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    Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
    Atlanta Falcons

    1. Peria Jerry-Extremely likely to be our starting NT next to Jonathan Babineaux.

    2. William Moore- My money is on him winning the SS spot over Thomas DeCoud. I think the coaching staff/FO would like to see him starting as well. If he doesn't full out start, I think we will still see the field in running downs with DeCoud handling passing situations.

    3. Christopher Owens- In my estimation Chris Houston has the #1 CB spot on lockdown as does Chevis Jackson with the nickel. (Supposedly we liked Jackson a lot in the nickel, but don't think he can play outside). So depending on his play, he could be the #2 corner or the #4.

    4. Lawrence Sidbury Jr.- Should see a good amount of time in 3rd down pass rushing spots.

    5. William Middleton- #4/5 corner back or on the PS. Great speed. Could see him as the #5 while doing some things on Special Teams.

    5B. Garrett Reynolds- Backup RT.

    6. Spencer Adkins- Backup LB. Great physical tools could make him a good ST player. PS perhaps.

    7. Vance Walker- Will likely make the team as pure depth along the DL.
    I think Jerry will struggle at NT, particularly early. He just doesn't have the strength to be a NT even in the 4-3. But neither does Babineuax. I think the Falcons DL will have some struggles against the run this season. They don't have a starter along the interior DL to take up blockers, and offensive linemen will be able to make it to the Falcons LBs. Thats a tough situation for that DL, and the LBs.
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      Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
      Only rookies I see making an immediate impact are Kraig Urbik and/or Joe Burnett and Mike Wallace. I see Urbik being the RG from day 1 and Burnett and Wallace taking over the return duties. Hood will bring depth, but not make a great impression in his rookie season IMO. Frank Summers could make an impact too if he is our starting FB and short yardage guy.
      I'm going to take a guess and say no impact at all. Heh, but really, I think you could see 0 rookies make a start for the Steelers this year. Wallace will battle for the third WR spot, Urbik won't start, but will back-up a few positions. Summers likely won't do much unless an injury happens.

      So, other than a possible return guy coming out of this class, I'd say little to nothing.

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        There will be tons of immediate impact from the Broncos draft class...they had tons of holes, so you could see plenty of starters from this class like last year.

        Knowshon Moreno-Will most likely be the starter and the workhorse back.

        Robert Ayers- Will be Mr. Everything in a hybrid defense. They plan on playing him at OLB and DE so he should be seeing the field a lot this year.

        Alphonso Smith- Champ needs someone across from him...Bly is gone, Smith should start off as the nickel at worst. Will cause lots of turnovers, which was a problem last year.

        Rulon Davis- UDFA, fills a need at 5 tech DE. Should be part of the rotation.

        Chris Baker- UDFA, will most likely be the starter at NT

        Richard Quinn- Should see a lot of time in 2 TE sets opposite of Graham.

        Kenny Mckinnley- I like him, but I'm not sure if there is space for him to see much time on the field.

        The rest of the guys are going to be special teamers and spend time on the bench learning from veterans.

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          Andre Smith - Already our starting RT.

          Rey Maualuga - The Bengals will find a way to get him on the field, but it may take a little time. He's currently learning how to play SAM, where he'll backup Jeanty. But as the season goes, he could either steal Jeanty's spot or steal some of Dhani Jones' playing time at MLB.

          Michael Johnson - He'll be a third down pass rusher. He's also learning how to play SAM.

          Chase Coffman - He'll start the season #3 on the depth chart, behind Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht, but I guarantee you that he doesn't end the season there. I expect him to emerge mid-to-late in the season like John Carlson did last year.

          Jonathan Luigs - Is battling for the starting job. If he doesn't get it, he'll still see lots of playing time whether it be at G or C.

          Kevin Huber - Bengals cut the other two experienced Punters on their squad. So the job is officially Huber's.

          Fui Vakapuna - Competing for the starting FB spot.

          Bernard Scott - Trying to get a job as 3rd down back or as a returner.

          Quan Cosby - If he makes the team, it'll be because of his Special Teams abilities.

          Chris Pressely - Competing for the starting FB spot.


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            Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
            I think Jerry will struggle at NT, particularly early. He just doesn't have the strength to be a NT even in the 4-3. But neither does Babineuax. I think the Falcons DL will have some struggles against the run this season. They don't have a starter along the interior DL to take up blockers, and offensive linemen will be able to make it to the Falcons LBs. Thats a tough situation for that DL, and the LBs.

            All about quick one gap penetration. Has to use his quickness much more than his strength. And then just let Curtis Lofton run wild.


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              Aaron Maybin - DE
              Likely not to see the field as a starter, but rather as a situational pass-rusher. Once he matures and becomes a more well-rounded player he'll become a starter.

              Eric Wood - OG
              Already a starting guard on the offensive line. I remember reading that once he understands all the line calls and things like that he'll probably shift over to the center position. The Bills are in love with his study habits and tenacity on the field.

              Jairus Byrd - S
              May not enter the season as the starting safety, but the Bills really like his ball-skills and this alone will force them to get him onto the field. I expect him to be starting along side Whitner by mid-season.

              Andy Levitre - OG
              Also a starting guard on the Bills' line.

              Shawn Nelson - TE
              His main competition is Derek Schouman and Derek Fine. He should be the starting TE by the time the season rolls around.

              Nic Harris - LB
              The Bills have moved him to the OLB position and should be a valuable special-teamer for us.

              Cary Harris/Eric Lankster - CB
              Will most likely be practice squad players. The Bills are very deep at the CB position atm.

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                Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois - I expect him to start in the nickel and then become a full-time starter by week 8 as Green is more of a nickel.

                Pat White, QB, West Virginia - Will see 15-25 snaps a game in the wildcat and will be the third string QB as well. Might actually be the backup a bunch of games as we won't want him as our "emergency" QB so Henne might not always be active.

                Sean Smith, CB, Utah - Will be our dime back all season and will probably see time against bigger receivers like TO and Moss because of his good man coverage skills.

                Patrick Turner, WR, USC - Will prolly spend the season as a number four or five that will get lots of red zone looks.

                Brian Hartline, WR, Ohio State - Will spend the entire season as the 5th or even 6th receiver and likely wont play on offense but will be a ST demon as that is what he was drafted to do.

                John Nalbone, TE, Monmouth - Will be the third string TE and see time on ST

                Chris Clemons, S, Clemson - Will also be a ST ace and will be the primary backup at SS.

                Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech - Will probably be the top backup at LT.

                J.D. Folsom, ILB, Weber State - Might struggle to make the roster due to the numbers at LB but could stick as a ST guy. Likely ends up on the Practice Squad.

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                  Everette Brown DE Florida: Hand in the dirt pass rusher... expected to contribute early in a rotational role splitting time as a foursome with Peppers, Brayton and Johnson (who was quietly pretty effective last year). I'm expecting around six to seven sacks as a rookie. Team's and analysts seem to focus on Brown's lack of ability in the run game, but it won't be a factor at all, he's a rotational weapon right now, not an every down player.

                  Sherrod Martin S Troy: The safety / Corner Tweener will be moved to nickel back where it's expect he can use his physicality as Richard Marshall has done for the last few years to be a punishing inside hitter. Again he won't start and it's expected he's caught out of position a few times changing roles in the NFL but he'll see a lot of field time.

                  Corey Irvin DT Georgia: Great combo of size and speed with relatively raw abilities means that Irvin will be relegated as a backup to Kemoeatu and Lewis. The Panthers have always worked their scheme on the defense with three tackles and haven't had a reliable rotation guy since losing Jenkins. With Jordan Carstens well and truly out of football Irvin is expected to eventually become the rotation guy who can the big men in the middle for a period to give them a breather. New DLine coach is enamoured with his athletic ability, not so much with his technical ability.

                  Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M: Likely a big time special teams weapon. At 6-0 and 208 pounds he's hardly a small back. Nick Goings for many years filled in on the Panthers as a kick and punt returner, gunner, blocker, runner, fullback, receiver and probably would've sold programs before the game if the team asked him to. Goodsen will step into this kind of JOAT role initially while he's groomed to contribute more in the offense.

                  Tony Fiametta FB Syracuse: Heir Apparent to Brad Hoover, not likely to see significant time as a rookie, may push for time due to his receiving ability, Hoover has notoriously stone hands.

                  Duke Robinson G Oklahoma: It's rare for a team to pick up the best guard in the draft this late, but the panthers managed it. After losing their key backups at tackle and guard this offseason it's likely Robinson will see some form of playing time as last year both Otah (ankle) and Vincent (knee) missed some playing time. Robinson figures to be a guard for the Panthers and will likely be the heir to Vincent's position as he's the only member of the line over 30.
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                    Cleveland Browns

                    Alex Mack - We had a lot of trouble with C and RG last season and after a few trade backs in the first round, we ended up with Mack who can play either spot. Mack is very smart [Draddy Award Winner] and a very good football player [1 sack allowed in his junior and senior campaigns, 2 penalty's in 850 snaps as a senior, All American]. He should contribute on the offensive line right away and although you shouldn't hear his name much, Lewis and Quinn [who is taking reps with the first team] should be better overall by the addition of Mack.

                    Brian Robiskie - Losing Jurevicius to injury last season really hurt our offense more than people realize. JJ was huge on third downs, and was to big and physical to leave alone. He was a leader for the team, unafraid to go over the middle and had great hands. This year we're replacing the Cleveland native with another big bodied, good handed hometown guy in Robo. Robo should step in right away in the #2 or at worst #3 slot and should have a solid contribution for the season. He most likely will never be a superstar, but if Edwards [who wants to remain in Cleveland, wasn't there someone who's been saying this all along?] comes back to normal, we don't need a superstar, just a complimentary guy and Robo can do that.

                    Those should be the only starters coming out of the draft.

                    Veikune should see time in the LB rotation though in both ILB and OLB. Massaquoi could be anywhere from 2-5 in the WR rotation. Maiva should be a contributor on ST right away although I question how much he'll be involved in the defense. Carey and Francies should be battling for the dime back. Davis is interesting; neither he nor Harrison can pick up a blitz but I'll bet that whoever proves to be the better blocking back will find themselves behind Lewis on the depth chart.

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                      Cleveland Browns

                      1 (21): Alex Mack, C, California - In the AFC North, going up against Haloti Ngata, Casey Hampton, and Kelly Gregg, we need a good center. Hank Fraley got bulldozed last year, and Mack will make a huge impact from the get go. He will instantly be one of the better centers in the league, and I think he'll be the best in the NFL before too long. He will start.

                      2 (36): Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State - We really missed Joe J. last year, and Robiskie is a more complete version of him. He has great hands and is a very good route runner. He gives us a red zone threat that we really need. He'll start or be our 3rd wide out from the get go.

                      2 (50): Mohammed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia - He gives us the potential that Robiskie lacks. He could end up as a number one for us, but he'll be our 4th wide out at best this year.

                      2 (52): David Veikune, LB, Hawaii - He is very strong, smart, and stout against the run. He'll play both outside and inside for us. He'll be on the field from the get go, but may be limited to passing situations.

                      4 (104): Kaluka Maiva, LB, Southern California - Small linebacker doesn't fit the 3-4 that well. I see him as a nickel linebacker and special teams demon. He'll play special teams right away.

                      6 (177): Don Carey, DB, Norfolk State - He is very smart and aggressive. He has good upside, and I think he could end up getting moved to safety.

                      6 (191): Coye Francies, DB, San Jose State - He is very talented and would have gone higher if not for "character issues". He could be our nickel back right away.

                      6 (195): James Davis, RB, Clemson - Love the pick. He is a senior back who would have been picked much higher if he had left early. He will be our third back behind Jamal Lewis and Jerome Harrison.

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                        New York Giants
                        Hakeem Nicks, WR
                        I think Nicks will win the third WR spot by the end of camp and will push Steve Smith into the slot when we go three wide. Hearing rave reviews about his hands, focus and tenacity going for the football. I think he has a good chance to be our starter by the playoffs if Hixon doesn't step up or Manningham doesn't explode.

                        Clint Sintim, SLB
                        Will be a rotational pass rusher, should battle Maurice Evans and Dave Tollefson for the 4th DE role on passing downs. Has a chance to be a starter next season.

                        William Beatty, LT
                        Like Sintim he won't see the field much as a rookie, that said I think he'll be a starter next year if he isn't by the playoffs.

                        Ramses Barden, WR
                        Again not expecting much, but we'll use his size and athleticism in the redzone.

                        Travis Beckum, HB
                        Won't surpass the boss and his blocking will likely preclude him from the second TE role as a rookie, but he'll be another receiving weapon for eli when we spread the field.

                        Andre Brown, RB
                        I think he'll beat out Danny Ware for the third RB role and he has a shot to be our receiving back because of his hands and blocking.

                        Rhett Bomar, QB
                        Likely practise squad guy if he can't beat Woodson out for the third QB spot.

                        DeAndre Wright, DB
                        Stoney Woodson, DB
                        Both of these guys look to be our 5th CB/4th Safety so Special Teams is where they'll make their impact if they make the team.


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                          Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                          Mike Goodsen RB Texas A&M: Likely a big time special teams weapon. At 6-0 and 208 pounds he's hardly a small back. Nick Goings for many years filled in on the Panthers as a kick and punt returner, gunner, blocker, runner, fullback, receiver and probably would've sold programs before the game if the team asked him to. Goodsen will step into this kind of JOAT role initially while he's groomed to contribute more in the offense.

                          C'mon, I thought you were the Panthers superfan? haha

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                            Arizona Cardinals

                            1. Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB - not sure if he will start immediately, but he should see substantial playing time and probably starting sooner rather than later.

                            2. Cody Brown, OLB - most likely will be a backup behind Okeafor to start the season. If Okeafor falters, he will probably move into the starting spot depending on how he performs and progresses.

                            3. Rashad Johnson, S - will see some playing time in the nickel package, but other than that he will be the backup FS behind Rolle right now.

                            4. Greg Toler, CB - backup as the 4th/5th CB on the roster. He will need some time to adjust to the pro game, and with that being said he most likely won't see much playing time his first year.

                            5. Herman Johnson, OG/OT - Big Herman will be tried out at OT, but I doubt he even comes close to starting. Most likely the backup OG behind Reggie Wells.

                            6. Will Davis - OLB - depending on if he makes the roster or not (which I assume he will), he will probably be used as a situational pass rusher in the 3-4 on 3rd downs.

                            7a. LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB - 3rd, maybe 4th string RB who will be used primarily in the role J.J. Arrington had with the Cards last year as a change of pace back and kick returner.

                            7b. Trevor Canfield, OG - most likely will be the back up RG behind Deuce Lutiu. I could see him getting some playing time, and perhaps move into a starting role if one of the guards goes down to injury.



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                              New York Jets

                              Mark Sanchez - 50/50 shot of him starting right now in competition with Kellen Clemens.

                              Shonn Greene - Will most likely see most of his duty at the goal line and short yardage situations.

                              Matt Slauson - Will backup both guard spots and maybe backup RT. Also could be demoted to ps.


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                                Orakpo will start and play a lot.

                                Barnes will start the year in the dime but I think will earn his way into the nickle by mid season.

                                Not expecting much from anyone else this year.



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