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4-15 2 round mock draft

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  • 4-15 2 round mock draft

    Comments appreciated

    Round 1
    1) Oakland Raiders: Jamarcus Russell- QB Louisiana State
    2) Detroit Lions: Brady Quinn- QB Notre Dame
    3) Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson- RB Oklahoma
    4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calvin Johnson- WR Georgia Tech
    5) Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas- OT Wisconsin
    6) Washington Redskins: Gaines Adams- DE Clemson
    7) Minnesota Vikings: Laron Landry- S Louisiana State
    8) Atlanta Falcons (via Houston Texans): Jamaal Anderson- DE Arkansas
    9) Miami Dolphins: Leon Hall- CB Michigan
    10) Houston Texans (via Atlanta Falcons): Levi Brown- OT Penn State
    11) San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Willis- MLB Mississippi
    12) Buffalo Bills: Marshawn Lynch- RB California
    13) St. Louis Rams: Alan Branch- DT Michigan
    14) Carolina Panthers: Greg Olsen- TE Miami
    15) Pittsburgh Steelers: Adam Carriker- DE Nebraska
    16) Green Bay Packers: Reggie Nelson- FS Florida
    17) Jacksonville Jaguars: Ted Ginn Jr- WR Ohio State
    18) Cincinnati Bengals: Amobi Okoye- DT Louisville
    19) Tennessee Titans: Robert Meachem- WR Tennessee
    20) New York Giants: Paul Pozlusny- OLB Penn State
    21) Denver Broncos: Jarvis Moss- DE Florida
    22) Dallas Cowboys: Darrelle Revis- CB Pittsburgh
    23) Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe- WR Louisiana State
    24) New England Patriots (via Seattle Seahawks): Chris Houston- CB Arkansas
    25) New York Jets: Anthony Spencer- DE/OLB Purdue
    26) Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Griffin- SS Texas
    27) New Orleans Saints: Aaron Ross- CB Texas
    28) New England Patriots: Jon Beason- LB Miami
    29) Baltimore Ravens- Joe Staley- OT Central Michigan
    30) San Diego Chargers- Dwayne Jarrett- WR Southern California
    31) Chicago Bears: Justin Blalock- OG Texas
    32) Indianapolis Colts: Lawrence Timmons LB- Florida State

    Round 2
    33) Oakland Raiders: Ryan Kalil- C Southern California
    34) Detroit Lions: Charles Johnson- DE Georgia
    35) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Weddle- S Utah
    36) Cleveland Browns: Eric Wright- CB UNLV
    37) Chicago (Via New York Jets): Zach Miller- TE Arizona State
    38) Arizona Cardinals: Marcus McCauley- CB Fresno State
    39) Atlanta Falcons (via Houston Texans): Brandon Merriweather- S Miami
    40) Miami Dolphins: Anthony Gonzales- WR Ohio State
    41) Minnesota Vikings: Sidney Rice- WR South Carolina
    42) San Francisco 49ers: Justin Harrell- DE/DT Tennessee
    43) Buffalo Bills: David Harris- LB Michigan
    44) Atlanta Falcons: Ben Grubbs- OG Auburn
    45) Carolina Panthers: Aaron Rouse- S Virginia Tech
    46) Pittsburgh Steelers: Tanard Jackson- CB Syracuse
    47) Green Bay Packers: Antonio Pittman- RB Ohio State
    48) Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Crowder- DE Texas
    49) Cincinnati Bengals: Josh Wilson- CB Maryland
    50) Tennessee Titans: Victor Abiamari- DE Notre Dame
    51) New York Giants: Tony Ugoh- OT Arkansas
    52) St. Louis Rams: Craig Davis- WR Louisiana State
    53) Dallas Cowboys: Demarcus Tyler- DT North Carolina State
    54) Kansas City Chiefs: Quinn Pitcock- DT Ohio State
    55) Seattle Seahawks: Arron Sears- OL Tennessee
    56) Denver Broncos: Steve Smith- WR Southern California
    57) Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Hill- WR Washington State
    58) New Orleans Saints: Ben Patrick- TE Delaware
    59) New York Jets: Ikaika Ilama-Francis- DE Hawaii
    60) Miami Dolphins (via New England Patriots): Trent Edwards-QB Stanford
    61) Baltimore Ravens: Drew Stanton- QB Michigan State
    62) San Diego Chargers: Quintin Moses- OLB Georgia
    63) New York Jets (via Chicago Bears): James Marten- OT Boston College
    64) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon Mebane- DT California

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    Very nice Vikings mock draft


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      Good pack draft

      Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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        Good Rams Pick rather see Demarcus Tyler in the 2nd round but its cool


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          Johnson + Weddle + Mebane = Me very happy provided we took a DE in the 3rd like Robinson maybe.


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            1st okay

            2nd good

            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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              you chose the sexy picks for the saints ... pretty different from the other mocks here , i love it


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                If Lynch is gone when the Packers pick, I like that draft. Is Pittman really worth a 2nd rounder though? Still Overall good Packers draft.
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                  Perfect Eagle first rounder
                  ....Horibble Eagle second rounder

                  ^ bantx
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                  I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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                    timmons, chris houston or revis over paul poz

                    sig by jkpigskin

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                      thanks for the comments so far, ut keep 'em coming


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                        PERFECT Bucs mock.

                        bonekrusher on the sig magic
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                          9) Miami Dolphins: Leon Hall- CB Michigan

                          Horrible pick, Miami moved Allen to one of our CB spots

                          Give us Okoye there or brown, or trade back or willis

                          40) Miami Dolphins: Anthony Gonzales- WR Ohio State

                          Give us Ugoh, Grubbs, sears , over this pick please

                          60) Miami Dolphins (via New England Patriots): Trent Edwards-QB Stanford

                          Good pick at least

                          I would go like this

                          9th Okoye BPA pick explained as
                          40th Ugoh LT pick
                          60th Edwards QB pick


                          9th Brown LT (if you feel he is a LT and worth it)
                          40th Grubbs LG
                          60th Edwards QB


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                            Originally posted by GermanSaint View Post
                            you chose the sexy picks for the saints ... pretty different from the other mocks here , i love it
                            I know, me likey.


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                              Great Bengals draft. BPA/future need in the 1st then most immediate need in the 2nd, bravo.



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