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  • John Hannah Appreciation Thread

    Once again, the board has been horrendously boring as of late, so I figured to do another one of these since BBD has been busy and not on site. So today's Appreciation Thread goes to John Hannah, former guard of the New England Patriots and widely considered to be the best guard in the history of the NFL.

    John Allen Hannah. . .Two-time All-America. . .First-round draft pick, 1973. . .Possessed size, speed, competitiveness . . .Hard worker who played in spite of injuries. . .Excelled as pass protector, run blocker, pulling guard on sweeps. . . Renowned as premier guard of era. . .All-Pro 10 years, 1976-1985. . .Elected to nine Pro Bowls. . .Four-time NFLPA Offensive Lineman of Year. . .Born April 4, 1951, in Canton, Georgia.

    John Hannah, a 6-2, 265-pound guard from Alabama, was the first round pick of the New England Patriots and the fourth player selected in the 1973 National Football League Draft. He was an eight-letterman star in football, track and wrestling and a two-time grid All-America at Alabama.
    By starting his first 13 games before a freak leg injury forced him out of the final game of his rookie season, Hannah dispelled any concerns the Patriots might have had about his ability to adjust from the straight-ahead blocking of the college wishbone offenses to the drop-back blocking and pulling required of guards in the pros.
    In the next 12 years, Hannah became widely recognized as the premier guard of pro football. He was named All-Pro 10 straight years from 1976 through 1985. He won the NFL Players Association's Offensive Lineman of the Year award four straight years from 1978 through 1981. Hannah was named to nine Pro Bowls but missed the game following the 1983 season because of an injury.
    In spite of the constant contact his body had to absorb, Hannah missed only five games because of injuries of a possible 191 in his 13-season career. He also missed three games due to a contract dispute at the start of the 1977 season. Hannah clearly was the mainstay of an excellent offensive line that helped to power the Patriots to some of their finest years.
    During his career, New England enjoyed seven winning seasons and a 100-91-0 cumulative record. Hannah was given a large share of the credit when the Patriots rushed for a then-record 3,165 yards in 1978. John finished his career after the 1985 season on a high note. His final campaign had produced an AFC championship and Super Bowl XX appearance for the Patriots, and All-Pro honors and a Pro Bowl invitation for himself. - 33k

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    Quite possibly the greatest guard ever, one of greatest (if not THE greatest) Patriots of all time. He was a beast for quite some time here in NE, he had a ridiculous mean streak. Best pulling guard I've ever seen on tape.


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      Probably the best guard ever,

      R.I.P. Junior Seau


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        He was before my time, thank you for bringing him to my attention.

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        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        Mr. Dukes comes from the Michael Irvin "talk loud and maybe people will think I know what I am talking about" school of football analysis.


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          First and foremost, I just wanna say that its a damn shame that this thread only got 3 responses.

          Secondly, I absolutely love the fact that the first offensive appreciation thread we did was an offensive linemen. And a guard at that, the supposed "least important" linemen position. Absolutely love it. Another great thread by YFS. Hannah was arguably the best guard ever, and linemen as a whole don't get nearly enough credit.

          It all starts in the trenches, and having a great oline is arguably the singular most important aspect of a football team. Especially in today's league of parity.

          Hannah, as well as the many other greats along the oline, such as Munoz, Shell, Upshaw, etc are constant reminders of that.


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            How can one say that guard is the least important position on the line? Just the fact that they have to pull so often should justify their importance on it's own...

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              Originally posted by njx9
              i just cannot bring myself to appreciate anything about the patriots. although this did get me thinking who my top guards ever would be... randall mcdaniel? maybe. i'm not sure i buy matthews. maybe munchak. it is a bit surprising how few interior offensive linemen are even in the hall. although it was surprising to see mroe modern era OL than DL enshrined.
              I think between Matthews and Munchak, if I had to take one of them in their prime for just one season...I'd take Munchak. obviously Matthews gets extra credit over his entire career for his longevity, durability, and versatility (not to mention actually being good at all the positons he played), but I think Munchak was better in a given season. It is hard to debate who the best Guard of all time is though. I guess most do say Hannah, but he was before my time so I can't say much about him other than what I've read.


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                Football began for me in 1976, the year the Pats lost to the Raiders in the playoffs on the "roughing the passer" game. That was the initial official mistake made against the Patriots in favor of the Raiders, for those of you young enough to only remember "the tuck Rule".

                John Hannah was one tough dude. He played with the old running back facemask, and you could see the intensity in his eyes. Very gifted , driven and a true southern gentleman.



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