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  • BmoreBlackByrdz Mock Draft 1.0

    1.St. Louis Rams -- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma - They've invested enough picks on the defense(Carriker, Long, Laurinaitis, Hill) for the past few years. They rank dead last in scoring and they need to improve there offense. The drafted a potential franchise LT, now they gotta address the most important position on the team.

    2.Detroit LIons - Ndakomung Suh, DT, Nebraska - They are slowing improving and making solid acquisitions in free agency as well. Adding Suh would take there d-line as well as there defense to another level.

    3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma - If I were in Tampa's position, I'm all over Eric Berry, but they seem to love McCoy and it does make sense. They need to get that Warren Sapp presense back on there defense.

    4.Washington Redskins - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State - Offensive line was a huge need even before Samuels retired. Now that he is gone, it would be down right foolish not to take Okung.

    5.Kansas City Chiefs -- Eric Berry, S, Tennessee - Eric Berry is a special rare talent, in the mold of an Ed Reed type player. Kansas City has a pretty solid offense and if they can establish some chemistry and continuity, I think they can be a pretty dangerous offense. They've got some talent with Jamaal Charles who's gonna tear up the league next year. A potential franchise QB and LT and stud WR who has potential to be a top 5 WR. They need to address there defense and Berry is the best defensive player available and I just can't see Scott Pioli passing him up.

    6.Seattle Seahawks -- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame - Somewhat of a suprise pick, but with a new coach in town, look for him to draft his own QB to set the foundation and start re-building.

    7.Cleveland Browns -- Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State - Whoever the QB will be for the Brown's next year needs someone to throw to. After they traded away Winslow and Edwards, there offense was very very hard to watch. Adding Bryant to a slowly growing offense could really really help not only the QB, but the entire offense.

    8.Oakland Raiders -- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland - I think Al Davis must be in love with Campbell. Not only does he fill a big need, but he's an athletic freak as well.

    9.Buffalo Bills -- Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa - They never address the hole at LT after they traded away Jason Peters. LT is the second most important position in football and the Bills should not pass on a potential franchise LT two years in a row.

    10.Jacksonville Jaguars -- Jason Pierre Paul, OLB/DE, South Florida - The Jaguars once had a very dominate defensive line and they seem to be trying to get back to those days. With the addition of Pierre Paul to a line with Henderson and Kampman will give offenses a lot to deal with. With the NFL evolving into a pass happy league, pressure on the QB is a huge key to winning games.

    11.Denver Broncos -- Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama - Denver is slowing and quietly putting together a pretty damn good defense. Dumervil is a great pass rusher, they just signed Bannan, who fills a void at NT, he can also kick out to DE in a 3-4. D.J. Williams is a solid ILB and adding McClain would add much needed youth, talent and depth.

    12.Miami Dolphins -- Derrick Morgan, OLB/DE, Georgia Tech

    13.San Francisco 49ers -- Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma - Rumor are flying that the Niners are interested in Gaither. They probably won't get him but they could definitely use Williams. Put him at RT and they have bookend tackles for the next 6+ seasons.

    14.Seattle Seahawks (f/ Denver) -- Joe Haden, CB, Florida - the Seahawks were dead last, last year vs. the pass and they were 30th this year vs. the pass. Haden is way to good to pass up at #14 and would dramatically improve there weak secondary.

    15.New York Giants -- Sean Witherspoon, ILB, Mizzou - I know Giants fans wanted McClain, but Witherspoon is a nice consolidation prize. He's versatile and can play all over the place for them.

    16.Tennessee Titans -- Brandon Graham, OLB/DE, Michigan - Brandon Graham, IMO is the next generation on pass rushers. He is undersized (Elvis Dumervil, Lamar Woodley) but he is a very solid football player. Great vs. the run and will only improve in the pass rush. The Titans really need to add some youth to there aging defense.

    17.San Francisco 49ers (f/ Carolina) - C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson - San Fran gets a steal here. Spiller is a rare talent and is the perfect compliment to Gore. Singletary loves to run the ball, and these days, you're gonna need more than 1 RB. (i.e, Jets, Saints, Colts, Ravens)

    18.Pittsburgh Steelers -- Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho - With Graham, McClain, Witherspoon, all gone, the Steelers should add depth to there o-line. It was a disaster with Kemoeatu went down with injury, they need some talented depth.

    19.Atlanta Falcons -- Everson Griffen - The addition on Dunta Robinson was huge. Now the Falcons can probably go BDPA. Griffen gives them a pass rusher opposite of Abraham. In this pass happy league, the most pass rushers you have, the better.

    20.Houston Texans -- Jahvid Best, RB, Cal - For as long as I can remember, the Texans have been drafting defensive players in the first round. And they have built themselves a pretty solid defense, but in the AFC South, no defense is solid enough to beat out Peyton Manning and the Colts. Houston has gotten so close, but they just need a little more offensive firepower to out-score and beat the Colts and take the division. They need that playmaker in the run game, someone similar to Chris Johnson, someone who can command 8 - 9 man fronts to open things up for Daniels, Johnson and Walter. Look for Jahvid Best to be the guy to take Houstons already dominate offense to the next level.

    21.Cincinnati Bengals -- Taylor Mays, S, USC - May's fills a huge need at safety for the Bengals. There defense showed a lot of toughness last year and May's brings toughness...and then some. He's the kinda player Marvin Lewis would love on his defense. A nasty force in the run game and he can run in coverage as well. If he fails at S, they can always move him over to LB.

    22.New England Patriots -- Golden Tate, WR, Norte Dame - Tate is probably more NFL ready than Benn. Which is why I have him going here. The Pat's showed interest in Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason in free agency but they didn't pull the trigger on either of those 2. Tate has the potential to be a combination of Boldin and Mason, he's someone who could learn a ton under Billichick, Brady and Welker. The Patriots went 18-1 when they had palymakers for Brady, adding another won't hurt 1 bit.

    23.Green Bay Packers -- Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State - The Packers are aging and corner with Woodson and Harris. Harris is returning for a knee injury and Woodson, from a DPOY season. However, age is still a factor and can't be ignored. There depth is pretty weak with Tramon Williams. Wilson gives them a young talented playmaker who could step in from day 1 and play at nickel.

    24.Philadelphia Eagles -- Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida - Offensively, Philly is pretty much set. They have a very talented WR corp and backfield. 2 QB's capable of starting, and an offensive line that just needs to establish some chemistry and they could be at the elite leve. Defensively, they've had there fair share of free agency departures, retirements, injuries and trades, yet they've held strong. However, increasing there pass rush would make any transition easier, adding Dunlap across from a stud like Trent Cole, would do wonders for their secondary. In a division like the NFC East, and a evolving pass happy league, the pass rush is so key.

    25.Baltimore Ravens -- Earl Thomas, S/CB, Texas - Baltimore did themselves a huge favor in trading for Boldin, re-signing Mason, and signing Stallworth this offseason. It allowed them to go BPA in the draft. Now, I know WR and TE are still needs, but Gresham does have his share of injury concerns, and the Ravens are making injuries a big issue this year. I think they'll take Thomas here, because despite Ed Reed's decision to return or retire, they will definitely need his replacement soon. Thomas is Ozzie Newsome type pick. Such a talented player that falls due to needs, don't expect Ozzie to pass him up. He could contribute at corner until Reed retires or step in from day 1 and compete with Zbikowski & Nakamura. Baltimore's defense is aging, adding a young playmaker like Thomas is a must.

    26.Arizona Cardinals -- Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma - With the loss of Boldin in the passing game, Arizona doesn't lose much. He missed a lot of games and Breaston and Doucet did fine in his place. However, they have alway had a hole at TE. Gresham is a guy in the mold of an Antonio Gates, big, physical and explosive wide receiver in a tight ends body. He would add another dimension to the Cards offense.

    27.Dallas Cowboys -- Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers - I actually didn't mean to have Davis fall this low, but I totally forgot about him, but on draft day, great players do fall, so it's not out of reason, I won't have him this low next time. He does fill a need for the Cowboys however.

    28.San Diego Chargers -- Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama - With the loss of Jamal Williams, the Chargers have a huge hole in there defense. NT is one of the most important positions in the 3-4, and Cody fits perfect at NT in the 34. I know some think they'll take Ryan Matthews here, but they have had success in the later rounds for finding RB's, so look for them to take Cody here, if he's available.

    29.New York Jets -- Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois - Benn is definitely first round material in my mind, but he's someone that could fall due to teams drafting BPA. Benn has his fair share of question marks, but his pro's can't be ignored either. He could end up being the next Braylon Edwards with his questionable hands, or the next Boldin/Marshall WR. However, I can't see a team like the Jet's pass him up. Benn, Edwards, Cotchery, and Keller, give Sanchez a solid receiving corp to work with.

    30.Minnesota Vikings -- Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee - The Vikings offense is super bowl caliber. There defense however, has some age and injury concerns. Pat Williams is 35+ and Antonie Winfield is the lone stud corner. They could go either corner or d-line here. Williams is too good to pass up at #30, and the coolest part is that he would also become part of the "Williams Wall"

    31.Indianapolis Colts -- Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Massachusetts - I don't know how well Charlie Jonhson or Tony Ugoh did at LT for the Colt's last year, but all I heard was that neither of those guys were franchise LT's. Manning is a monster, but he is aging, the better the protect he has, the longer he'll play and stay healthy. The Colt's are an offensive team, I just can't see them go defense here. If they do, Jared Odrick would probably be the pick.

    32.New Orleans Saints -- Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU - Hughes could very well be gone by #32 come draft day, but if he's available at 32, I doubt the Saint's would wait 1 more second. He'd give them some much needed talent depth at DE. He's someone Gregg Williams could use in many different ways.

    ** first mock of the season, so I probably didn't do a great job filling your respective teams with the proper needs, so please - comment and criticize.

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    poifect vikes pick


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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      Earl Thomas would be an interesting Ravens pick. Not exactly the biggest need, but he's probably the best player available at a position of need (much like Oher was last year). I'd still probably take Gresham over him.


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        If you want to go the offensive route for New England, I think Jermaine Gresham would help a lot more than Tate - the team has literally no tight ends.


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          Originally posted by coordinator0 View Post
          Earl Thomas would be an interesting Ravens pick. Not exactly the biggest need, but he's probably the best player available at a position of need (much like Oher was last year). I'd still probably take Gresham over him.
          True, that's exactly what I was thinking what I put him down as the Ravens pick. He's an upgrade at nickel and longterm wise, he's our safety for the future aka Ed Reed's replacement.

          Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
          If you want to go the offensive route for New England, I think Jermaine Gresham would help a lot more than Tate - the team has literally no tight ends.
          Thanks for the input dude. Say the Pat's don't go offense, who else are they interested in?

          Originally posted by prock View Post
          poifect vikes pick
          thanks dude.


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            Solid pick


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              Perfect Bucs pick!!


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                no sergio kindle in the first round? if he is there at #22, i really think the patriots take him.

                Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                  Realistic raiders pick

                  "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                    Great Vikings pick.



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                      bad ATL pick. got the position right but ATL will not take anyone with an arrest on their record, let alone 2.

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                        Originally posted by scar988 View Post
                        bad ATL pick. got the position right but ATL will not take anyone with an arrest on their record, let alone 2.
                        yep, 3so no dunlap either he is 2 much like jamaal


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                          Anthony Davis>Iupati IMO.


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                            I'd be super pissed if the Bengals took Mays with Earl Thomas still available.


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                              Good KC pick.

                              Originally posted by fenikz
                              His soft D really turns me off
                              ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **



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