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  • Coaches on the hot seat

    For this upcoming season which coaches are feeling the most pressure from the front office?

    1. Marvin Lewis - I love the guy but their offseasons are becoming more exciting than their regular season. Although they are alot better than when he got the job, the NFL is all about "what have you done for me lately".

    2. Mike Nolan - They made alot of moves last year but they are still

    Any others?

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    I don't know. I just have this gut feeling that Mike Holmgren will be gone after this season. ;)


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      i'm guessing john fox will be


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        The whole redskins coaching staff
        RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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          Mangenius with the Jets.
          Eli rules!


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            Some people believe if the Raiders start off slow Lane Kiffin could be fired during the season...

            It could happen you never know with Al.
            Taking a Knapp.


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              Cam Cameron


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                Lane Kiffin. Its obvious he and Al Davis don't get along at this point.

                John Fox, Marvin Lewis, Scott Linehan, Mike Nolan, Wade Phillips.


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                  Mangini, Kiffin, Phillips, and Nolan I think are on the biggest hot seats.


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                    Marvin isn't going anywhere unfortunately.

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                      Hah, I've been thinking of making a thread like this, but I thought I'd wait until after the Draft. :)

                      - Def. agreed with BBD on Scott Linehan, this is a year he has to show upswing if not a .500/winning record. And honestly, I think he's gone after this season.

                      - Brad Childress, could be in a .500/winning record or else year.

                      - I'm not sure about Marvin Lewis, the guy is trying to make it work with what he has, and the owner wants him. You have to understand, Lewis and the coaches have a lot of responsibilty when it comes to the Draft there, given the current structure (or lack thereof). And Lewis wears a GM hat too, essentially.

                      - If Nolan doesn't get back to .500 or very close to it, who knows. They've already got Mike Martz in house for a year.

                      - Mangenius shouldn't even be mentioned imo, why consider canning a good coach? Yeah he probably hurt the team by being stubborn with the 3-4, but they are coming out of it now with the defense being almost built.
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                        No coach has made it more than 3 years here since Levy left. Jauron comes into his 3rd year with a 14-18 record. I think he'll be around after this year, but his connections got weaker with Levy stepping down and a bad year coming off of two losing seasons would definitely have the door open.


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                          Originally posted by luee View Post
                          Mangenius with the Jets.
                          Negative...though the fans might go crazy if we have another 4-12 season.

                          Mangini seems like he has the full faith of the organization here.


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                            I am going to go out on a limb and say Lovie Smith. I think the Bears don't make .500 again and get a lot of Bears fans asking for change.

                            Originally posted by Halsey
                            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                              Personally I wouldn't consider firing Lovie Smith after this season, winning record or not.
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