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    Originally posted by no love View Post
    Manny Lawson - because last year was supposed to be his breakout year but then he got hurt

    Vernon Davis - He's the second best weapon Martz has, lets hope he uses him
    Hopefully the 49ers play these guys as aggressively as possible, instead of what they've been doing. I'd rush Lawson on every play and have Davis running routes on every passing play. These guys are elite talents, what they hell is the point of having Lawson held back or Davis freaking blocking, that's pointless imo. Why were 1st round picks spent, if playmakers aren't allowed to make plays. You can have JAGs do that stuff, come on.

    Thankfully Martz coming in should help with Davis being used better.
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      Davis should lineup at WR every play and SF should stick Staley at TE and have him block

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        They definitely need Staley at LT. :)
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          Hopefully Calvin Johnson breaks out. Even though he had a very good rookie year, I hope Gerald Alexander makes more people notice him this year. The only other candidate on the Lions I can think of is Ikaika Alama-Francis. He'll probably see time at both DE and DT.


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            Anthony Gonzales, because I have a strong feeling that Marvin is just about done.


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              Can we really call 2nd year players breakout players?

              This should be 3rd year players and over.


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                Originally posted by no love View Post
                Nice analysis. But those percentages are so similar that it is really hard to say one was significantly better without talking about how they played. The fact is, they both did pretty well stopping the run.

                Naturally when you have a larger sample of tackles to work with, the more likely you are to have tackles that are not 4 yards within the line of scrimmage, especially if Harris had 52 mores tackles or about a 40% increase.

                Also I think it is easier for Willis to make tackles all over the field because of his ridiculous sideline to sideline speed. These are tackles that Harris wouldn't be making, which would also help his % of tackles within 4 yards of the LOS, but lower his total number of tackles.

                Where did you get your stats btw?
                I completely agree with you. The difference in percentages is negligable. The only reason I even worried about figuring Willis' numbers out was that a couple people said that Willis had "most" of his tackles near the LOS. I was just showing that Willis and Harris were very similiar in that regard. I got my stats by going over the play by plays on and counting up each number. Just a little analysis.

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                  QB: Jay Cutler. Its his 3rd season in the same offense. He has good weapons and a solid line around him. He should put up elite numbers. I will give Schaub another year before he breaks out. I think he should be solid this year though. Aaron Rodgers cause he is from the Bay Area.

                  RB: Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood. ;)

                  WR: Santonio Holmes will explode. Everything is set. He has had solid years in the past, he is going into the miracle 3rd year for WRs, and has a great QB who can get him the ball. Greg Jennings will also break out.

                  TE: Vernon Davis. I keep calling it year after year. I am bound to be right sometime.

                  DE: Jamaal Anderson. If he can get a sack, I will consider him breaking out.

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                    Does EJ Henderson count, considering he had a great season last year but not many people noticed it...also liking the love Sidney Rice seems to be getting...

                    Aaron Rodgers
                    Steve Smith (G-men)
                    Vernon Davis
                    D'Brickishaw Ferguson


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                      Well, he was second in the league in interceptions and led the NFC, but somehow remains unknown to many and got snubbed from the Probowl. I am of course talking about St. Louis SS Oshiomogho Atogwe. I guess his stats don't add up to the other Probowlers.

                      Atogwe- 75 tackles, 8 ints, 1 td
                      Hamlin- 67 tackles, 5 ints
                      Taylor- understandable
                      Williams (Mr. No Coverage)- 92 tackles, 2 ints
                      Sharper- 63 tackles, 1 ff, 4 ints

                      Yep, his stats aren't quite the same as those other guys, they're better, much better in fact.

                      Other possible Rams breakouts:
                      CB- Tye Hill
                      DT- Adam Carriker

                      I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


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                        Originally posted by Incinerator View Post
                        add Stewart Bradley, going to be starting at MLB this year, and I think he'll play really well.
                        i was thinking of him


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                          Stewart Bradley is going to play MIKE? Why, the Eagles already have a pretty good starter in Omar Gaither. Who will play SAM if not Bradley, given that they released Spikes?
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                            Kamerion Wimbley- If the Browns can get a decent pass rusher at the OLB position opposite of him via free agency or their late round draft picks and with the huge upgrades at DLine, he should have a huge year.


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                              Stewart Bradley is going to play MIKE? Why, the Eagles already have a pretty good starter in Omar Gaither. Who will play SAM if not Bradley, given that they released Spikes?
                              the LB corps will look like this
                              WILL - Gaither
                              MIKE - Bradley
                              SAM - Gocong

                              Gocong was the starter at SLB this year and he played pretty well, Gaither will move back to WLB, where he first played 2 years ago. And now Bradley will be able to start at MLB. If these guys play up to their potential, the Eagles LB corps is going to be amazing.


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                                Bradley is awesome. He is one of my fav players. he single handedly prevented the saints from scoring inside the 5..3-4 straight tackles or assisted tackles or something. Kid will be special.

                                I think Jarrad Page has a break out year. Derrick Johnson sorta did already last year
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                                What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.



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