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    dont feel like doing it by the Cardinals made this draft there *****


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      2. K Mike Nugent - C
      He's been great for us... but... a kicker?

      2. CB Justin Miller - B
      One of the best returners in the league but a terrible cornerback. Hopefully he can take some of his raw talent and become a solid DB this season after coming off the IR.

      3. DT Sione Pouha - B
      Hadn't shown much until last season but he has really come on as a solid contributor. He should be a big part of our DL rotation this season and has NT potential. Great run-stuffer in obvious running situations.

      4. S Kerry Rhodes - A++
      One of the best safeties in the NFL.

      5. DB Andre Maddox - F
      I have no idea where he is now, if anywhere.

      6. Cedric Houston - B
      Health problems pushed him down this far but he was a very solid player when given the chance. Stepped in extremely well for Curtis Martin when given the call. Unfortunately he decided to retire.

      6. TE Joel Dreessen - F
      No longer with the team.

      7. WR Harry Williams - F
      No longer with the team.

      Overall: Mike Nugent is awesome (but still... a kicker?), Justin Miller still has buttloads of potential and is one of the best returners in the league, Sione Pouha is a big sleeper, and Kerry Rhodes is arguably a top-5 safety in the NFL. I give the entire draft a B+.


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        9ers Now get ready for a laugh !!

        Rd.1 Kwame Harris OT:
        Leaked like a sieve, got QB's killed, didnt dress in 2007, FA aquisition by Raiders in 2008
        grade: F

        Rd.2 Anthony Adams DT:
        After 4 mediocre years he moved onto Chicago, we were'nt upset
        grade: D

        Rd.3 Andrew Williams DE:
        Undersized and out of the league, Career stats of 3 games started, 12 tackles
        grade: F

        Rd.4 Brandon Lloyd WR:
        Prima dona cry baby who Redskins actually traded for (lol). Wont go over the middle and shy's away for the ball (see you tube)
        grade: D+ (for draft picks)

        Rd.5 Aaron Walker TE:
        2 years 18 receptions 1 TD, moved to St Louis for 7 catches in 3 years
        grade: F

        Rd.6 Arnaz Battle WR:
        Sure and steady WR who has continued to develop into a good player. 109 receptions / 1250 yards last 2 years. Doesnt scare defenses but just does his job. Likely no.3 with added talent
        grade: B+ (given pick 197)

        Rd. 7 Ken Dorsey QB:
        Classic case of succesfull college QB not cutting it in the pro's. Lack of arm strength hurt. Good teacher and mentor - no.3 now with Browns.
        grade: D

        Overall grade: F
        Seven picks and only 1 player is currently on the roster and contributing. Its little wonder we find overselves in the position we do now.

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          Anquan Boldin thats all you got to say Fenikz.


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            Originally posted by azbmxican View Post
            Anquan Boldin thats all you got to say Fenikz.
            throw in some Gerald Hayes, mix it up with a little Reggie Wells


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              Redskins had the sorriest draft that year
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                2004 Draft Grades

                We've been all around the mark with 2003 and 2005 drafts so here it is (drum roll pls) the 2004 draft grades. 4 years in and what have we learnt ?


                Rd. 1 Rashuan Woods WR:
                6'2 202 looks an ideal WR, Woods proved this wrong. 2 years 7 recptions 1 TD. Not sure what he does now but it aint in the NFL
                Grade: F

                Rd.2a Justin Smiley G
                Nice player that was injury hampered and then wanted his pay day. Miami called and he answered this off season
                Grade: C+

                Rd. 2b Shawntae Spencer
                Nice little DB ideally the teams 3rd back. Played well in 2005 / 2006 but also got burnt at times. Lost starting spot to Nate Clements last year
                Grade: B

                Rd.3 Derrick Hamilton WR
                See Rashuan Woods but 6'4 217. 2 years no receptions some how on Denvers list
                Grade: F

                Rd. 4a Issac Sopoaga NT
                Beast of a man now just learning the game. Splits time Abruyo Franklin and recently re signed
                Grade: B+

                Rd. 4b Richard Seigler LB
                1 year 7 tackeles and then off list. Played on Steelers 2006 roster
                Grade: F

                Rd 6a Andy Lee P
                Pro bowl punter and fan favorite, kept us in games many a time
                Grade: A

                Overall Grade: C+
                The miss with Woods and then Hamilton hurt badly as well as the loss of Smiley mean an avaerage grade only

                me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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                  1 (15) Jerome McDougle, DE, Miami (Fl.) Bust. Never did anything worthwhile, likely to be cut in TC this year. F

                  2. (61) L.J Smith, TE, Rutgers A mediocre TE who's better suited as a backup TE. Okay, but nothing special. C+

                  3. (95) Billy McMullen, WR, Virginia Bust. Oh God this guy was terrible. Scared to go over the middle, terrible hands etc... F

                  4. (131) Jamaal Green, DE, Miami. Another bust. Who exactly is he?

                  6. Jeremy Bridges, G, Mississippi Who? F

                  7. Norman Lejeune, S, LSU Who? F

                  WHAT THE **** WAS GOING ON HERE?


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                    1st round Sean Taylor FS Miami A+ not on team
                    3rd round Chris Cooley TE Utah State B+ Great receiving threat
                    5th round Mark Wilson OT not on team
                    6th round Jim Molralino OG/OT not on team
                    RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                      Originally posted by BufFan71 View Post
                      **traded for Drew Bledsoe**
                      Willis Mcgahee--F--gave us one good year, didnt run hard, didnt care
                      Chris Kelsay--D-- Isnt a good pass rusher, or run defender, just a hugh motor
                      Angelo Crowell--A-- Our best LB'er, very good
                      Terrence McGee--B-- number 1 cb, but in the past, bigger wrs handle him
                      Sam Aiken--f--special teamer that never contributed on offense, now on NE
                      Mario Haggan--c-- FA now, but a solid player
                      and some more
                      Sam Aiken was a day 2 pick that stuck on the team for 5 years. And he was really good at what he did.
                      An F is overdoing the Willis hate, too. That's putting him in the same boat as Mike Williams and Erik Flowers. Even the laziest of McGahees don't belong there.
                      Kelsay would be more of a C in my book, although he's hardly a thrilling starter.


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                        1.16( Traded up with KC) Troy Polamalu,SS, USC. Best SS in the league and He fit perfectly in our scheme. 2x-All Pro and 4 time Pro-bowler.

                        2.59 ~ Alonzslow Jackson, 34OLB, Florida State ~ It's picks like this I remind people that Cowher isn't always the best talent evaluator. Damn NYG, Osi could be our ROLB right now.

                        Jason Witten, Antwan Peek, Lance Briggs, Derrick Dockery, Angelo Crowell, Asante Samuel all would've been better here.

                        4.125) Ike Taylor, CB, Louisiana Lafeyette ~ I think Ike is fairly underrated and if he had anything resembling a pair of hands at the end of his arms could very well be in discussion for top 5 CB's in the league. He has shut numerous WR's down. Including every single #1 we faced in 2005 (Marvin Harrison beat him once in the Monday Night game in 05)

                        5.163) Brian St. Pierre, QB, Boston College ~ Decent backup, has great touch, absolutely no arm strength. Solid #3. Should've lost his job to Omar Jacobs.

                        7.242) JT Wall, Georgia.. don't even know. Kevin Walter or Ethan Kelley would've been better picks.

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                          Hooray, the Bob Sanders draft...

                          44) S Demond "Bob" Sanders - 2-time Pro Bowler, 2-time All-Pro, 2007 Defensive Player of the Year, and main reason the 2006 Colts defense transformed in the postseason and allowed the team to win the Super Bowl. Not bad for a 2nd round pick 4 years ago.

                          Grade: A+

                          68) TE Ben Hartsock - Wasn't able to beat out UDFAs Ben Utecht and Bryan Fletcher, ended up on the Titans last season. Not sure if he's still there.

                          Grade: D

                          69) LB Gilbert Gardner - As much as I hate to say it, Gardner being a Purdue product, he was a waste of space and did nothing beyond minor contributions on special teams. Ended up with the Titans, who let him go this offseason.

                          Grade: F

                          107) LB Kendyll Pope - Never really got a chance in the NFL, as he got suspended early in his career, and as far as I know, has yet to have the suspension lifted. I can't really say he was a bad pick, because he never really got a chance.

                          Grade: Incomplete

                          125) CB Jason David - Mediocre starter for 3 years, brought a 4th round pick when the Saints signed him as a RFA.

                          Grade: C (the pick received from the Saints pushes the grade up from a C-)

                          141) OG Jake Scott - 4 year starter for the Colts, recently signed with the Titans. Anyone noticing a trend here?

                          Grade: B

                          173) CB Von Hutchins - Mainly a backup and special teamer, was pretty decent on special teams.

                          Grade: C-

                          193) QB Jim Sorgi - Hard to judge, but in the limited time he's had with the first team offense, he's looked solid.

                          Grade: C

                          229) K David Kimball - Was drafted to be a kickoff specialist. FAIL.

                          Grade: F

                          Overall Draft Grade: A

                          Bob Sanders is the centerpiece of this draft, and was an obvious steal in the 2nd round given the impact he's had. Once again, the Colts produced 3 starters from this draft, and that's before counting Ben Utecht, an UDFA that started 15 games for the Colts last year. If the Colts could've gotten anything out of the 3rd round, it would've been Polian's best draft with the Colts to date.

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                            7th overall- Byron Leftwich, QB, Marshall...WOW...he showed a lot of promise in his first two years but injuries cut his career in Jacksonville short...he's not currently with a team right now, and that's amazing because he can still hard he has fallen...GRADE: F

                            39th Overall- Rashean Mathis, CB, Bethune Cookman...probably one of the Jaguars best picks...ever...he's been selected as an ALL PRO and been to a PROBOWL...he had a down year in 2007 but he's currently top 7 corner in the's hard to believe that so many teams passed on him...GRADE: A+

                            72nd Overall- Vince Manuwai, OG, Hawaii...Manuwai is a very underrated guard in this league...he's so underrated that he outplayed most of the guards in the league but due to name recognition or lack thereof he was not selected to the intricate part of the Jags running game....GRADE: A+

                            104th Overall- George Wrighster, TE, Oregon...Wrighster took a while to get going but has become a very good pass catching TE over the years, but due to his injuries over the years the organization chose to draft Marcedes Lewis in the first round in 2006...GRADE: C+

                            132nd Overall- Labrandon Toefield, RB, LSU...Toefield was a very good running back coming out of LSU but he just landed on a team that was set at RB...he reminds me of Steven Jackson the way he runs but he just never got an opportunity to really play...he did have a three TD game against Tennessee back in 2005...he is now playing for the Panthers...GRADE: C

                            176th Overall- Brandon Green, DE, Rice...Green never saw the field in Jax...GRADE: F

                            179th Overall- David Young, S, Georgia Southern...Young was on the practice squad for alittle while, but never played for the Jags....GRADE: F

                            193rd Overall- Marques Ogden, OT, Howard...pretty much drafted for the name recognition...was on the practice squad for most of his career in Jax...never panned out....GRADE: D

                            218th Overall- Malaefou Mackenzie, FB, USC...he could have been really good but just wasn't the all around FB that Del Rio was looking for...GRADE: F

                            Overall...I'd give the draft a C+, we got two very good players in Manuwai and Mathis...but tanked on Leftwich...


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                              1 - 25 - Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas
                              Physically gifted player that ran a 4.26 40. Unfortunately he's a dumbass and can't play cornerback. The only way he can stop a receiver is to grab them. Just throw it in his general direction because it will either be a completion or pass interfence. "Grabby Smurf" committed 33 penalties and gave up 11 TDs in just 28 starts. Was cut early into the 2006 season. Jacksonville picked him up last year, but he was arrested for drugs so they cut him. He's now in the arena league.

                              3 - 70 - Joey Thomas, CB, Montana State
                              We couldn't possibly get two corners dead wrong back to back right? Wrong. Joey Thomas didn't have the penalty problems that Carroll did, he just well sucked. He challenged Carroll some and I think even started a couple games, but that's not saying much. To add to the problems he and Carroll hated each other and broke out in fights in practice. He's at least still in the NFL with Miami, but it's extremely doubtful he makes the roster.

                              3 - 72 - Donnell Washington, DT, Clemson
                              At 6'6 328 he looks the part of an NFL DT. Playing like one is a completely different story. He was inactive for every game with us, never playing in two years. He showed up to training camp the next year out of shape at 350 and we later cut him. He's not in professional football now, he never really was in professional football.

                              3 - 87 - BJ Sander, P, Ohio State
                              He only punted one year in college yet we traded up to take him in the third round. There's no other way to say it other than he stunk. He averaged under 40 yards a punt and was god awful in the cold. A couple years later we signed Jon Ryan and he easily beat Sanders out. I was amazed by Ryan when I first saw him. Not so much because of how great he was, but how terrible he made Sander look.

                              6 - 179 - Corey Williams, DT, Arkansas State
                              Finally we get to a player that is still in the league. A good player at that. A DT that can effectively stop the run and get to the quarterback. He was in our rotation the past couple of years and started most of the second half of the 2007 season when Johnny Jolly was placed on IR. Traded to Cleveland this offseason for a second round pick.

                              7 - 251 - Scott Wells, C, Tennessee
                              Another good pick. Started at center the past two years for us after we let Mike Flanagin leave. Didn't miss a beat and was actually an upgrade. Will be a staple in our offensive line for many years to come

                              Wow, we couldn't **** up our first 5 rounds anymore if we tried right now. Strangely after 4 straight absolute busts in the first 3 rounds we hit on two very good players in the 6th and 7th. It's not like those were considered good picks at the time either except maybe Washington. Williams and Wells keep this draft from being a complete failure, but I still can not go any higher than a D-. But hey what do you expect when this is your GM


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                                I hate sherman... Carroll over gamble then Sanders in 3rd...ew...
                                Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang
                                Waaaaaaaaah!!! It was totally cooler when I was the only one who made a truth thread. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I thought that when I "retired" people would honor me by never making truth threads. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!
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                                It's called Auto Fellatio!



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