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    Ok, well this is my first and last mock draft. I haven't been following the draft a TON this year, but as of late I've been doing some research and have put a lot of effort into this mock draft. You will find a full 1 round mock draft here with in-depth explanations for all picks and other possible outcomes. I do not foresee trades however.

    **With the first pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select Quarter Back, Jamarcus Russell.**

    My Reasoning: Plain and simple, Oakland needs a QB. I remember last year saying the same thing and every Oakland fan was quick to defend their "future," Andrew Walters. Needless to say I think that it's time they drop that, because they have had major problems at QB since Rich Gannon left. Some see the logical pick as Calvin Johnson as he's no doubt the best player in the draft, but with Randy Moss lining up on one side, Joey Porter on the other, and Lamont and Rhodes out in the backfield, they really don't need a WR at all, they need someone to get those WR's the ball. To me, the only two picks that make sense here are Russell or Quinn, and with a less than perfect year this year from Quinn and his apparent inability to win the big game, we all know Al Davis favors the big bad Jamarcus Russell with a cannon arm. Don't rule out a trade here though.

    **With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Defensive End, Gaines Adams.**

    We all know Matt Millen is a stubborn SOB, but I can't help but wonder that he will no doubt pass on Calvin Johnson. Whether it be because he's already got two terrific receivers in Mike Furrey and a pro-bowler in Roy Williams, or just out of spite, to show that he can pass up a first round WR (what ****** timing for that one...). The Lions did a great job drafting Ernie Sims last year, but they need some help for him. With virtually no one rushing the QB from the sides, Adams seems like a logical fit as he's the best by far in the draft at doing just that. Brady Quinn is also a likely target, but it's been said that the Lions, apparently satisfied with John Kitna (wtf??) are not interested in Quinn. Joe Thomas is also a strong possibility, but to be honest, I think Millen at this point in his career is going to want to select someone who will bring excitement back to the Lions team like Adams can. A trade by them is very likely though, I can see them moving down a few spots to gain more picks and still pick up Adams or a CB.

    **With the third pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select Quarter Back, Brady Quinn.**

    Wow, the first three picks in a draft have never been so hard to determine. Unless they work something out with Kevin Schaffer, I don’t see the Browns bringing in Joe Thomas. Calvin Johnson, well they could definitely use him, but it really wouldn’t make sense to have Braylon Edwards and Calvin Johnson, and then have Charlie Frye (who???) throwing to them. It seems like the Brown’s front office, and fans are torn on this decision, between Quinn and Adrian Peterson. A case can be made for both. They traded Reuben Droughens away and appeared to be set on AP, but then they signed the NFL’s single season rushing record holder in Jamal Lewis (he’s actually second behind Eric Dickerson), and being only 27 as well, I don’t see them paying him 3.5 million to sit behind AP. Whether the rumors of him re-injuring his collar bone are true, AP doesn’t belong in the dawg pound. Similar to the raiders, I said the Browns needed a QB last year, but was again shot down by loyal Frye supporters. Well, 17 interceptions later, Brady Quinn is available to be drafted. Quinn is a perfect prospect is a perfect fit for Cleveland’s system.

    **With the fourth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson.**

    Finally, it’s blasphemy that he even dropped this far, but he finally found his home. The Bucs are dying to have him on their team and I think will be willing to trade it all to get him. Not much to say about this pick other than it makes sense for everyone and that the Bucs are going to do everything possible to make this reality. Maybe Simms will actually be good now? If for some reason however, Johnson doesn’t fall into their laps, Amobi Okoye looks to be a close second for them.

    **With the fifth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Left Tackle, Joe Thomas.**

    This pick seems to be the most guaranteed to happen. In addition, Thomas, maybe behind Calvin Johnson, seems to be the most likely to be a good pick and become a stud. LT is the Cardinals most pressing need, and although every team before them could use Thomas, the Cardinals need him most, so a trade up for him isn’t out of the question, but I see him dropping to them, not because of a lack of need for him by other teams, just because of a greater need for other positions by other teams. If for some reason he doesn’t fall, then they will either stay and take Amobi Okoye, or trade a few picks down and take Levi Brown, the next best LT.

    **With the sixth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select Safety, Laron Landry.**

    At this point, the entire Redskins defense sucks and every position other than Sean Taylor, Lemar Marshall, and CB, needs a replacement. The entire D-Line is a reck, but Laron Landry’s a perfect fit for the Redskins. It could go either way with them though, Amobi Okoye would be a terrific pick, as well as Jammal Anderson, but the “verbal contract” the Skins made with Landry, proclaiming he is there guy at 6 if available, makes me believe, that with him available, well…he’s there guy.

    **With the seventh pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Running Back, Adrian Peterson.**

    After failing miserably the last 3 years to draft any first round talent let alone talent period, the Vikings are in need of a weapon. Laron Landry would be their best fit, but he’s gone. Calvin Johnson would actually be better, but he’s gone as well. A trade down is a possibility, leaving them to pick up Patrick Willis, but I don’t guess trades. With their pick, they’re going for Adrian Peterson. They need a sure fire talent who can go in and win the fans and dominate. Peterson is a player no doubt, and as a freshman was regarded as the best RB and a shoe-in for the number 1 slot, well he slipped a lot, and that’s awfully enticing to Brad Childress. Not the most glaring need, but a bit-time player that the Vikings have been desperate for since Culpepper to Moss died.

    **With the eighth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Defensive Tackle, Amobi Okoye.**

    Well Laron Landry is their first choice, and they have had heated talks about trading up for CJ, but in the end, with neither available, after loosing Patrick Kearny and after another year of Grady Jackson and Rod Coleman aging, the d-line needs drastic help. Jamaal Anderson would fit here, but he’s more of a 3-4 DE. Amobi Okoye is a terrific pick and an outstanding player. He will fortify their D-line for years, and maybe help John Abraham play a full season.

    **With the ninth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Miami dolphins select Left Tackle, Levi Brown.**

    With Quinn not falling into their laps, the Dolphins go to plan B and plan to upgrade their O-Line after a miserably showing last year. A trade down to pick up a DL like Alan Branch is not out of the question, but their most glaring need is LT, and Levi Brown is available.

    **With the tenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Houston Texans select Corner Back, Darrell Revis.**

    This is my surprise pick of the draft. With Peterson gone, the Texans will have to hope that their platoon of old, beaten up RB’s will suffice. They have many holes to fill, but with CB being a large need, the fill it with the best CB available. In my book, Leon Hall’s stock has dropped drastically while Revis’s has increased. Revis, a good guy off the field, has amazing timed speed and is better in coverage than Hall. The offensive and defensive line both still need a ton of work, so don’t rule out Jamaal Anderson or a trade down for someone like Levi Brown.

    b]With the eleventh pick in the 2007 NFL draft the San Francisco 49ers select Defensive End Adam Carriker.[/b]

    Carriker is the tough, big, versatile linemen that Nolan has been looking for to use in his new 3-4. I don’t really see this pick going any other way. They can go with another DE in Jamaal Anderson, who some feel is a better prospect, but regardless, I think they go for a 3-4 linemen. Alan Branch maybe as well, but Carriker, a massive linemen is fit to play DT in a 4-3 or DE in a 3-4, perfect for SF.

    With the twelfth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Buffalo Bills select Inside Linebacker Patrick Willis.

    With many needs, the Bills go after their most glaring one. Patrick Willis tested amazingly in his workouts and proved to be even better in the season. A perfect fit, the Bills have been in dire need of a strong force in the middle since loosing both London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes.

    With the thirteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the St. Louis Rams select Defensive Tackle, Alan Branch.

    The Rams have consistently failed in drafting and obtaining DT’s but might have hit the jackpot with this giant. Projected top 10, but slipping because of weight and injury issues, Branch is a proven DT who can step in and play with the best of them. He will be the brick wall they’ve been needing in the middle of their D-Line. Leon Hall is another possibility. I also wouldn’t rule out a trade up for Amobi Okoye, but I have a feeling the rams would be content with Branch.

    With the fourteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Carolina Panthers select Tight End, Greg Olsen.

    I don’t see them making this pick at all, I see them absolutely trading down or maybe even up to get Landry (doubt it) but yea, I definitely foresee a trade down. If not, they will fill their biggest need. Greg Olsen is far and away the best TE in the draft and the second best wide out in the draft. They could really use someone to compliment Steve Smith and Olsen’s fantastic timed speed, ability to catch, and despite what most think, above average blocking abilities are just what they are looking for.

    With the fifteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select Cornerback, Leon Hall.

    Damn, a really tough choice here. To top ten studs dropped to their spot…as if the Steelers need anymore help to be amazing and both fill a big hole for them. Leon Hall and Jamaal Anderson. I give them Leon Hall, only because he has more of a chance to start, and Aaron Smith is one of the best at what he does at DE, while the Steelers really have no one who’s great at CB, Ike Taylor is solid but that’s it. Leon Hall’s timed speed and strength will draw the Steelers in. With their real top pick being Revis gone, the Steelers settle for Leon Hall.

    With the sixteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select Running Back, Marshawn Lynch.

    Marshawn Lynch, similar to Laurence Maroney, is a terrific physical specimen and the offensive weapon the Packers have been looking for since Ahman Green first got injured and since Brett Favre hit age 73. This pick has been projected since a while back by many people, but they could also go for Jamaal Anderson or a wide out like Tedd Gin jr, but at this point, Lynch is too hard to pass up and the perfect match for them.

    With the seventeenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Safety, Reggie Nelson.

    Reggie Nelson is just what they need in Jacksonville. Although they could use Jamaal Anderson, the fact the Nelson can really be a terrific player at CB or Safety for them is intriguing. They have had their eye on Nelson for some time now and have no qualms about scooping him up.

    With the eighteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Outside Linebacker, Jon Beason.

    This is a tough decision with their two first choices (Revis and Hall) gone already. I have them passing up other CB’s like Aaron Ross and Michael Griffen to take Jon Beason. Their entire team is amazing. The offense is set, the D-Line is great, there only problems are linebacker and DB. DB they have a good group of young guys such as Madieu Williams and last years first rounder Jonathan Joseph, which leads me to believe that they will fill their other need this time. Beason is a good fit. Strong possibility that they trade down with Kansas City though…

    With the nineteenth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Tennessee Titans select Wide Receiver, Ted Ginn Jr.

    The Titans have plenty of capable WR’s and I don’t like this pick but I think it’s gunna happen. Fact is, they need a number 1 WR (I don’t think Ginn can be it but w/e) and they are in love with him.

    With the twentieth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the New York Giants select Outside Linebacker, Lawrence Timmons.

    It’s obvious that the Giants need an OLB now, and it seems even more obvious that they will draft one in the first round after cutting two starters. Paul Pusluzny is a great player, but not necessarily the best fit for the Giants, Timmons however is. The same size as Paul, but faster and a better athlete, Timmons will be a force pass rushing and stopping the run for the G-Men.
    With the twenty first pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select Defensive End, Jamaal Anderson.

    Every year there is someone who takes a drastic fall for whatever reason it may be. Last year Winston Justice took a huge fall, this year Anderson will as well, but not as drastically. Maybe last year the Broncos had decent ends, but those guys are not their future. Their whole D-Line as a whole needs to be revamped, and Anderson’s versatility to play virtually anywhere on the line is more than intriguing. Although Staley might be a decent pick here as well, he is nowhere near the value that Anderson is.

    With the twenty second pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select Wide Receiver, Robert Meachem.

    It’s not surprise that WR is again their main need. If the cowboys really want Tony Romo to explode, they need to give him all the necessary help. Terry Glenn is like 64 and when can you ever expect TO to be reliable. Meachem is gunna surprise a lot of people and jump a few spots. Very underrated in my opinion.

    With the twenty third pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Offensive Lineman, Joe Staley.

    This pick is so up in the air right now with all of the trade rumors surrounding them, but assuming they stay at number 23 they will look to bolster their OL. Trent Green has taken too many knocks on the ground over his career and whether or not they trade him, they’re going to need to protect the man throwing the ball, regardless of who it is.

    With the twenty fourth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the New England Patriots select Safety Brandon Merriweather.

    The Patriots need some defensive back help certainly, but while they have Asante Samuel for the meantime, they will go safety. Merriweather is an all around stud and as much as it pains me to say it, the Pats have made another great decision. Merriweather will have time to learn from the best and will be great.

    With the twenty fifth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the New York Jets select Corner Back Aaron Ross.

    Being a Jets fan myself, given what’s left on the board, I definitely see them going corner back. For me, it’s just between Chris Houston and Aaron Ross. I really don’t know who they would take if it came down to the two of them, so I’ll guess. Ross is more of a Mangini player ala Ty Law. Both are great, just a matter of who’s on the board I guess.

    With the twenty sixth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Safety, Michael Griffin.

    Griffin is the perfect fit for the Eagles. He’ll be a great replacement for Michael Lewis. Not much to say about this pick…

    With the twenty seventh pick in the 2007 NFL draft the New Orleans Saints select Defensive Tackle, Justin Harrell.

    The Saints have a few holes to peg before they become a truly super bowl contender, for now they will fill the hole that Jonathan Sullivan has created for them. DT is the main position that they need to fill up.

    With the twenty eighth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the New England Patriots select Outside Linebacker, Paul Puslozny.

    The pats have done it again. Although he’s a little small for the 3-4, he should do fine. With their LB’s getting old, this is definitely a position they need. Although they’d like Beason, they can’t have it all.

    With the twenty ninth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens select Offensive Guard, Justin Blalock.

    The Ravens don’t have a lot of problems, but one of the more glaring ones is offensive line. Blalock is the best remaining lineman and will be a good replacement for Ogden when he retires. Ben Grubbs is another possibility.

    With the thirtieth pick in the 2007 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe.

    They have needed a WR for some time now, so it’s no surprise they go for one here. For me it’s just a matter of who, and Bowe is the best one remaining.

    With the thirty first pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Chicago Bears select Wide Receiver Dwayne Jarrett.

    The Bears as well have needed an offensive weapon for some time now. Jarrett, once projected as a top 10 pick has taken quite a slip, but is still a great value pick at 31. With trade rumors swirling around the Bears and Lance Briggs, don’t be surprised if this pick is in a package as well, or if they move up.

    With the thirty second pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Indianapolis Colts select Defensive Tackle, Demarcus Taylor.

    The Colts obviously have few needs obviously after winning the super bowl, but their defensive line could use some improvement and what better a way to do it than by taking the Tank?
    Glenn Dorsey will slip...

    Jets will not take McFadden...

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    i likes the explanations and picks good work
    my scent? making love to a lumberjack
    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
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    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      What's with this new 10 character business?
      Glenn Dorsey will slip...

      Jets will not take McFadden...


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        Like the Panthers pick, even agree but trading down. But I think TE is far from their biggest need.


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          I would just like to note, that this mock draft is where the players will eventually end up, not necessarily where they will be drafted. For instance, Detroit very well may take Calvin Johnson, but if they then send him over in a trade to Tampa Bay, I will have correctly picked that. If they keep Calvin Johnson, I will be wrong.
          Glenn Dorsey will slip...

          Jets will not take McFadden...


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            Good Vikings pick


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              great denver pick he is the only de i would take in round 1 besides adams
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                Good mock overall, and great Eagles pick.
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                  good pick for the giants (u should include also how timmons is a great coverage LB and could help our problem of covering TEs)

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                    okay raider pick

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                      Well there's pretty much only 3 choices...
                      Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                      Jets will not take McFadden...


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                        Very good eagles pick.


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                          good bears pick if in fact they stay put.
                          this is the year!


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                            And how do you know the Titans are in love with Ted Ginn Jr.?

                            Still tho, Ginn is a pretty good pick. Jamaal Anderson would be a very nice pick if he falls that far, and so would Robert Meachem.
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