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Braylon Edwards to NYG trade stalemated

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  • Braylon Edwards to NYG trade stalemated

    Sal Palantonio has just reported that the negotiations between the NY Giants & the Browns sending WR Braylon Edwards to Cleveland have reached a stalemate.

    If it's going to happen it's looking more & more like a draft day trade. Cleveland wants the Giants' 1st rd. pick as well as DE Mathias Kiwanuka while the Giants are offering a 2nd & a 5th in the 09 draft. A Giants spokesman added that Kiwi is a deal-breaker.

    The needs for both teams are still there, the Giants need a veteran WR to replace the released Plaxico Burress, & HC Mangini & the Browns are embarking on what appears to be a complete rebuilding effort on both sides of the ball so they need to maximize their total draft picks. The Browns have engaged in more trades & rumors of them than any other NFL team so far this offseason, with TE Kellen Winslow dealt to Tampa Bay & QB Brady Quinn as trade bait being currently shopped with the rumored addendum of Cleveland being added to the long & growing list of teams allegedly interested in Sanchez in the 1st rd.

    The two teams will likely compromise & announce a trade early this Saturday, but what will the terms be? Will the Browns back off on Kiwi? Probably, but it's obvious they want a veteran player & a pick vs. two picks. IDK if they will give up on the Giants' 1st rounder though, Cleveland wants to draft several impact rookies who can start & help restore them to the playoff team status they enjoyed in 2007.

    I think Cleveland will finally settle for a 1st & a 3rd or 4th, depending on how hard a bargain NYG GM Reese negotiates, & Cleveland will draft a replacement WR in the late 1st rd. with that pick from the Giants. Or continue to wheel & deal in the early draft rounds, Mangini & company seem to have predisposition for horsetrading & maneuvering.
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    there is no way the Browns trade Edwards for a 2nd

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      In my mock draft, I have the Giants giving up a 2nd and 4th. I don't think I have very many right picks, but it's interesting to hear the Giants want to give up a 2nd and 5th. Because I think they could be stretched to end up giving the 2nd and 4th. Hooray for foresight if I get it right. :D


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        "Cleveland wants the Giants' 1st rd. pick as well as DE Mathias Kiwanuka"

        Put the pipe down Cleveland.


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          Browns are asking for too much, and the Giants are offering too little.

          Yup, sounds like a stalemate to me!
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            I just hope it stays stalemated. I think the Giants could trade Kiwi and it wouldn't effect them too much, as long as they stay healthy and find someone who can have a similar impact, though losing him would be tough.
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              Losing Kiwi would really hurt. Our D can be dominant as long as we have three high caliber ends to rotate and attack QBs with. Personally I think we need to draft a fourth DE who could step up in case of an injury as a pass rusher. We're not deep enough at DE to give up on kiwi now.


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                as a browns fan, the only way i'd be happy with this trade getting done is for exactly what the browns are asking for, a 1st and kiwi (which i know is crazy more than the giants will do). otherwise, we loose the only thing on our offense that might scare teams for what basically amounts to a 3rd and a 6th.

                i'd say both teams offers are equally ridiculous.


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                  Maybe the Browns should just keep Edwards and Quinn and build the offense around them and Joe Thomas. Or am I just talking crazy?


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                    god would that be great.


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                      I wouldn't mind Kiwi for Edwards straight up but a first and Kiwi, come on now...

                      2nd and a 4th, if not that nothing. Jerry Reese is a ******* balling GM.

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                        I think a 3rd and Kiwi should be enough. He could be a 10+ sack guy in a 3-4.


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                          This is surprising. Personally there's no way I'd give up a first but if it's really that stalemated I say #29 seems okay. They're making this more confusing than it needs to be. The Browns seem to want to get rid of all talent on the roster.


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                            B. Edwards > Nicks/Britt/Rowbiskie
                            With that said- their 1st rd pick isn't really too absurd.
                            If they want Kiwi as well- then I'd lower that to a 2nd or 3rd.
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                              Kiwi is the deal breaker...... He's a young DE that is just tapping into his potential, there's no way J-Reese lets him go, ESPECIALLY packaged into a deal with a 1st round pick

                              2nd, 5th, and a WR of their choice..... Thats as high as I wanna go

                              I dont want Kiwi in this deal AT ALL!!!!
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