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  • Mock Draft v4

    1 CAR-Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson-They could go a number of different directions here including DT with Dareus LB Miller or even CB Peterson. The only garauntee I will give is it is definately defense.

    2 DEN-Robert Quinn DE North Carolina-Some new schools of thought are that they take Quinn here and I think that is where they go. Fairley or Dareus could end up here but I think they get Quinn.

    3 BUF-AJ Green WR Georgia-Green would be a good edition. Steve Johnson has 1 out of 3 good years and you cant put a franchise on that. While they may take Newton or Gabbert here I think they try their "Luck" and grab a QB next year.

    4 CIN-Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri-They have to get something here and while I think Mallett is a better option Gabbert is getting a lot of pub right now.Oh and Palmer is demanding a trade or he says he will retire. Gabbert a great option for them now.

    5 ARI-Von Miller LB Texas A&M-What a freak a stud at the Senior Bowl and combine. Wisenhunt would be crazy to pass him up. Could see Peterson go here though.

    6-CLE CB Patrick Patterson-Simply Value here and a great athlete a little surprised he falls this far but with all the needs the Browns get another good corner.

    7 S.F-Marcel Dareus DT Alabama-Great combine vaulted him in front of Fairly in my book. He is big and could help them eat up some space in the middle.

    8 TEN-Nick Fairley DT Auburn-Looks like a good fit for them in Tennesse although some school of thought says that it is his teammate here and not him. I just think he can step in right away and play for them.

    9 DAL-Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska-They need some DB’s in the NFC East and Amukamara is a great one. His size and athletic ability may give him some flexibility to move to Safety. Honestly, A prince, playing for someone who thinks they are a king?

    10-WAS Cam Newton QB Auburn-Shanahan can’t pass up “the Icon” here. He has all of the measurables but the question is will he translate to the NFL. Shanahan likes those west coast Qb's and Newton running the spread helps him here.

    11 HOU-Aldon Smith LB/DE Missouri-A versatile player with some major upside and could add to their young linebacking core or be used as a quick edge rusher.

    12 MIN-Nate Solder OT Colorado-Tested well and they could use a great tackle to protect whatever QB they run out ther this year. They could go DE here with Edwards gone but I am not sure if they are high on Watt. Solder will be solid for years to come and a more sure pick here.

    13 DET-Akeem Ayers LB UCLA-They could add some speed here and get a great player that didn’t test well. Ayers was a projected top 10 early on in this process and they could use some defensive side help.

    14 STL-Julio Jones WR Alabama-Amendola was Bradfords top target no more explanation needed.Oh and what a combine on a broken foot WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! ( sorry for the typo on the last one) Still amazes me though.

    15 MIA-Mark Ingram RB Alabama- Don’t agree with the franchise thoughts but they say they need a back and he is a good one. He is big and sturdy and shold be able to handle his workload unlike Brown. Not as fast as Brown though.

    16 JAC-J.J Watt DE Wisconsin- Looks like Watt is the fast climber in the group. Del Rio likes to go defense here and although receiver is a big need the ones left on the board would be a reach.

    17 N.E-Dontay Moch OLB/DE Nevada-This is a Belicheck player he has great speed and has come relatively out of nowhere. May be a reach but three years from now we will be calling him a genius again. For clarification, according to most NFL minds Belicheck has reached for many picks but they alwast seem to workout.(IE Mayo, McCourty, recently).

    18 S.D-OT Tyron Smith USC-West coast kid and they need help on the line. They couldnt rush at all last year and Rivers was running for his life.

    19. NYG-OT Anthony Costanzo Boston College-Kid is good and Eli could use some help at tackle and the guys in the middle (Diehl and crew) would be great teachers for him.

    20 T.B.-Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa-Great motor and good work ethic from the Ferentz school of hard work. Great fit for Morris and the young Bucs. Don't be surprised if they go Receiver though. Titus Young would be the next off the board but I think it is way early.

    21 K.C-Cameron Jordan DE California-Great motor and work ethic. This guy could help Dorsey and crew on the front line.
    22 IND-Rahim Moore S UCLA-With Sanders out and the Colts having all of the safety's hurt last year Moore is a steal at 22 and if there he will be a Colt.

    23 PHI-Jimmy Smith CB Colorado-Tall corner who needs some character work but has a lot of upside. Has low pick numners and isn't blazing fast but could fit their system well.

    24 N.O-Justin Houston OLB/DE-Georgia He is a fast big linebacker that could be an end. New Orleans needs some D-line and LB help and he is a big kid.

    25 SEA-Phil Taylor DT Baylor-He hasnt got a ton of pub but Carrol has a way finding lineman(minus the Jackson thing) and he culd use a stop gap up front.

    26 ATL-Titus Young OT USC-They could use some help for White and Young is a speedy outside receiver that can bring a solid work ethic and speed to them here.

    27 N.E-Daniel Thomas RB Kansas State-The law firm is not a long term solution and while they could go a few different directions here I think that they could go to Thomas out of K-State.

    28 BAL-Aaron Williams CB Texas-Baltimore is getting a little long in the tooth on defense and could use some young guys to step in. So after many complaints about the U connection I am giving them williams here.

    29 NYJ – Muhammed Wilkerson DT Temple-A great player but went to a small school. He showed his ability a little at the combine and they could use a young guy to fill the void for Jenkins who got cut.

    30 CHI-Corey Liugit DT Illinois -They could use a receiver here but I think Luiget who played in nearby Champaign would be a big body and replace Harris who they just cut. He has the strength but t is yet to be seen if he is quick or not.

    31 PIT-Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin-A good tackle here and after playing for Bielma he is no stranger to hard work and the grind it out menatlity that the Steelers have.

    32 G.B-Mike Pouncey C/G Florida-They looked pretty great in the layoofs and Super Bowl and since they have re-signed Hawk I am looking to Pouncey here instead of Wilson the ILB from Illinois.

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    Yeah Wilson would make less sense now that Hawk re-signed. A guy I like them to draft for depth though is Nate Irving from NC State.


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      Heck I would almost take a QB in this draft.


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        Again, your pats draft makes me want to slit my wrists.
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        At the end of the day...

        Mobility > Accuracy


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          your on crack man. both of those guys are third rounders. geeze.

          Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

          Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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            Rahim Moore in the 1st, at all, is wrong. Rahim Moore to the Colts at #22 when Carimi and Sherrod are available is ridiculous. Also some other picks like Dontay Moch and a RB to the Pats in the 1st are just not very good.


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              Worst Patriots mock ever.


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                Originally posted by IndyFan-in-Minneapolis View Post
                28 BAL-Aaron Williams CB Texas-Baltimore is getting a little long in the tooth on defense and could use some young guys to step in. So after many complaints about the U connection I am giving them williams here.
                I think I was the only person that said anything about the Miami thing. It's just something I see a lot on these forums, and it's a myth I want to end. Like I said before Harris wasn't really a bad pick, it's just that I don;t think he would help us where we need it the most in the secondary.

                Williams isn't a better pick. I really don't think that he would be able to stick in man coverage, which is what we run the majority of the time and will continue to run if Pagano runs a more aggressive style like he has said he will do.

                By the way, how did Baltimore end up picking 28th? They will be selecting at pick 26 in the first round, if no trades are made.


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                  Oh hell yes....

                  Sig by the King BK

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                    love the Jordan pick.I've about lost hope Tyson Jackson will ever be a decent NFL player


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                      Originally posted by BradysKnee View Post
                      Again, your pats draft makes me want to slit my wrists.
                      Originally posted by proshoota25 View Post
                      your on crack man. both of those guys are third rounders. geeze.
                      Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
                      Worst Patriots mock ever.
                      This pretty much sums up my feelings. There's a special place in Hell for people who mock Moch and Daniel Thomas to the Patriots in the first round.

                      Originally posted by ElectricEye
                      I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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                        you might want to try the poop experiment pursued by a recent mock poster to gain clarity. that pats mock is as offensive as an upperdecker.


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                          Nice Phins pick

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            No way the Browns pass on Dareus for Peterson. I think they'd take Julio Jones before Peterson too.


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                              I really don't want Solder. I would rather have a DE or Julio Jones, since Rice is probably gone.


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                    's rocket surgery now, folks.



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