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  • Best Mock Draft Ever

    Rk. Team Player, Pos. School (if applicable) Movie Actor Comment

    1. Raiders-Joe Kane, QB Eastern State The Program Craig Sheffer Shakes drinking problem to become first overall pick in NFL Draft.

    2. Lions-Johnny Utah, QB Ohio State Point Break Keanu Reeves Despite knee injury at OSU, Utah's promise makes him a logical pick for Lions.

    3. Browns-Johnny Walker, QBState Johnny B. Good Anthony Michael Hall Any other year, Walker may go No. 1, but this draft class is loaded at quarterback.

    4. Buccaneers-Jimmy Sanderson, WR N/A Any Given Sunday Bill Bellamy The fleet Sanderson is this draft's most talented receiver, and is also lucky with the ladies.

    5. Cardinals-Rod Tidwell, WR Arizona State Jerry Maguire Cuba Gooding Jr.Sure, the Cardinals are loaded at receiver, but why not add another talented pass catcher to the mix?

    6. Redskins-Manumana, C Texas State Necessary Roughness Peter Navy Tuiasosopo Massive Manumana to help reincarnate the ol' Hogs in D.C.

    7. Vikings-Charlie Tweeder, WR West Canaan H.S.Varsity Blues Scott Caan What will Tweeder do with all that pro football money? Drink beer, because that's what Tweeder does.

    8. Falcons (from Texans)-Andre Krimm, DL Texas State Necessary Roughness Sinbad Teacher-turned-football player now headed to NFL to help solidify Falcons' defense.

    9. Dolphins-Frank Cushman, QB N/A Jerry Maguire Jerry O'Connell Went No. 1 overall on Jerry Maguire, but falls to ninth among this talented cast.

    10. Texans (from Falcons)-Willie Beamen, QB San Diego StateAny Given Sunday Jamie Foxx Has tendency to get a big head and make bad rap songs, but Texans dig his playmaking ability.

    I especially like the Chargers pick.

    BTW, How could Daniel Bateman, MLB, The Replacements (Jon Favreau) not get drafted?

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    these are dumb...not funny really


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      Forrest Gump? He has serious character issues, Andy won't pick him.



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