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  • NFL 2007 Mock Draft

    1. Oakland Raider- Jamarcus Russell QB LSU

    I just don't see any scenario happening before the draft that will allow them to take Johnson so they nab Russell who has all the tools to excel in this league in 3 years.

    2. Tampa Bay Bucs via Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    Tampa trades up to take Johnson who they so desperatly want. Sitting at 4 did not guarantee them Johnson so they make the necessary move.

    3. Cleveland Browns- Adrian Peterson RB Oakland
    Even with speculation around this team taking Brady Quinn i think they need to shore up the backfield first and address the QB situation later in the draft. Peterson is just a player who is capable of carrying the load for a team.

    4. Detroit Lions via Tampa Bay- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    Lions would not mind johnson at all but they trade down 2 sports pick up two picks and still get the man the wanted all along in Gaines Adams. Freekish talent at gettin after the QB. Will be a great addition to this defense

    5. Arizona Cardinals- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    The draft played perfectly into Arizonas hand and Thomas slides to them and they solidify the left takle spot for the next 10-12 years barring no repeat of Gallery. Thomas is a massive man and should provide help for James and the running game.

    6. Washington Redskins- Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    If the Redskins don't trade this pick which could be a possibility with Quinn still on the board but the Dolphins said they won't and the Vikings don't need to, so the redskins draft Okoye who i think could be the second best player in this draft in the next 5 years. Only 19 but is quick big, smart and still learing and will only get faster and bigger. Scary specially for a Cowboy fan!!

    7. Minnesota Vikings- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    They like Jackson but its too tempting with how good Quinn can be in the NFL. He has the talent to be a top 3 QB for years to come so i think the Vikings take Quinn and laddress corner and D-line later

    8. Atlanta Falcons- Laron Landry FS LSU
    The Falcons would of loved to have traded up and gotten Johnson but stand put and get a heck of a stud in Landry. Hits hard, covers well and runs fast. All the tools of a All- Pro and is a can't miss prospect

    9. Miami Dolphins- Levi Brown OT Penn State
    Would rather Quinn fall to them then trade up so with Quinn gone they select the second best lineman in Levi Brown. Dolphins need help at takle and Brown has the skills to come in and not come out for the next 10 years.

    10. Houston Texans- Jamal Anderson DE Arkansas
    Anderson give them that big body end they love and to team with Mario from last year would prodive them a good young tandem and allows Weaver to move inside. Good pick addresses a big need even though they would love peterson to fall.

    11. San Francisco 49ers- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    Could go Willis here and i was going to put him but they need a 3-4 DE and Carriker is there guy and provides them a force of the end in their scheme allong with Lawson and Banta-Cain playing OLB but wouldnt be suprised to seem them go Willis.

    12. Buffalo Bills- Patrick Willis MLB Ole Miss
    Would love Peterson but too low to stockpile to move up with all their needs and too high to take Lynch so they take the best denfense of player in Willis who will step in for Fletcher and lead that Defense for many years to come. Excellent football player who can come in and be the Johnathan Vilma of this draft.

    13. St. Louis Rams- Derrelle Revis CB Pitt
    Rising on so many boards, a lot of teams are falling in love with this kid because hes fast, smooth and attacks the ball in the air. Had a great pro day so with the Rams having hinted to want him and with their situation a mess at CB this is the route they go.

    14. Carolina Panthers- Greg Olsen TE Miami
    Could go with a LB but they have needed a TE to complement Smith and the run game and Olsen has really shown that during the combine and his pro day and would come in and open the field for the Panthers right away.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jon Beason OLB Miami
    Not sure on whether they stay in the 3/4 or go to the cover 2 either way they need linebackers and Beason is really loved by teams and can come in and produce right away. Good tackler, fast and has a nack for making plays.

    16. Green Bay Packers- Marshawn Lynch RB California
    even with all the backround trouble and back problems i think the Packers need to take Lynch. He is talented, tough and a playmaker who would play real well with Favre.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jarvin Moss DE/OLB Florida
    They could go Saftey which wouldnt be a suprise but with their DEs getting hurt in back to back years they need to address that postion and Moss provides them an excellent talent at getting after the QB

    18. Cincinnati Bengals- Leon Hall CB Michigan
    No need is bigger for this team then Corner and Hall who could go as high as 10 lands in their laps and start right away. Fluid and while teams have their doubts, he looks to be a very good corner in this league.

    19. Tennessee Titans- Ted Gin Jr WR Ohio State
    Vince Young and Ted Gin would be a scary duo in a couple years and even though his ankle injury has him slipping a bit he is too dangerous on the football field for the Titans who lack those guys on the offense besides Vince not to take him. Not a great reciever but with Norm Chow around, he could eventually get there

    20. New York Giants- Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    another guy who is rising and for good reason. Good athlete with quick feet and strong hands. With OT being a big team need i think the Giants take Staley and address LB and CB later in the draft

    21. Denver Broncos- Alan Branch DT Michigan
    Big guy with alot of talent but is dropping because he didnt always show the drive and teams are worried about his weight but still is too talented for the Broncos to pass and with not much on that line, Branch would be a big boost and a welcomed addition.

    22. Dallas Cowboys- Dewayne Bowe WR LSU
    I am not bias but the Cowboys are probably the only team without a postion of dier need. Saftey and Corner could still be addressed along with O-Line but i think they go with the best WR available because Owens and Glenn are both 33 and they need to start getting young and Bowe had the skills and work ethic to be the best of the bunch besides Calvin.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – Aaron Ross CB Texas
    Chiefs still need to get younger and better on defense and Ross is a good cover corner and can come in and fit into Herm Edwards defense right away.

    24. New England Patriots- Paul Posluszny ILB/OLB Penn State
    The patriots like this guy and he can come in and play inside or outside for this team. Very smart and has great instincts. Could go saftey as well with one of their picks.

    25. New York Jets- Anthony Spencer DE/OLB Purdue
    They need a pass rusher and a corner badly but with Hall and Revis gone i think they gamble a little with Spencer who has a great motor and is a heck of a player. He is rising so it wouldnt be a big stretch for the Jets to pull the trigger on this guy.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Griffin S Texas
    Could take a WR and you cant couldnt out a dline man or oline because they always seem to take one in the first round but i think they address the saftey the postion first with Lewis gone and Dawkins not getting any younger. Griffin is good in space and can also come up and hit so a good complemnt to Dawkins

    27. New Orleans Saints- Robert Meacheam WR Tennessee
    The Saints need playmakers in the secondary still but with the signing of Jason David from the Colts, i think they address the secondary later and take Meacheam who will replace Horn and be a good fit with Brees, Colston and company.

    28. New England Patriots- David Harris ILB Michigan
    Vrabel and Bruschi arent getting any younger either and Thomas while a great addition is 30 so i see the Patriots taking Harris here who will eventually replace Bruschi. Like i said before a Saftey is a good possibility with Meriweather still on the board.

    29. Baltimore Ravens- Brandon Meriweather S/CB Miami
    The Ravens may have bigger needs but i see them taking Meriweather or a different corner to come in and learn and be ready in 2008 to take a starting postion away from Samari Rolle who has clearly lost a step. They lack depth and corner so its a good possibility they address it first

    30. San Diego Chargers- Steve Smith WR USC
    Vincent Jackson looks like he is ready to be a #1 reciever but still they need some on the other side of him and Steve Smith is rising a bit with his 40 times and he is a guy i like a lot because he played in a lot of games and played well. Has great hands and even though he was overshadowed by Jarrett ends up being picked before him

    31. Chicago Bears- Dewayne Jarrett WR USC
    They are gunna wait to take a TE and will address the dline and corner spot eventually so for this pick they take Jarrett who can come in and learn from Muhammad who by the way is gettin up there and years and in a year or 2 come in and play along side Berrian and form a solid duo at WR

    32. Indianapolis Colts- Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
    Yet again the Colts go into the draft needing help on defense. Could go Corner since they lost their superbowl starters but Timmons is too talented to pass up right now specially with Cato June gone. Timmons is fast and will fit in perfectly into Dungy's Cover 2 scheme.
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    Bills pick a+


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      no way the Ravens take Brandon because we already have a future pro-bowler in Dawan Landry
      the ravens would snacth Chris Houston at the pick

      Baltimore: 7-4


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        Brandon has the skills to be a corner at the next level so you cant rule it out


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          okay raider pick

          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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            Very intelligent on the niners pick. Willis or Carriker will make me happy.

            Faithful Niner Fan



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