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My 2nd 2008 Mock Draft

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  • My 2nd 2008 Mock Draft

    Revised after some of your posters input:

    01. Houston: JR Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas
    -Jury is still out on whether Matt Schaub can be a successful QB but, they still have the worst offensive line in the league and no true #1 back. McFadden has a great mix of power and speed and I feel he is a better prospect then Adrian Peterson was last season.

    02. Dallas (f/Cleveland): JR Kenny Philips S, Miami
    -It is not often that a safety is taken in the top 5 but, this is no ordinary safety. Kenny Philips is a special player and the next one in the long line of great safeties to emerge from Miami. Heís not as polished as Sean Taylor was but, he has more potential.

    03. Detroit: JR Calais Campbell DE, Miami
    -I could try to be funny and put a WR here but, in all seriousness Calais Campbell is the perfect fit in a Cover 2 scheme. He is a pure pass rusher in the form of similar Cover 2 DEís like Simeon Rice and Dwight Freeney.

    04. Tampa Bay: SR Brian Brohm QB, Louisville
    -Iím glad that John Gruden is giving Chris Simms one more shot to prove himself as a starter. He deserves that opportunity but, unfortunately I donít see a whole lot of positives in Tampa next season. Brohm has all the physical tools you look for in a franchise QB.

    05. Oakland: JR DeSean Jackson WR, California
    -Wow. That is all I can say after seeing what DeSean Jackson has been able to do in his college career. He has world class speed, shows a willingness to go over the middle and, according to Jeff Tedford, runs precise routes. He is the most dynamic player in this draft.

    06. Miami: SR Jake Long OT, Michigan
    -The Dolphins mismanagement of the 2007 draft left me shaking my head. Itís one thing to draft Ted Ginn over Brady Quinn but, there are serious issues when there are reports that they tried trading up into the 20ís to draft John Beck. Long is the way to go in 2008.

    07. Washington: JR Rey Maualuga MLB, Southern California
    -This guy is a complete monster. He terrorized the opposition by patrolling the best front 7 in college football last season. Can you imagine a defensive core made up of Sean Taylor, LaRon Landry, and Rey Maualuga? The thought of that will give the opposition a headache.

    08. Jacksonville: JR Derrick Harvey DE, Florida
    -Jacksonville is a team with a great coach and tons of talent. Unfortunately, their schedule looks tough and I see them having a down year. However, the positive coming out of that will be the chance to finally nab that impact pass rusher they sorely lack.

    09. Minnesota: JR Reggie Smith CB/S, Oklahoma
    -If you look up and down the Vikings roster, they have just about as much talent as anyone in the league. For some reason, they canít bring it all together. I expect another sub-par season in Minneapolis. Smith is an elite corner that any team would love to have.

    10. Arizona: JR Justin King CB, Penn State
    -Arizona is going to be a great team for years to come. Until that time, they will need to fix the major areas of concern on their roster namely, the lack of depth in the secondary. Justin King still has to show more at Penn State this season but, there is no questioning his pro potential.

    11. Tennessee: JR James Laurinaitis MLB, Ohio State
    -The Titans could go a number of directions here; a top WR to catch balls from Vince Young, a DB to upgrade a horrendous secondary, or a field general to anchor the defense. ďThe AnimalĒ has a great motor and seemingly always gets to the ball carrier every snap.

    12. Buffalo: SR Paul Oliver CB, Georgia
    -Overshadowed by a tremendous junior class of CBís, Paul Oliver will make himself a nationwide known commodity next season. With Nate Clements gone, the Bills will find out just how tough life can be without a top tier CB.

    13. Seattle: SR Dan Connor OLB, Penn State
    -I just canít say enough good things about Dan Connor. I think he is as close to a sure thing at the next level as Joe Thomas was last season. He plays with such passion on the field and will surely be one of the top seniors off the board next year.

    14. New Orleans: SR Glenn Dorsey DT, Louisiana State
    -The Saints offense is amazing. The Saints defense is awful. Those bounces that went their way last season will likely go the opposite way next year. They need to upgrade that interior line and Dorsey is just the kid to do it.

    15. Green Bay: JR James Hardy WR, Indiana
    -6í7Ē height with game breaking speed is something you donít find too often out of a WR. Hardy is a physical specimen and I am already looking forward to his combine next season. He would be the perfect compliment to Donald Driver.

    16. NY Jets: JR Vernon Gholston DE/OLB, Ohio State
    -Eric Mangini got a lot of credit for the Jets turnaround last year. The one problem is that the Jets still lack a player or two to fully implement the 3-4 defense. Gholston is a tremendous athlete and likely the best 3-4 OLB prospect in the country.

    17. Atlanta: SR Keith Rivers OLB, Southern California
    -The Falcons had a tremendous draft last weekend. They addressed nearly every single need and didnít need to sell the farm to do it. The Falcons are in a position to take the best player available here. Rivers is built like a brick house and a good fit with Atlanta.

    18. Pittsburgh: SR Sam Baker OT, Southern California
    -The Steelers have been one of the best drafting teams in the league for years now. This can mainly be attributed to the ďBest Player AvailableĒ approach instead of drafting based on need. Sam Baker is a potential franchise tackle with great footwork.

    19. Kansas City: JR Malcolm Jenkins CB, Ohio State
    -I think the Chiefs should seriously consider taking a QB next season. Brodie Croyle will never amount to anything in the pros. With that said, that secondary also needs help. Ty Law and Patrick Surtain arenít getting any young and Jenkins would be a great corner to groom.

    20. Dallas: SR Limas Sweed WR, Texas
    -I took a lot of heat from Cowboy fans for saying Tony Romo isnít the answer. Going by their claim, they are in a position where they need to add some youth to the WR corps. Sweed has great size, good hands, and a knack for making big plays at key times.

    21. St. Louis: SR Chad Henne QB, Michigan
    -The Rams could go a number of directions here but, I believe the time is now to draft and groom Marc Bulgerís eventual replacement. Henne and Ainge will both be boom-or-bust type projects. Itís a gamble with either but, one that might be worth it someday.

    22. Denver: JR Mario Urrutia WR, Louisville
    -Jay Cutler showed great poise for a young QB last season. They need to build around him by adding more pieces in the offensive arsenal. Rod Smithís age finally caught up with him and they need a compliment for Javon Walker. Urrutia is an absolutely huge, physical receiver.

    23. NY Giants: JR Jared Gaither OT, Maryland
    -Gaither is a monstrous tackle, whose size alone will make scouts drool. The Giants offensive line struggled at times last season and I suspect it will once again be their demise next season. Weíll see how good they really are without Tiki Barber juking all around the defense.

    24. Cincinnati: SR Lawrence Jackson DE, Southern California
    -Lawrence Jackson had a disappointing junior campaign at USC. A repeat of his sophomore season will likely guarantee him a top 20 selection in next yearís draft. For the Bengals, Jackson will finally be the balanced end they sorely lack to play opposite Justin Smith.

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    25. New England (f/San Francisco): JR James Davis RB, Clemson
    -Clemson has a number of good young RB’s that will all get carries next season. If Davis can earn the majority of touches, he will likely leave early for the draft based on his very good pro potential. For the Patriots, Davis would make for a great 1-2 punch with Laurence Maroney.

    26. Baltimore: SR Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College
    -This guy will go somewhat under the radar next season but, his skill-set and the fact that he anchors the trenches at the premier offensive line producing college in the country, will earn him a good look to be a top pick next season.

    27. Chicago: SR Shawn Crable OLB, Michigan
    -Nobody knows what will happen to Lance Briggs over the course of the next year but, either way the Bears will likely need to add a LB. Crable will anchor the Michigan defense next season and his 6’6” size and great speed will make him a combine warrior.

    28. San Diego: SR Will Arnold OG, Louisiana State
    -The Chargers don’t have a lot of holes but, they could always upgrade some of the aging linemen. Will Arnold is one of the premier guards in college football and a better pro prospect then Justin Blalock was this past season.

    29. Philadelphia: SR Dwight Lowery CB/S, San Jose State
    -Lowery is name to watch out for next season. He is a great athlete but, doesn't get enough attention because he plays in a mid major conference. He's a CB that has the size to play safety, if he can bulk up. The Eagles will need secondary help next offseason.

    30. San Francisco (f/Indianapolis): JR Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma
    -I expect San Francisco to ride Frank Gore and that defense to a division title next season. For them to take the next step however, they still lack a young playmaking WR to be the go-to guy for Alex Smith. Malcolm Kelly runs tremendous routes and will dominate the Big XII next season.

    31. New England: SR Jonathan Goff MLB, Vanderbilt
    -The Patriots will eventually have to replace Teddy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel in the middle. All Goff does is make big plays but, at the end of the day, the Pats will likely trade this pick as they love carrying two 1st-rounders into every draft.

    32. Carolina: JR Michael Hamlin S, Clemson
    -This is likely a pipe dream for Carolina fans as Hamlin is a guy who will see his stock soar next season but, for the time being he is still under the radar. Mike Minter has already announced he will retire after next year so this is the perfect fit for Hamlin.

    Best Remaining (In no particular order):
    SR Eric Ainge QB, Tennessee
    JR Steve Slaton RB, West Virginia
    SR Allen Patrick RB, Oklahoma
    SR Marcus Monk WR, Arkansas
    SR Adarius Bowman WR, Oklahoma State
    JR Martellus Bennett TE, Texas A&M
    SR Tommy Blake DE, Texas Christian
    SR Bruce Davis DE, UCLA
    SR Sedrick Ellis DT, Southern California
    SR Frank Okam DT, Texas
    SR Xavier Adibi OLB, Virginia Tech
    SR Vince Hall MLB, Virginia Tech
    SR Antoine Cason CB, Arizona


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      good raider pick but raiders wont draft that high

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


      • #4
        hmmm, the Saints selection is right on, except they picked about 15 picks to early. There is no way they will be middle of the pack, Carolina will let you down again


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          If Simms plays well, the Buccaneers will have at least a 7-9 season and thus won't need a quarterback. If they play bad they will be in a similar position to that of this year and Brian Brohm is a legitimate possibility to the Buc's.


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            Good Pats mock. I don't think we need a RB that badly, but if we do get one then I want Davis.


            • #7
              Saying what you did about the Dolphins shows how little you know about the Draft. Beck was actually being considered as a late first round pick in the final days and hours leading up to the draft. They were considering the move because at the latest, Detroit was rumored to want him with their first pick in the second round. Which was # 34. Miami wanted to secure him and are extremely lucky they got him, because Detroit was dumb enough to trade down with Buffalo, thinking he would still be there at their pick. Ugh. Don't speak of something you know nothing about.

              Good miami pick, by the way, just terrible explanation.

              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                Why don't people focus on the players and teams picks rather than where they are picking. Most fans are going to say we'll be picking lower, but that isn't the issue of this thread.

                I'm not sure Arizona will go CB in round 1 next year. Rolle and Green are still young, although whether we pick a CB is dependant on their play next year. I think a RB is a lot more likely, as James only has 1 season left as a feature back IMO. DE is also likely as both Berry and Okeafor are old and we didn't address it this year.
                Originally posted by nobodyinparticular
                #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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                  This is your SECOND 2008 Mock and it's May 5th. I'll check back in when you're on your 712th mock and we're closer to the 2008 draft.
                  The Brian Sabean sig is no more. I disagreed with you on so many levels. And then you went out and built a dynasty. I am lame.


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                    not a bad Chiefs pick but would prefer Gaither given OT is a big need


                    • #11
                      I love the Jets pick :)

                      But yeah, people need to stop complaining about where their team is picking. I'm sure we'd all love to see our teams picking at 32, but that's not gonna happen.


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                        Why is everyone giving the Pats a freakin RB? It is the worst pick I have ever seen. Last time I check Maroney is going into his 2nd year, not 15th.


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                          Very reasonable Panthers pick!


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                            James Laurinaitis is a bad pick for Tennessee. Not because Laurinaitis isn't a good player, but because our lack of MLB play. The Titans use a lot of Nickel formations, so our MLB isn't used very much. So, taking a MLB with a Top 15 pick wouldn't be too smart. And we won't move him outside because we have Keith Bulluck and David Thornton, two very good and highly paid players. So any LB pick would be poor.

                            Glenn Dorsey, or best available DE, please.

                            Why is Mario Manningham not in your mock? He would have some consideration at this pick as well.
                            Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

                            Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                            Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                              I like the Packers pick but not position

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