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    *Post Combine Update*

    Round 1

    1 Carolina Panthers – Marcell Dareus DT Alabama*
    Absolute toss up but the Panthers cannot miss with this pick. They admitted to about 7-8 players they’re looking at. Gabbert is a strong possibility and he apparently did well in interviews but I still see too much risk involved with him at #1. Newton was in play but reported struggles in some team interviews might send his stock crashing. DEs Bowers and Quinn rate about even with Dareus and Fairley but don’t fill the immediate need. DT as the #1 need and all prospects about even it would seem to come down to Fairley and Dareus. Not much has been said about Fairley skipping the bench but his strength could be a factor although Sapp illustrates how inconsequential the weight room is for success. Especially after shining physically and out impressing Fairley in interviews I’d say Dareus is the safest of the bunch and also fills the #1 need.
    Prev: Cameron Newton QB Auburn*

    2 Denver Broncos – Patrick Peterson S LSU*
    Broncos come out from under the McDaniels era and desperately need to hit on their first round pick. Despite the positional value debate about taking a CB/S versus a dlineman, this draft’s defensive depth allows them to go bpa and still fill their needs later. Dawkins is a good bet not be back in 11’ and PP could take over at FS right away.
    Prev: Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*

    3 Buffalo Bills – Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*
    Bowers measured 6’3 280 at the combine and will most certainly put on weight as he matures. It’s not been discussed too much but he’s versatile enough to play as a 34 DE as well as a 43 base end imo. In some ways I think he might be better suited to play in an odd front-he doesn’t have elite quickness off the edge but is stout, disengages pretty well and has impressive closing speed. The Bills use both fronts if I’m not mistaken and could move Bowers around and disguise him. Like the Broncos, the interior of the defense is the Bills biggest need. Fairley fits but his strength is not run defending or being stout at the poa and is probably a much lesser athlete than Bowers. Interest in Newton at #3 should dry up after meeting with him face to face and what Gailey called “see how much pro football he knows”-i.e. just how much of a project is this guy. Top 10 talent but probably too much of a project this high for GM Nix. Gabbert is a distinct possibility if the Bills are dead set about getting a new franchise QB but the FO did say they won’t reach for a QB. Imo A.J. Green would also make a good choice here but his admitted lack of preparation as his #1 weakness, which played out to a degree with a lackluster combine showing, might hurt his stock just a bit. He could turn out his pro day and again be considered a top 5 offensive talent but the defensive guys will probably dominate the top of the draft.
    Prev: AJ Green WR Georgia*

    4 Cincinnati Bengals - Nick Fairley DT Auburn*
    Reports are that some teams have discussed acquiring Vince Young from the Titans-how much you want to bet that one of those teams are the Bengals? Their QB drama is going to be one of the most interesting off season stories but I see them looking at a vet rather than projects like Newton or Gabbert. The late season play of some of the Bengals young players-Dunlap-Johnson-Simpson-could afford them to go bpa rather than need. Fairley showed the fluidity of an elite DE in drills and demonstrated why he was the most dominate collegiate defensive player last season.
    Prev: Patrick Peterson S LSU*

    5 Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    Miller has pretty much cemented himself as a top 5 pick and shouldn’t go any lower than here to the Cards. I can’t see another young QB here-Skelton physically looks the part and once he learns to read defenses I think he’ll be a solid starter-he’s got a little Big Ben in him imo. Rumored interest in Bulger or McNabb would make sense –certainly need better vet insurance than DA.

    6 Cleveland Browns – J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin*
    I must agree with Kiper’s latest projection for the Browns. Watt is exactly the type of relentless, big, athletic DE/DT the Browns FO would covet. He’s versatile enough to play outside or inside and dominate in a 43 front. Fan choice would certainly be Green and I’m sure he’s off Kiper’s board in his mock by #6 but I agree with Wes Bunting that he’s not really an ideal fit for the WCO plus the Browns FO has come out in support of the team’s WRs citing the inconsistency at the QB position for their lack of production-enough of an excuse to pass on a WR in the first and take from the impressive crop of defensive line talent imo.
    Prev: Nick Fairley DT Auburn*

    7 San Francisco 49ers – Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri*
    Niner’s fans rejoice! At last! an answer at the QB position…yeah. But truly I think it will be hard for Harbaugh to pass Big Blaine. Gabbert really shined athletically at the combine and more importantly in the interview room as well. Harbaugh is a QB teacher and ought to be able to coach up a talent like Gabbert to pro bowl caliber. QB is really the only thing holding the Niners back and if Gabbert is the talent that many are making him out to be they can’t pass. Alex Smith of all people knows the difficulties of transitioning from the college spread and could actually be a nice mentor for the new franchise guy, provided he knows he is no longer that guy.
    Prev:Marcell Dareus NT Alabama*

    8 Tennessee Titans – AJ Green WR Georgia*
    With Gabbert off the board the Titans aren’t likely to reach for Newton-Locker-Mallett here and should be looking bpa. Outside of Britt and all pro Johnson the Titans don’t have much offensive punch. Green gives them a superstar line up at the skill positions and makes it easier to entice a coveted FA QB to town… or Kerry Collins.
    Prev: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri*

    9 Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith OT USC*
    Pass protection is the biggest weakness and Jerry cannot keep putting off this need. Smith showed up with the necessary size at the combine and should smash his pro day and be considered a lock top ten pick. He immediately fits into the right side and improves the protection, where he’s comfortable, but eventually would prompt Free to the RT and give the Boys bookends again….buy or sell?
    Prev: J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin*

    10 Washington Redskins – Robert Quinn OLB/DE UNC*
    Unbelievably, Kyle Shanahan has gotten Grossman to look like a competent QB-still not a long term solution but decent enough to not have to make a desperate move in the first for a QB-the second round is a different matter. With the high flying offenses in the NFC East the Skins need a stronger pass rush to really compete. Due to the dearth of talent Quinn is a great value here for the Skins and gives them an elite rusher to pair with Orak.

    11 Houston Texans – Aldon Smith OLB/DE Missouri*
    As expected showed the ability to play in space as a hybrid end. Reminds me of a raw Justin Tuck. Texans could be tempted to add to the wealth with a guy like Julio but Smith is getting a lot of buzz at the moment as a potential top 10 pick so landing him here for the new defense looks right.

    12 Minnesota Vikings – Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas*
    Still can’t help liking Ryan Mallett. Imo he didn’t come anywhere near to bombing his media press conference-he was respectful and confident and showed the poise of a professional. In drills he demonstrated he’s the most gifted passer of this class, plus reportedly did well in team interviews. He’ll never be a fluid guy outside the pocket and will struggle in the red zone initially until he makes better reads but I still contend he’ll outshine some of his supposed safer peers…@Locker, @Gabbert. He just needs to give up the herb.

    13 Detroit Lions – Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
    Lions could also look at LB but Prince matches up as the best talent that also fills a need for them. Showed stiffness in his CB drills but should be a elite level press CB that fits well into Schwartz’s scheme.
    Prev: Tyron Smith OT USC*

    14 St. Louis Rams – Julio Jones WR Alabama*
    Virtually a lock now if he is on the board which I still think he will be. Becomes Josh’s Brandon Marshall without the baggage…and hopefully not his St. Louis Damaryius.

    15 Miami Dolphins – Jake Locker QB Washington
    The Dolphins biggest needs are QB and RB at this point. A guy like Locker, if used creatively, might help out in both areas. New OC Daboll ran a solid offense for the Browns last season (no.. really) and had his most success with a mobile young guy taking snaps. He also devised and executed some of the most interesting plays in the league. But if the Dolphins FO is looking into the future they might roll with Henne and consider they’ll be in a position for Luck in 12’..but NFL FO never do that-/sarcasm. Sparano might become a lame duck HC very early next season and Jeff Fisher should be available in 12’ but for the 11’ season Locker seems a good fit. If the Dolphins had a second round pick to work with or the CBA wasn’t interfering with things I’d say they pass on Locker and hope to trade back up for him later but…

    16 Jacksonville Jaguars – Cameron Newton QB Auburn*
    Jaguars narrowly missed the playoffs with Garrard as their starting QB. Pretty amazing considering how awful this guy can be at times. This pick would be about GM Gene Smith and the future of the franchise. The Jags were rumored to be high on Tebow, in large part to reenergize the fanbase in Jacksonville,..enter Cam Newton. True, your looking at very different character types, but when it comes to drumming up interest, it really doesn’t matter whether positive or negative. The controversy and drama alone would draw people to find out about this guy and if he can become the leagues next icon. Either way, it would be hard to fault the Jags for trying. Considerable risk but there’s obviously a big need and Newton’s has the highest ceiling of any prospect in this class. Garrard could make a solid mentor and keep Cam on the bench all season.
    Prev: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

    17 New England Patriots(f/OAK)- Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB Purdue
    Not sure what to make of the Pats recent signing of Stroud, who was cut by the Bills for being too pricey and not the greatest fit in the 34, but it’s no secret BB likes to stack positions so I could still see Jordan here. I’m also curious if the Pats plan to run more 43 fronts next season seeing as though they change up a lot anyhow. Kerrigan imo didn’t look too great in LB drills at the combine-twice looking as if he might fall over after turning and running. But he looks like the type that you shouldn’t bet against so I could see the Pats interest.
    Prev:Cameron Jordan DE California

    18 San Diego Chargers – Akeem Ayers LB UCLA*
    I give the nod here to Ayers rather than Kerrigan because the Chargers greatest need is at inside LB. Ayers may not have shown the straight line speed some expected him to have but was really impressive in the drills, with his COD and fluidity in space at 250+ lbs. Chargers can play Ayers anywhere among the LB spots and disguise things.

    19 New York Giants – Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Giants might have their pick between Carimi, Solder and Costanzo. I’d say they go with Carimi who’s the best run blocker of the bunch and hasn’t been as exposed at LT as the other two so far this pre draft process.

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cameron Jordan DE California
    After looking like the most dominant prospect in Mobile, then performing better than expected at the combine at 287 lbs, Jordan has solidified a top 20 pick. Imo more suited for a 5 tech but has demonstrated this post season his ability to play in either scheme.

    21 Kansas City Chiefs - Torrey Smith WR Maryland*
    Pioli has no issues with taking his guy regardless of what the consensus draft boards look like. Smith is straight-linish at this point but has the ball skills and work ethic to improve his route running. High character gut with the ability to stretch the field for the games’ best rushing attack.

    22 Indianapolis Colts – Nate Solder OT Colorado
    If coach Metzelaars can make Charlie Johnson a competent LT he should make Solder an all pro. The injuries and declining line made Manning look human… for a few games.

    23 Philadelphia Eagles – Anthony Costanzo OT Boston College
    Eagles should be looking for a long term replacement on the right side in the first round. Costanzo should be a solid fit.

    24 New Orleans Saints – Mark Ingram RB Alabama*
    Throw out the 4.6 40, Ingram was one of the fastest to 10 yards at Indy. That statistic combined with his established ability to gain yards after contact still makes him a solid first round pick. Martez Wilson’s emergence could have them looking his way but Ingram is more a difference maker.

    25 Seattle Seahawks – Mike Pouncey C Florida
    The Hawks were undefeated last season when Lynch got over 20 carries or something like that so improving the running game is probably the top priority this off season. Pouncey is being compared to his brother by some top analysts.

    26 Baltimore Ravens – Brandon Harris CB Miami*
    Not as fast or long as Jimmy Smith but clearly showed better feet and fluidity at Indy and looked much bigger than his listed size. His demeanor was also telling at the combine-all business. Smith’s stiffness and red flags might drop him out the first. Besides Harris’ bad game against ND I’ve heard nothing but good about him whereas Smith was not considered the best CB on his own team at times.
    Prev: Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

    27 Atlanta Falcons – Justin Houston DE Georgia*
    Falcons FO cited the need to add more speed/explosiveness this off season. Running a 4.6 40 at 270 lbs I think applies. As a stand up guy I think Houston would get exposed in space but I think he could be a mismatch as a quick undersized 43 end-Trent Cole style.

    28 New England – Len Hankerson WR Miami
    I get a sense from Hankerson that he’s driven to be a great player regardless of the perks that come along with playing in the NFL. Looks and plays bigger than his listed size and produced a great 40 time at Indy. Is reminding me more and more of Reggie Wayne and I think he’ll be a late first round pick in April.
    Prev: Stefan Wisniewski C/OG Penn State

    29 Chicago Bears – Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State
    Bears can’t afford to pass up a potential LT, especially not in a Martz offense.

    30 New York Jets – Phil Taylor DE Colorado
    I think Taylor would be a better fit in a 43 defense but his size and potential projects well to DE or NT in a 34 and the Jets will not pass.

    31 Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Ijalana OT Villanova
    Oline has got to be the #1 priority and Ijalana could be a small school gem. Somewhat of a mystery now but I still see him getting coveted by a team like the Steelers. Jimmy Smith would also be a likely pick here but the draft has good depth at CB.

    32 Green Bay Packers – Jabaal Sheard OLB Pittsburgh
    Sheard performed like I expected him to but hasn’t generated much buzz as a hybrid guy yet-perhaps due to still not being 100% after coming back form injury. I didn’t get a chance to see him in drills at the combine but according to Mayock is a 43 end-still I see him climbing up draft boards eventually.

    Round 2

    33 New England Patriots(f/CAR) – Stefan Wisniewski C/OG Penn State
    Prev: Len Hankerson WR Miami

    34 Buffalo Bills – Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*
    Prev: Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple*

    35 Denver Broncos – Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple*
    Prev: Corey Liuget DT Illinois*

    36 Cincinnati Bengals - Dan Watkins OG/T Baylor

    37 Arizona Cardinals – Martez Wilson ILB Illinois*

    38 Cleveland Browns – Greg Little WR North Carolina
    Prev:Marcus Gilbert OT Florida

    39 San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy Smith CB/S Colorado
    Prev:Aaron Williams CB Texas*

    40 Tennessee Titans – Corey Liuget DT Illinois*
    Prev: Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*

    41 Dallas Cowboys– Rahim Moore FS UCLA
    Prev: Brandon Harris CB Miami*

    42 Washington Redskins - Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada

    43 Houston Texans – Jarvis Jenkins NT Clemson

    44 Minnesota - Aaron Williams CB/S Texas*
    Prev: Rahim Moore FS UCLA

    45 Detroit Lions – Mason Foster LB Washington
    Prev:Quan Sturdivant OLB North Carolina

    46 St. Louis Rams – Christian Ballard DT Iowa

    47 Denver Broncos (F/MIA) – Quan Sturdivant OLB North Carolina
    Prev: Mason Foster LB Washington

    48 Jacksonville Jaguars – Titus Young WR Boise State

    49 Oakland Raiders – Marcus Cannon OT TCU
    Prev:John Moffit OG/C Wisconsin

    50 San Diego Chargers – Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State

    51 New York Giants – Stephen Paea DT Oregon

    52 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame*
    Prev:Marcus Cannon OT TCU

    53 Kansas City Chiefs – Brooks Reed OLB Arizona

    54 Indianapolis Colts – Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

    55 Philadelphia Eagles – Curtis Brown CB Texas
    Prev:Rock Carmichael CB Virginia Tech

    56 New Orleans Saints – Bruce Carter LB North Carolina

    57 Seattle Seahawks – Clint Boiling OG Georgia
    Prev:Brandon Burton CB Utah*

    58 Baltimore Ravens – Randall Cobb WR Kentucky*

    59 Atlanta Falcons – Jordan Todman RB UConn*
    Prev: Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame*

    60 New England Patriots – Sam Acho DE/OLB Texas
    Prev:James Carpenter OT Alabama

    61 San Diego Chargers (F/NYJ) – Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU

    62 Chicago Bears – John Moffit OG/C Wisconsin
    Prev:Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State

    63 Pittsburgh Steelers – Ras I Dowling CB/FS Virginia

    64 Green Bay Packers – Lawrence Guy DE Arizona State*

    Round 3

    65 Carolina Panthers – Jurrell Cassey DT USC*

    66 Cincinnati Bengals – Tandon Doss WR Indiana*
    Prev:Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois*

    67 Denver Broncos – Brandon Burton CB Utah*
    Prev:Curtis Brown Texas

    68 Buffalo Bills – Christian Ponder QB Florida State

    69 Arizona Cardinals – Will Rackley OG Lehigh
    Prev:Luke Stocker TE Tennessee

    70 Cleveland Browns – Marcus Gilbert OT Florida
    Prev:Greg Little WR UNC

    71 Dallas Cowboys – Curtis Marsh CB Utah State
    Prev:Jason Pinkston OT Pittsburgh

    72 New Orleans Saints (F/WAS) – Deunta Williams S North Carolina.
    Prev: Deandre McDaniel S Clemson

    73 Houston Texans – Marcus Gilchrist S Clemson
    Prev: Deunta Williams S North Carolina.

    74 New England Patriots (F/MINN) – James Carpenter OT Alabama
    Prev: Sam Acho DE/OLB Texas

    75 Detroit Lions – Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State
    Prev:Nate Irving LB NC State

    76 San Francisco 49ers – Chris Carter OLB Fresno State

    77 Tennessee Titans – Colin McCarthy LB Miami
    Prev:Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin

    78 St. Louis Rams – DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma
    Prev:Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State

    79 Miami Dolphins – Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois*
    Prev:Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech*

    80 Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Rogers CB Richmond
    Prev:Ahmad Black S Florida

    81 Oakland Raiders – Robert Sands S Virginia*

    82 San Diego – Ed Gates WR Abilene Christian
    Prev:Vincent Brown WR San Diego State

    83 New York Giants – Derrick Locke RB Kentucky

    84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ross Homan OLB Ohio State
    Prev: Colin McCarthy LB Miami

    85 Kansas City Chiefs - Kenrick Ellis NT Hampton

    86 Indianapolis Colts – Terrell McClain DT USF
    Prev:Will Rackley OG Lehigh

    87 Philadelphia Eagles – Allen Bailey DT Miami

    88 New Orleans Saints – Jason Pinkston OT Pittsburgh
    Prev:Drake Nevis DT LSU

    89 San Diego Chargers (F/SEA) – Devon House CB New Mexico State

    90 Baltimore Ravens – Austin Pettis WR Boise State
    Prev: Curtis Marsh CB Utah State

    91 Atlanta Falcons – Luke Stocker TE Tennessee
    Prev:Austin Pettis WR Boise State

    92 New England Patriots – Shane Vereen RB California*

    93 New York Jets - Dontay Moch OLB Nevada

    94 Chicago Bears – Tyler Sash S Iowa*
    Prev:Quinton Carter S Oklahoma

    95 Pittsburgh Steelers – Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin
    Prev:Sione Fua NT Stanford

    96 Green Bay Packers – Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy

    Round 4

    97 Carolina Panthers – D.J.Williams TE Arkansas

    98 Seattle Seahawks (F/DEN) – Rock Carmichael CB Virginia Tech
    Prev:Clint Boiling OG Georgia

    99 Buffalo Bills – Steven Friday OLB Virginia Tech

    100 Cincinnati Bengals – Quinton Carter S Oklahoma
    Prev:Andy Dalton QB TCU

    101 Cleveland Browns – Nate Irving LB NC State
    Prev:Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh

    102 Arizona Cardinals – Jah Reid OT UCF

    103 Philadelphia Eagles (F/WAS) – K.J.Wright LB Mississippi State

    104 Houston Texans – Vincent Brown WR San Diego State
    Prev: Kendric Burney CB UNC

    105 Minnesota Vikings – John Patrick CB Louisville
    Prev:Shareece Wright CB USC

    106 Detroit Lions – Deandre McDaniel S Clemson
    Prev: Marcus Gilchrist S Clemson

    107 San Francisco 49ers – Sione Fua NT Stanford
    Prev:Tandon Doss WR Indiana*

    108 Tennessee Titans – Greg Jones LB Michigan State

    109 Dallas Cowboys – Jerrell Powe NT Mississippi

    110 Miami Dolphins – Steve Schilling OG Michigan

    111 St. Louis Rams – Mark Legree S Appalachian St.
    Prev:Taiwan Jones RB Eastern Washington

    112 Oakland Raiders – Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio State
    Prev: Shareece Wright CB USC

    113 Jacksonville Jaguars – Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh
    Prev:Jeremy Beal DE/LB Oklahoma

    114 San Francisco 49ers (F/SD) – Jeron Johnson S Boise State.

    115 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Orlando Franklin OT Miami

    116 New York Giants – Chykie Brown CB Texas
    Prev:Justin Rogers CB Richmond

    117 Kansas City Chiefs – DeMarcus Love OG/T Arkansas

    118 Indianapolis Colts – Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech*
    Prev:DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma

    119 Philadelphia Eagles – Scott Lutrus LB UConn
    Prev:Lawrence Wilson OLB UConn

    120 Jacksonville Jaguars (F/NO) – Casey Matthews LB Oregon

    121 Buffalo Bills (F/SEA) – Jordan Cameron TE USC

    122 Baltimore Ravens – Adrian Taylor DE Oklahoma

    123 Atlanta Falcons – Greg Salas WR Hawaii
    Prev:Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma State

    124 New England Patriots – Joe Lefeged S Rutgers
    Prev:Tyler Sash S Iowa*

    125 New York Jets – Richard Sherman CB Stanford
    Prev:Jalil Brown CB Colorado

    126 Chicago Bears – Marvin Austin DT UNC
    Prev:Terrell McClain DT USF

    127 Pittsburgh Steelers – Brandon Bair DE Oregon

    128 Green Bay Packers – James Brewer OT Indiana
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    Originally posted by borg9
    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

  • #2
    I like reworking the secondary with Patrick and Moore, but I don't buy Mallet that high. I think I would rather see Jordan there...


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


    • #3
      Jimmy Smith takes care of the major flaw in our secondary. He's a good first round pick for us.

      Cobb is a nice pick in the second, he brings the much needed explosiveness at WR that we've lacked... forever.

      I don't see the need to get two corners in the first three rounds. Depth will not be an issue for us. Greg Jones or even Moch (who I don't really like) would make more sense.

      Taylor doesn't help the Ravens at all. We're set at depth along the DL, if we're going to draft a 5-technique it's going to be a guy that's a clear upgrade from Redding (aka likely a first round pick).


      • #4
        Torrey Smith - Great pick I am a huge fan of Smith's

        Brooks Reed - another great pick addresses another need

        Kendrick Ellis - 3 for 3 on KC picks so far

        DeMarcus Love - another good pick

        LOVE KC's draft overall


        • #5
          Good Bucs mock. Kerrigan in the 1st and Franklin in the 4th is awesome. Cannon is a solid pick in the 2nd but I think if Clayborn falls to their second rounder the Bucs will double up on DEs like they did last year with DTs. Clayborn can def play LDE and Kerrigan RDE in our system. Don't know much about Mccarthey but it fills a need


          • #6
            I am just wondering why you have the Steelers picking last?

            To your Packers Picks:

            Jabaal Sheard - I have never seen Sheard in Round 1, I guess you are projecting a combine blow up, but with with guys like Paea, Heward, Liuget, Wilkerson all available, I think we would go with a 3-4 DE.

            Lawrence Guy - This pick is okay. I like Jurrell Casey more, but I could handle this

            Jerell Jernigan - Really good pick at this spot

            James Brewer - Hopefully kid turns into Saffold from last years draft, good pick


            • #7
              Originally posted by prock View Post
              I like reworking the secondary with Patrick and Moore, but I don't buy Mallet that high. I think I would rather see Jordan there...
              Agree with this. Cameron Jordan or Prince Amukamara.



              • #8
                Good job with New England's draft. I could see New England going with Heyward or Wilkerson over Jordan, but I think you made the right pick and Jordan would be their first choice due to his 3-4 experience. I love Wisniewski but it's possible the Patriots will prefer Danny Watkins there. I would be hoping New England takes Leshoure over Carpenter but I could kind of see that pick as well. Nice third round picks. Overall I'd be very happy with that draft, with LeShoure at #60 it'd be almost perfect.


                • #9
                  Switch Williams with Leshoure and I am happy.

                  The Twitters


                  • #10
                    83 New York Giants – Derrick Locke RB Kentucky
                    I know he has great burst, but is there anything else to him? Shane Vereen is a guy that does everything well, maybe nothing great. When the giants had Derrick Ward, who was a similar guy, we did very well. We need a guy who is dependable in all situations.


                    • #11
                      Like T-Rich said, great KC draft.

                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      His soft D really turns me off
                      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by BaLLiN View Post
                        I know he has great burst, but is there anything else to him? Shane Vereen is a guy that does everything well, maybe nothing great. When the giants had Derrick Ward, who was a similar guy, we did very well. We need a guy who is dependable in all situations.
                        My thinking was the Giants need a homerun hitter out the backfield and Locke is a candidate to run the fastest time in Indy next week.

                        Originally posted by borg9
                        Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


                        • #13
                          Not a fan of Peterson to the Bengals. The Bengals have placed literally no value at safety since Marvin has been around. He would also be a downgrade to Joseph at corner. A pretty significant one IMO. Even without Joseph they still have Leon Hall, Adam "Pacman" Jones (who played really well in 2010), 2010 3rd round pick Brandon Ghee, Jonathan Wade and Morgan Trent.

                          The team has had 2 great corners for a few years and have done nothing with it. Cornerback is not why this team is perpetually average.

                          Give them Fairley (best player in the draft) or Quinn to give them a beast defensive line, which they haven't had since they were a good team in the 80s.


                          • #14
                            I'd be pretty happy with that Miami draft.

                            The only thing I would say is, if for some ridiculous reason Allen Bailey IS still there in the 3rd, we'd HAVE to take him, then I would get Kendall Hunter in the 4th. But I'd be happy either way. Locker is a nice talent at QB if he gets the right coaching, and Schilling would be a nice fit at LG for us.

                            Nice work.

                            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


                            • #15
                              Best Denver draft I've seen in awhile.

                              WELCOME REALITY



                              Debug Information