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    put the 2 teams u think will be there and the score. also if u want the mvp of it

    mine is SD vs the saints

    31 to 24 SD

    MVP: LT runs all over them with over 150 yards and a couple tds

    brees throws around 300 yards and 2 tds but throws a int that costs them the game

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis

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    Baltimore vs. Chicago.

    People make way too much of a deal out of Grossman's performance last week, he was solid the entire month before that. He'll be good in the playoffs. Philip River sucks.

    Just kidding. I think Baltimore will slow down Tomlinson with 8 man fronts and make Rivers beat them, which he won't be able to do, throwing on Reed, McAllister and Rolle.

    And the SB score? 17-13 Baltimore.

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      Bears superbowl? Rex Grossman? hmmm and you say Rivers sucks, it least LT and the Chargers O-Line can make up for Rivers mistakes. Grossman sucks, and he wont be the starting QB next year for CHICAGO, maybe even in the next 2 weeks. Chicago has no offensive studs that can make up for his pathetic performances, too much pressure on Defense, Bears lose in NFC Champ Game.

      SD-NO Superbowl.... Secondary is only as good as pass rush and SD pass rush is one of the best, to conclude Brees gets shutdown Chargers win...


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        Well, my overall guesses would be

        AFC -

        New England edging the New York Jets.

        It'll be a good battle, but I think I saw enough positive signs from the Pats offense, and I think Belichek can contain the Jets. It'll likely be low scoring and close, but the experience of Tom Brady is why I lean the Pats right now, say, 20-17.

        Kansas City Chiefs over Indianapolis Colts.

        So I'm jumping on this Chiefs over Colts bandwagon (if it is as such). Peyton Manning's biggest flaw just might be that he's too good. Since he's so good, sometimes they don't help their D enough, and the D clearly has issues. I think the Chiefs will pound it away and have enough of a passing game, and their defense will do enough in an interesting and close 27-24 game.

        San Diego Chargers over Kansas City Chiefs.

        I'm not too fond of this Chargers team being that dominant (if that makes sense). I think they can be contained offensively. That being said, I don't see KC as the team to topple them. Can they rattle Rivers enough AND stuff the run? I don't see it happening. I think the Chiefs may be able to do well, but at the end of the day, I don't see a dramatic toppling, and I'll go Chargers 28-21.

        New England over Baltimore.

        To be honest, I'm not sure I have a good reason. More of a hunch, I guess, that Belichek can do enough to contain the passing game while limiting the run attack, with Brady doing enough to support Dillon/Maroney pounding the ball. Dunno. If Ravens win, I won't be shocked. I do think I'll take the winner of this game over San Diego either way, though. I'll go a close game, say, 17-16.

        New England over San Diego.

        Just a belief that some team will be able to corral them. Nothing much more than a hunch. I don't think the matchups favor New England, really. But Marty tightens up his coaching at times, New England has the potential of stacking the run up enough. Expect to see a lot of LT "mugging", a la the Super Bowl against the Rams. I dunno, say, 24-20?



        Philadelphia over the New York Giants -

        I'm so tempted to take the Giants. I really am. I think this will be close, and if the Giants can get Tiki going while being solid elsewhere, it might tip their way. At the end of the day, though, the Eagles balance and Jim Johnson versus Eli gets me going the Eagles. I think this could be a fun game. I'll go 23-20 Eagles.

        Dallas Cowboys over Seattle -

        I'd like to take Seattle, as Dallas hasn't been pretty, but the battered secondary worries me for Seattle. I look for a high scoring match in this one, as I don't trust either D, but I think Dallas edges it out here, say, 31-28.

        New Orleans Saints over the Philadelphia Eagles.

        Saints offense is too good, and the veteran QB in Brees should help stabilize any unease. Their defense should do enough against the Eagles offense to allow their offense to counteract Jim Johnson. I'll go Saints 30-27.

        Chicago over Dallas -

        Homerism aside, I just don't trust Dallas right now and they only got by Seattle because of the Seahawks injuries. Who knows. It may change, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas win. Look for Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, plus a dash of Muhsin Muhammad and others. I'd lean low scoring, maybe a 21-17 type game.

        New Orleans Saints over Chicago.

        I want to pick Chicago, I really do. But I can't see it. One dimensional teams have a hard time, and while the Saints defense isn't that good, I think it's solid enough to limit the run game. And right now, I just can't trust the passing game to do enough. The Bears D also will have trouble against this passing attack. I think I'd take the Saints over the Cowboys again if the Cowboys upset the BEars.

        Super Bowl - Odd pick of two teams I guess. Anyhow, seems odd as I type this. But New Orleans Saints versus New England Patriots.

        Could be a fun game, assuming both sides are fully healthy. Payton's got a strong offense, but his defense can be punched, and the Patriots offense has enough to punch it. I'd look for Belichek to slow it down, pound the ball, and limit the opportunities for that offense. But dang ... I'm just not sure they could do enough, and I'll go the Saints in a good 27-20 game.

        Eh, who knows, could change my mind by tomorrow.


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          lol 5 to 0 on the poll.
          Baltimore and New Orleans
          Baltimore comes out on top


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            Originally posted by CM4
            Grossman sucks, and he wont be the starting QB next year for CHICAGO, maybe even in the next 2 weeks.
            do you actually believe they'll change starting quarterbacks prior to the NFC championship game? or hell, even prior to their first playoff game? are you insane?


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              AFC is just a much stronger conference this year. You have power houses that could easiley go to the SuperBowl, Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Ravens. I think the AFC has this year.


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                My prediction.

                Baltimore over New Orleans.

                The Raven will win over the Chargers when yet again a Marty Schotteheimer team finds a way to a heartbreaking lost.

                New Orleans will win at Chicago when the Bears soft run defense comes back to haunt them and they can't win in a shootout with Drew Brees and company.

                In the Super Bowl New Orleans find a team with a good defense and the score won't even be close as Baltimore romps.


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                  Either San Diego or Baltimore vs. New Orleans.

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                    Philly 20
                    Baltimore 17


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                      Homer pick: Colts over Eagles 38-35. MVP: Peyton Manning. Game-winning field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

                      Non-homer pick: Patriots over Eagles. 21-14. MVP: Laurence Maroney


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                        Well, the seahawks are in the NFC. End of debate.

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                        Everyone pwns the Rams.


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                          Baltimore 24, Chicago 10

                          Grossman is able to lead his team to the Superbowl but gets nothing done in that game. McNair goes to another superbowl and the defense leads the Ravens to a title.

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                            Ravens 21

                            Saints 17
                            Taking a Knapp.


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                              From the NFC, it will be either New Orleans or Philadelphia. Chicago is one of the most flawed and worst 13-3 teams in recent history (I'm not saying they're a bad team, just nowhere near as good as their record indicates). From the AFC I think it will be Baltimore, who is the complete opposite of Chicago, and one of the most underrated 13-3 teams in a while. So it will be either:

                              Baltimore vs. New Orleans
                              Baltimore vs. Philadelphia

                              I think the NFC team will win the Superbowl. Both the Saints and Eagles have underrated, "bend but don't break" defenses and their offenses are ranked #1 and #2 in the NFL, respectively.

                              I hate to say it but I have a feeling it will be Philly. They're the hottest team in the NFC (maybe even the NFL) right now.
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