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  • 4 ROUNDS Slam Dunk a Vince Carter slam not that wack mess from the other week.

    Round 1

    1. St. Louis Rams - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
    Regarding Vick-where there’s this much smoke there
    has to be fire.

    2. Detroit Lions - Gerald McCoy DT/DE Oklahoma
    Lions likely want a DT and will be happy with either.

    3. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - Eric Berry S/CB Tennessee
    With the top 2 DT off the board the Bucs take the
    top defensive guy on the board-JPP-No. Berry might have
    the feet for CB but in any case he’s well versed in the
    cover 2 to step right in at any secondary spot and be
    a playmaker.

    4. Washington Redskins - Russell Okung LT Oklahama St
    I’ve yet to hear a good argument as to why the Skins
    would take a QB here. Snyder/Zorn shopped Campbell last
    year but this year the decision is Shanahan’s. Can’t see how
    Shanny would prefer a spread offense guy who could not stay
    healthy in college or a system pocket passer with a big head
    to a mobile strong armed vet who has proved his resilience in
    the league.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Joe Haden CB Florida
    McClain? Rolando’s 4.8 40 should cancel that. Interesting
    take here: "After the defensive line in a 3-4 defense,
    the next most important position on the field is the cornerback
    position. Cornerbacks, with the ability to matchup one-on-one
    against the league's best receivers, are essential to allowing
    blitzing linebackers and stunting defensive ends to get to the
    quarterback. Carr took a major step backwards in 2009, struggling
    when asked to play man coverage"(Adkins)…Flowers is probably
    more suited to be a #2 CB and little Joe could form “the best
    young corner tandem in the league”

    6. Seattle Seahawks - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    Good team for Sam to land assuming he’d get to understudy
    for a year behind Hasellback.

    7. Cleveland Browns - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
    AFC North has some of the best run defenses in the league
    and it’s my op that Mangini wants to build a traditional run
    oriented attack-the identity of the Browns late season win streak.
    Davis is being described as having the highest ceiling of the OT’s
    and ideally would help the run game and better protect Quinn,
    who crumbled under pressure last season. A safe low risk high
    reward first pick for Holmgrem.

    8. Oakland Raiders - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
    I imagine those Cable Davis meetings had to involve
    getting better protection for JR and this has to be Cable’s top
    guy for his zbs. Al signs off because he’s put all his chips
    into Russell.

    9. Buffalo Bills - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
    Ideal spot and coach for Clausen. The character
    question of Clausen makes me think, how many pricks have
    also been good QB’s? Marino? Phillip Rivers? Maby he should
    go by James instead of Jimmy.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB South Florida
    JPP is now regarded as the top DE prospect and the
    biggest need for JackD.

    11. Denver Broncos - Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
    Arguably the top need for the Broncos. Lined up
    next to Davis-shores up the interior. Along with some 34 DE’s.

    12. Miami Dolphins - Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
    Imo Graham is on par with Morgan and JPP as the
    best pass rusher in the draft and the top 34 OLB. Nearly
    a lock now after brutally disrespecting Joey. Bryant
    has the physical make up but maby not the mental
    make up to be a Parcell’s guy at #12.

    13. San Francisco 49ers - CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    Drafts best playmaker is what the Niner offense needs.

    14. Seattle Seahawks - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
    Outstanding athleticism should translate well to the zbs and LT.

    15. New York Giants - Dan Williams NT Tennessee
    Inside game changer could be exactly what the G-men
    need if he stays motivated.

    16. Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    Slam Dunk.

    17. San Francisco 49ers - Sergio Kindle OLB Texas
    Pass rush specialist initially but certainly could unseat Lawson.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Wilson CB/KR Boise St.
    Arguably the Steelers top need-Wilson and his RV could
    become fixtures and fan favs at Three Rivers.

    19. Atlanta Falcons - Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
    A much needed general for the Falcons defense. He and
    DeCloud could be very entertaining in 2010.

    20. Houston Texans - Earl Thomas S Texas
    Thomas is like a younger clone of Eugene Wilson-maby
    he’ll end up a better tackler.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals: Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St
    Although I think they like bug eyes the Bengals can't
    pass on Bryant if he's here.

    22. New England Patroits: Jerry Hughes OLB/DE TCU
    Patriots need a better pass rush and Hughes should
    provide but don’t ask for anything else as a rookie.

    23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown OT USC
    Packers need a new LT and should be willing to reach
    for Brown here.

    24.Philadelphia Eagles: Everson Griffen DE USC
    New LDE or even perhaps SLB but his skills as an
    athlete and rusher should fit well into Philly’s scheme.

    25.Baltimore Ravens : Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
    Ravens need Arrelious to step right in and be the #1
    as a rookie.

    26.Arizona Cardinals: Mike Iupati OG Idaho
    Handing it over to Leinart means upgrading the
    running game. Russ should make Iupati an all pro.

    27. Dallas Cowboys - Taylor Mays S USC
    The new Texas Big beat should fly around and
    play give and take with offensives as a rookie. Great

    28. San Diego Chargers - Terrance Cody DT Alabama
    A reach? But there’s no better fit for the nose than
    Mt Cody.

    29. New York Jets - Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
    Golden’s game is a lot like his soon to be position
    coach-Henry Ellard. Jets would lucky for him to approach
    that kind of production.

    30. Minnesota Vikings - Chad Jones S LSU
    He’s like Mays without the question marks and freakish
    speed and solid experience.

    31. Indianapolis Colts - Brian Price DT UCLA
    Not the greatest need but Price is probably too good to pass.

    32. New Orleans Saints - Navarro Bowman LB Penn State
    Navarro might be rated higher than Spoon if not for a question
    of character.

    Round 2

    33. St. Louis Rams: Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
    Plenty of young and hungry WR’s on the Rams and
    Gresham gives them the complete TE they lack and security
    blanket for Vick.

    34. Detroit Lions - Perish Cox CB/KR Oklahoma St.
    Lion desperately need new starters at the corners.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Damien Williams WR USC
    Bucs offense poised to break out in 010 and Williams
    is a OROY candidate imo.

    36. Kansas City Chiefs - Trent Williams OT/G Oklahoma
    Williams could play anywhere other than LT and improve
    the Chiefs line.

    37. Washington Redskins - Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State
    A little high for Matthews but Shanahan won’t pick
    again till the 4th and this guy looks like a star in his scheme.

    38. Seattle Seahawks - Nate Allen S USF
    Once Grant’s cut they’ll need
    to fill the hole here.

    39. Cleveland Browns- Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech
    Foot shmut-Thomas’s stock was getting ready to
    touch the 1st round before the break. Potentially dominant
    if he’s got the ability to run routes. A strong run blocker
    and provides a legit receiving threat opposite Momass.

    40. Oakland Raiders - Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
    If Carlos is still around at 40 all bets are off-forget
    about Washington or Misi or whoever-Al’s all over this.

    41. Buffalo Bills - Vladimir Duccasse T/G UMass
    He could quickly learn to iron out his technique and
    start at LT.

    42. New England Patriots (from Jack) - Brandon Spikes MLB Florida
    Slow senior year because of injuries drops his stock
    but could regain form and be a beast next to Mayo
    unless they bring in Karlos.

    43. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (from Chicago) - Darryl Washington LB TCU
    New SLB is a playmaker and contender for DROY in
    the tampa 2.

    44. Miami Dolphins - Brandon LaFell WR LSU
    Polished big WR is exactly what the Dolphins need.

    45. San Francisco 49ers: Kyle Calloway, T Iowa
    Possible reach but the Niners may not find a potential
    starting RT beyond Calloway.

    46. Denver Broncos: Maurkice Pouncey C/G Florida
    Slam dunk if he’s on the board.

    47. New York Giants: Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech
    . Solid S prospect who’s got some ability in coverage-
    something the Giants safties lacking.

    48. New England Patriots- Jahvid Best RB Cal
    Adds explosiveness to the backfield that’s been missing
    since Maroneys’s rookie year. Plus Faulk might be ushered
    out this off season.

    49. Carolina Panthers - Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss
    Best replacement possible at this point for Pep.

    50. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jared Odrick DE PSU
    Need to continue to revamp the defensive interior.

    51. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atl) – Cam Thomas NT UNC
    Rac’s defense in Clev was sabotaged by never having a true NT.

    52. Houston Texans - Arthur Jones DT Syracuse
    Could be the run defender inside the Texans need.

    53. Cincinnati Bengals - Anthony McCoy TE USC
    Big time upside as a rec. TE and blocker and lacks
    the injury history of Gronk or the Bengals TE last year.

    54. New England Patriots - Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
    No secret Bill loves TE’s and Watson’s probably
    playing elsewhere next season.

    55. Green Bay Packers- Joe McNight RB USC
    Reach? Homerun compliment to Grant who should
    solidify his rank after a good combine show.

    56. Philadelphia Eagles - ReShad Jones S Georgia
    A potential long term starter at FS if he tightens technique.

    57. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest.
    Man to man CB that fits the scheme.

    58. Arizona Cardinals - Ricky Sapp LB/DE Clemson
    The rush backer they’re needing.

    59. Dallas Cowboys - Jason Fox OT Miami
    If the injuries are not a factor Fox could become a

    60. San Diego Chargers - Montario Hardesty RB Tenn
    Hardesty or Gerhart? Montario because of his ability in
    the passing game.

    61. New York Jets - Alex Carrington DE
    Athletic 34 DE for their aging front.

    62. Minnesota Vikings – Kareem Jackson CB Alabama
    For a squad with a realistic shot at the SB, when your
    starting CB’s include an oft injured 33 yr old and another coming
    off a late season knee injury the 2nd string guys better be ready
    to be solid starters. That simply can’t be said for sure of Allen
    and FA Sapp. Jackson has the skills to replace Griffen at the
    start of the season and not give the spot back.

    63. Indianapolis Colts – John Jerry G/T Ole Miss
    The most impressive G during senior week practices with
    potential to play RT.

    64. New Orleans Saints - Mike Neal, DT, Purdue
    The run stuffer the Saints lack.

    Round 3

    65. St.Louis Rams – Dexter McCluster RB/WR/KR Ole Miss
    Can find a role similar to Harvin and help out the Rams
    offense in many ways.

    66. Detroit Lions - Donovan Warren CB Michigan
    Lions could completely restock the secondary in this draft.

    67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Lamar Houston DT
    The other ideal 3 tech. prospect eases the loss of McCoy

    68. K.C. Chiefs - Eric Norwood OLB/DE South Carolina
    Prototype 34 OLB should start

    69. Philly Eagles [Sea] - Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
    Big back with 1st rd physical tools maby to good to pass up.

    70. Cleveland Browns - Darrell Stuckey S Kansas
    Yet to truly show speed for FS but really either S spot is up
    for grabs.

    71. Oakland Raiders – Geno Atkins DT Georgia
    If he brings anything like he had at Senior week to the Raiders
    this is a steal.

    72. Buffalo Bills- Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati
    TO's departure makes getting a new WR a priority and Gilyard's
    great value in the 3rd.

    73. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tim Tebow WQB Florida
    Couldn’t help myself. Tim here for all the reasons everybody knows.

    74. Chicago Bears- Roger Saffold T/G Indiana
    Marts on board means they’ll need better 1 on 1 pass blockers.

    75. Miami Dolphins - Ed Dickson TE Oregon
    Quietly dominated senior week and gives the Phins another
    big downfield/red zone target

    76. S.F 49ers – Larry Asante S Nebraska
    The kind of physical guy MS should like.

    77. Denver Broncos – Patrick Robinson CB Florida St
    One time 1st round possibility is great value here for the Broncos.

    78. NYGiants - Don Butler LB Washington
    Butler has the necessary athleticism and toughness to replace

    79. Tennessee Titans– Devin McCourty CB Rutgers
    Physical CB and solid return man.

    80. Carolina Panthers– Dennis Pitta TE BYU
    Not sexy but all around solid TE Panthers don’t have.

    81. Pittsburgh Steelers- J.D. Walton C Baylor
    Recommitment to the running game usually begins with a C.

    82. Atlanta Falcons– Andre Roberts WR Citadel
    Out of nowhere as the best WR at Senior week could be
    extremely productive with Ryan throwing him the ball.

    83. Houston Texans - Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
    Enough little shits at RB-Gerhart’s a steal here.

    84. Cincinnati Bengals – Myron Rolle S FSU
    Bengals need this guy as a character counter balance.
    Combine performance could elevate him.

    85. Oakland Raiders [N.E] - Rennie Curran LB Georgia
    An Al type pick if Curran has a great combine.

    86. G.B Packers - Koa Misi DE/LB Utah
    With an explosive offense more pass rush is a priority.

    87. Philladelphia Eagles – A.J. Edds LB Iowa
    Competes for a start on the stronside.

    88. Baltimore Ravens – Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
    Another rec option for Raven offense.that needs more.

    89. Arizona Cardinals - Jerome Murphy CB USF
    Ouside of DRC not much here.

    90. Dallas Cowboys – Brandon Carter G/T Texas Tech
    Reach? Cowboys could use interior help, especially the short
    yardage run game and Carter is a monster.

    91. S.D Chargers - Kam Chancellor S Virginia Tech
    All he needs is a solid combine to get some 3rd round interest.

    92. Cleveland Browns [NYJ] - Javier Arenas CB Alabama
    Playmaking CB and reserve return man who’s only drawback
    is size.

    93. Minnesota.Vikings - Jeff Byers G/C USC
    Opened eyes at the Senior week practices. Vikings struggled
    to open things for AP late in the season.

    94. Indianapolis Colts – Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida
    In the mold of Mathis/Freeney to provide better deth.

    95. New Orleans Saints - Corey Wootten DE Northwestern
    Grant’s not what he used to be. Wootten still coming back
    from injury and could be a steal.

    Round 4

    96. St.Louis Rams - Roderick Muckelroy LB Texas
    Rams defense lacks a premiere sideline to sideline tackler.

    97. Detroit Lions - Ciron Black G/T LSU
    Experience and versatility should make him a solid interior
    pass and run blocker.

    98. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tyson Alulua DT/DE Cal
    Alulua and Houston more than make up for MCoy and fill up
    the Bucs need at DT.

    99. KC Chiefs – Micah Johnson LB Kentucky
    Much needed big inside tackler

    100. Washington Redskins – Mike Johnson G Alabama
    Well suited zbs blocker.

    101. Seattle Seahawks – Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State
    Underrated back could push to start.

    102. Cleveland Browns – Von Miller DE/OLB Texas A&M
    Pass rush specialist ideal for a 34 OLB.

    103. Oakland Raiders – Dom Franks CB Oklahoma
    Just in case Dom really runs well-Johnson was the weak link last season.

    104. Buffalo Bills – Torrell Troup DT Central Florida
    Defensive switch-they’ll need something in the way of a NT.

    105. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jon Asamoah G Illinois
    New RG.

    106. Chicago Bears – Jeremy Williams WR Tulane
    Bears will need a lot of WR’s for Marts to choose from.

    107. Miami Dolphins – Robert Johnson S Utah
    Ballhawk for depth and can push for a start eventually.

    108. Tennessee Titans – Pat Angerer LB Iowa
    Needed LB for multiple postions.

    109. Carolina Panthers – Jordan Shipley WR/PR Texas
    Any offensive playmaker is needed.

    110. SF 49ers – Syd'quan Thompson CB/S Cal
    Playmaking corner [or safety] in the mold of Bly.

    111. Denver Broncos – Vince Oghobasse DE Duke
    34 DE might start.

    112. NYGiants – Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale
    Developmental T for the right side.

    113. Pittsburgh Steelers – Major Wright S Florida
    Insurance and depth.

    114. Atlanta Falcons – Austin Lane DE Murray State
    Raw with all the measurables in need of technique and experience.

    115. Houston Texans – Eric Decker WR Minnesota
    Not much behind Johnson and FA Walter.

    116. NE Patriots – Mitch Petrus G Arkansas
    Fills interior need.

    117. Cincinnati Bengals – Sergio Render G Virginia Tech
    A road grader for the RG.

    118. Philadelphia Eagles – Amari Spievey CB Iowa
    Brings depth and insurance behind Brown.

    119. Green Bay Packers – Chris Cook CB/S Virginia
    Fresh legs at CB a great need.

    120. Baltimore Ravens – Corey Peters DE Kentucky
    Aging front line help.

    121. Arizona Cardinals – Tony Washington OT Abilene Christian
    Small school LT prospect for Russ

    122. Dallas Cowboys – Jacoby Ford WR Clemson
    Crayton’s replacement.

    123. SD Chargers – Cameron Sheffield LB/DE Troy
    Departure of lights out likely.

    124. Philadelphia Eagles [NYJ] – Shawn Lauvao G Arizona State Illinois
    Big boy Andrews might not take a pay cut.

    125. Minnesota Vikings – Colt McCoy QB Texas
    Developmental QB I suppose could learn something from Brett.

    126. Indianapolis Colts – Jimmy Graham TE PSU
    Extremely athletic TE who could be eventual replacement for Clark.

    127. New Orleans Saints – Mike Tennant C BC
    Pushes Goodwin.
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    Originally posted by borg9
    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

  • #2
    For Bears, I think Major Wright at some time. We dont need any more young recievers. We just drafted 2 last year (Knox, Iglesias), 1 the year before (Bennett) and have 2 others that will get starting time (Hester, Devin Aroushjkdhkfdgfjdgsado)

    Originally posted by BeansDooma
    who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


    • #3
      Love the Bengals draft, although Bryant dropping to 21 is not realistic and Gronkowski >>>>>>>> McCoy


      • #4
        Cornerback is not a top 5 need for KC. Plain and simple. The pick must be McClain (ILB is our biggest need) or Eric Berry (S is top 3).

        The rest of the picks are ok, but I don't see Trent Williams playing G or C, so Ducasse would be a much better pick.

        Overall I'd give that Chiefs draft a C.

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


        • #5
          I like the saints fourth rounder, the rest are all reaches except wootton who just is a terrible fit

          Saints 2014 draft wish list:
          - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
          - Corner or Wideout in the first
          - No reaching
          - No Kelvin Benjamin


          • #6
            LOVE the first and fourth picks. Third pick is ok. I don't know how a rookie second rounder is going to be better than a third rounder with a year of experience. Griffin will be back by the beginning of the year, and he is better than Jackson anyway.


            Originally posted by JordanTaber
  's rocket surgery now, folks.


            • #7
              I'm not at all a Colt McCoy fan, but if the Vikings managed to grab him in the 4th round, I couldn't help but be happy with it.
              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I could also go on a rant about how Uncle Joe from Willky Wonka is a major dick.


              • #8
                Spiller is fine, NO to Kindle, the rest is ok

                could have done without Josh time put some Metallica or Pantera in there ;)


                • #9
                  If Miami passed on Dez Bryant and Sergio Kindle for Brandon Graham i'd probably throw something at my television. If we did take Graham in the first i'd be ok with LaFell in the second and i like Dickson in the third. Robert Johnson is a major reach in the 4th though, he's more of a 6th rounder at this point, give me Kendrick Lewis there instead and i could live with this draft once i got over the sting of passing on Bryant.

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                    Originally posted by AkiliSmith View Post
                    Love the Bengals draft, although Bryant dropping to 21 is not realistic and Gronkowski >>>>>>>> McCoy
                    I saw an interview on ESPN yesterday or whenever and I don't think he came across well. He's got plenty of time to prepare for his team interviews but I wasn't impressed-so I question if he'll do well there.

                    Gronk over MCoy yeah but the injury issue will always be there for him.

                    Originally posted by borg9
                    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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                      Originally posted by wicket View Post
                      I like the saints fourth rounder, the rest are all reaches except wootton who just is a terrible fit
                      Bowman is not a reach at #32-talent wise.

                      Originally posted by borg9
                      Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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                        Good Bucs mock.

                        Mike Will & V-Jax


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                          Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
                          22. New England Patroits: Jerry Hughes OLB/DE TCU
                          Patriots need a better pass rush and Hughes should provide but donít ask for anything else as a rookie.

                          Perfect - assuming his combine shows he's worth a 1st.

                          42. New England Patriots (from Jack) - Brandon Spikes MLB Florida
                          Slow senior year because of injuries drops his stock but could regain form and be a beast next to Mayo unless they bring in Karlos.

                          Love it. Undervalued for the reasons you mention - a steal here, imo.

                          48. New England Patriots- Jahvid Best RB Cal
                          Adds explosiveness to the backfield thatís been missing since Maroneysís rookie year. Plus Faulk might be ushered out this off season.

                          Ok. Concussions are scary with the new focus the NFL has placed on them, but a great fit & value here at a position of need. FA is probably the solution, though, same as ever with BB.
                          [What you say about Faulk is akin to blasphemy. He is still far too valuable to the team to be ushered out. Until he needs a cane, he's a Patriot.]

                          54. New England Patriots - Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
                          No secret Bill loves TEís and Watsonís probably playing elsewhere next season.

                          Solid. Need a TE and he looks like a prospect that can do it all.

                          116. NE Patriots Ė Mitch Petrus G Arkansas
                          Fills interior need.

                          Good pick. I would much rather have Tennant, but C & G are both serious needs.
                          comments in blue & bold. +rep for the effort, as any 3+ round mock deserves.

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                            Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
                            Bowman is not a reach at #32-talent wise.
                            easiest answer: yes he is

                            but purely based on talent he MIGHT be okay but talent isnt the only thing

                            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                            - Corner or Wideout in the first
                            - No reaching
                            - No Kelvin Benjamin


                            • #15
                              Don't know much about the last pick, but the first three Ravens selections are great.



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