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pre-combine 2 rounder w/ some trades and some key signings:

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  • pre-combine 2 rounder w/ some trades and some key signings:

    FA signings:

    - Julius Peppers signs with Philadelphia
    - Aaron Kampman signs with Chicago
    - Antonio Bryant signs with Washington
    - Chad Pennington resigns with Miami
    - Marc Bulger Signs with Tampa Bay
    - Dunta Robinson signs with New York Jets

    - Buffalo trades 3rd round pick to Washington for Jason Campbell
    - Kansas City trades DT Glenn Dorsey to Detroit for 2nd round pick and 7th conditional in 2011.
    - Rams Trade a 5th round pick to Philadelphia for Michael Vick
    - Broncos trade Brandon Marshall to Baltimore for 1st round pick.
    - Miami trades 2nd round pick for Anquan Boldin

    Draft Trades:
    -SF 49ers trade the 13th overall pick and 2nd round pick to Kansas City for #5 pick.

    1. St. Louis- Ndamukung Suh DT Nebraska
    2. Detroit Lions- Russel Okung LT Oklahoma State
    3. Tampa Bay- Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
    4. Washington- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
    5. San Fransisco(f/KC)- Eric Berry S Tennessee
    6. Seattle- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    7. Cleveland- Joe Haden CB Florida
    8. Oakland- Jason Pierre Paul DE South Florida
    9. Buffalo- Anthony Davis LT Rutgers
    10. Denver- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
    11. Jacksonville- Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
    12. Miami- Sergio Kindle OLB Texas
    13. Kansas City (f/SF)- Bryan Boluga LT Iowa
    14. Seattle- Trent Williams T Oklahoma
    15. New York Giants- Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
    16. Tennessee- Brian Price DT UCLA
    17. San Fransisco- CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    18. Pittsburgh Steelers- Mike Ioputti G Idaho
    19. Atlanta- Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    20. Houston- Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
    21. Cincinnati- Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
    22. New England- Brandon Graham OLB Michigan
    23. Green Bay- Bruce Campbell T Maryland
    24. Philadelphia- Earl Thomas S Texas
    25. Denver(f/Baltimore)- Dan Williams NT Tennessee
    26. Arizona- Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
    27. Dallas- Taylor Mays S USC
    28. San Diego- Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State
    29. New York Jets- Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
    30. Minnesota- Patrick Robinson CB Florida State
    31. Indianapolis- Jared Odrick DT Penn State
    32. New Orleans- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

    ROUND 2-

    33. St. Louis- Devin McCourty CB Rutgers
    34. Kansas City (f/ Det)- Brandon Spikes ILB Florida
    35. Tampa Bay- Demaryious Thomas WR Georgia Tech
    36. Kansas City- Nate Allen S S. Florida
    37. Washington- Charles Brown T USC
    38. Cleveland- Everson Griffen OLB(3-4) USC
    39. Oakland- Vladimir Duccasse T Massachusetts
    40. Seattle- Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
    41. Buffalo- Terrance Cody NT Alabama
    42. Tampa Bay f/ Chicago-)- Jerome Murphy CB S. Florida
    43. Arizona (f/ Miami)- Dominque Franks CB Oklahoma
    44. New England- Mardy Gillyard WR Cincinatti
    45. Denver- Corey Wooten DE Northwestern
    46. New York Giants- Rickey Sapp DE Clemson
    47. New England- Maurice Poncey C/G FLorida
    48. Carolina- Brandon Lafell WR LSU
    49. Kansas City-(f/ San Fransisco)- Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
    50. Kansas City(f/ Atlanta)- Eric Norwood OLB S. Carolina
    51. Houston- Jonathon Dwyer RB Georgia TEch
    52. Pittsburgh- Kareem Jackson CB Alabama
    53. New England- Rob Gonroski TE Arizona
    54. Cincinatti- Chad Jones S LSU
    55. Philadelphia- Navarro Bowman OLB Penn State
    56. Green Bay- Jhavid Best RB California
    57. Baltimore- Perish Cox CB Oklahoma State
    58. Arizona= Jared Vahleher T Hillside
    59. Dallas- Ciron Black T LSU
    60. San Diego- Cam Thomas NT UNC
    61. NY Jets- Damien Williams WR USC
    62. Minnesota- Tim Tebow QB FLorida
    63. Indianapolis- John Assemoah G Illinois
    64. New Orleans- Tyson ALleu T California

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    only picks i like are pouncey and gronkowski for the pats. graham is an undersized LB, and he doesnt fit in what we normally do. bill is very particular and doesnt usually deviate for his plan, so graham doesnt fit. mardy gilyard doesnt fit for the patriots. we have brandon tate. they are very similiar. i dont see it happening.

    Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

    Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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      tim tebow is a pile of ****. he skipped the combine, his stock is dropping to way lower than the second round.


      Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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        Pouncey instead of Wootton and it's perfect.



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          Id nut if that draft happened

          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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            We're not trading Dorsey.

            Decent KC mock.

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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              Let me see if I've got this right...Scott Pioli wheels and deals to get extra draft choices and then wastes the first pick on a natural RT like Brian Bulaga. Is Carl Peterson back in KC?

              BTW...I just saw Vidae's post. Amen about not trading Dorsey. Dorsey missed 6 quarters with an injury late in the season and the Chiefs gave up something like 400 yards rushing during that stretch.
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                Ive read a lot of rumors that the Cheifs are open to discussing a trade involving Glenn Dorsey at the right price. He is playing out of position in the 3-4 and is a natural 4-3 under tackle. Detroit needs both a LT and DT in the worst shape, and I think this is the perfect deal.

                The cheifs need better personel for the 3-4 and Dorsey is not a fit. Yes he played well, but I don't see it being consistent. I honestly see a 60% chance this deal gets done.

                And alot of experts see that there is only 3 franchise LT's and Boluga has the potential to be the best one. Do not say he is a RT. He is a beast and will be a quality Franchise LT in this league. They need to move down because their either going to move down to get more picks or unless they feel comfortable taking Davis at 5, then they pay stand pat.

                REMEMBER, THIS IS A PRE-COMBINE Mock. Honestly, this can change a whole lot after the combine and important pro days, as maybe a QB goes 1 or a WR like Dez goes 7 to Cleveland. Honestly a lot can happen so Im only filling in what makes sense right now. And yes, trading glenn dorsey for a 2nd round pick (#34 overall) makes great sense. HE ISN"T A FIT IN THE 3-4 DEFENSE AND ITS A WASTE OF HIS TALENT!


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                  You haven't seen many Chiefs games if you don't like Dorsey in the 3-4. He played exceptionally well there and only got better as the year went on. It's been a year and the "Dorsey isn't fit to play there!!!!" talk is old.

                  Not to mention, in a local tv interview recently Scott Pioli said Dorsey will be a Chief in 2010.

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
                  ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                    Yeah, every GM says that. Its called not tipping your hand. You don't go out in a public interview 10 days before the start of FA/OFFSEASON and say your looking to deal somebody. I'm just saying it makes sense. Glenn Dorsey is a MUCH BETTER fit in the 4-3 than he is in the 3-4. There is a lot of talk and ESPN insider confirmed that Pioli might be looking for a natural player to fit the 3-4 DE position.

                    Also,; read the top page from Jan. 20th.

                    I am not saying he is definately going to be dealt, but it just makes sense for him to go to Detroit because I think they prefer a LT to protect Stafford, who got beat up and couldnt make it a whole season last year. And the cheifs really need to improve that o-line and defense, so why no get 4 picks in the top 2 rounds in a very deep draft?


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                      if we move out of the top 10 I want Dan Williams to be the pick.NT is a need and we need defensive help BADLY


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                        If Earl Thomas is there, he is the pick.

                        The Twitters


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                          Solid Tampa pick mah dude.


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                            Not feeling JPP, but in that scenario, it could happen.

                            Vlad in Rd2 would be great.
                            My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                            No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                              i like the rams 1st round pick but question the 2nd round pick, I'd rather take Nate Allen, Aaron Hernandez, or Jahvid Best (if you could spell his name right

                              Originally posted by bucfan12 View Post
                              Jhavid Best RB California
                              also I don't want Vick on our team



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