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Chad Johnson Swung At Marvin Lewis

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    Originally posted by themaninblack View Post
    im even more surprised the team didn't rise up as one and slay him.

    +rep to anyone who gets that reference...
    kinda mad i came home drunk to find a missed Lewis Black quote challenge...

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      Now we know why Hue didn't want to go back to Cincinnati. Lolololo


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        i wonder if he did this on purpose just to get traded


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          Sad to say, I would want him on my team. He is arguably the best WR in the NFL and you can put the bank on it that he has a 1300 yard season every year. What is his trade value worth in terms of draft picks, including his issues and age

          Originally posted by bearsfan_51
          Show me your Wang, if you will.


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            Hue Jackson comes out and denies it happened:

            "Chad Johnson never hit Marvin Lewis. Chad Johnson never hit me. Chad Johnson never put anybody in a headlock. Chad Johnson was very emotional at halftime of that game. The true story to all that was Chad had an IV in his arm and me, and him were talking about plans for the second half and he got emotional because he said, 'Hey, coach, without Carson (Palmer) I'm not going to be able to get the ball.'

            "And that's what it was and I told him, `Well, then you need to tell (offensive coordinator) Coach Bratkowski that.' And he ripped the IV out of his arm, and it's like anything else, you see blood coming out of a person's arm people think the worst. And he went from there to go into the locker room to let Coach Lewis know that, 'Hey, look, I want the ball.' And that was it. And when he opened the door he stumbled out of the training room so he was flailing and people think that he was swinging on people. Chad wasn't swinging on anybody. Chad would not hit Marvin Lewis, and Chad sure would not hit me. So that is not what happened and I'm very disappointed that now, even after two years, we have to discuss this again. But that is exactly what happened."
            Who knows, he had a good relationship with our WR's.


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              i don't believe the claim that he swung at the HC. I highly doubt that would be handled so casually and that other players wouldn't have an issue with this. Pretty sure that there would be an outright report if something like this actually happened.

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              Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
              You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                Its old news, like old as hell, and I really believe had he actually hit Marvin there would of been someone else who had a problem or more reports about it since then, seems odd to me.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  pretty sure willie anderson would have ate him.

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                    With this stupid ass thread and the Jamarcus Russell 300 pound thread, I just got reminded of how much this board sucks during the offseason.


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                      wait, hold up. if Chad actually did swing and connect like was said....wouldn't we see a big ass bruise on Marvin Lewis's face?

                      im not buying it. not to mention at least 3 guys wouldve stomped Chad out if that really happened.


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                        Originally posted by The Legend View Post
                        i wonder if he did this on purpose just to get traded
                        I don't think even he's stupid enough to do that to get traded.



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