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    I HATED the Cardinals' draft on draft weekend, and now I am still against it.

    Russ Grimm is a great OL coach, but as for talent evaluations... Levi Brown? At 5? Better than Joe Thomas Russ Grimm thought!!! Teams that make such picks tend to have lots more high picks. It's not that Brown is a bad player, he will be a good RT for 10+ years, but in the top 5, you want a superstar, a franchise kind of guy. Not just a guy. I was well down on Brown before the draft, and he has shown me nothing since to inspire me. A good RT, yes, but that's it folks.

    Alan Branch was decent value at #34, but for a team with so many holes, why give up our 4th round pick as well? To be fair, we could not have predicted Gabe Watson finally getting into shape and giving a damn, but now we are left with our 2nd and 4th round picks being likely backups. Sure, he can spell Watson and be a reasonable DE to spell Darnell Dockett and Antonio Smith, but that is a luxury we cannot afford.

    Our 3rd round pick, Buster Davis, didn't make it out of Training Camp. Great scouting!

    Our 5th round pick, Steve Breaston, is a decent return man (Although after seeing Antrel Rolle's INT returns this year, I'd love for him to get a shot as well) but he won't be confused with Josh Cribbs / Devin Hester. He does have a chance to be our #3 this season tho, so I'll see how that goes.

    I loved our 7th round pick, Ben Patrick, who is a very good receiving TE and was excellent value. He started slow, but came on late and looks to have a load of potential. However, when your 7th round pick is your best...
    Will post for +rep.


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      The best first day picks was by the Bills.

      Marshawn Lynch- Absolute beast. He is going to be amazing for years to come.

      Paul Posluszny- Lead our team in tackles before he got injured. Just is a tackling machine.

      Trent Edwards- Smart and accurate QB. Going to be our starter.
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        Originally posted by CT Bronco Fan View Post

        I give the Broncos draft in 2007 a F- times infinity.
        Tim Crowder wasn't bad this season, Jarvis Moss pick was awful, Ryan Harris has been talked up by people in the organization, and Marcus Thomas showed some potential.

        But ya I give them an F because they traded up for two Florida players.


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          Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
          John Holmes is a better and more productive penetrator than Jamaal Anderson.
          I'd say Ron Jeremy owns both of them in the penetration departement.

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            Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
            Pretty much.

            The only player who I would say looks like a long time contributer for the Falcons is Laurent Robinson, who was third in rookie receiving yards as a fourth, fifth if you count Crumpler, receiver. And he was raw, being out of Illinois State. He just needs to work on his concentration and not fumbling.

            But we got a ton of players who got playing time and will have roles with the team, so that is good.

            I disagree. At the very least Blalock is going to be a decent guard for us. I also really like Houston's potential.


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              Lions... Calvin dropped a crapload of balls and didn't look like the guy out of Georgia Tech. but then again wideouts take a while to adjust. Drew Stanton managed to make IR... Ikaika Alama-Francis is too raw to really analyze yet. Gerald Alexander looks like he's good value at safety, but I think we cut everyone else.

              Not so hot, but with Millen making the picks what can you expect?

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                Rd.2 pick 36 | QB Kevin Kolb | N/A | Was the 3rd string QB for the most part, will be the #2 this year, looked very solid during preseason. Still haven't seen enough to grade.

                Rd.2 pick 57 | DE Victor Abiamir | B- | Looked very solid during playing time, but didn't do anything special, should get a chance to start this year.

                Rd.3 pick 87 | LB Stewart Bradley | A | Most promising pick by far of all, is going to be our starting MLB for years to come, has probowl potential. Great value too.

                Rd.3 pick 90 | RB Tony Hunt | C- | Was given the chance to be our short yardage back but I believe he averaged like 1 yard a carry, hopefully he gets it together but he hasn't looked good yet.

                Rd.5 pick 159 | S CJ Gaddis | F | Cut before season.

                Rd.5 pick 162 | TE Brent Celek | B+ | Great value pick, was 3rd among rookie TEs in terms of receptions, possibly a future starter.

                Rd. 6 pick 201 | CB Rashad Barksdale | F | Cut before season.

                Rd. 7 pick 236 | RB Nate Ilaoa | F | Cut before season.

                Overall - C+, a few promising players but a bunch of misses as well. Pretty average.


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                  Even after all the negativity, Miami ended up with a solid all around draft.

                  1.) Ted Ginn Jr. (C+): Would have had 3 KRs for TDs if not for a couple holding penalties that were away from the play. Progressed well as the season went on and did a solid job stepping in after Chambers was dealt. Should be a game breaking KR with some help blocking for him this season and he needs to polish himself as a WR but he did show alot of promise and the progress over the season was encouraging.

                  2a.) John Beck (INC.): Started off ok and then the OL gave way and Beck snapped to the pressure. Looked like a typical rookie QB. Way too early to judge.

                  2b.) Samson Satele (A+): Started every game at center and did a very good job. Handled everything the way you would expect from a vet. He will take a larger role in protection calls this season but he has the makings of a 10-12 year staple in the middle of the Dolphins OL.

                  3.) Lorenzo Booker (B-): Took him awhile to get on the field every with injuries to Ronnie and Chatman. But once he got there he really lit it up. He is not a good between the tackles runner but was lights out in the open field and really broke some ankles to get extra yards and move the chains. He should be a very good passing situation RB and a guy we could split wide. Opens up different options for us on offense.

                  4.) Paul Soliai (D-): Got into a bunch of games but had trouble beating our prennial PS player Steve Fifita. He looked really over matched out there and will have to some something soon or risk being toss out by the new regime.

                  6a.) Drew Mormino (INC.): Showed a ton of promise in TC and even earned tons of reps as the starting LG. He looked like a real steal until he went down for the year with an injury before the 1st game of the season. Should be able to become a solid backup OG and C at the least but he'll have to bounce back from the injury before he gets a real grade.

                  6b.) Reagan Mauia (C+): Started the entire season at FB and showed some promise. Had some mental lapses at times misses some blocks and taking on the wrong guy. However he has only played the position a couple years and should turn into a solid with some coaching. He was an effective blocker once he locked on but he had trouble finding the right guy to block at times. Also showed some toughness playing with a broken hand and showed he can be a short yardage weapon in the passing game with some nice footwork and big frame. Will be pushed in camp but should be able to hold down a roster spot to see if he can tap into that massive potential.

                  7a.)Kelvin Smith (F): Did nothing in TC and was on the practice squad all season. Not sure how he even held on a PS job as there were numerous UDFAs that outplayed him. Should not be on the roster this season.

                  7b.) Abe Wright (INC.): Spent the year on IR but showed alot of promise with his pass rush skills. Was the rave of TC last season and many thought he was going to have a pretty substantial impact on the season. Should get a shot to battle Quentin Moses for one of the backup OLB spots but has to show something on STs to stick around. Too early to call what will happen here.

                  7c.) Brandon Fields (A): Did a solid job punting for us last season. Has a big leg and huge upside. Needs to work on getting the ball off quicker and getting more consistentcy but he showed he had what it took to punt for the Dolphins for the next decade. Solid pickup.

                  Overall, not too shabby. Ginn, Satele, Booker, Mauia and Fields all showed enough promise to think they could contribute to this team with Fields, Ginn and Satele all likely locked into starting jobs in the future. All in all not a bad showing. If Mormino and Wright bounce back strong and Mauia and Beck continue to develop, this could turn into a really really good draft.

                  The onyl real busts appear to be Soliai and Smith.

                  I'd give it a solid B- overall with room to improve. Although we all know is not out of the realm for some players to regress, but there is still alot to be excited about with our last draft.


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                    Originally posted by zoinks View Post
                    1.) S Michael Griffin - looks like a star in the making....a true playmaker. Funs like a corner, but hits like a safety. He was an immediate standout on ST, and when he finally broke into the lineup halfway through the season, he ended up with three INT's and at least one forced fumble, along with some very solid plays in coverage. I haven't been this impressed with a young safety since Bob Sanders.
                    He really is a beast out there, great instincts and can play centerfielder deep or lock onto a wr, and when he has to will come up and jar the ball loose, he is going to blossom into one of the best safeties in the game if he continues to improve...Sad thing is Huff is everything Griffin is with a little better instincts and faster, and he should be playing the same type of role for a team that Griffin is doing, instead he's up near the LOS taking on tight ends.

                    But i do love Griffin, always was a standout ST beast at UT and he just has a knack for the ball.

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      Baltimore's 2007 Draft Class:

                      1) Ben Grubbs - A - Solid Starter for years to come.

                      3) Marshal Yanda - B- - Stepped up with all the injuries to the team. Versatile as well.

                      3b) Yamon Figurs - B - Showed flashes of some great returning ability.

                      4) LeRon McClain - B - Solid Starter at Fullback.

                      4b) Antwan Barnes - B - Solid flashes of the potential that Ozzie sees in him. Should be able really challenge Jarret Johnson at the starting position next season, but then again the coaching staff might use him as a DE.

                      5) Troy Smith - A+ - Easily the best QB on the roster. Showed at the end of the season that he can lead this team.

                      6) Prescott Burgess - incomplete - Injured for most the season. But showed the potential he had during the preseason. He'll be a project that can eventually become a starter.

                      5b) Jared Gaither - B - Played only in a few games. But in those few games, he showed that he's the heir for JO.

                      Baltimore: 7-4


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                        Originally posted by RAZERSAINTS View Post
                        I would say D becouse of P.Thomas but that is the only good thing out of or draft.
                        Pierre Thomas wasn't even drafted, so I give the Saints a F-, only because I don't think you can go lower. Completely wasted basically every pick. I would have preferred trading them for meth to get Charles Grants fat blob butt(not sure if the A word is allowed) in motion. At least if he was tweaking he would have something pushing him to move.


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                          Bucs Draft

                          1) Gaines Adams- A- Started off slow, but improved every week. Looks like he will be a future stud. Just the kind of DE we needed to replace Rice.

                          2) Aron Sears- A- Questionable pick at first, but turned out to be the bucs best offensive lineman this year. Should be a stud in the future.

                          2. Sabby Piscatelli- D- Got injured, sucked when he played, hopefully can provide future depth, although doesnt have much of a future with the team considering Phillips' resurgence

                          3. Quincy Black-C- Solid Special teamer. Has tons of potential and can hopefully be brooks' replacement

                          4. Tanard Jackson- A+- an absolute stud. I expect him to be the best safety from the class

                          5.Greg Peterson-C- Definately a project, could be a very good UT in the future.

                          Will do the rest later


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                            Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
                            Of 2007 or in Brown's history?
                            Of 2007. Just IMO from what I've seen though.

                            2 starting CBs, a pro bowl left tackle, and a franchise QB who - if he doesn't become our QB of the future will at least be traded for a first round pick or its equivalent.


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                              Bengals Draft...

                              1.) Leon Hall - CB

                              Aside from a few shaky moments, he was really solid. I believe he had 5 picks, but more importantly he took Deltha O'Neal's starting spot.

                              2.) Kenny Irons - RB

                              Bengal fans hated this pick, as it wasn't a need. He tore his ACL in the first preseason game against the Lions. Word is that his ACL is healing slower than they expected. Not good. What's worse for Kenny is that his roster spot is in serious jeopardy. Rudi Johnson is bulking up to his old form, Kenny Watson was great when called upon, Chris Perry is finally healthy, and Dede Dorsey was a bright spot towards the end of the year. It certainly doesn't help matters that they're looking to draft another RB this year.

                              3.) Used on Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft.

                              He was injured last year, but this kid is going to be a monster in 08.

                              4.) Marvin White - S

                              Looked really good towards the end of the year. I guess that he's the starter now that Madieu Williams is gone.

                              5.) Jeff Rowe - QB

                              Wasted pick. He looked good in preseason, but, thankfully, never saw any action. He'll have to battle Carson's little brother for a spot on this years team.

                              6.) Matt Toeaina - DT

                              They drafted this guy as a project. He had a great preseason. He even had one of the more entertaining TD returns I've ever witnessed. But for some stupid reason, the Bengals left him vulnerable on the Practice Squad. The Chicago Bears snatched him up.

                              7.) Dan Santucci - G

                              I believe the Bengals have moved him to Center.

                              7.) Chinedum Ndukwe - S

                              Total steal. Seems like the guy made at least one big play in every game that he played in. He's expected to be the starter in 08 - pushing Dexter Jackson out of the way. Great, great job by the Bengals scouting department.

                              Overall, not a bad draft. As much flask as the Bengals defense got last season, it did improve down the stretch. A big reason for that was because of the three guys from this draft (Hall, White, Ndukwe).

                              But it's important that you don't put too much in one year. Heck, the Bengals had one of the best drafts ever in 2001 now that we look back at it. But had you graded it in 2002, it would have looked like a bad one. Because Justin Smith had a great rookie year, but never had that success again. Whereas guys like Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, and TJ Houshmanzadeh were non-factors their rookie years in 2001.
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                                Originally posted by vidae-KC View Post
                                All I can say is that Dwayne Bowe is a stud!
                                I second that statement



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