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  • Broth's first post senior bowl mock

    Constructive criticism is welcome and good constructive criticism (one that would change my mind) are met with + rep. On the other hand if you write "X is a terrible pick for Y" without "because" . OR if you write "If X team is going to take Y position they would take Z" will also be met with rep rape.

    Round 1
    Carolina Panthers (2-14) - Robert Quinn DE UNC - This is a hard pick to make due to many factors not the least of them being the fact that I do not know if the Panthers are going to go 4-3 or 3-4. I had thought of Georgia's AJ Green but i didn't believe that this is a good match Jimmy Claussen doesn't really have the arm to get AJ Green down field. With no CBA in place I think the old adage rings true here that we will see a DE, LT, or QB in spot one and since there isn't any top prospects at LT or QB DE would be the where I would start looking. Quinn vs Bowers was a hard debate for me but I feel the consistency of Quinn plus the added draw of a local prospect brings me to my answer.

    Denver (4-12) - Patrick Peterson CB LSU - The move back to the 4-3 brings alot of questions to Denver DE and OLB positions in particular but lets not forget that Cox got abused last season. Enter Peterson one of the better prospects at the CB position in a while. Place him across of a newly resigned Champ Bailey and moving Cox to the nickle will bring real strides to the secondary of the Broncos. Not to mention that the DE class is rather deep so this only helps the position of a top CB prospect in Peterson.

    Buffalo (4-12) - Nick Fairley DT/DE Auburn - The Buffalo bills have many problems that need to be addressed including the Defensive Line. With the trade for Merriman they can wait for another pass rusher it is a risk but one worth making to get their hands on a player of Fairley's caliber. He should move to DE in the 3-4 and can add to the pass rush as well as the run stopping game. As for QB I don't think they are in any hurry to unload Fitzpatrick who did well for them although I can't help but think Cam can be an option here but so could Vince Young and he will be cheaper.

    Cincinnati (4-12) - AJ Green WR Georgia - This pick has way too many factors to be real accurate with this pick if Carson isn't traded and he retires. This pick goes to either trading for or drafting a QB although i don't believe any of the prospects are really worthy of the high pick. So they have to woo Carson back with a sexy new WR who is the best WR to come out since Calvin Johnson. We may just see Chad Johnson er Ocho er Johnson in another uniform come the season's start and the Bengals will move on with AJ Green Simpson and Shipley along with gresham.

    Arizona (5-11) - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M - A high end pass rusher will go a long way to helping that D. Once again there isn't a QB or LT worthy of the pick. Von has looked damn good in senior bowl practices at the LB position which is why he is the pick here.

    Cleveland (5-11) - EDIT Da'Quan Bowers

    San Francisco (6-10) - Blaine Gabbert - Coach Jim Harbaugh would love to mold a raw prospect like Gabbert. Gabbert has all the physical tools you could ask for in a top signal caller but his ability to translate into the pro style offense will make or break Gabbert's and Harbaugh's career.

    Tennessee (6-10) - Marcell Dareus DT Alabama - Since Albert Haynesworth had left Tennessee for a big paycheck there has been a hole in the middle of the Titan D the big question is who is the new HC and what is to be of Vince Young is he still gone now that Jeff Fisher is out or will the new coach embrace the angered QB. But it doesn't matter at this point of Dareus is available at this spot the coach and the QB is irrelevant.

    Dallas (6-10) - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska - Terrence Newman is old although I think Orlando Scandric could take the position if Prince is and PP is taken by this spot but Amukamara is not only BPA but fills a pending need and with no safety available of good value I'm sure Prince will be more than an adequate consolation.

    Washington (6-10) - Jake Locker QB Washington - Reach specially after the ho hum work he did at the senior bowl but much like the guy who followed him in Denver Shanny has a huge Ego and with Mcnabb likely out of Washington the need for a signal caller is a huge need. Call me crazy but Locker gives me a Jay Cutler type vibe that Shanahan might be able to work with.

    Houston (6-10) - Cameron Jordan DE Cal - With his great week at the senior bowl he has shot up the draft boards a DE for the conversion to the 3-4 wouldn't be the end of the world and to be honest he is the best player available.

    Minnesota (6-10) - Cam Newton QB Auburn - Joe Webb did ok in Favre's absence and none of the coaches has ever had any real faith in Tavaris Jackson and with the run at the QB position I can see the Vikings taking Newton to make sure they are able to get a QB.

    Detroit (6-10) - Nate Solder LT Colorado - Alot of people are looking at the defensive end of the football for Detroit's first round pick. But Jeff Backus is getting up there and Goz is looking more and more like a bust every week. Lets not forget that the #1 overall pick QB was injured twice last season which suggests at least to me that an OT needs an upgrade Solder is a former TE much like Justin Smith a few years ago.

    St. Louis (7-9) - EDIT Julio Jones

    Miami (7-9) - Mark Ingram RB Alabama - This is a tough pick but I don't see too much difference between Mallett and Chad Henne I'm unsure if they go Ingram here either the Phins are an interesting team this late in the draft because they can go anywhere.

    Jacksonville (8-8) - Stephen Paea DT Oregon State - The Jags have been trying to fix that D-Line for years now drafting and signing DE after DE ignoring the middle of the middle of the line but with Paea falling to this spot I can see the Jags taking an DT at this point.

    New England - from Oakland (8-8) - EDIT Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue

    San Diego (9-7) - Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa - Clayborn has the size and speed to play the DE in the 3-4 and is a major need for the Chargers

    New York Giants (10-6) - Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA - The Giants LB corps needs some real help the there isn't one guy on that team I'd be interested in as a long term starter not to mention that Ayers is a huge steal at this point.

    Tampa Bay (10-6) - EDIT Aldon Smith

    Kansas City* (10-6)- Gabe Carimi RT Wisconsin - The Chiefs still could use a RT to do work across from Albert. He is also versatile enough that he can kick inside to guard if need be.

    Indianapolis* (10-6) - Christian Ballard DT Iowa - Ballard did a great job in the Senior bowl practices displaying some good hand fighting he is also big enough to stop the run as well as he has an ability to get after the QB that the colts just love.

    Philadelphia* (10-6) - Anthony Castonzo OT BC - Boston College is known as an Offensive Lineman factory Castonzo is no different and lets not forget that Andy Reid does love to draft O-Line early.

    New Orleans* (11-5) - Bruce Carter OLB UNC

    Seattle* (7-9) - Brandon Harris CB Da U - I really like Marcus Trufant but outside of him and Earl Thomas the secondary is pitiful and the secondary is the second most unit that is judged on its weakest link Harris is not only a good fit and a good player but is also best player available.

    Baltimore* (12-4) - Aaron Williams CB Texas - I could easily see Ozzie Newsome trading up for Harris like 5 picks ago but the secondary needs help and with Ed Reed's retirement likely to come in the next year or so they need to shore up the secondary.

    Atlanta* (13-3) - Titus Young WR Boise State - the Falcons are looking for a #2 to play across from Roddy white Titus Young looked good at the senior bowl and I think fits that role better than a Jon Baldwin.

    New England* (14-2) Jon Baldwin WR

    Chicago* (11-5) - Derrick Sherrod OT

    New York Jets* (11-5) - Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St.

    Green Bay* (10-6) - Jimmy Smith CB Colarado

    Pittsburgh* (12-4) - Mike Pouncy OG/C
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    Originally posted by njx9
    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.

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    NO TO OT IN RD 1!!!!!!!!Young or Baldwin instead PLEASE


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      OT just isn't a need for KC. It wasn't last year and it still isn't. We have much bigger needs (NT, WR, OLB) to upgrade a position that at worst is decent.

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      His soft D really turns me off
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        Im assuming Da'Quan Bowers was an oversight because i'd be shocked if he didn't go in the first round.

        For the Patriots, Aldon Smith is a pick that excites me but Im not sure the Patriots would select. 75% of the players they have selected under Bill Belichick in the first round have been seniors and most have been captains. While Smith has the size that is ideal for Belichick's defense I feel they may be wary of selecting him this high. I would love it though.

        As for Baldwin, I would be very surprised if he was the pick. WR is a debatable need for the Pats and Baldwin just doesn't seem to fit. I really believe they will only target two WRs in the early rounds and they are Julio Jones(if he falls) and Leonard Hankerson. I read an interesting piece that said Jones is very similar to other Patriot WRs with the small exception that he is 5 inches taller and 30lbs heavier. Baldwin isn't the type of guy who fits the offense. I think with Baldwin's skill set he would be better for a more vertical offense like San Diego. In that scenario I would prefer either Cameron Heyward or Mike Pouncey.

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          "F" for the Bailey pick.

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            Not a Falcons fan, but I love the Titus Young pick. I am getting the impression more and more that he could sneak into the late first and no team at the end of the first could use him more the Atlanta.


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              So the Jags draft a backup in the first round?

              Not ideal.

              And how the hell have they ignored the middle of the line? All you had to do was look at the roster on ESPN's site.


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                Love AJ Green to the Bengals

                RIP themaninblack


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                  Love the pick for the Bills (Fairley)

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                  my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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                    I can dig Cam.


                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      Solid Phins pick, although Mallett would also have to be considered if still available.

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                        Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
                        Not a Falcons fan, but I love the Titus Young pick. I am getting the impression more and more that he could sneak into the late first and no team at the end of the first could use him more the Atlanta.
                        Torrey Smith looks more like a 1st rounder then Titus Young to me but i'd love either man.

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                          NO GABBERT. Newton or Amukamara.
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                            Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
                            So the Jags draft a backup in the first round?

                            Not ideal.

                            And how the hell have they ignored the middle of the line? All you had to do was look at the roster on ESPN's site.
                            Ok so ignored isn't exactly the right word but lets be honest here Paea would easily start if he was on the Jags right next to Alualu at the nose position.
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                            Originally posted by njx9
                            oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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                              Just ugly pick .I mean seriously stop making us Gabbert . I would rather have Amukamara or some one else at QB then him for second round people .



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