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    Anyone else think Losman gets a bum rap, primarily because he plays on a team the media loves to hate (or at the very least, ignore)? The guy had a very good second half of the season, and the Bills offense has only gotten better this offseason. I dont want to make any crazy predictions that I have no basis for, but I think Losman's going to have a very good season this year. You heard it here first.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on Buffalo's much maligned signal caller?

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    I think he's going to be a very good Qb this year. I agree theres a lot of hate for the kid, but once that oline is sorted he'll be a stud.


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      ive actually been hearing a lot of hype about him for this year. Im buying it, hes got some weapons around him and like you said he had a good second half.


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        I think he will be good. I think he just sucked in his first couple of games so the media hated him because that bills team was suppose to be really good. He then had to battle and got hurt. I always like him and like he could really bust out this year. I always thought he got a bad rap for not really being as bad as he was.
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          i think he shouldve been in the pro bowl last year instead of young. he is suprisingly more accurate on long passes as opposed to short and intermediate routes. i like him though mobile and a gunner. team upgraded the oline and lynch will help with those short dump passes


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            Always been a fan of this kid, and I'm a huge fan of Marshawn. I think this team could be a spoiler type team that starts of the year 3-6 and ends up going 8-8 type season.
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            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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              Since he's in Buffalo, he doesn't get much publicity. With a better O-line, he'll get more time to decide and more time to set. He also has a better RB that fits our system. He's not just an average back though. He knows the difference between 3 and 4 (Bills fans should know what I'm talking about). We're an up and coming team, and with one more solid draft. We could be amazing in 08...

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                I think he has alot of talent and will be good eventually but I don't expect this team to be good this year and I expect him to take a bad rap for it no matter what he does.

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                  He's got weapons now. Lee Evans is no slouch. The line will be improved this year. Plus he got Lynch out of the backfield, and he's a good pass catching option. With the right scheme, he can do well. He's being developed the right way at Buffalo.

                  I don't know if he'll ever be an elite qb, but I think he can be solid.


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                    I have been talking about Losman for the limited time in the offseason that I have posted here but it seems like nobody wants to listen except Bills fans. In all honesty, I would not be surprised to see Losman get a Pro Bowl berth this year. I'm not saying that it will happen, just that I wouldn't be surprised. I think he was "solid" last year. This year he becomes elite.

                    Losman definitely does not get the credit he deserves, but after this year he definitely will. He's got a lot of so-called "experts" (ex: Peter King, Pat Kirwan, Gil Brandt, John Clayton) changing their tune on him after visiting Bills camp for a day. Plus, Losman actually wants to be in Buffalo. If you really care, you should read this article on him:


                    Maturing Losman setting down roots in Buffalo

                    By Scott Pitoniak, Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle

                    BUFFALO — J.P. Losman peers out the window of Shanghai Red's, a trendy restaurant on the Erie Basin Marina, a fly pattern or two from the heart of downtown. Off in the distance on this brilliant, sunny summer afternoon, a sailboat glides across the placid water toward the harbor.
                    "Look at that," the Bills quarterback says. "That's as gorgeous a sight as you'll find anywhere. People in Buffalo really don't know all the great things they have going for them — the beautiful natural resources, the friendly, caring neighbors. I really believe this city is a hidden gem."
                    Western New York can indeed be gorgeous — a hidden gem — during its much-too brief summers, but what does Losman, a southern California native, think of the place in January when the snow's flying and the wind's cutting through you like razorblades?
                    Well, he has grudgingly come to like the place during those challenging times, too.
                    It might sound as if Losman is being paid by the local Chamber of Commerce to spout these niceties, but he is not. His words are sincere. The city really has won him over. So much so that the guy from Venice, Calif., with the surfer-dude, mussed-up hair and flip-flops now calls Buffalo home year-round — something few quarterbacks have done in the post-Jim Kelly era.
                    Before reporting to training camp last summer — a precarious juncture in Losman's career when he wasn't even assured of a job with the Bills — he purchased a 19th-century mansion in the city's eclectic Elmwood Avenue neighborhood.
                    Since then, he has sampled much of what this vastly underrated city has to offer — its museums, its restaurants, its rock bands, its diverse neighborhoods. And he has become increasingly involved in programs to improve his adopted hometown's quality of life.
                    During Bills home games last season, Losman hosted a total of 80 different high school students from the Buffalo City School District's academic enhancement program. This year, he is launching "Buffalo Lives," a grassroots campaign modeled after Rochester's "Clean Sweep" program in hopes of sprucing up the Queen City's neighborhoods.

                    At age 26, Losman is putting down roots — roots he hopes run deep.
                    "Hey, this is where I live; this is home," he says, tapping his index fingers against the table for emphasis.
                    "I have a vested interest just like everybody else here. I'm tired of seeing trash on our streets. I want to clean up the place and have people plant trees and bushes and flowers and take pride in their neighborhoods. I think people are itching to turn things around here. I intend to call this place home for a long time. I believe things can get better."
                    Interestingly, Losman's campaign for a better Buffalo coincides with his campaign to improve the Bills. He grasps how sports-crazed this region is, and he knows football fans here are starved for a return to the playoffs after a seven-year famine.
                    He also realizes his desire to make Buffalo his permanent home is tied directly to his success as Bills quarterback. If he flops, there's a "For Sale" sign in front of that mansion. But if he succeeds, he can own the town the way Kelly once did.
                    Last season, after a bumpy, two-year pro football indoctrination, it finally started to kick in for Losman. The former first-round draft pick from Tulane University he finished with respectable stats — 3,051 passing yards, 19 TDs, and an 84.9 efficiency rating.
                    But the most promising sign was the way he played down the stretch. In the months of November and December, he tossed 13 TD passes as the Bills went 5-4 to finish 7-9.
                    "His confidence definitely took some hits early in his career in Buffalo," says wide receiver Lee Evans, who hauled in eight touchdown passes from Losman, including three that covered more than 77 yards.
                    "It happens to all players coming out of college, but it's especially hard on young quarterbacks because it's such a scrutinized position. You can go one of two ways when it happens to you, and J.P. went in the right direction. He learned from it and became stronger."
                    Some of Losman's problems during his first 2½ seasons can be attributed to the Bills coaching carousel. He's had three different offensive coordinators his first three years.
                    This season, he will be running the same offense under the same coordinator, Steve Fairchild, for a second consecutive year.
                    "That's huge," Losman says. "What the coaches want is now second-nature to me and the rest of the guys on offense. And I think the coaches also have a better idea of what we can do and can't do. Stability is huge in this game."
                    So is maturity, and Bills quarterbacks coach Turk Schonert believes Losman has grown up quite a bit both on and off the field.
                    A veteran of 10 NFL seasons as a backup quarterback, Schonert scouted Losman before the 2004 draft and, although he was impressed with his physical skills, he questioned J.P.'s leadership ability.
                    "I was honest with him when we had our first couple of heart-to-hearts," Schonert recalls. "I told him I thought he was a prima donna coming out of college. We talked about the importance of treating your peers with respect. ... How a quarterback looks at his teammates is crucial to his ability to lead. Do you look down at them? Or do you help them out and elevate them? I wanted J.P. to realize there's a lot more that goes into being a quarterback than what happens after you take the snap."
                    Losman has gone out of his way to develop a rapport with his teammates and build camaraderie in the locker room and on the practice field. Although he is entering just his fourth season, he already is one of the Bills' veteran players.
                    "I think the fact he has taken some lumps and had to battle to earn the starting job has earned him a lot of respect," says wide receiver Josh Reed. "Nobody comes into the league a finished player. It's an evolution, and J.P. has evolved into a guy you can't help but like and respect."
                    Schonert agrees. He no longer questions Losman's leadership skills.
                    He believes what the quarterback showed during the second half of the 2007 season was merely a harbinger of good things to come.
                    "I want to see him take his game to another level — to a top level — and we are going to give him a lot more leeway this year to be able to get there," Schonert says. "He understands the system and he understands what Steve wants, so we are going to put it in his hands quite a bit more. I definitely think he is ready."
                    That is music to Losman's ears. He believes he is ready to handle a lot more, and he realizes the offense will need to be more productive to compensate for the loss of cornerback Nate Clements and linebackers London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes.
                    "This has to be a breakout year for me — a year where I establish myself as an elite quarterback," Losman says, flashing his old swagger. "My whole life, my whole career has been about this moment and this opportunity. There's a lot on the line."
                    And that's the way he likes it.
                    "I wouldn't have put down roots if I wasn't confident this was going to work out," Losman says. "I want this to be the season when everyone around here says, 'There's no doubt this is our guy. He wants to be here and we want him to be here.' "

                    For a long, long time.
                    Here's a little somthing that Pat Kirwan said about him:
                    J.P. Losman: Man, has this guy matured. I told him after our 20 minutes together that in years past he didn't impress me as a leader type, but now he does. Losman has grown up and is working off last year to get even better. He was one of the last guys off the practice field and then went to another field alone with rookie quarterback Trent Edwards to work on the deep ball. He is working at his game and is much more relaxed than he was in 2006.
                    I have far too much to say on Losman but after all the OTA's and training camp this offseason in addition to articles on JP KP's interviews and what his fellow coaches and players say about him, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the Bills' QB of the future and a damn good one at that. He really gives the Bills something to look forward to and a reason to be very excited about the upcoming season. If he isn't already a Top 10 QB, he will be one at this time next year.
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                      I've been on the Losman bandwagon all offseason. He's gonna have a huge year.


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                        Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
                        I have been talking about Losman for the limited time in the offseason that I have posted here but it seems like nobody wants to listen except Bills fans. In all honesty, I would not be surprised to see Losman get a Pro Bowl berth this year. I'm not saying that it will happen, just that I wouldn't be surprised. I think he was "solid" last year. This year he becomes elite.
                        Hey, don't forget about me. :D And it seems more people are buying into him being at least a good player. I think he has a shot at the pro bowl. He should have gotten in last year, it will be hard with Manning, Palmer and Brady though, I think he can make it in as an alternate though.

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                          A lot of hate? He's so far off the map that I don't think most casual fans even know who he is. You want a lot of hate for a young QB, look at Eli and Grossman. Yikes!!

                          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                            A lot of hate? He's so far off the map that I don't think most casual fans even know who he is. You want a lot of hate for a young QB, look at Eli and Grossman. Yikes!!
                            Ironically, you can make an argument that Eli had a better year despite the circus around him, yet he's a bust and Lossman is gonna be the real deal. Go figure.

                            And I still believe to this day that New York and Chicago are the hardest places to play qb in the NFL. History doesn't lie. I think the weather and pressure probably is what makes it so tough.
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                              The reason Losman has gotten a bad rap is because other than the 2nd half of last year he hasn't done squat. He has an improved line, a new running back, and a pretty good target in Lee Evans. He'll make strides this season, but the Bills aren't going anywhere and he'll still have work to do to live up to his 1st round billing.

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