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Are you happy with your teams Free Agency (so far)?

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    ^But the thing about the titans is, we havent resigned some of our own guys...


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      Originally posted by Cashmoneydrew View Post
      ^But the thing about the titans is, we havent resigned some of our own guys...
      Yeah but they're not big losses. We have decent OG depth so Bell is not a huge loss. LaBoy and Odom weren't complete every down players and want to be paid like ones, and really, without AH neither did much. AH is the key to the DL.

      Gage we retained. He was definitely the most important, as VY definitely doesn't need a new main target every season to get accustomed too. Some consistency there is a welcome change.

      Am I forgetting someone else?


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        i'm satisfied at this point. I think Faneca will bring a presence to the locker room and the field, and be a welcomed addition between Mangold and DBrick.

        Jenkins got a solid contract, and i hope he's motivated and obviously avoids the injury bug that often hits him, however he is in the NT mold that the team has been looking for, so i'm happy they addressed two areas of needs with players who have shown good ability in the past.

        So far so good IMO

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        Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
        You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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          For the Lions.. we haven't done anything. We traded Shaun Rogers for Leigh Bodden and a Round 3, which I am a fan of..

          We signed Dwight Smith, but nothing else that I'm aware of.


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            No, considering the Cardinals haven't done anything.



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              Giants lost Reggie Torbor (backup), Kawika Mitchel (good player/starter), Gibril Wilson (my favorite Defensive player/starter/one of the best players on our team).

              It wasn't great to lose these players, but Kawika wanted a longer contract and probably got a little more $$, Torbor wasn't going to start so we let him leave, and Gibril was asking for too much and Raiders threw the bank at him. I really wanted Gibril back though.


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                No, the only good thing we have done is retain our All-Pro LB. I would have liked to keep Berrian, but not at that price, so I agree w/ that. It is the fact that we dont seem to be interested in anyone, when we have holes to fill

                Originally posted by BeansDooma
                who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                  ummm to summarize my thoughts in two words...HELL NO! we havent done a damn thing all FA, we havent even brought anyone in to talk to, let alone sign anyone! we have a team made from swiss cheese, and we havent filled any of those holes. Its annoying...although im glad we didnt pull off any major trades or whatever. maybe we can fill some holes in the draft...but as far as FA goes,

                  HELL NO!
                  Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                  The APS is strong in this one.
                  Originally posted by killxswitch
                  Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                    Well we haven't signed anyone or lost anyone so I really can't say. If trades count then yes, I'm very happy.


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                      im pissed about the rams offseason, comepletely useless
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                        Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                        You'll find VERY few fans that will say they aren't happy with their free agency (except maybe Chiefs fans and Yoda). Ever player they sign is now suddenly the greatest player ever, and every player that leaves was overrated anyway.

                        That said, I'm actually still suprised we managed to keep Briggs at such a low cost. While I think Jerry was wrong in not franchising Berrian, having him for just one season at 8 mil may not have been the greatest idea after all. After seeing what he got from Minnesota I don't think we ever would have resigned him.

                        So, long story short, if we can get Bryant Johnson or D.J. Hackett I'll be happy. Otherwise I'm pretty meh. We definately cut the right vets though. Moose and Fred Miller should have been cut last year.
                        Wow man, you couldnt have said it better. I dont mean to sound synical, and Im sure you dont intend to either, but thats so true. Aside from obvious big aquisitions (i.e. Stallworth, Moss, Samuel, or a couple others) if a player is on teh downside there is still that glimmer of hope (i.e. Stroud coming to Buffalo) JAX fans love it getting rid of him and his injuries etc etc, but Buffalo loves the big fill at DT. Theres also the untapped potential players with D.Williams in KC or B.Johnson in BUF. Whos right? No one. Just funny to see the optimism and excitement for the upcoming draft/season, which is ultimately the goal and is good.

                        As a Buffalo fan, I like the Stroud move, a 3rd and 5th isnt insanse, plus we had two 3rds so it makes it a little better. The Spencer Johnson signign is ok, but K.Mitchell was a nice lil pickup, should be alright with Crowell and Poz. Then Bryant Johnson was a good WR pickup leaving TE and CB only to fill (and backup QB, but that cancels out with w/e we get for JP). So overall, i like the effort.

                        MY BILLS DRAFT NEEDS (in order): WR, CB, TE, OL, QB2


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                          Broncos offseason is sucking pretty badly so far...

                          - resign Nate Jackson to hold down the IR
                          - resign old timer John Lynch
                          - resign Engelberger and Ekuban... dead wood for the DL
                          - sign Keary Colbert, who did sweet **** all in Carolina
                          - threatening to sign Boss Bailey, who doesn't even know how to tackle, simply to make his older brother happy

                          This team is going to end up with about the lowest talent level in the NFL at this rate.


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                            49ers FA Signings as of Today:

                            Justin Smith DE
                            Isaac Bruce WR
                            DeShaun Foster RB
                            Donterrius Thomas LB
                            Allen Rossum KR/CB
                            J.T. Sullivan QB

                            Not going to lie, I'm pretty happy with the guys we have picked up so far. If you got the money, spend it and that's what were going to do since we are no longer in salary cap hell.
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                              We havent done much at all...I expected us to go after Florence or *** but they were pricey so im not against it now, but our db depth is terrible right now, we have newman and henry who are 30 and one 7th rder behind them thats it...we need at least 2 rookies taken early as is if we dont address anybody else...

                              Zach Thomas is a huge signing but small in the pocket books, its a tank johnson type deal, which is what I wanted if we brought him in....

                              Only thing I feel like we might do is go after Walker, but I get the feeling somebody will overpay and it wont be us, looking at what stallworth got, walker wont be far off from that injury or no injury...Our biggest thing this off season was retaining the talent we already had; Hamlin, Flozell, Canty, Barber, those guys were the basis of our offseason and we did what we had to do to keep them in house, if long term deals are worked out, im fine with just taking zach, our cap doesnt leave us much leverage in trying to shell out cash as easily...

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                                I thought the Texans have done below average. They lost Charlie Anderson, a young up and comer who had ideal size and was finally finishing his transition from college DE to 43 OLB. He started a few games last year for the aging Danny Clark, who's also a FA. We signed Kevin Bentley, who could turn out decently. The worst move was signing Jacques Reeves to a 20 million dollar deal. Basically he sucks, and we shelved out a ton of money to him, and in the process lost our starting CB/S Von Hutchins to ATL for a 9 million dollar contract over 4 years. At least we resigned Andre Davis.

                                The Ravens released Mike Anderson and Mike Flynn and have done nothing else.



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