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Raiders sign DE KALIMBA EDWARDS!!!!!!!

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    Kalimba Edwards isn't that bad really. He reminds me of a poor man's KGB or Mark Anderson. Not someone that you want starting, but a serviceable 3rd DE. The Lions were frustrated that he never lived up to his talent, but he's not a worthless player.

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      Kalimba Edwards was never that great with the Lions. He's not bad, but I don't even know if this deserved it's own thread, you shouldn't really be getting this excited over him. To me it would be the equivalent of a Jets fan saying their passing game was going to be insane after signing Bubba Franks.


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        lol this isnt that big of a signing. you are also overrating the raiders. we still a young qb that has barely played, no LT and our dline sucks. raiders arnt going to the playoffs but we will be around .500

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          One word...championship.


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            The Packers signed Brandon Chillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobodys going to be able to run or throw the ball on us now!!!!!!!!

            RaiderNation said it right... RoughNeck your getting way to excited. The Lions team isnt exactly full of stars so anytime they cut someone1 there not very good because they couldnt make there team.

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              ... he wasn't good enough for the Lions, but he's an awesome player for Raider standards?

              Never thought I'd see the day a fan would burn his own team that bad...

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                They needed DE depth behind Derrick Burgess and Jay Richardson, solid signing I suppose.

                I didn't think they were going to draft Gholston anyways, not when Burgess has two more years with ~3M base salary a piece. But now they have some depth in Edwards, who can (hopefully for them) give them some additional pass rush when he rotates onto the field in passing situations.
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                  Originally posted by DawgBone View Post
                  Jets Browns and Eagles all had better offseasons.
                  Its nice to know non-Eagles fans think so too.
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                    So the Raiders are now trying the Washington Redskins Title Contention Plan? Interesting.

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                      One could argue the Raiders spent their money better than the Redskins did in the summer of 2006. :p

                      And they still have the fourth overall pick to help their team get better.
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                        He's not really very good. If you can get him motivated he can be a solid player, but he's not gonna be a stud.


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                          edwards is by no means a terrible player...its not like this is a brutal signing. Did they overpay? probably. But that seems to be the trend for them this offseason. In fact, other then trading for Dhall, whom they practically stole from the falcons, this is probably their BEST offseason move. I mean, 50 mill for tommy kelly? 55 mill for javon walker? 40 mill for gibril wilson? wat the hell is al davis thinking? They grossly overpaid for all of those guys, especially walker, who has essentially done nothing in this league. I mean think about it, he had one big year in GB, one average year in denver, and has done NOTHING else to deserve 55 million. Thats ludacris, and was a terrible signing. Kelly? i dont know much about hte guy, but im pretty sure he isnt worth 50 million and im damn sure he isnt the best DT in the league, which hes being paid as. Edwards offers them a solid 3rd down rusher, and as long as you dont ask khim to stop the run [ever] then hes ok.

                          Thats just my opinon on the raiders offseason...maybe cause im a fan of building through the draft, but al davis better hope he is not alive when it comes time to pay up for all those contracts.
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                          The APS is strong in this one.
                          Originally posted by killxswitch
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                            Originally posted by ChezPower4 View Post
                            Who aren't the Raiders gonna over pay for this off-season. I thought they had a good team last year. Also and you can quote me "the Raiders will never win a Super Bowl as long as Al Davis owns the team!"
                            Looking at the other deals, Edwards' isn't that bad. But any that has won 19 games in 5 years has to over pay, and there is no way Al is going to rebuild. At least they aren't boring.


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                              Yeah, what an insane pass rush. I think Kalimba will probably get 3 or 4 sacks this year.
                              He still has some upside left though I guess. He'd be a better fit in a 3-4.


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                                Originally posted by Roughneck View Post
                                Deangelo Hall
                                Javon Walker(when he returns back healthy)
                                Kalimba Edwards

                                thats not quality?
                                Kalimba Edwards couldnt do crap in the NFC, so now he's going to the AFC. Atleast the broncos and chiefs have shaky olines

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