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    these things always scare me. i hope him and Morgan will be ok out there.


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      Originally posted by nfrillman View Post
      The issue with his coming back isn't his odds of getting hurt again, it's what if he does get hurt again. That answer is simple. You are lucky to walk away from a broken neck once, you don't get to walk away twice. As a rule injuries are more and more severe each time they happen.
      Yeah, I think that's what they're talking about. If it happens again, given how it's healed, what is the liklihood that it'll be worse than the first one. He's making a very sound decision, life trumps football for Pollack more than just about any player out there... He's very religious and family oriented. He's said the one gift from all this is becoming a better husband.


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        he's got a good head on his shoulders. he will make the right decision for himself. for our sake, i hope it means he'll wear the orange n black. if not, all the power to him.

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          I wish the guy the best of luck and would congradulate him on even being able to consider making a comeback.
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            I hope he doesn't turn out to be like Chris Speilman years ago.

            Thanks to jackalope


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              he was nasty at Georgia, i wish him the best and would gladly take a flyer on him


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                Its just not worth it

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                  Comin out of Ga. he was exactly the type player and personality the Bengals needed to set an example for some of our problems children. Sometimes life just ain't fair. Hope he can make the comeback, but not if it means any type of injury in the future.


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                    Gives a whole new meaning to 'football is my life'

                    anyways, here's to hoping he really has fully recovered. I'm confident he'll make the right decision about coming back, whichever choice he makes.

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                      Yea I just dont want to see they guy get hurt to where he cant walk. Or need to put that metel thing back on his head.

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                        I remember watching something on TV about him and seeing him with that metel thing on his head. Not cool

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                          Guys, he's absolutely going to make a smart decision about this. He's said it from the beginning to now. If there's a chance he could be paralyzed (more so than before the injury anyway), he won't be out there.

                          He's putting family over football more than just about any player would and I mean it. He's said he loves football but it's nothing compared to his family. He's not going to be in danger out there.

                          It'll help to not have him at LB potentially and it's not like he plays special teams.



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