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All American Football League has draft

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    Here's a blog about the league. List of "big names."
    "Oh **** it's Kam, RUN!!!"


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      Bliss, Kody ALA 25 150 P Auburn 5110 180

      This guy was a great punter in college.

      Thanks to darnik44two for the sig

      Dream Pats Draft:
      1. Vernon Gholston, LB, tOSU
      2. Adarious Bowman, WR, Ok St
      3a. Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa
      3b. Kevin Smith, RB, UCF
      4. Peyton Hillis, RB, Ark
      5. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
      6. Brian Witherspoon, CB, Stillman
      7. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mt Union


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        Wow a guard was the first overall draft pick. interesting.
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          No one made mocks for this? Shame on all of you.

          Go Pdub.


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            glad to see crouch back


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              Yay, Overrated USF players have jobs again!


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                Originally posted by TimDris View Post
                Wow a guard was the first overall draft pick. interesting.
                48 bench press reps will do that

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
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                  Chad Owens in the 48th seems like a steal to me.


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                    Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                    48 bench press reps will do that
                    Yeah dudes a freak in the weight room...I wasnt shocked to see him go #1.

                    Thanks BoneKrusher^

           (the man)
                    KO KNOWS


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                      Sweet im so excited, im gonna have to pick a team to root for, probably the one with Bryan Randall

                      Wonder if they had a combine

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                        Ditto. Bryan Randal. Liked him as a Falcon and at Virginia Tech.
                        Virginia Tech.
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                        Next Up: 2012


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                          Shouldn't be too bad, semi pro level of play should be pretty sweet, better than Arena anyway.


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                            Is there any goal for the league to get some of these guys another shot at the NFL?

                            Or is this just to give some of these guys the opportunity to continue with the game that they love?

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                              I suppose there'll end up being a few guys who get kicked out of college who play a year or so there before entering the draft same with Arena, probably end up with the same results though/


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                                Will this league pay more than NFL practice squad salaries? If so, I can see a few gems coming about, as some PS players can amount to decent/good NFL players and if the AAFL take one of these on board effectively taking him away from an NFL PS, naturally they'd become stars in the AAFL pretty quickly, however the NFL will just take them as soon as they do. Pretty lousy system for a league IMO, it needs to strike a deal with the NFL to be its official 'minor league' or something IMO. NFL teams will probably try to treat it as such anyway with lesser/inexperienced players.
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