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    I worship the ground Carson walks on, but I still wouldn't take him over Rivers right now. I've got a strong prescription in my homer goggles for both Trojans and Bolts, and Rivers is flat out the better QB right now and for the future. Honestly I think he has a stronger resume' too.

    I can't really argue with any of the guys above Ladainian, but I think he is going to climb that list throughout the course of the season. He has been healthy and popping it in minicamp.

    Gates at #5 TE though is atrocious.
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      Calvin is the number 11 wideout because they wanted to make him number 1, twice.


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        hm surprised david harris isnt top 20. hes not too far behind bart scott
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          I read halfback and wide receiver. They are epic fails. I am sorry, I am a huge Rams fan, but Steven Jackson the #2 Halfback may be a little high right now. I'd prolly still put AD #1, LT #2, Westbrook 3, Portis 4, and SJax 5. 2 is just a little high IMO. I know I may get heat for this, but Torry Holt is a top 20 WR. He has one season below 1300 yards, just one. I was fine with the WR until #11. Holt is not in the top ten, but Roy Williams? Are u ******* me? Chad Johnson? Those are a couple I would replace with Holt in there.


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            Jahri Evans @ 18?????? an with the amount of guys in there after one season carl nicks should even be on that list.
            Seriously the guys who made these lists are not saints fans

            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
            - Corner or Wideout in the first
            - No reaching
            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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              hahaha they have pettigrew as the 20th best TE. i mean sure he has potential, but come on rookies, never ever deserve to be on a top list before they play


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                I hereby rechristen the Sporting News: The Sporting N00bs


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                  this is about how good they are right? however the anaylsis says nothing about their strengths and weaknesses and only talks about the obvious. If you guys are scouts, do some scouting!

                  and darren mcfadden is SOOOOOOO high. This guy as a RB is gonna be a bust. He has absolutely no power and always goes down on the 1st guy.

                  Go Ravens!


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                    I like the RB rankings only because I have Brandon Jacobs in a dynasty fantasy league.


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                      Warner is about where I would put him. He's not great, but he's definitely above average. With Fitz, Q, and Breaston to throw to it really pimps out his stats.

                      I have no idea how Beanie is on the list when he hasn't even took a snap in the NFL yet. I'm really excited to see him play, but you would think it would be hard to put somebody on a top 20 NFL players list without him even playing in the NFL yet.

                      Fitz is where he deserves to be at #1 and I can't argue Q at #4.

                      Dockett at 11 I can live with, but I personally think he should be a bit higher. It may be my homerism, but he is one of the top 3-4 DE's in the league IMO and he's good at getting to the QB in the 4-3 as well. His run-stopping isn't that bad either, although it could be improved.

                      Dansby is a little high at #3 for ILB. I would put him around the 5-7 area. Dansby is more of an OLB though as he plays there in the 4-3 and he also lines up there sometimes in the 3-4. He's one of those players where not one facet of his game sticks out, but he does everything good.



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                        I think these rankings include some projections on potential and playing time opportunity.


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                          No Stewart Bradley or Dave Harris at MLB fails horribly.


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                            Scouts also must consider things that can't be measured: Leadership, the quarterback's role within a system and performance under pressure.
                            #10 Tony Romo. Good one Sporting News.

                            #11 Matt Hasselbeck
                            #14 Aaron Rodgers
                            Call me a homer but I think from here on out, Rodgers is a better quarterback.

                            Give me Steve Smith (10) over Greg Jennings (9) and Calvin (11) over both of them.


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                              Until the Lions improve, Johnson will be a step below the top receivers.
                              Oh yeah because the Browns and Braylon Edwards really tore it up last year.

                              RIP TheManInBlack


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                                seriously though no lofa..................seriously???

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