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  • If you were starting a team?

    With this draft class if you were starting a team, and had the first pick in the draft who would you pick in each round and why?


    Rd1 pick 1: Brady Quinn: I am much higher on him than most, I think he can be a franchise quarterback and that he has the leadership I am looking for.
    Rd2:Ryan Kalil- My Center. He will help protect my quarterback and push the pile for my runningback.
    rd3:Quentin Moses- My speed rusher, a guy whos gonna sack the qb. I usually like more character guys but ill take a chance with a guy of his potential.
    rd4- Joe Newton- a safety valve for my qb. Hes the guy who will be my des clark, solid but unspectacular.
    rd5-Laurent Robinson- my WR that will help my new QB adjust. I believe he will be a great player.
    rd6-Mike Otto- A guy who can be worked with to build into a solid lineman.
    Rd7-Justin Medlock- I need a good kicker. and hell if i can get one in the seventh ill take it.
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    wrong forum
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    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
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      in the 1st id get either CJ or Thomas and in the 2nd edwards, then defence the rest of the draft

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        Round 1 - You really have to make this one count because this guy is going to be the face of your franchise for years to come. I think a quarterback or wide receiver is a bit too risky here. You look at a lot of the teams in the top five and see quarterbacks who get sacked repeatedly. So with that said, I would take the best offensive lineman on the board.

        Joe Thomas, LT, Wisconsin

        Round 2 - Again, left tackle may be the most important position in the league, or at least one of the top few. Another position I'd consider up there is the right defensive end. These guys are the people you count on to come in and put a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. I would probably address that second, as there aren't any excellent quarterback values right now in my opinion.

        Jarvis Moss, RE, Florida

        Round 3 - In the third round, I take a look at my team and realize that I hopefully have the anchors of my offensive line and defensive line in place. I am looking for an impact player in the third round, someone who plays a valuable position. I'd look for a running back here - there are some solid values later on in the draft.

        Michael Bush, RB, Louisville

        Round 4 - Fourth round, obviously you have to keep taking the best player available regardless of position. It's too risky to draft based on, "Oh, I need a quarterback", or "Oh, I need a middle linebacker." With a running back, tackle, and end, I am fortunate to be able to pick up someone who plays on of the most important positions on the field in the fourth as a nice value.

        Troy Smith, QB, Ohio St.

        Round 5 - At this point you have to be able to take some risks in the draft with players who you feel have almost the complete package, but are just missing something that could potentially be fixed. You aren't investing a lot of money into this pick - might as well gamble it and hope to try and get a big return.

        Earl Everett, OLB, Florida

        Round 6 - At this point, I'm still missing two key players - wide receiver and middle linebacker. Both of this were intentionally put off a bit until I was able to find a value which I liked late in the draft. You can take someone here who maybe doesn't have the most potential, but can fulfill some role on your team immediately.

        Jon Abbate, MLB, Wake Forest

        Round 7 - Right now there isn't really anyone who I feel would be an absolute steal as far as projected seventh rounders go (obviously, as they wouldn't be projected in the seventh round if the were expected to play to a higher level.) So with that said, I'll just go with a player who I feel could come contribute immediately a bit.

        Anthony Pudewell, TE, Nevada

        (Note: I actually thought of a pretty good strategy involving Brady Quinn being the first pick, taking Jeff Samardzija in the seventh, and adding Ryan Harris in the third, Darius Walker in the fourth and Dan Santucci in the fifth, with the sixth round pick being Abbate. It's a pretty good strategy the more I think about it. I'm just not a huge fan of Quinn or Harris that early.)


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          Here would be mine...
          1. Joe Thomas, OT. Reasons stated earlier.
          2. Justin Harrell, DT. A solid D-line will never hurt your cause, and he is a steal in this range
          3. Drew Stanton, QB. I think this guy would be a real steal at this point in the draft. He can make all of the throws, and can scramble very well. He has been hurt by inconsistency, but that was not his fault at Michigan State.
          4. Anthony Waters, MLB. We will need a future leader of our defense and he is our guy. Would have gone in the first round if it weren't for his injury. It seems as though he is back and will be a good defensive weapon for years to come.
          5. Doug Datich, C. You need to build the chemistry early between the center and the QB. Datish plays angry, and has a good size-speed combo for a center. Has great intangibles and is a smart player.
          6. Mike Walker, WR. Could be a steal in this area. A solid WR who has great hands and would be a great threat for the QB.
          7. Courtney Brown, CB. Another possible steal who could end up as a good CB in the league. Very smart and athletic. Has great speed and tons of upside.
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            Assuming it's the 1st pick of every round

            1. Jamarcus Russell QB
            2. Joe Staley LT
            3. Tim Crowder DE
            4. CJ Gaddis CB/S
            5. Desmond Bishop MLB
            6. Tyrone Moss RB
            7. Jordan Kent WR


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              1. Calvin Johnson - can make any QB look good
              2. Ryan Kalil - Starts a good young OLine
              3. Josh Beekman - A versatile olineman, either guard
              4. Anthony Waters - Athletic MLB, for my Tampa 2
              5. Jon Wade - Solid CB
              6. Brandon Frye - yet another OLineman
              7. Walter Thomas - Absolute freak, nothing to lose why not?

              Cj is my pick bcuz he can help out my veteran Qb and my rook i bring in in the later years

              I dont take a QB. Questionable i know, but look at the successful expansion teams they started with a veteran Qb (Kerry Collins/Panthers, Mark Brunell/Jags) I wait to establish an OLine and solid D before i just throw a young impressionable QB behind that line.(David Carr)


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                1 OT Joe Thomas.. solidifies the line's toughest spot, good all-round lineman that excels in all areas
                2 DL Justin Harrell.. gives the d-line some penetration
                3 QB John Beck.. solid QB prospect
                4 WR Johnnie Lee Higgins.. underrated wideout that gives the QB a speedy go-to-guy and helps on returns
                5 OL Doug Datish.. plays all over the line, nice to have a versatile lineman
                6 CB Courtney Brown.. potential shutdown corner, worth the risk
                7 LB Tony Taylor.. a player who could start and produce
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                  RND 1 - Brady Quinn
                  RND 2 - Kalil/Grubbs/Blalock
                  RND 3 - Micheal Bush
                  RND 4 - Best o-lineman available.
                  RND 5 - BPA
                  RND 6 - Justin Medlock
                  RND 7 - BPA
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                    1. Joe Thomas (OT)
                    2. Ryan Kalil (C)
                    3. Ikaika Alama-Francis (DE)
                    4. Ryan McBean (DT)
                    5. Rufus Alexander (OLB)
                    6. Kelvin Smith (ILB)
                    7. David Ball (WR)

                    Obviously no matter who you draft, you are probably not going to be a major contender in your first season. So I Start off by solidifying the most important positions on the field, the offensive and defensive line. Games are won in the trenches, then i went to some line backers because run stopping is important, and i like both of these linebackers so they could either be eventual starters or at least be good depth. Then i have David Ball just to draft for depth at WR, and if i'm lucky he might translate his oustanding college production into the pros.

                    In FA i would be trying to go after a veteran QB and try to see who i can get at the 'skill positions'. Then next year i would draft at those positions, maybe get McFadden from arkansas in the first if he declares, or maybe Brian Brohm to draft the franchise QB.


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                      1. WR Calvin Johnson - I would never start a team with a QB because he wont have an Oline or any talent around him and wont be given a fair chance to succeed and it will ruin his development. ex: David Carr. Wideouts wont have their development hurt too much by not having good talent around them and very simply when every position is a need, you go BPA and CJ is that
                      2. C Ryan Kalil - Captain of the line and a good start to putting together a strong OL.
                      3. LB Buster Davis - Tackling machine who can be the face of a defense.
                      4. QB Troy Smith - underrated player with a good arm and mobility and smarts who can win you some games.
                      5. DT Kareem Brown - Good talent who could really help clog things up inside
                      6. HB DeShawn Wynn - probably not be available here but a good power runner who could help establish a running game.
                      7. CB Marquise Cole - good talent could become a starter at CB


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                        1: Calvin Johnson, WR, GA Tech
                        2: Ryan Kalil, C, USC
                        3: James Marten, OT, Boston College
                        4: Zak DeOssie, ILB, Brown
                        5: Chase Pittman, DE, LSU
                        6: Justin Medlock, K, UCLA
                        7: Clark Harris, TE, Rutgers

                        Add the best WR (or prospect, for that matter) to come out maybe ever, a couple of very good offensive linemen to build the OL, smart tackling machine linebacker, pass rushing DE, quality kicker, and a pass catching TE.

                        The first year of a franchise isn't going to be pretty, but this draft definitely sets things up for the future. Get the QB next draft where, as an expansion team, you're pretty much a lock to end up with one of the top picks.



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