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    If rookie contracts keep getting higher and higher in dollar amount, then will they wind up making less money in their second contract?

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    Short answer, no.

    Let's look at it this way. Calvin Johnson became the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. Every top notch wideout who negotiates a contract after yesterday is going to want as much or more money.

    By the time Calvin Johnson's contract runs out, the average cost of a #1 wideout will have gone up immensely. He'll probably get more annual money if he plays like people expect.


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      Most of these rookie contracts include huge incentives and escalator clauses. The players have to hit certain performance standards to earn the bonuses and salaries in the contract. There are also voidable years for performance. As we all know, the majority of big NFL contracts are fluff and crap that just won't happen. The main component of any contract is the bonus structure and the amount of guaranteed money.

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