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  • 1-round, no trade

    Quick One round, no trade. Wasnít planning on doing another mock until the heavy part of free agency was over, but since this is a very lazy week, I decided to post the rough first round of mine so far. A lot likely will change, and potentially real soon.

    1. Oakland Raiders

    Itís getting awful close, as for once, Iím not dead sold on the Russell pick. Calvin Johnson is pushing hard Ö but at the end of the day, I think, for now, the nod is still Russell.

    Pick: QB Jamarcus Russell, LSU

    2. Detroit Lions

    Based on their current offseason additions, the nod here goes to Calvin Johnson. They have options at OT, RB, DE now. Sure, if they move any of the players or sign someone (say Kevin Curtis), then the dynamics shift. But they need another WR.

    Pick: WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

    3. Cleveland Browns

    The indications prior to my leaving the country had shifted back towards Joe Thomas again, and thatís the nod here for now. It very well could be Peterson, but Iíd look for them to add a RB later to develop behind Lewis. They do seem to be trying to shore up their OL.

    Pick: OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    CJ is off the board. As such, as tempting as Quinn may be, they look to fix that defense. A dominant edge guy like Gaines Adams might entice, but the instinct goes back to Okoye, who Gruden seemed to fall in love with at the Senior Bowl, and because a dominant interior player is more important than a dominant edge player in the scheme, so if they view Okoye as a dominant 3-tech, his value, IMO, is higher.

    Pick: DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville

    5. Arizona Cardinals

    Thereís no Joe Thomas on the board, and Levi Brown likely wonít be high enough to warrant such a selection. As such, they look elsewhere. While Laron Landry may tempt, Gaines Adams is too good to pass up here, as his combine work largely exceeded expectations and sewed up a top 5 grade.

    Pick: DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

    6. Washington Redskins

    Weíll have to see how the Denver issue plays out. The pick will likely be on the DL, as long has been expected. Okoye and Adams would be guys they have interest in. Carriker is a guy that can be a base end for them and slide inside on pass-rushing downs, addressing 2 key needs for them last year, especially if they end up releasing Renaldo Wynn for more cap space.

    Pick: DL Adam Carriker, Nebraska

    7. Minnesota Vikings

    While WR is their biggest need, the values here are iffy. Landryís dominant workout potentially sews up a top 10 spot for him, and they could use a potentially dominant safety in the scheme, which they currently lack. Ends may garner attention, but with Adams off the board, I donít see it.

    Pick: S Laron Landry, LSU

    8. Houston Texans

    The growing nod has been towards Quinn. They do need a QB of the future, and Quinn could very well be that. Being in a tough division, the leadership has some leeway to develop a QB. Look for Sage Rosenfels (or another veteran) to play the role of Jake Plummer (very well could be Jake Plummer himself if something can get worked out with Tampa Bay) and Brady Quinn to play the role of Jay Cutler last year for Denver.

    Pick: QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame

    9. Miami Dolphins

    Toughest top 10 pick to figure so far. Largely because, are they resetting , which if they are, as some suggest, would merit a surprise based on Huziengaís proclivity to a win now philosophy? Or are they simply clearing out some contracts? The guess is
    thus based on a measure of team need, Muellerís history at the top of the draft, and the potential Cameron inclinations based on affiliation, along with the coordinators potential preferences. Not sure what the fans really want here, although I think Finfan prefers Branch. While Mueller does have a history of drafting DL early, the bulk of the moves seem geared towards pass rushers. Furthermore, a cursory glance of recent Capers history leads me to think that Branch is not an ideal 5-tech/3-4 DE fit for him, and the pedigree of Cameron leads me to somewhat wonder if he would make that move. No other DL talent warrants such a high pick, and the signing of Porter, while not completely removing a rush backer off the board, likely pushes it down a bit. Safety isnít likely in the first round, but CB is a possibility, even though I personally wouldnít go that route. Offensively, they could use a WR, and while I like Dwayne Bowe a lot, as well as Ted Ginn Jr., neither one really is great value here, although Bowe could fit their needs. Meachem might work his way here Ö but I donít think heís an ideal system fit, and an ideal skill need. RB is a no, and with Quinn off, QB lacks value. OL and TE could merit value. At the end, Iím looking at a threesome of Leon Hall, Greg Olsen, and Levi Brown. Tough call, but the nod here, for now, goes to CB Leon Hall.

    Pick: CB Leon Hall, Michigan

    10. Atlanta Falcons

    They could use help on the lines, and in the secondary. Reggie Nelson and Chris Houston arenít bad values here; they arenít great values either. Levi Brown is a thought, and Alan Branch and a couple ends could draw consideration. If Adrian Peterson is on the board, though, they wonít pass. I should also state, if I was doing trades, someone wouldíve moved up to secure Peterson already. I think itís possible Peterson falls out of the top 5, but I think someone would move up to secure his services, and a team from 6-9 would likely have moved down.

    Pick: RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

    11. San Francisco 49ers

    I already know that the majority of Niners fans wonít like the pick. I will first off say, if Adam Carriker was here, he would draw long consideration. Gut feeling right now is they prefer to land Laron Landry, and they may move up to try and get him, as they have additional ammo. Yes, they could use DL help, but personally

    a) Iím not sold that itís a 11th overall pressing need
    b) Iím not sold Alan Branch is a fit.

    Maybe Iím dead wrong on Branch as a fit, but I donít see him as a fit for Nolan and Manusky. That said, Nolan does have ties to Baltimore, which was able to utilize Ngata at DE, but they also have a stronger defensive core around to push Ngata to play hard. Itís possible that Branch is the nod, but I donít buy it for now. So whatís next? Thereís S, where Reggie Nelson is decent value. An inside backer might draw consideration, but arguably, itís still a bit high for that. So yes, Niners fans can go ahead and boo, but the nod goes to Dwayne Bowe, as I still fully believe a lead receiver is a key need for Alex Smith to develop (you can be a run first team, but your QB is still the most important cog in that offense long run), and they lack the weapons around to help him. I donít see, say, Meachem because, well, they have Meachem in Ashley Lelie. I donít see Ted Ginn Jr. on account of fit. If Landry is within range, though, I believe they make the move up, but this is a no-trader.

    Pick: WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU

    12. Buffalo Bills

    The impending move of Willis McGahee means that RB is a need. Sure, they could land a veteran to start this year, but that would only be as a placeholder. Yes, they have other needs, such as LB and CB, but thereís enough depth to address that later. No, I donít see Branch as a fit for them, but thatís me. WR is a peripheral thought, because RB would rate higher on the offensive charts if there was a need. The nod goes to Marshawn Lynch, who could be really good with how Fairchild would ostensibly like his offense to look.

    Pick: RB Marshawn Lynch, California

    13. St. Louis Rams

    Theyíve made two really nice additions in Drew Bennett and James Hall. Not only are they sound talents (and in Hall, great value for what they gave up), they filled key needs offering them flexibility in the draft. LB and DT could draw consideration, but with Witherspoon likely to be back in the middle again, unless itís a huge bluff, the nod goes to Alan Branch here for now. They try again at DT, hoping that Branch is everything that Jimmy Kennedy was thought to potentially be. They could certainly use the run-stuffing help.

    Pick: DT Alan Branch, Michigan

    14. Carolina Panthers

    No significant losses Ö but no significant additions so far. This is a critical year for John Fox, and they have several areas of need. Gut feeling is that, while they wonít go into the year depending on Dan Morgan, his restructure likely pushes LB down a bit. CB is a no, and DT is a no. DE could warrant consideration here, as could safety. Offensively, TE could use a look, now that Henning is gone, and Levi Brown could garner some consideration. A WR might also draw interest, but the depth at WR, combined with what their actual needs are, may push it back a little. Those seem to be the first round options, especially since QB value is likely off. The chic pick seems to be Greg Olsen, and he is certainly a consideration. I think Jamaal Anderson and Reggie Nelson could draw looks, and as noted, Levi Brown. Olsen is awfully tempting, but in the end, the nod here goes to Jamaal Anderson, as a dominant DL to work with the secondary is the cornerstone behind their success, and with the surrounding talent, Anderson could have success. Iím not huge on Anderson, as I think heís been somewhat overrated and was too hit or miss, but with the surrounding talent here, he could be good. Safety can be looked later, and OL isnít pressing, as health is the most critical aspect.

    Pick: DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Tomlin has done a fairly solid job of hiding his plans, throwing a bunch of names out there into the wind. That said, there are several areas which seem more likely. OL could use another piece. Kendall Simmons could slide to center, opening up a spot at guard, or they could look for a center and keep Simmons put. Best guess is Simmons moves to guard. They seem to like Willie Colon a lot. While Levi Brown may get considered, I think they wait on the OL. Another WR would be nice Ö but itís not a top of the draft need. Thus, the pick likely is one defense. DL value is iffy, so they are likely looking at LB value, or CB. Depth of CB could make them wait Ö but Houston could garner consideration. At the end of the day, long run, Tomlin likely moves to a 4-3, and with corner depth, I donít see it here. The nod goes to LB, and in particular, an edge guy. They clearly need pass rushing help, and Jarvis Moss should top the list here. Yes, he has his flaws, but he should be able to be effectively utilized as a pass rushing OLB soon Ö and develop as a 4-3 DE. When they eventually move to a 4-3 look, Moss should be able to put his hands down with success.

    Pick: OLB/DE Jarvis Moss, Florida

    16. Green Bay Packers

    RB value is currently off the board right now, as they could definitely use someone. With the way things are going, I expect them to try and move up for a RB. For all the talk about the system being able to develop RBís, thatís a big gamble and the talent after the top 2 is iffy. But for now, itís no trade, and no RBís of value. Thereís talk of DL, but I donít buy it. LB is a no. CB could use help, and safety could use help. Offensively, they could use another WR, and they could use a TE. Secondary talent is fine later, so the look is to offense. As tempting as a WR might be, a top target like Greg Olsen may be too good to pass up (especially since they have Greg Jennings and Donald Driver at WR already).

    Pick: TE Greg Olsen, Miami

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars

    The Tony Pashos signing as a good one, but an intriguing one. That said, OL wasnít going to be a draft focus in all likelihood. The signing of Northcutt may remove WR as an early look for them. The look is defense, where CB depth can likely be addressed later, but an impact safety is needed sooner. The other big area would probably be defensive end. The nod here goes to Reggie Nelson as a potential impact safety thatís ready to step in.

    Pick: S Reggie Nelson, Florida

    18. Cincinnati Bengals

    Itís been an interesting offseason so far. They lose a leader in Simmons. Sure, he had declined a bit, but with all the off-field issues, losing locker room leaders like Simmons is a risky move. Loss of Wilkins removes depth, but should be adequately filled, and loss of Steinbach should be filled fine with Whitworth. DB or LB are probably the looks. As tempting as LB might be, the guess here is still that they wait till later to add a piece, if at all. Thereís talk of moving Madieu Williams to CB, so if this was a trade mock, things may be different. But Iím not sold on Michael Griffinís value here, and as such, the nod goes to Chris Houston as the 2nd corner off the board.

    Pick: CB Chris Houston, Arkansas

    19. Tennessee Titans

    I think theyíve had a smart offseason. They know better than to get in the cap woes that they were in before, and as such, they made some tough decisions. Offensively, they need a WR. Bad. David Givens is supposedly not going to be ready at the beginning of the year. That leaves a motley crew of Brandon Jones (some improvement, but still better off as a depth receiver than a starter), Courtney Roby, Jonathan Orr, and Roydell Williams, none of the three having done much. Defensively, they could help almost anywhere. For all the talk about DE, Antwan Odom had shown flashes in his first two years before being injured last year. I think they may wait a bit at DE. DT value is lacking. S value (Griffin) is iffy. CB could use someone with the Pacman issues. Do they really need to add a LB here? Tulloch showed flashes, and LB is deep in this draft. Gut feeling is no. As such, Iím looking at WR and CB. The lean here is with WR, as the development of Vince Young should be at the forefront of concerns. Itís Meachem or Ginn Jr.. The nod, for now, still goes to Ted Ginn Jr., who could be their returner if they make a decision on Pacman.

    Pick: WR Ted Ginn Jr., the Ohio State

    20. New York Giants

    Itís been a fairly tumultuous offseason in New York, with a GM change and some subsequent player cuts. All the cuts had valid reasons behind it, but it does create some more questions. OL now could garner consideration, and Levi Brown would likely get a look. RB value is off here, so the other options here would likely be defense. LB is a thought, as is CB. For them to run the defense that Spagnuolo likely wants, theyíll likely need to level CB play. Whatís the call? Tough one. Posluszny has worked his way into warranting a look here. Willis doesnít really fit here. McCauley and Wright are tempting, but there are non-football concerns with both, and Coughlin and Pat Hill are extended parts of a tree. Darrelle Revis just doesnít seem to me to be the type of corner Spagnuolo would like, and Iím not sold on Ross either. Whatís the call? The nod here goes to Levi Brown, although Iím not a big fan of the move. I think Wilkinson will get a shot at the job, although some competition is likely brought in, but I think they wait, and I donít like the corner values here, and while I mocked Josh Wilson here once, I have second thoughts on that. While Whimper and Diehl could perhaps suffice, can they really depend on those two to protect Eli Manningís blindside in a critical developmental year for Eli?

    Pick: OT Levi Brown, Penn State

    21. Denver Broncos

    So far, I think itís been a solid offseason for the Broncos. Theyíve brought in some offensive veterans to surround Cutler and help him develop. Theyíll likely add a RB, but probably later. This pick, if they are here, is likely to be on the defensive side. For now, Bly is there, so CB is off, and LB is off, meaning the look is likely DL, as safety depth can be dealt with later. DT value is lacking so itíll likely be the best end talent. The nod goes to Anthony Spencer as a potential edge talent that Jim Bates can utilize.

    Pick: DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue

    22. Dallas Cowboys

    They made a big splash Ö literally, with Leonard Davis. Brad Johnson gives them a veteran backup QB. Offensive needs will likely wait, as I donít see them going OG this early. Thus, itís likely on defense, and in the back 7, as DL values for the 3-4 are iffy here. While Iím not big on Quinn Pitcock, he does have some similarities to Luis Castillo (albeit, not as good), so Iíd watch that one, but for now, I canít pull the trigger. Another edge guy might be intriguing, but Iím not sold on anyone here. Thus, itís DB. In the end, for all the talk about Anthony Henry, I think theyíll look on their board and take the best DB out there, whether it be safety or corner, and figure things out after that. After all Ö they very well could add TWO DBís, as CB depth is probably still warranted. Itís a tough call Ö and I donít like it Ö but the nod here is to Michael Griffin in a slight edge over whatever corner you want to toss out there (as several could be considered decent values here). Iím still not sold that Griffin is worth it here.

    Pick: S Michael Griffin, Texas

    23. Kansas City Chiefs

    I like the two additions theyíve made so far in McIntosh and Harris. Harris gives them a starting MIKE, which was an area that needed a look, and McIntosh gives them a tackle option so they wonít have to force any moves and make desperate decisions. QB is likely not a drafting concern this high even if they move Trent Green. Despite the addition of McIntosh, another OT could still be used. A playmaking WR is certainly something that deserves consideration. Defensively, based on the board, they could use corner depth, but that can wait. Thus, the look is offense, with WR or OT. Tough call Ö and I am tempted to go with a WR, and probably Meachem, but they can probably find one later. I stay with the pick I made in my last mock, and that is, Joe Staley.

    Pick: OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan

    24. New England Patriots f/ Seattle Seahawks

    A very effective offseason so far, and I fully expect them to continue to be active, in particular, with their picks. That said, itís a no-trade mock, so 2 first round selections will be made. WR could draw consideration, because as of this writing, they havenít added Stallworth or Moss yet, so they still lack a top target. A guy like Brian Leonard could draw interest. Defensively, an ILB ranks high on the board in regards to needs. They could always just pick who they think is the best player here, considering it to be a luxury move. I donít believe Patrick Willis will be able to be the coverage linebacker that they desire to replace Tedy Bruschi Ö but he could be a very solid run-stuffing linebacker thatís passable in coverage. Thereís a very good possibility someone (New Orleans comes to mind, although their attention could be shifting to CB), makes a move up for Willis. I still hear that Siler is someone they love, and I think his value is warranted in the first round. That said, the nod here is to Willis, because, if they give him a year to develop, they could always slide Vrabel over into the heavier coverage role ILB spot to let Willis have less to deal with, and more developmental time to correct a lot of his flaws.

    Pick: LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi

    25. New York Jets

    I canít understate how huge I think the move for Thomas Jones was. This likely pushes offense off the board here, unless value is exemplary, as there isnít a pressing need outside of TE, but value is lacking there anyways. Thus, the look is defense. What do they look for? They could use pass rushing help, DL help, and CB help. Gut feeling says that they wait on CB, due to Manginiís background and pedigree, along with system utility. They should be able to address CB with one of their late 2nd rounders. DL value is possible here, if Justin Harrell has an excellent workout, but for now, itís questionable. Thus, itís a pass rusher, and there are some options. Victor Abiamiri rates up there as a possible consideration, and Mangini does have ties with Weis. Iíll get a lot of howls on this one Ö but the nod here goes to Brian Robison, who was a 2nd/3rd round guy pre-combine, and now may warrant a value grade of late 1st/early 2nd for me. As noted, this is a rough mock. Robison has all the qualities that Mangini may desire off the edge, though.

    Pick: OLB/DE Brian Robison, Texas

    26. Philadelphia Eagles

    Iíve learned to somewhat tone out most Eagles fans Ö but Griffin is off the board, so all the Griffin lovers canít go on and on about it. What next? They could look at DE, where they could add a guy stouter against the run. If a linebacker warrants it, they could look there. CB could draw a look, and with Stallworth not there, WR deserves some consideration. Whatís the nod? Not sure how this will play with Eagles fans, but the nod is to Charles Johnson, who compares favorably to a young Darren Howard. He didnít work out as well as the rumors indicated, but some guys playing speeds are better than their workout times, and I still think Charles Johnson is one of the better ends in the draft. He offers a guy thatís a bit more stout against the run, and a good pass rushing acumen. They typically like addressing the lines early, and with Howard and Kearse both slowing down a bit, they could use some depth there for the long run.

    Pick: DE Charles Johnson, Georgia

    27. New Orleans Saints

    I love their offseason so far. Losing Joe Horn loses a nice veteran, but his play had declined. I love the gamble on Eric Johnson, and while Brian Simmons isnít who he once was, heís still a solid talent thatís a good leader. Good, good gambles, IMO. Whatís next? TE value is lacking here, so, while they may give consideration to a WR, the depth of WR may allow them to wait a bit. Thus, the pick, for now, is focused on the defensive side of the ball. Based on the board and their own needs, theyíll likely look LB or CB here. Whatís the nod? A lot of CB options with Wright (off-field may push him to round 2), McCauley, Ross, Revis. But the nod goes to adding another LB and waiting on CB. Posluszny is the tough, hard-nosed type of guy that Payton may fall in love with. After all, most indications were that, had Reggie Bush gone 1, they wouldíve gone with AJ Hawk last year, and while Posluszny is no Hawk, heís a solid talent who has stabilized his value. Thereís enough CB depth to wait, and Ross/Revis are questionable fits, IMO, and McCauleyís work ethic and issues with the coaching staff may scare some off, although someone will reach for him (and Wrightís off-field issues are well-noted).

    Pick: LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State

    28. New England Patriots

    As noted, I expect them to be active with their picks, but for now, itís no-trade. After adding Willis earlier, the guess is they look WR here. Remember, as of this writing, the only WR theyíve added is Welker. Whatís the nod? Theyíve shown a proclivity to drafting athletes early on at the skill positions (Ben Watson, Chad Jackson). Robert Meachem has a lot of work to do to develop into a top level WR, but his numbers solidified a first round grade, and he might be the type of player the Patriots gamble on with his top level athleticism. He would also offer a bigger target, and perhaps more significantly, a downfield target. Brian Leonard was a long consideration, and if they did sign another WR, and I was doing another no-trade, Leonard could get the nod.

    Pick: WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee

    29. Baltimore Ravens

    As of this writing, the RB issue hasnít been addressed. They could use a CB, allowing Rolle to move to a more suitable nickel role. Offensive line merits huge consideration with Pashos gone. As usual, Ozzie will likely take the guy who is one of the top guys on the board when their pick roles around. Whatís the nod? As intriguing as any RB might be, I think theyíll end up making that McGahee trade. The OL values seem iffy relative to RT needs, and Terry could end up stepping in there just fine. Iím not a fan of the talent, but some team will gamble on him, and the Ravens could definitely use a CB. As such, the nod is to Marcus McCauley. They arenít as connected as other teams to Pat Hill, and they have a strong defensive cast, coaching and personnel, that has shown an ability to keep guys in check as well as develop raw talents. This could be an ideal situation for McCauley.

    Pick: CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State

    30. San Diego Chargers

    Resigning Dielman was the big move they needed to make happen. This means they can be patient on OL instead of reaching for someone. They could look OL here, though, as Ben Grubbs might garner consideration. WR could garner some looks, with several solid options. Defensively, they could use safety help, but itís doubtful, IMO, that AJ Smith goes with Meriweather, and potentially a bit high, and any other safety is a bit of a reach. They could very well end up moving one of their big corners (Jammer, Florence) to safety, opening up a spot for Cromartie, and moving McCree to the more ideal SS role for him. Based on the board as of now, itís an interesting dilemma. I end up going with Dwayne Jarrett, who I question if his value is warranted here, but he is the type of big, physical receiver that might draw interest from Norv Turner that has the steady hands to help the young QB.

    Pick: WR Dwayne Jarrett, University of Southern California

    31. Chicago Bears

    The Thomas Jones move was going to happen at some point, and having 2 picks in this range offers a lot of flexibility. They likely wonít look RB this high. TE lacks value at 31. WR is a possible look, but my guess is that it would have to be exceptional value to warrant a pick. OL could get consideration here. Defensively, LB could garner some thought. S value is lacking. I wouldnít rule out CB, with Hester likely playing more offense based on the reports. DL is likely for later unless thereís an exceptional value. An extremely tough team to make a call for based on the board at hand. Iím looking at Timmons/Beason/Ugoh/Blalock/Grubbs mainly, with some WRís and RBís sprinkled in. This isnít a pretty situation for the Bears, IMO. Gut feeling says that Ruben Brown returns for one more year, and thus, the move here is likely a future move. Whatís the call? Long run, Briggs wonít be here. If an injury happened this year, the depth would end up being Jamar Williams, who is still an unknown (though I love the potential). The nod here goes, grudgingly, towards LB, although the talent decision goes to a guy I like a lot in Jon Beason. Beason somewhat reminds me of Lance Briggs. With Beason/Williams, the Bears are set for the future at LB, whenever Briggs/Hillenmeyer move on.

    Pick: LB Jon Beason, the U

    32. Indianapolis Colts

    If the board shakes out this way, the Colts will be left with interesting decisions. There will be solid CB value. Timmons would be a solid LB value if they opted that route, and with Abiamiri on the board, along with Crowder, thereís some end options. Justin Harrell could garner a look inside. They could look offensive line as well, although thatís probably for later. Thereís a lot of solid WR values here, which could draw some interest as Harrison is aging. Whatís the call? While itís not a pressing need, if Darrelle Revis is here, the value may be too good to pass up, and he gets the nod over Abiamiri.

    Pick: CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh

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    Very good. It comes down to Landry and Quinn, and I'd take either one of those guys.


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      I can handle that Bengals pick... Your analysis was dead on. I'm not sure if Willis would get consideration there or not so I'm fine with either Houston or Revis.


      • #4
        Good Cowboys pick, but the idea of Pitcock scares me. I just dont think hes a fit in our D.


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          However, I do NOT like the Ravens pick.

          Mock Overall Grade: A
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            The Niners seem to think highly of Branch.


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              I don't like McCauley either, but some team is liable to reach for him late first/early 2nd after the strong combine he had. The Ravens could definitely use a CB to slide Rolle to the nickel spot ... as it seems that Pittman and Martin aren't guys they have high expectations for, and the rest are depth options (I am, though, a big fan of Martin's and still believe, given the opportunity, he can be a player). They aren't one of the teams loosely intertwined, relative to tree-wise, with Pat Hill, and they have done a good job of developing raw talents with upside (albeit, it's usually selections later in the draft).

              Well, that was the reasoning behind the McCauley pick. I'm not a fan of his, but I wouldn't rule him out.


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                Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
                I don't like McCauley either, but some team is liable to reach for him late first/early 2nd after the strong combine he had. The Ravens could definitely use a CB to slide Rolle to the nickel spot ... as it seems that Pittman and Martin aren't guys they have high expectations for, and the rest are depth options (I am, though, a big fan of Martin's and still believe, given the opportunity, he can be a player). They aren't one of the teams loosely intertwined, relative to tree-wise, with Pat Hill, and they have done a good job of developing raw talents with upside (albeit, it's usually selections later in the draft).

                Well, that was the reasoning behind the McCauley pick. I'm not a fan of his, but I wouldn't rule him out.
                Reached 1,000 posts 4/29/07, lost it because of the deletion of the forum mock.
                Also Also: Reached 1,000 posts again 12/31/07


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                  Horrible Dolphins pick. Leon Hall is not a top ten talent. CB is not a round 1 need. Unless we are getting a shut down CB (there are none in this draft) then we don't need a CB because we already have Will Allen, Travis Daniels and Andre Goodman on the roster plus there's talk that Jason Allen will move to CB.

                  Levi Brown, Dwayne Bowe, Ted Ginn, Jr. and Alan Branch are all much better options.

                  I'm guessing we all go offense in the round 1 because all our FAs have been defensive guys so Brown, Ginn or Bowe could be the pick but Alan Branch is the better value at that spot and Keith Traylor is getting older. Branch has the abilty to handle evey DL spot for us so he would be a real value.

                  Either way all those guys and are much, much better options then Leon Hall.


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                    Oooo, get ready for a mob of angry Lions fans . . . I, however, do not mind this pick one bit. CJ is a guarenteed stud, and we do need a WR . . . so what the heck, we can throw our WR drafting history aside just once more.
                    R.I.P. L.E.F.
                    "I am the one who knocks!"


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                      Originally posted by go_ravens94 View Post
                      However, I do NOT like the Ravens pick.
                      Agreed. Your analysis is pretty sound, but you didn't consider a couple of key factors. For one, there's no way to know that the Ravens don't have faith in Pittman and Martin as starters. Just because they didn't see the field last season means nothing. They were very raw, and we had one of the best CB trios in the league. Point 2: the ravens have a history of developing mid-rd guys into starters, bringing them along slowly. Look at Thomas, and most recently his replacement in Jarret Johnson. Look at Mughelli and Pashos who just signed big FA contracts with other teams. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, those guys were very raw coming in, just like McCaulley, as you say yourself, why take another raw, project corner, this time in the 1st, when you already have 2 in their second season?


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                        1. I consider the fact that the heavy buzz all offseason has been about adding a corner to be somewhat of an indictment of there feelings on Pittman and Martin since they are aiming to keep Rolle.

                        2. Agreed. They do a good job of finding raw talents later. That said.

                        3. There are those that believe McCauley can step in sooner than later. I'm not one of them ... but there are those that believe that. And, while I'm not big on McCauley, and while I was big on Martin, McCauley's upside far exceeds both Pittman and Martin's. That said, tis early.


                        Figured as much to get a poor reactions. I'm not sold on the Branch fit, but tis early, so we'll see. I've made my case above. Ginn Jr. isn't really a talent match relative to their needs. He is an immense talent, but relative to their needs and what they are looking to pair up there, I'm not sold Ginn Jr. is a fit. Bowe was a thought, but much as I like Bowe, I'm still hesitant to put him top 10. Levi Brown was an intriguing thought, but I'm not sold on value and there are some young pieces on the roster that are developmental worthy.

                        Tis early. If I did go away from Leon Hall, it probably would've been to Greg Olsen there.



                        Not sure why CJ would get a mob against me. It comes down to what they think of Foster and Bell, I guess, and whether or not they keep them. I think, if they feel Foster can start, then they'll probably pass on Thomas, as Backus/Foster would have the OT spots. Of course, they could slide Foster to guard and Backus to RT, so nothing is set yet. If they like Bell enough as a stopgap, then no, I don't see a RB. The X-factor is DE, but Marinelli is talking up Kalimba Edwards potential a lot, which makes me hesitant to go Gaines Adams there after signing Dewayne White. I think they are likely to add a DE, but probably later in the draft.


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                          I don't see KC going OT RD 1.If Jarrett is there we should take him


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                            ok giants pick- i think it would b hard passing up on beason, revis, paul poz especially when we have so many defensive needs to fill but its still ok

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                              Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
                              I don't see KC going OT RD 1.If Jarrett is there we should take him
                              As of now, I think Jarrett is a reach at San Diego ... but I put him there because of the fit for Norv Turner, and the fact that the safeties were off the board, and OL can wait. As of now, I just can't see Jarrett being worth the 23rd pick in this draft ... but then again, teams fall in love with guys and are willing to reach, so who knows.



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