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Which rookie season was more impressive: Roethlisberger 04 or Ryan 08?

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  • Which rookie season was more impressive: Roethlisberger 04 or Ryan 08?

    Might as well start off random offseason discussions.

    Who, in your opinion, had the more impressive rookie season and why?

    Big Ben was drafted to the 6-10 Steelers and led them to a 13-0 record as a starter in the regular season while posting these statistics: 196/295, 66%, 2641 yards, 8.9 YPA, 17 TDs, 11 INTs.

    Matt Ryan was drafted by the 4-12 Falcons and led them to an 11-5 record while having these stats: 265/434, 61%, 3440 yards, 7.9 YPA, 16 TDs, 11 INTs.

    Of course, the W-L record and statistics don't mean everything; I would take into account the environment they were brought into, how much they were relied on, etc.

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    Good question. I'll go with Matt Ryan, since Ben Roethlisberger had a better defense to back him that year. Also, Ryan threw alot more and had more yards.

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      Don't get me wrong, Big Ben put up some good numbers.

      But the more impressive is Matt Ryan, he was brought into a team with a Rookie Head Coach, and all the pressure was on him. He didn't have near the team around him that Big Ben had, and still succeeded while being one of the most fun Quarterbacks, well, players at that to watch.

      Matt Ryan.
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        I think the Atlanta Falcons turn around from what they were to what they became was more impressive than the Steelers turnaround.

        However, I think the two were in different situations at different times and the two can't necessarily be compared, but without the running games, offensive lines, receivers and defensive play neither would've been successful and both probably receive more credit than they're necessarily due.

        That's not to say Ryan and Roethlisberger weren't impressive as rookies, but they weren't the sole reason for their teams' turn arounds.


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          Matt Ryan in my opinion. Ryan had a great ground game behind him, but he was depended on a lot more than Roethlisberger was as a rookie because the Steelers had a much better defense and supporting cast.
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            Based purely on statistics, Big Ben probably had a better rookie season despite completing/attempting a lower number of passes than Matt Ryan.

            If it is based moreso on surroundings then I think the case could be made for Ryan. Ryan had a rookie GM/rookie head coach as well as a sub-standard defense to work with. Combine that with the fact that Ryan had all the pressure in the world placed upon him to succeed and I think he just edges out Big Ben who had it a little easier his rookie season.


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              Big Ben had an outstanding defense, they were 15-1 iirc so you could very easily give this to roethlisberger. Ryan had the better season but roethlisberger had the better team. I will give it to Ryan just because of the Chicago game but the stats don't lie.

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                Matt Ryan... Ben was more of a game manager in his first year (A very good one at that) but Matt Ryan played lights out last year.

                Both had an amazing run game, roethlisberger had a better defense.


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                  This is very easy for me and I thought it should be for others, when you have the Steelers defense it makes everything you do so much easier...Matt Ryan had to win alot more games then Ben was asked to, threw the ball more, and the supporting cast was alot weaker top to bottom.

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                    Get a poll set up. I would say ryan because he had to play with atlanta and brought them up from basically ground zero to playoffs.


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                      Matt Ryan, Big Ben had success with a team Tommy Maddox had had success with, Matt Ryan had success with a legit worst place team that got some major contributions their offseason additions.


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                        Matt Ryan, he did not have the amazing defense that Ben had to wipe away his mistakes.


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                          I'm a Steeler fan, and I say Ryan. Now, Roethlisberger was very impressive to win how he did, but Ryan carried his team at points, something Roethlisberger hasn't done until the past 2-3 years.

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                            I remember when Big Ben was a rookie, he only threw 25ish passes a game. He was asked to do a lot less then Matt Ryan. Ryan didn't really have anything to work with either. Ben had an amazing defense, and Bettis. Ryan had a couple lower profile wide recievers (at least they were when he came in).

                            Edit: Matt Ryan also started 16 games.

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                              Matt Ryan's first pass was a TD. Yeah, it was against a high school defense, but so what. It was still amazing the way he made the read and threw such a perfect strike that a not particularly fast possession WR was able to stay in full stride and go the distance with.
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