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    I haven't had much time to look at the depth of next years elite, so im starting my first mock off with 10. Please do not complain about draft order becuase I like you have no idea how next years season will pan out.

    1.) Miami Dolphins-Jake Long/LT/Michigan

    2.)Washington Redskins-Calais Campbell/DE/Miami

    3.)Minnesota Vikings-Brian Brohm/QB/Louisville

    4.) Oakland Raiders-Sam Baker/LT/USC

    5.)Dallas Cowboys(from Clev)-Kenny Philips/S/Miami

    6.)Detroit Lions-Darren Mcfadden/RB/Arkansas

    7.)Jacksonville Jaguars-Desean Jackson/WR/California

    8.)Kansas City Cheifs-Jared Gaither/T/Maryland

    9.)Tampa Bay Bucaneers-Dan Conner/OLB/Penn State

    10.)Denver Broncos-Rey Maualuga/MLB/OLB/USC

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    Wow Kansas City, Broncos, Vikings, Redskins Cowboys. and Jags will not pick that high

    ^ bantx
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      WOw a T going #1... I like it exceptt I don't think Gaither will go in the top 10... other than that it's very possible.


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        great KC pick


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          Originally posted by LitoSheppard View Post
          Wow Kansas City, Broncos, Vikings, Redskins Cowboys. and Jags will not pick that high
          read what he wrote above the top ten.....

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          i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
          who dey?


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            denver will be picking 32, but in that case we will likely trade up for d-mac
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              I think the Cowboys would take Darren McFadden at #4...


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                What about T-Jack? lol. I wouldn't complain if Brohm fell to 22 and we got him, i would however be devastated if we were top 10 again
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                  Good to see you don't have Green Bay in the Top 10

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                    Have a tough time seeing the Raiders passing on McFadden.


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                      To be honest people I haven't even looked at every teams schedule yet. Hell, I haven't even taken a good look at Denvers yet.


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                        cowboys would pick Darren Mcfadden


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                          raiders wont be top 5 and why would we pass on mcfadden?

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                            Originally posted by Bengals1690 View Post
                            read what he wrote above the top ten.....

                            Understandable, but Denver in the top 10? Unless it's a trade, I REALLY can not see that happening. It would take a lot of injuries for them to drop so far, just looking at it realistically.


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                              Come on you know Al will go with tradition and draft another DB.;)
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