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  • Green Bay Packers Mock Draft

    Marshawn Lynch has the skills of a top 10 player.
    Zach Miller may not be extremely fast but he is very similar to Jason Witten and should have a similar career.
    Jason Hill should be a first round pick but he won't for some strange reason. He is a very similar to former Packer Robert Brooks.
    Travarous Bain is a little raw but he has big time potential with his great size, athleticism, and speed.
    Yamon Figurs raced Devin Hester and beat him. Yamon should be a premier return man and might be able to develop into a #3 or #4 wide receiver.
    DeAndre Jackson is only available here because he missed most of his senior season because of a torn ACL but he has big time potential.
    Jacob Bender did not play for a Division I school but he has huge upside and was really productive at the Division II level.
    Justin Hickman reminds me a lot of the Bears' Mark Anderson. Both were top College players but are overlooked by scouts because they lack elite size and speed but both are simply players.
    Joe Cohen played for Florida and played defensive end most of his career but he was moved to defensive tackle his senior year. Like most defensive linemen from Florida he has some upside.
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    I don't think Hickman will go in round 6-7 or so...I think your gonna see him go in round 4 because, despite his size, has been extremely productive, and showed extremely well at the combine. He's gonna be a steal regardless, IMO.

    Would be a nice draft though..


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