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Mock Me Mockers! 2 Rounder w/tons of trades & comments!!!!!

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  • Mock Me Mockers! 2 Rounder w/tons of trades & comments!!!!!

    1. Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell-QB-LSU
    I agree with Mel Kiper who says all of the Calvin Johnson talk is merely an effort to drum up interest in this pick…and to piss of Jon Gruden.

    2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Detroit): Calvin Johnson-WR-Georgia Tech
    The latest rumor from Todd McShay of ESPN is that the Bucs will send DE Simeon Rice and their 2nd round pick (35th overall) to Detroit in order to move up to #2 and take Johnson. A hefty price if you ask me.

    3. Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson-RB-Oklahoma
    It sounds like the Browns have settled on Peterson with the 3rd pick after heavily considering Brady Quinn as well as Joe Thomas.

    4. Detroit Lions (from Tampa Bay): Patrick Willis-MLB-Mississippi
    The Lions have already signed Dewayne White and if they get Simeon Rice as part of the trade down, then they will gamble (and reach in my opinion) on Willis, who is the player they really want to get their collective hands on.

    5. Atlanta Falcons (from Arizona): LaRon Landry-S-LSU
    Landry is the guy the Falcons had in mind when they swung the Matt Schaub trade. They’ll take no chances on draft day and will send their 1st round (8th overall), 3rd round (75th overall), & 4th round (109th overall) to Arizona so they can move up three spots.

    6. Miami Dolphins (from Washington): Brady Quinn-QB-Notre Dame
    Even if the Dolphins swing a trade for Trent Green, and I believe they will on the eve of the draft, they’ll be in the market for a young signal caller to be the new face of the franchise. I think the Vikings are quietly coveting Quinn so the Dolphins will have to move up to get him. Washington desperately wants to trade down so the relationship makes sense. The Fins will give the Skins their 1st round (9th overall) pick and 3rd round (71st overall) in order to jump into the six hole.

    7. Minnesota Vikings: Gaines Adams-DE-Clemson
    This would be a dream scenario for the Vikings, but I could realistically see it playing out this way. They’ll also be tempted by Joe Thomas, who no one expects to slide this far, but he is a left tackle and it might be a stretch to see him play the right side for Minnesota.

    8. Arizona Cardinals (from Houston through Atlanta): Joe Thomas-OT-Wisconsin
    The Cardinals made the move down with the thought they could get Levi Brown here. Never in their wildest imagination did they think they would still land Thomas.

    9. Washington Redskins (from Miami): Jamaal Anderson-DE-Arkansas
    I believe Anderson would be a reach as a top ten pick, but the purpose of a mock draft is to guess what will happen…not what I think should happen.

    10. Houston Texans (from Atlanta): Levi Brown-OT-Penn State
    The two players the Texans covet the most are Brown and Leon Hall. If both are on the board at #10, it will be a tough choice for Houston, but Brown could solve the problems they’ve had at left tackle since the franchise began.

    11. San Francisco 49ers: Leon Hall-CB-Michigan
    This is not a huge need area right now for the Niners, but Hall would be great value here.

    12. Buffalo Bills: Paul Posluszny-OLB-Penn State
    A bit of a reach, but everyone said the same thing a year ago when the Bills took Donte Whitner with a top ten pick. Posluszny is just the type of player, and person, that Marv Levy and Dick Jauron want on their team.

    13. St. Louis Rams: Adam Carriker-DE-Nebraska
    There are two players that Scott Linehan covets according to the St. Louis Dispatch. Carriker is one of them.

    14. Denver Broncos (from Carolina): Jarvis Moss-DE-Miami
    The Broncos want a pass rusher in the worst way and will trade up to get him. They’ll send their 1st round (21st overall) and 2nd round (56th overall) picks to Carolina in exchange for this pick and Carolina’s 5th round (155th overall) selection.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers: Amobi Okoye-DT-Louisville
    I personally like Okoye as much as any player in the draft and it might not be realistic that he falls this far, but if he does, Mike Tomlin will snatch him up quickly.

    16. Green Bay Packers: Marshawn Lynch-RB-California
    Lynch passed his physical in Green Bay yesterday and the Packers don’t think his character concerns are well founded.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Reggie Nelson-S-Florida
    With the top pass rushers off the board, the Jags turn their attention to the secondary where Nelson could play centerfield for them for the next decade.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals: Darrelle Revis-CB-Pittsburgh
    Revis is fast and he’s a good guy…two things the Bengals need on their team right now.

    19. San Diego Chargers (from Tennessee): Ted Ginn Jr.-WR-Ohio State
    I think the Bolts will move Michael Turner on draft day. Once Lynch is off the board, the Titans will look west to solve the hole in their backfield. The Chargers will send Turner to Tennessee and the Titans will move down to the 30th slot.

    20. New York Giants: Lawrence Timmons-OLB-Florida State
    Joe Staley is a possibility, but David Diehl is an adequate replacement for Luke Pettigout and the Giants have a much larger hole to fill at outside linebacker.

    21. Carolina Panthers (from Green Bay): Greg Olsen-TE-Miami
    I think the Panthers do indeed want Olsen, but think 14 is too high to pick him. If he is still on the board at 21 after trading down, they’ll take him in a split second.

    22. Dallas Cowboys: Robert Meachem-WR-Tennessee
    Aaron Ross of Texas is also a possibility, but I think that Jerry Jones wants to pick an eventual replacement for Owens and/or Glenn.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs: Joe Staley-OT-Central Michigan
    First Willie Roaf and now Will Shields, no wonder Larry Johnson is complaining about his contract! Staley would be a good starting point for rebuilding the O-line.

    24. New England Patriots (from Seattle): Michael Griffin-S-Texas
    Griffin can play either safety spot and his versatility will fit the Patriots scheme perfectly.

    25. New York Jets: Aaron Ross-CB-Texas
    Andre Dyson is not a #1 cornerback and Hank Poteat barely deserves a roster spot. Ross will start immediately while also dramatically improving the Jets return game by pairing with Justin Miller to form a great 1-2 punch.

    26. San Francisco 49ers (from Philadelphia): Dwayne Bowe-WR-LSU
    I bet I get crucified by Eagles fans for projecting this one! But the 49ers have the ammunition to move back into the latter portions of round #1 and I don’t see anyone still on the board that the Eagles just have to have. The Niners will send their 2nd round (42nd overall), 3rd round (76th overall) and a 4th round pick in next years draft to Philly so they can grab a desperately needed receiver.

    27. New Orleans Saints: Justin Harrell-DT-Tennessee
    By signing Jason David to an offer sheet, the Saints have lessened their need for a cornerback. Harrell is moving up the board quickly and would fill another need that New Orleans has.

    28. New England Patriots: Jon Beason-OLB-Miami
    KFFL is reporting that the Patriots really like Beason because he will fit their system nearly perfectly.

    29. Baltimore Ravens: Anthony Spencer-DE-Purdue
    I just don’t see the Ravens taking a Justin Blalock or Ben Grubbs here despite their needs along the offensive line. Spencer reminds me a little but of Adalius Thomas and would be a nice fit in the Baltimore defense.

    30. Tennessee Titans (from San Diego): Dwayne Jarrett-WR-USC
    It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Jarrett’s teammate, Steve Smith, was the pick here, but at this point Jarrett is still ranked a little higher on most teams boards.

    31. Chicago Bears: Ben Grubbs-OG-Auburn
    As a fan of the Bears, I don’t really like this pick, but he is the best value on the board right now and fills a need for Chicago. I think that Jerry Angelo will try his best to trade out of the round if he can find a trade partner.

    32. Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Gonzalez-WR-Ohio State
    Exit Brandon Stokely, enter Anthony Gonzalez. The best offense just keeps getting better.

    Round Two
    33. Oakland Raiders: Justin Blalock-OL-Texas
    Not a great fit for their scheme, but the best offensive lineman available at this point.

    34. Detroit Lions: Trent Edwards-QB-Stanford
    Edwards can sit behind Kitna for a year or two.

    35. Detroit Lions (from Tampa Bay): Arron Sears-OL-Tennessee
    Sears is versatile enough to play just about anywhere on the O-line which is good since the Lions line sucks.

    36. Cleveland Browns: Chris Houston-CB-Arkansas
    He’ll be a steal if he falls this far.

    37. Chicago Bears (from Washington through New York Jets): Zach Miller-TE-Arizona State
    I’d love to see this kid come to Chicago. He’s a cross between Todd Heap and Heath Miller.

    38. Arizona Cardinals: David Harris-MLB-Michigan
    Harris is going to be a good one and will really upgrade the Cardinals linebacking corp.

    39. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston): Anthony Ugoh-OT-Arkansas
    This guy has “bust” written all over him.

    40. Miami Dolphins: Tank Tyler-DT-North Carolina State
    Tyler fills a need area for an aging Dolphin defensive line.

    41. Minnesota Vikings: Steve Smith-WR-USC
    Other than Calvin Johnson, I think Smith will be the best wide receiver to come out of this draft.

    42. Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco): Brandon Merriweather-S-Miami
    OK Eagles fans, let me have it, but I think Merriweather would be a steal in the 2nd round, but his character issues will surely drop him into this area.

    43. Buffalo Bills: Brian Leonard-RB-Rutgers
    Leonard is just the kind of player, and man, that Levy and Jauron want on their team. Look for him to play a Mike Alstott kind of role for the Bills.

    44. Atlanta Falcons: Charles Johnson-DE-Georgia
    The Falcons look in their own backyard to find a replacement for Patrick Kerney.

    45. Carolina Panthers: Eric Weddle-S-Utah
    This kid is moving up the charts after scouts have gotten a chance to see him play.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers: Quentin Moses-DE-Georgia
    Moses could rekindle the spark he showed as an underclassmen if properly used in the 3-4 defense.

    47. Green Bay Packers: Ben Patrick-TE-Delaware
    It might take some time to get acclimated to the pro game, but I expect big things from this kid in a few years.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars: Victor Abiamiri-DE-Notre Dame
    Some say this guy is overrated, but I think he could flourish under the right coaching and scheme.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Kalil-C-USC
    This isn’t a need pick for the Bengals per se, but Kalil would be a steal this late in round two.

    50. Tennessee Titans: Marcus McCauley-CB-Fresno State
    Jeff Fisher says he hopes to draft 2 or 3 cornerbacks next weekend. McCauley would be a nice start.

    51. New York Giants: Eric Wright-CB-UNLV
    Character concerns push Wright into the latter portions of the 2nd round, but this guy can play.

    52. St. Louis Rams: Marcus Thomas-DT-Florida
    Thomas fits the St. Louis scheme and might have been a 1st round pick if not for a down senior year and some character questions.

    53. Dallas Cowboys: Jonathan Wade-CB-Tennessee
    Wade is on the way up so the Cowboys would be lucky to have him this late in round two.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs: Ray McDonald-DL-Florida State
    McDonald’s versatility is just what Herm Edwards likes in his defensive linemen.

    55. Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Harris-OL-Notre Dame
    Not a flashy pick, but Harris will give the Hawks some much needed depth on the offensive line.

    56. Carolina Panthers (from Denver): Sidney Rice-WR-South Carolina
    Rice could become the weapon that the Panthers had hoped Keary Colbert would be.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Bush-RB-Louisville
    The Eagles have their eyes on Brian Leonard, but he’s already off the board in this mock draft. Bush is the bigger back that the Eagles need and his stock is back on the rise after deeming himself 99% healthy at Louisville’s pro day.

    58. New Orleans Saints: Tanaurd Jackson-CB-Syracuse
    I think Jackson will out-perform his draft status fairly early in his career. He’ll be the Saints nickelback from day one.

    59. New York Jets: LaMar Woodley-DE-Michigan
    Is he an end or an outside linebacker? In the Jets scheme, it doesn’t really matter because he’ll maximize his talent either way.

    60. Miami Dolphins (from New England): Doug Free-OT-Northern Illinois
    Free is athletically gifted, but it’s a big step up from Dekalb, Illinois to Miami, Florida.

    61. Baltimore Ravens: Josh Wilson-CB-Maryland
    The Ravens continue to add depth to an already dominant defense.

    62. San Diego Chargers: John Wendling-S-Wyoming
    Few know much about this kid yet, but they will. He reminds me of a young John Lynch.

    63. New York Jets (from Chicago): Craig Davis-WR-LSU
    Davis would be able to step in as the Jets 3rd or 4th receiver and learn slowly.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis): Sabby Piscatelli-S-Oregon
    The 2nd round comes to an end with the Bucs taking an athletic safety to groom.

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    I'm lovin' it.


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      good first rounder for the vikings... but cmon steve smith over Sidney Rice? steve smith may be a decent #2 but Rice has the potential to be a great #1


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        I would love if that happened, we get a few extra picks and still get Meriweather. As for the later 2nd rounder, I like Bush, but I like Tim Crowder more, there.


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          If the Saints go Harrell in round 1 they go Craig Davis round 2.


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            Nice Bengals mock, as you said the only way I see us going OC is if it's absolute BPA (which I would think Kalil would be).


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              Great mock for the Packer's.

              Sig thanks to mockalicious


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                Ridiculous first pick at #11 for SF. Cornerback is like a 4th or 5th round need, not a first. If you really think Hall is absolutely tremendous value there, then SF would probably trade back with someone who could actually use him. He'd be a freaking dime back as a rookie for SF, and there's no way that's gonna happen with our first pick.


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                  I loved the two Patriots picks!


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                    "The liberator who destroys my property, is fighting to save my spirit. The teacher who clears all possessions from my path will set me free."-Tyler Durden


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                      Bills said they aren't carrying a FB. And they already have a power RB, so they need a speed back.


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                        Great Pack draft but you made a mistake and said Carolina (from Green Bay)

                        Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                          TERRIBLE Denver draft i hate it hate it hate it we DONT need a pass rusher in the worst way dumervil racked up 8 sacks as a sit. pass rusher so if we were to trade up give us nelson or okoye
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                            Give us Blalock in the 1st and it's great. Excellent 2nd rounders.


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                              Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                              Great Pack draft but you made a mistake and said Carolina (from Green Bay)
                              Nice catch. Thank you.



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