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Best CB tandem 07-08 season?

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    Brown and Lito

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      [quote]Not the best but IMO Oakland's duo of Aso and Fabian (improved greatly this year) are going to be up there.[quote]

      Was going to say them as well. Denver is the obvious choice, you have the hands down best DB in football, or at least CB, and you throw in a guy that 2 years ago would have been top 5(or close) who struggled with a system but should have plenty in the tank.

      I quite like the Raiders pairing though, definitely their strongest and most promising position.

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        Packers - Al Harris and Charles Woodson
        Broncos - Champ Bailey and Dre Bly

        Sleeper - Rams - Tye Hill and Ron Bartell :)
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          Haha --- Ashton Youboty and Terrance McGee for the worst with Jabari Greer as our nickle!


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            Its either Denver, Oakland, or Baltimore. Philly needs some love in this convo as well.

            If Cromartie steps up next year, don't be surprised if SD creeps into this convo. Jammer finally turned the corner, and they have a demon CB that could be unleashed at any moment in the nickel right now. That front 7 makes their life alot easier as well.


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              prolly oakland, the rest of the team is a laughing stock, but their pass defense is very underrated, and is a top 3. With Asomugha and Whoever else (Routt, washington, or w/e is on the other side. Just move huff over there.


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                Originally posted by Grizzlegom View Post
                law and surtain didnt get mentioned?

                i know both are getting up in age but they still play at a high level and id take either over bly...

                Thank You.Both still can flat play despite age.It's the best combo we've had since Dale Carter and James Hasty


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                  I am glad that there has been an uptick in overall CB play of late. Back a few years ago, there wasn't a lot going on, but with all the new talent coming in, it's nice to see shut-down tandems coming back.

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                    Originally posted by Craigo View Post
                    As much as I strongly agree that the Niners shouldn't be mentioned here, the depth is not bad. Maybe after #3, but really, who cares about your 4th corner?

                    I will stand by this: Shawntae Spencer is the best #3 corner in the league. Most underrated player on the team.

                    But this thread isn't about that. Behind the obvious Broncos, I would put the Bears and Ravens.
                    if you are talking about nickel back...ricky manning jr. is probably the best nickel back IMO not the most talented 3rd DB on a team but the best at playing nickel back...

                    Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                    Ken Lucas, Chris Gamble and Richard Marshall is the best nickel set in the NFL.
                    peanut tillman, nathan vasher, and ricky manning jr. is the #1 nickel set in the NFL :)

                    yay for homerism!


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                      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
                      depth behind him is horrid.
                      I wouldn't go that far.


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                        3-Carolina(If Ken Lucas is healthy, Gamble doesnt gamble so much, and Richard Marshall keeps his play up, thats 3 good CBs.)

                        thanks Bengals1690


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                          1. Carolina
                          2. Green Bay
                          3. Denver
                          4. San Francisco
                          5. Oakland


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                            Charles Tillman, Nathan Vasher


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                              Denver, not even close

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                                Champ and Dre Bly at #1 obviously, but one of them could get injured. I'll take Lucas, Gamble, and Bly after that. It annoys me when people throw out their little homer picks. I'll just say the Vikings CBs are in the top halve of the league.




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