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    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    With Zimmer's scheme which features a high % of blitzes,
    So, you don't watch any cowboy games? Zimmer doesn't blitze......


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      Originally posted by KILLERSANTA View Post
      So, you don't watch any cowboy games? Zimmer doesn't blitze......
      In his 4-3 scheme, without Parcells forcing his 3-4 philosophy, yes he did. He blitzed often. Even in '05, Pro Football Prospectus has the Cowboys rushing 6+ 9th most in the NFL, 7+ being the 6th most in the NFL. Now I don't know how much he blitzed this past year. So maybe they dialed it back considering the liabilities in coverage at Safety. Atlanta in '05, in comparison, blitzed 6+ only 13th most, 8th most in terms of 7+ rushers. So yes, he will be let loose far more often.
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        Originally posted by Smooth Criminal View Post
        With Porter out of his way James Harrison will be the starter. He has shown some signs of being a great player while filling in for Joey but as a full time starter he could turn into a great player.
        Thats not for certain yet, I could see us signing Tully Banta-Cain or Antwan Peek. Which I'm figuring the latter being a Cincinnati product.

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          I want Marvel Underwood to get a chance with the packers, hes got a lot of talent, he just needs to get health for the whole year.


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            2nd year corner Jimmy Williams will come out and surprise people. Also Roddy White will find his pair of hands.


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              Baltimore Ravens

              Jarrett Johnson, DE/OLB: Unless we use a high draft pick on someone, he should end up being the successor to Adalius Thomas. He's a very unknown player but he has very good size and versatility. Think Adalius Thomas without the great athleticism.

              P.J. Daniels, RB: Ozzie Newsome and company were obviously big fans of P.J., as we took him in the 4th round. With Jamal Lewis' and Musa Smith's futures with the team in jeopardy, Mike Anderson has a great chance to be the #1. But he is getting older and we will probably need someone to be a change of pace back. It could end up being a FA acquistion or a 2007 draft pick, but with P.J. already here, he could easily be that guy. The ideal situation would be for him to have a Leon Washington-type contribution.

              Mike Kracalik, OT: Who? I'm sure no one outside of Bmore has ever heard his name. Even most Ravens fans have no clue who he is. He spent most of his time on the practice squad, and played in 1 regular season game. He looked terrible in preseason, but I think the coaches liked something about him. Ozzie has made it clear that we don't have the means to give Tony Pashos the offer that he deserves, so he won't be back. This leaves a huge void at tackle. Jonathan Ogden could retire, which would leave us with Adam Terry as our only offensive tackle. And should Ogden stay, it leaves us with Terry and Ogden. There is a chance that Adam could play RT, but he is a pure LT and he has looked uncomfortable at RT. We could look into the draft, but Levi Brown will most likely not be there at 29. Tony Ugoh and Joe Staley are options in the 2nd, but they could easily be gone. If we end up going with a guy like Ryan Harris in the 3rd, he may not be ready to start right away, and this would leave us with Kracalik. I wouldn't expect him to be amazing, but he could surprise all of us, just like Tony Pashos did this past year.

              Chris Chester, C: Mike Flynn has been a big dissapointment in the past 2 years. He's diminished alot. Chris Chester was a 2nd round pick out of Oklahoma last year. He saw action in 11 games, starting 4 at right guard. He doesn't get talked about at all, except by Raven fans. He showed some great potential and was extremely solid. He'll most likely be the starting center come opening day, and I'm expecting big things.
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                Anthony Alabi might be the starting LT for Miami next year. Hand picked by OL guru Hudson Houck 2 years ago out of TCU. NT Fred Evans out of Texas State (Ward's school) last year. Future starter at NT and was the best rookie in TC last season.

                Also Michael Boley is a beast. I remember he was like a 97 on NCAA 06 (I think). He is a great player.

                Also some guys who don't get enough credit for Miami, Channing Crowder, Vernon Carey and Rex Hadnot.

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                  Definately our right tackle David Stewart. He might have been our best OL from the 2nd half of last year. Roos on the left side is a better pass blocker, but Stewart is nasty and is a much better run blocker.


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                    Chiefs - Jeff Webb and Jared Page


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                      Bing could be another for Oakland.
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                        Madieu Williams-He is probably pretty well known but he is a stud just itching for a breakout year.

                        Domata Peko- Thouroughly impressed with his rookie campaign. He is so athletic for his size its unreal. I could see him being a top tier DT in years to come.

                        O and i forgot Rashad Jeanty- A former CFL player who transitioned from DE to OLB in a 4-3, he was very impressive filling in for David Pollack. I could see him being a real good run stopper/pass rusher in the future.

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                          Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
                          Definately our right tackle David Stewart. He might have been our best OL from the 2nd half of last year. Roos on the left side is a better pass blocker, but Stewart is nasty and is a much better run blocker.
                          Yea Stewart and Roos are both good unknown talents...Roos in particular...Id look for Tulloch to possibly have an impact with Sirmon gone, Vincent Fuller (finally) replacing Lamont Thompson, Brandon Jones on offense, particularly if Bennett goes, possibly LenDale if Henry does not return


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                            AHMAD BROOKS!!!!

                            He'll be starting MLB or SLB opening day next year and he's just sick.

                            Rashad Jeanty has potential as well but Brooks could explode.

                            It's embarrassing how much Domata Peko was underrated as a rookie DT last year, statistically he was the 2nd best DT and people don't even know who he is.


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                              Chargers had Shaun Phillips, but then he broke out with 11.5 sacks, 4 FF and got a big contract soo...

                              Igor Olshansky. Nobody mentions him but he is absolutely dominating. Lots of fun to watch. Nobody runs to his side anymore.

                              Stephen Cooper made a lot of plays in limited time subbing for Godfrey and Edwards, and he'll get a ton more PT this season.

                              Malcolm Floyd. Was really coming on at WR before his injury. Bengals fans know.


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                                Most people think we nee a LT, our new LT only gave up 3.5 sacks last year.

                                Steve Heiden at TE is also a very steady pass catcher and blocker.

                                Sean Jones at safety should have made the pro bowl this year.

                                Joshua Cribbs is turning out to be a darn good return man for being a QB at Bowling Green.



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