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    1 24 Aaron Rodgers QB- N/A, hasnt seen the field much because of Favre. He has looked better and better every year and looks like he is finally ready. We will find out this year.

    2 51 Nick Collins S- B-/B, had a promising rookie year but hasnt really grown much since then. He is a pretty solid player nothing great but he is still young.

    2 58 Terrence Murphy WR- N/A, A bad hit ended his career just when it had starter. He looked like he was going to be a great player and im ashamed he never got to play.

    4 115 Marviel Underwood S- F/D-, Always looked like he had talent in practice and the coaches were high on him. He ended up busting his knee and then he was cut, brought back and cut again.

    4 125 Brady Poppinga OLB- B+/A-, Has been a solid player since the get go. Even after tearing his ACL he has made a comeback and is a solid hardworking player. Nothing amazing but a good player.

    5 143 Junius Coston C- B, he was our start for part of the year and did a pretty good job before getting hurt.

    5 167 Michael Hawkins CB- F, didnt have much of a frame, coaches liked him at times but he never paned out.

    6 180 Mike Montgomery DE- C, still with the team gets to backup Kampman and has begon to see more of the field, when Kampman needs a break.

    7 245 Kurt Campbell S- F, think he was converted to a LB but he is a failure

    7 246 William Whitticker OG- D, started an entire year for us if I remember right but now he is gone.

    Overall Id probably give it a C. We got a couple good players out of it Collins, Poppinga, Coston, Montgomery. Lost a promising player in Murphy, but it all rests on Aaron Rodgers.... He could really make this draft a succesful one if he plays well or just an OK one if he doesnt.

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      Originally posted by DI View Post
      Giants 2005 Draft Review
      *Note no 1st Round Pick due to the trade for Eli Manning*

      2nd Round Pick, 43rd Overall: CB Corey Webster, LSU
      Grade: C+/B-

      - Corey fell to Round 2 after an injury plauged junior year the previous year but still was a quality pick in the 2nd. Though he regressed a little bit this year, he showed what he is fully capable of by being our best cover man in our Super Bowl run. Tempted to give a B but i have to see the good play continue over a course of time, not just over a 4 week period.

      Round 3, 74th Overall: DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
      Grade: A+

      - Steal of the draft. Tuck has been in the shadows of Strahan and Osi over the past couple of years but has shown he has incredible talent when given the chance and he got his chance this year and was an absolute beast. Showed that he can not only be a force at defensive end, but can play inside as well. A great pick by Accorsi and a future Pro Bowler for many years to come.

      Round 4, 110th Overall: RB Brandon Jacobs, Southern Illinois
      Grade: A

      - Another huge steal. A bruiser of a feature back with break away speed as well. Was a force this year when healthy and given the ball. Having Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward now will only help to keep him healthy and I expect Jacobs to be in the Top 10 in rushing yards and touchdowns next year, if not pushing for the Top 5. A beast. Quick note though. I believe 3 picks earlier, Dallas grabbed Marion Barber III. Not like me to compliment Dallas, but hell of a pick because if you didn't grab him, he'd be in Big Blue right now.

      Round 6, 186 Overall: DE Eric Moore, Florida St.
      Grade: D-

      - Never made an impact with the Giants. Was always a backup/injured as was eventually let go. I believe he is currently with the Rams and actually worked himself into the rotation this past season.

      Overall, I give this draft a B+/A. I believe Webster will continue his good play and eventually be the 3rd steal of this draft for us and I believe that we landed 2 top 10 players at their position in Tuck and Jacobs. We also got Eli Manning with that 1st round pick in the trade so you can't argue that. Great draft that has set us up very well for the future.
      looking back at it, thats a really good draft actually, basically because of Tuck and Jacobs, but Webster has reimmerged as a possible starter in my mind


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        1) Pacman- D
        2) Michael Roos- A
        3a) Courtney Roby- F
        3b) B. Jones- C
        4a) Vince Fuller- C-
        4b) David Stewart- B+
        4c) Roydell Williams- C
        5a) Damien Nash- F
        5b) Daniel Loper- C-
        6) Bo Scaife- B
        7) Reynaldo Hill- C

        Overall= C+


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          Originally posted by Cashmoneydrew View Post
          1) Pacman- D
          2) Michael Roos- A
          3a) Courtney Roby- F
          3b) B. Jones- C
          4a) Vince Fuller- C-
          4b) David Stewart- B+
          4c) Roydell Williams- C
          5a) Damien Nash- F
          5b) Daniel Loper- C-
          6) Bo Scaife- B
          7) Reynaldo Hill- C

          Overall= C+
          I would give PacMan a higher grade than D, even with only playing two years for yall. Unfortuneately he had the potential to be an A plus.
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            Rd.1 pick 31 - DT Mike Patterson - (B+) - A very solid starter who is constantly improving, had a great 2007 season leading the NFL in tackles by DTs.
            Rd.2 pick 35 - WR Reggie Brown - (C+) - Was once considered by eagles fans to be our #1 receiver for years to come, but has not looked any better than a #2/#3 option the past few years.
            Rd.2 pick 63 - OLB Matt McCoy - (D-) - Was actually our starter at the beginning of last season but was horrible, was beat out by a UDFA this past year before the season started, last I saw he was cut by the saints.
            Rd.3 pick 77 - RB Ryan Moats - (D) - Looked very promising his rookie season but hasn't showed anything since, probably would've been cut this past year but went on IR in preseason so he got to stick around, probably won't last another year.
            Rd.4 pick 102 - S Sean Considine - (C+) - Was our starting SS last season before going on IR, but probably didn't deserve to be a starter, won't be anything more than a backup for the rest of his career.
            Rd.4 pick 126 - OL Todd Herremans - (B+) - A very solid starter at LG for us but isn't great, might not be a career starter.
            Rd.5 pick 146 - DE Trent Cole - (A+) - Is one of the premier young DEs in the league and was a great value pick, made the pro bowl this year, will be a cornerstone of our D for years to come.
            Rd.5 pick 172 - OG Scott Young - (C) - Benched in the mid 40s, is a very solid backup for us but his time in Philly might be limited.
            Rd.6 pick 211 - OT Calvin Armstrong - (F) - Have no idea where he is now, never did anything while he was here.
            Rd.7 pick 247 - DT Keyonte Marshall - (F) - Cut early on.
            Rd.7 pick 252 - LB David Bergeron - (F) - Cut early on.

            Overall I'd give it a C+, A bunch of role players, of couple very solid starters, 1 superstar gem, and a few failures.


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              2005 - Bears

              One of the few years they actually haven't done at least somewhat well recently.

              1st round - pick 4 - RB Cedric Benson
              Grade: D
              So far he was an adequate compliment to Thomas Jones when we got to the SB but looked flat out awful when made the full time starter and then he got hurt.

              2nd Round - pick 39 - WR Mark Bradely
              Grade: D
              Showed a few flashes of brilliance when healthy but so far that hasnt been often. With the losses of Berrian and Muhammad, hes going to have his best chance to contribute this upcoming year but so far, hes been an injury prone nobody.

              4th Round - pick 106 - QB Kyle Orton
              Grade: B
              Did well enough as a rookie to win the Bears the division crown and has been, in my opinion, surpassed the expectations of your average 4th round QB. Has a 66% career winning % and did well enough at the end of last season to likely secure himself the best chance at being the opening day starter next year.

              5th Round - pick 140 - WR Airese Curry
              Grade: F
              Was supposed to be a studly KR but was plagued by injuries. Thank god he wasnt healthy enough to give it a go or else the Bears might have never drafted Devin Hester.....

              6th Round - pick 181 - S Chris Harris
              Grade: C
              Solid contributor and good backup for a few years. Traded away to Carolina for a 5th rounder where he looks like a decent starter.

              7th Round - pick 220 - LB Rod Wilson
              Grade: D
              If i remember correctly, he was nothing more than a special teamer.

              So there was a not so good year for the bears......light on defense, perhaps thats why.


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                  1 (11) Demarcus Ware*, DE/OLB Troy State--A pro-bowler and defensive player of the year candidate who can rush the passer and play the run. Considered by many to be one of the top 15 players in the league today.

                  Grade: A+

                  1 (20) Marcus Spears, DE LSU--Hasn't developed quite into the force the Cowboys expected him to be when they spent this selection on Spears, but has remained a starter and a good run defender.

                  Grade: B

                  2 (41) Kevin Burnett, LB Tennessee--Although Burnett has yet to see the starting line-up (he may this season), he's proven a valuable contributor on the nickel defense and special teams.

                  Grade: A-

                  4 (109) Marion Barber, RB Minnesota--A Pro-Bowl running back who has earned a reputation for being one of the most hard-nosed football players in the league. I personally believe that Barber is a little overrated, but he still has proved to be a tremendous value for a 4th round pick.

                  Grade: A+

                  4 (132) Chris Canty, DE Virginia--A projected 1st rounder, pushed down by injury concerns who has turned into a valuable starter.

                  Grade: A

                  6 (208) Justin Beriault, FS Ball State--When he was able to play (very limited time in the preseason) Beriault showed great instincts and football IQ. I believe he would've made a solid starter and at least a top-notch special-teamer if he hadn't had the injury concerns.

                  Grade: Inc.

                  6 (209) Rob Petitti, OT Pittsburgh--A lineman who was forced to start 16 games his rookie season at RT, but was cut the following year. Limited by weight issues.

                  Grade: C

                  7 (224) Jay Ratliff, DL Auburn--Didn't really show up until this season, but proved to be a force as a nose tackle, enough so that he earned himself a nice contract extension this offseason.

                  Grade: A+

                  Overall: The Cowboys got 4 starters out of this draft (not counting significant role-players Barber and Burnett). Of the team's 8 picks, 6 are still on the team, with Beriault having his career shortened by injury. Any draft that can produce this many starters has to be considered a success, and one that yields two Pro-Bowlers including one top defensive player must be considered a draft for the ages.

                  Grade: A+


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                    I don't think a high second round pick deserves an A- for only ST.


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                      Everyone who killed us for the Eli trade pointed out how we lost out on Merriman failed to realize we drafted Tuck the same year Merriman came out. Had we had Merriman, we wouldn't have Tuck, and to be honest, id rather have Tuck.

                      Only bc we run a 4-3 and Tuck is better in the 4-3. The trade really worked out well for both of us.


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                        1. Braylon Edwards
                        GRADE: A+
                        -- After dealing with injuries and sub-par (and that's putting it lightly) QB play through his first two seasons, things finally clicked for Braylon in '07 as he developed into a top tier WR, more or less rewriting the Browns receiving records in the process.

                        2. Brodney Pool
                        GRADE: C
                        -- Pool was drafted at only 20 years of age, so he was still relatively raw coming into the league. His rookie season consisted mostly of special teams and spotty appearances in the secondary, which was to be expected. In '06, with Brian Russell still blocking a starting safety spot, Pool saw action all over the secondary, even notching a few starts at CB. After Russell left as a free agent following the season, most Browns fans felt Pool would breakout as he was now virtually guaranteed a starting role. Unfortunately, he put together an uneventful and mediocre '07 season and is yet to develop into the player we envisioned him becoming when he was selected with the second pick of the 2nd round.

                        3. Charlie Frye
                        GRADE: F
                        -- After taking over for Trent Dilfer in '05, Frye looked like your typical rookie QB, but he did show some promise and hopes were marginally high for his sophomore season in '06. That never happened as 2006 was one of the most forgetful years in Browns history. It was painfully obvious that Frye was not going to be the future as he failed to develop in any facet of the game. Somehow, someway he managed to "win" the starting job to start the '07 season only to replaced by Derek Anderson in the first game before the end of the first half. Charlie Frye was arguably the worst QB the Browns have had since '99 and that is saying a hell of a lot. Definition of an "F" player.

                        4. Antonio Perkins
                        GRADE: F
                        -- The selection of Perkins came as quite a surprise to Browns fans as there were still a handful of quality linemen on the board to start the 4th round. During his collegiate career, Perkins had developed into a dangerous return man and it was expected that would be his primary role with the Browns. That never happened as UDFA Josh Cribbs locked down the KR job while Dennis Northcutt maintained the PR spot. Perkins never saw the field in '05 and was only active for 5 games in '06 before he was released for good.

                        5. David McMillan
                        GRADE: D-
                        -- McMillan still remains on the roster, which is rather puzzling. What's more puzzling is the fact he never manages to see any kind of significant playing time. It seems that McMillan has a great training camp/preseason every year, but is never heard of after the regular season kicks off.

                        6A. Nick Speegle
                        GRADE: F
                        -- Speegle appeared in several games during his rookie season, but has not seen the field since. I don't even know/care if he's still on the roster to be honest.

                        6B. Andrew Hoffman
                        GRADE: F
                        Hoffman, or "Kegger" as he was most commonly referred to as (arrested for stealing a keg in college), came into the league as a defensive lineman who had experience in the 3-4 under Al Groh. However, he was soon moved to OG and has never seen the field in his career.

                        7. Jon Dunn
                        GRADE: F
                        After a very productive collegiate career at VT, I was personally ecstatic when Dunn fell to the Browns in the 7th round. Not to mention Dunn is the only person of any kind of fame to come out of my old high school. Unfortunately, I don't believe Dunn ever made it off the practice squad and was released following the season.

                        OVERALL GRADE: B
                        -- Although nearly every one of our 8 picks was a miss, the fact that Braylon Edwards has become easily a top 5 NFL WR and one of the most productive players in team history brings the grade from a very lowly "D-" or even an "F" to a "B." It's quite the jump for just one player, but you have to take into account just who that one player is. Plus, the book is still not closed on Brodney Pool. With a vastly improved DL in '08, the play of the LBs should benefit tremendously, which in turn will improve the play of the DBs. In which case, a top tier, star talent in Edwards and above average starter in Pool is more than enough for me to give this draft a "B" despite the fact the 3rd-7th rounds were a complete and utter wash.


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                          How do you have 5 F's, a D minus, and a C and still average a B. I would have loved for you to have been my teacher back in the day. And no Braylon doesn't warrant that big of a jump. He is good, like really good. but that should be an overall grade of like D/C- at most.

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                            Baltimore's 2005 Draft Class:

                            1) Mark Clayton - B- - He's a solid receiver who hasn't quite lived up to first round expectations. Once Derrick Mason retires, he'll take over Mason's spot, seeing as how they are very similar players.

                            2) Dan Cody - Incomplete - He's been injured his whole career. He played like 3 games in his 3 years.

                            2b) Adam Terry - B- - He's an okay starter and solid back-up.

                            4) Jason Brown - B+ - The most solid person on the line during the entire season. We got a steal here.

                            5) Justin Green - C - A good special teams player. Got beat out by LeRon McClain for the starting job at fullback.

                            6) Derek Anderson - A(if he was still in Baltimore) - For some reason, Brian Billick thought that Kordell Stewart & Kyle Boller were better then Anderson, who is a pro-bowl QB. -_-

                            7) Mike Smith - C - Solid back-up and good special teams player. We got at least some value with the pick.

                            Baltimore: 7-4


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                              21st overall- Matt Jones, WR, Arkansas....probably should have picked up Fabian Washington or Mark Clayton...but I can see the rationale behind the selection...Matt Jones' ceiling is very high...he has just not lived up to the draft selection...GRADE: D

                              52nd Overall- Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington...Barnes was a rookie starter and has gotten better every year...he's had some off the field issues but those will cease...he was the best available...GRADE: B+

                              87th Overall- Scott Starks, CB, Wisconsin...Starks has been a real solid nickel back for us...I think that he could be a starter but I guess the Jags FO thinks otherwise...he's solid though...GRADE: B-

                              127th overall- Alvin Pearman, RB, Virginia...he was never really that good, he had a few nice moments and was a solid punt returner, but that's about it...he was traded to Seattle for a 5th round selection so I guess he's recouped his value...originally the pick as eh...GRADE: C+

                              157th Overall- Gerald Sensabaugh, SS, North Carolina...He's slated to be our starting SS but has had two shoulder surgeries in the past 6 months...he was turning into a fine player before he was injured...GRADE: C+

                              185th Overall- Chad Owens, WR, Hawaii...Horrible pick...he stunk all the way up to his release...horrible, horrible, horrible...GRADE: F

                              194th Overall- Pat Thomas, LB, NC State...was a serviceable backup until he was released last season...GRADE: D

                              237th overall- Chris Roberson, CB, Eastern Michigan...didn't make the team...GRADE: F


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                                1 29 Marlin Jackson DB Michigan
                                2 60 Kelvin Hayden DB Illinois
                                3 92 Vincent Burns DE Kentucky
                                4 129 Dylan Gandy G Texas Tech
                                4 135 Matt Giordano DB California
                                5 148 Jonathan Welsh DE Wisconsin
                                5 165 Robert Hunt C North Dakota State
                                5 173 Tyjuan Hagler LB Cincinnati
                                6 202 Dave Rayner K Michigan State
                                7 243 Anthony Davis RB Wisconsin

                                Jackson and Hayden were both started in 2007 after a great run in the playoffs in 2006. Both were instrumental in making key plays-Jackson picking off Brady in the AFC Champ and Hayden with the int return for a td in the Super Bowl. Both have been significant upgrades over harper and david who lacked the tackling ability to effectively play the run and the type of Defense that Dungy insists upon. They are easily the best tandem of CBs in the Indy era of the Colts. Hayden was thought to be drafted too high for a wr turned cb in college esp since he only started one year at cb in college at Illinois.

                                Sweet Pea Burns was drafted to be a dt in the 4-3 and showed some quickness in training camp till he got hurt. Believe he was cut after only one year.

                                Gandy has been in the o line backup rotation and figures to be in the running to replace Scott on the right side this year. Giordano has been the #1 backup for both saftey postions. Welsch was thought to be in the mold of Robert Mathis, but he did not make it a full season with the Colts. Hagler looks like a steal and figures to be a starter next season.

                                Dave Rayner. A Kicker. Drafted by Bill Polian. Never a good sign. Nuff said about that.

                                Davis was hurt and as far as I know never played much.

                                So in all, we got 2 starting CBs, one player who figures to be out starting Guard this year, and one backup saftey/special teamer. To have drafted three players that went on to/will start for your team in three years time is good by most standards. Not the best draft of 2005, but no slouch either.

                                I'll say on a rating scale of good, bad, and ugly, we had a good draft.



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