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  • Your Team's Best Draft

    Okay im a bit bored and thought up this idea. Go back through your teams last 10 drafts and pick 7 players (1 from each round) to construct your team's best draft (over the last ten years)

    1st-AJ Hawk Ohio St LB (2006): He's already made a huge impact and will get much better.

    2nd-Chad Clifton Tennessee OT (2000): We've ha alot of good 2nd rounders, but Clifton has become a great LT.

    3rd-Mike McKenzie Memphis CB (1999): Not to many good 3rd rounders, but McKenzie was a good CB for us on bad defenses.

    4th-Nail Diggs Ohio St LB (2000): It was between him, Bidwell, and Poppinga, but Diggs had some pretty good seasons with us.

    5th-Aaron Kampan Iowa DE (2002): It took him a little while to have a breakout season, but when he did he exploded onto the scene.

    6th-Corey Williams Arkansas St DT (2004): One of only two good players from this draft. Should start at DT this year.

    7th-Donald Driver Alcorn St WR (1999): Has become one of the top WR's in the league.

    Undrafted Player-Ryan Longwell Cal K (1997): One year past the 10 year mark, but w/e, he was always reliable.

    Suppelemental Draft Player- Mike Wahle Navy OG (1998): Helped form one of the best lines in the league.

    In contrast, Green Bay's worst:

    1st-Jamal Reynolds FSU DE (2001)- Was a complete bust, atleast other like Carroll showed flashes.

    2nd-Fred Vinson Vandy DB (1999)- Only spent one year with us before being traded for Ahman Green.

    3rd-Donnell Washington Clemson DT (2004)- Im not sure if he ever played a single play.
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    1. Walter Jones
    2. Lofa Tatupu
    3. Darrell Jackson, Ahman Green, or LeRoy Hill (cant decide)
    4. Rob Sims
    5. Rocky Bernard
    6. Itula Mili
    7. Josh Brown
    Undrafted: Mack Strong

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      Green Bay's worst pick ever:


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        Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
        Green Bay's worst pick ever:

        He's a... a 10!

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          Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
          Green Bay's worst pick ever:
          I have a feeling you posted that picture for a reason...

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            Baltimore Ravens

            RD 1 = Ed Reed S Miami

            The best safety in the NFL, and one hell of a leader. Ray was taken 11 years ago so if he was available then it ould be Ray

            RD 2 = Adam Terry OT Syracuse

            This was tough because if we are only doing the past ten years if you look at our history from 1998-2007 the 2nd rd hasnt been good to us. Terry beat out Chester because Terry could be a very good LT.

            RD 3 = Casey Rabach C Wisconsin

            Another situation where a rd has not been good to us over the past decade.

            RD 4 = Edwin Mulitalo OG Arizona

            Edwin was quite a steal in rd 4, and a great team guy.

            RD 5 = Dawan Landry S Georgia Tech

            One of the best rookie seasons in Ravens history, look for him to get better and better, hard worker who is dedicated to becoming one of the best safeties in the NFL.

            RD 6 = Adalius Thomas DE/LB Southern Mississippi

            Versatile, play making tweener with great speed.

            RD 7 = Mike Smith LB Texas Tech

            If he could stay healthy he could be awesome!
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              Steelers Edit:

              Round One: Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami(OH) [2004]
              Runner Up: Alan Faneca, OG, LSU [1998]
              Worst: Troy Edwards, WR, Georgia [1999]

              Round Two: Marvel Smith, OT, Arizona State [2000]
              Runner Up: Antwaan Randel El, QB/WR, Indiana [2002]
              Worst: Alonzo Jackson, DE/OLB, Florida State [2003]

              Round Three: Hines Ward, WR, Georgia [1998]
              Runner Up: Joey Porter, OLB, Colorado State [1999]
              Worst: Trai Essex, LT/LG, Northwestern [2005]

              Round Four: Ike Taylor, CB, Louisiana-Lafeyette [2003]
              Runner Up: Aaron Smith, DE, Northern Colorado [1999]
              Worst: Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia [2005]

              Round Five: Clark Haggans, OLB, Colorado State [2000]
              Runner Up: William ***, CB, Louisville [2007]
              Worst: Charles Davis, TE, Purdue [2006]

              Round Six: Chris Kemoeatu, OG, Utah State [2005]
              Runner Up: Chris Fuamata "One Bad" Ma'afala, RB, Utah [1998]
              Worst: Matt Kranchick, TE, Penn State [2004]

              Round Seven: Brett Keisel, DE, BYU [2002]
              Runner Up: Noah Herron, RB, Northwestern [2005]
              Worst: Chad Kelsay, LB, Nebraska [1999]

              UDFA: Willie Parker, RB, North Carolina [2004]
              Runner Up: James Harrison, LB, Kent State [2002]
              Worst: Sean Morey [2002]
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                best :

                1. Jammal Brown , LT , Oklahoma (2005)
                2. Charles Grant DE , Georgia (2002)
                3. LeCharles Bentley G/C , Ohio St. (2002)
                4. Moran Norris RB/FB , Kansas (2001)
                5. Mike Karney FB , Arizona State (2004)
                6. Marc Bulger QB , West Virginia (2000)
                7. Marques Colston WR , Hofstra (2006)

                Michael Lewis , No College KR/PR (2000/2001)

                worst :

                1. Jonathan Sullivan DT , Georgia (2003)
                2. (nearly all but i took ) Cameron Cleeland TE , Washington (1998)
                3. Courtney Watson LB , Notre Dame (2004)
                4. Chase Lyman WR , California (2005)
                6. (nearly all but the guy didnt make it to one snap ) Jason Jefferson DT , Wisconsin (2005)
                7. All but Colston


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                  Houston Texans

                  Dont have much to pick from, as we've only had 5 drafts (6 including this years), but yea.

                  Round One: Andre Johnson, WR, Miami [2003]
                  Runner Up: Dunta Robinson, CB, South Carolina [2004]
                  Worst: David Carr, QB, Fresno State [2002]

                  Round Two: DeMeco Ryans, MLB, Alabama [2006]
                  Runner Up: Chester Pitts, OG, San Diego State [2002]
                  Worst: Bennie Joppru, TE, Michigan [2003]

                  Round Three: Eric Winston, RT, Miami [2006]
                  Runner Up: Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane [2007]
                  Worst: Charles Hill, DT, Maryland [2002]

                  Round Four: Domanick Davis, RB, LSU [2003]
                  Runner Up: Owen Daniels, TE, Wisconsin [2006]
                  Worst: Jonathan Wells, RB, Ohio State [2002]

                  Round Five: We have had 3 round 5 picks. Ever. And theyve sucked.

                  Round Six: DeMarcus Faggins, CB, Kansas State [2002]
                  Runner Up: Wali Lundy, RB, Virginia [2006]
                  Worst: Jammal Lord, DB, Nebraska [2004]
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                    Jags Best Draft...2003
                    1st- Byron Leftwich
                    2nd- Rashean Mathis
                    3rd- Vince Manuwai
                    4th- George Wrighster
                    4th- Labrandon Toefield


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                      1st rounder-Fred Taylor or Tony Boselli- RB and OT
                      2nd rounder- Rashean Mathis- CB
                      3rd Rounder- Aaron Beasley - CB
                      4th rounder- Rob Johnson or David Garrard- QB and QB
                      5th rounder- Josh Scobee- K
                      6th rounder- Pat Thomas- OLB/MLB
                      7th rounder- Bobby McCray- DE


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                        Dallas Cowboys:

                        Round 1: DeMarcus Ware (2005) - Toss up with Terence Newman, he's probably our best player along with TO
                        Round 2: Andre Gurode (2002) - Named to the Pro Bowl last year, has become a great center for us
                        Round 3: Jason Witten (2003) - Perennial probowler, one of the best TE's in the game
                        Round 4: Marion Barber (2005) - We have made some good picks in the fourth round, but Barbe is clearly the best. He needs more carries because he's a great back who runs with power and knows how to score
                        Round 5: one?
                        Round 6: Rob Petitti (2005) - At least he played a so and so season for us as a rookie.
                        Round 7: Patrick Crayton (2004) - Amazing slot receiver, great contributor for us the last couple of years.
                        Undrafted: Tony Romo - Well, the best Cowboys QB since Aikman retired

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                          Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                          Round 1:
                          1997: Warrick Dunn. It was ultimately between him, Cadillac and MacFarland but his experience and achievements set him apart.

                          Round 2: 1998: Brian Kelly. A great partner to Ronde Barber forming one of the most formidable duos in the NFL for years.

                          Round 3: 1997: Ronde Barber. One of the greatest Cover 2 CB's ever and a member of the 20/20 club.

                          Round 4: 1999: Dexter Jackson. Not really much going on in this round but he was Superbowl MVP.

                          Round 5: 2002: Jermaine Phillips: The only real standout name.

                          Round 6: 1997: Al Harris: Didn't do much for the Bucs but has been a decent starter around the league.

                          Round 7: 2005: Paris Warren. Nobody stands out so Warren gets the position by default. Would have had a decent chance to contribute this year had he not sustained an injury against the Texans.


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                            1st round: Seymour. we've had plenty recently though. Hes 1 of the best DL..hes the best 3-4 DE in the game and top 3 overall. I think Law is the only 1 that u can argue with Seymour at this point although Warren/Wilfork/Mankins are all GREAT

                            2nd Round: Milloy. Tremendous his game. Too bad it ended the way it did

                            3rd: Bruschi. Hell of a player..a leader, smart and was the sole of the defense for the SBs

                            4th: Samuel. If he can play the way he has last doubt its him. Gannon was drafted by us though :)

                            5th: Koppen. Smart center..should be a pro bowler

                            6th: Brady..duh

                            8th round: Troy Brown :)


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                              Browns: This is really hard...

                              1) Kamerion Wimbley
                              2) Sean Jones
                              3) Daylon McCutcheon
                              4) Leon Williams
                              5) Andra Davis
                              6) Lawrence Vickers
                              7) Justin Hamilton?



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