a fit for our defense as everyone seems to think. Switch Flowers and Lee around and it's better for both teams.
                Ah yes that was supposed to be Flowers. Notice I have Godfrey going right after to PIT.
                Originally posted by Paul
                Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
                Originally posted by Vikes99ej
                These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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                  Solid Chiefs draft, but I'd like to see us get Hardy in the 2nd, and then pick up Anthony Collins in the 3rd

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                  Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                    Way too much offense for us and not enough defense. It will never happen.

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                      Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                      I don't understand why you would have the Packers trade down when the CB with maybe the most potential is sitting on the board otherwise nice picks
                      idk i have Brandon Flowers above DRC so you can bet i love that trade lol


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                        give KC Carl Nicks.He is a better fit for the power run game that Chan Gailey likes to use then Sam Baker is


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                          Since you put in a lot of effort, I'll try to give pretty lengthy comments.

                          I see where you're going with Curtis Lofton, and he's a possibility if we trade down further than that, but Dan Connor is probably the best inside linebacker in the draft. Lofton has some neck issues if I remember correctly which could push them away from drafting another Andy Katzenmoyer. I'd prefer Mike Jenkins or Brandon Flowers or Aqib Talib (no Leodis McKelvin) or Dan Connor depending on which of them impresses most at the combine over the next few days. Or Ryan Clady as well, that would help out a lot.

                          I like Trae Williams in the second. I don't think much needs to be said about this pick unless I find a better pick later on in the draft by a significant margin. (later) Wait, Aqib Talib is left? How in the world...?

                          Trevor Laws isn't my kind of pick. Not really sold that he's a 3-4 defensive end, and we have Mike Wright and Jarvis Green off the bench for situational pass rushers. Considering we haven't addressed safety or right tackle yet, that might be something to look at. I'd actually really like Heath Benedict or Aqib Talib here (especially Talib.)

                          Ezra Butler is okay but I don't think the Patriots draft two linebackers unless one of them is really late. It's even kind of a reach based on past history to assume that Butler is going to be the pick but he's not a bad fit for the Patriots or a 3-4 so it's alright.

                          Adrian Arrington is interesting, I'll buy it.

                          That was actually a really solid mock draft aside from the weird Talib thing. I have him in or near my top-15 right now, and he's a pretty solid fit for the Patriots so I doubt they pass on him three times.


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                            Terrible. We will take Lofton, but at #69, not #10.

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                            Dream Pats Draft:
                            1. Vernon Gholston, LB, tOSU
                            2. Adarious Bowman, WR, Ok St
                            3a. Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa
                            3b. Kevin Smith, RB, UCF
                            4. Peyton Hillis, RB, Ark
                            5. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
                            6. Brian Witherspoon, CB, Stillman
                            7. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mt Union


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                              Sedrick Ellis and Dan Connor is nice :)

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