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Teams and/or players your team could never beat?

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  • Teams and/or players your team could never beat?

    All teams have that one team that always gives them fits..the team they just cant beat. Or a player who has them figured out. Which team and/or player is most troublesome for your franchise?

    For the 49ers, i'd have to say its the Packers and Brett Favre. The 49ers are 1-11 or something ridicolous like that against Favre. Not to mention the fact that they got knocked out of the playoffs for 3 consecutive years in the 90's by him. I'd be happy if the 49ers never face Favre again...whether it's Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, or whoever, this franchise just hasn't been able to beat Favre.

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    for the ravens its the colts. they just get us♦

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      For the Titans.............. IDK, maybe San Diego.


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        For us it is Lababyan Tomlinson.


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          The 90's Dallas Cowboys.


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            Three weeks ago I would have said TO. But that is no longer the case.


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              Lions can't beat the Redskins in Washington . . . it's been like 40 years.
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                Texans had our number...they still have a winning record against us, splitting with us this year, but one was a meaningless last game.

                Colts have always done well against us, although the Jags have been one of the few teams in the past two years to give them any trouble. In fact, the Jaguars have not done well at all in the division under Jack Del Rio.

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                  The Denver bootleg and Rod Smith
                  Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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                    We can never stop the Jags running game...Particulaly Fred Taylor.

                    But on a good note...Ocho Cinco never has good games against the Stillers.


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                      For Basically every team in the league including my Steelers its the Pats.

                      We've beat them once this decade.

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                        Brady and the Patriots. This is the only time I can remember beating them...

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                          Originally posted by 49ersfan_87 View Post
                          The 49ers are 1-11 or something ridicolous like that against Favre.
                          And the only reason they won that one game was because of that terrible non call on the Jerry Rice's fumble. His knee was a good foot off the ground when the ball came out. Down by contact my ass.

                          Dallas Cowboys, it doesn't help that I can't remember the last time they played at Lambeau. Everytime the Packers and Cowboys play it is at Texas Stadium.
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                            The Bucs had a terrible time against the Eagles leading up to their 2002 Super Bowl season:

                            2000 Playoffs: L 3-21
                            2001 Reg Season: L 13-17 (Meaningless week 17 game)
                            2001 Playoffs: L 9-31
                            2002 Reg Season: L: 10-20

                            Going into the '02 NFC Championship Game I still had a some homer confidence that we could win at the Vet, but my hopes were not extremely high. Queue Brian Mitchell 70 yard opening kickoff return, then 20 yard Duce Staley TD, and my tempered expectations were pushed even lower. That ended up being the greatest game in franchise history, however, partly due to the playoff losses suffered in previous years. We opended the '03 season at the new Lincoln Financal Stadium and shut out the Eagles with Joe Jurevicious catching 2 of the best TD passes I've ever seen.


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                              The Pats always seem to have trouble with Miami and San Diego. They win many of the games, but those two seem to give them the most trouble regardless.



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