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1st mock of the season 1/18

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  • 1st mock of the season 1/18

    Here is my 1st mock. I want have an explanation for every pick, just a short one if needed.

    1st round:

    1. Carolina: AJ Green WR Georgia: I think they see what they have in Clausen and get him some help.

    2. Denver : Nick Fairley DT Auburn: Denver is moving back to the 4-3 and he'd be a perfect fit and BPA.

    3. Buffalo: Patrick Peterson CB LSU: Buffalo takes the BPA here and Peterson will be a stud for years.

    4. Cincinatti: Deqaun Bowers DE Clemson: They found a steal in Dunlap, so they improve the d-line by getting him a bookend.

    5. Arizona: Prince Amukamarah CB Nebraska: Whisenhunt is smart enough not to reach on another QB (Leinart in 06) so he takes BPA and Amukamarah is another stud CB and is shut down material.

    6. Cleveland: Marcel Darius DT/DE Alabama: Improve the front 7 and he is a perfect fit on the line.

    7. San Fransisco: Robert Quinn DE/OLB North Carolina: Harbaugh is a great QB evaluator and won't make the mistake on reaching for a QB also. Quinn gives them a real pass rushing threat on defense.

    8. Tennessee: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri: The Titans are in desperate need for a QB and I can see them pulling the trigger too early.

    9. Cameron Jordan DE California: Cowboys could improve the d-line, even though they need a CB. Could look to trade down.

    10. Washington: Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas: Shanahan's drafted a strong armed gunner before (Cutler) and maybe he can coach this kid up.

    11. Houston: Von Miller OLB Texas A&M: They could use a pass rushing OLB now that they moved to the 3-4.

    12. Minnesota: Jake Locker QB Washington: This might be the perfect situation for him to come to an environment with a great team around him. Might need to sit a year or 2 though.

    13. Detroit: Akeem Ayers LB UCLA: Detroit needs a playmaker at LB and Ayers can play all 3 LB positions.

    14. St. Louis: Julio Jones WR Alabama: Finally they get Bradford some help and talent at WR. HUGE NEED!

    15. Miami: Cam Newton QB Auburn: Dolphins need some spark to their offense and Henne isn't the answer. Newton's raw talent might be too good to pass up.

    16. Jacksonville: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue: Jags lost Kampmen, who might not be the same after the ACL. Need to add a pass rusher threat at DE.

    17. New England: Adrian Clayborne DE Iowa: Clayborne is a perfect 5 technique end and will be a solid addition to the rebuilding defense in New England.

    18. San Diego: Stephen Pea DT/DE Oregon State: Huge need and yet another talented d-linemen gone.

    19. New York Giants: Gabe Carimi T Wisconsin: 1st O-lineman drafted and the Giants could use some help on the o-line.

    20. Tampa Bay : Aldon Smith DE Missouri: Bucs spent last year upgrading the DT position. Now they need to get some pass rushing DEs to compliment them.

    21. Kansas City: Justin Houston OLB Georgia: Could use a pass rusher opposite Tamba and really upgrade their defense.

    22. Indianapolis :Corey Liuget DT Illinois: very underrated prospect and could finally fill the void at DT and help improve their run defense.

    23. Philadelphia: Anthony Costanzo T Boston College: If Vick is the QB, Costanzo could replace Justice to protect his blindside.

    24. New Orleans: Mike Pouncey G Florida: Nicks could be gone in the offseason so they need a replacement.

    25. Seattle: Brandon Harris CB Miami: Seattle's CBs have been awful and could use some help.

    26. Baltimore: Rahim Moore S UCLA: Ed Reed has been pondering retirement, so why not draft his replacement or someone who can play next to him for the time being.

    27. Atlanta: Derrick Sherrod T Mississipi State: Atlanta could use an upgrade at tackle oppositte Baker.

    28. New England: Jonathon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh: New England needs a deep threat who can stretch the field and a big target for Tom Brady.

    *29. Green Bay: Mikel Leashore RB Illinois: I think he's the best back when it comes to speed and physicality. Perfect fit for the Packers.

    *30. NY Jets: Cameron Heywerd DE Ohio State: Ellis is up there in age and they could upgrade/depth on the d-line.

    *31. Chicago Bears: Nate Solder T Colorado: Cutler spent a lot of time on the ground this season, so protecting their franchise QB is a definite need.

    *32. Pittsburgh: Aaron Williams CB Texas: they could use another cover cb/playmaker in the secondary to make their defense more scary.

    *- subject to conference championships/superbowl

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    Clayborn isn't a good fit for the Pats in a 34
    C.Heyward is the exact prototype of a player BB loves for his DEs though
    As far J.Baldwin, he definitely has the physical tools that the Pats need at WR so I can see it.
    I'm not sure the Pats would take him due to how raw he is though. I'd be content with the pick but interior OL is also a big issue so I can see the Pats going there.
    As well as OLB, which is arguably the biggest weakness on the entire team
    -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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      Locker to the Vikings = Awesome.


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        Perfect KC pick.

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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          I don't not think SF will pass on Jake Locker if he is on the board.But nice try .


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            Terrible Bears Pick. Give us Wisniewski or AWilliams


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              Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
              I don't not think SF will pass on Jake Locker if he is on the board.But nice try .
              I think teams like Arizona and San Fransisco will be smart enough to realize there isn't a QB worth a top 10 selection, that is why. Plus, Locker never really did anything fantastic against Stanford, so I don't think he's impressed Harbaugh at all.


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                Originally posted by bucfan12 View Post
                I think teams like Arizona and San Fransisco will be smart enough to realize there isn't a QB worth a top 10 selection, that is why. Plus, Locker never really did anything fantastic against Stanford, so I don't think he's impressed Harbaugh at all.
                You do make a good point.But I think personally Locker will shine once again in the senior bowl next and be worthy of a top ten pick not be able to pass on.I also think that Jim will great potential with Locker who he can coach into a good QB later down the later .Perhaps sign a vet for a stop gap until then . SF still needs a long term QB either round one or round two or three even hoping sooner.But we won't know until draft day really.


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                  No Mark Ingram?

                  Well, thats a perfect Phins pick anyway!

                  Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                    Originally posted by vidae View Post
                    Perfect KC pick.
                    whst he said


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                      Clayborn is a terrible fit for New England's defensive line, way too small and has more of a one-gap 3-4 skillset or a 4-3 LE skillset. Jonathan Baldwin's skillset fits what the team should be looking for but his character doesn't, so they probably won't draft him. Dude threw his QB and coaching staff under the bus after the season when he was complaining about how the team tried to kill his draft stock by not throwing to him enough. He's not coming here. Maybe something like Heyward/Solder?


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                        Originally posted by ChicagoBearsVet23 View Post
                        Terrible Bears Pick. Give us Wisniewski or AWilliams
                        You need to stop posting on mocks like you're a Bears fan. You'd be a horrible gm.


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                          Robert Quinn would be great. The team definitely needs someone consistent across from Manny Lawson because Parys Haralson is pretty bad.


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                            love aaron williams, love pick #32 more though


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                              Locker is perfect.


                              Originally posted by JordanTaber
                    's rocket surgery now, folks.



                              Debug Information