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  • How to manage the clock- Andy Reid

    When to challenge plays- Andy Reid

    How I won a Super Bowl- Andy Reid

    Calling Run plays- Andy Reid

    How to get the ball into the hands of your best playmakers- Andy Reid

    The Wildcat- Andy Reid

    Worm Hunting- Donovan McNabb

    How to run between the tackles- LeSean McCoy

    Our Success Story- Shawn and Stacy Andrews

    How to tackle- Asante Samuel


    • "Humility: How to walk softly but carry a big stick" by Lane Kiffin
      Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

      Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
      Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


      • Securing the ball - DeAngelo Williams foreword by Adrian Peterson
        Accuracy and moving the chains by Jake Delhomme
        Mid-Season adjustments by John Fox
        Keeping your emotions in check by Steve Smith
        Progressing your sophmore year by Matt Ryan
        Blocking for dummies by the greenbay packers offensive line


        • "The Art of Catching" by Limas Sweed

          "Overtime: The Complete Facts" by Donovan McNabb

          "A Guide to Kick Holding" by Tony Romo

          "Securing a 17 Point Lead with 4 Minutes to Go" by the Houston Texans

          "Acing the Wonderlic" by Vince Young

          "Stadium Construction: The Art of Screen Placing" by Jerry Jones

          "Playing Quarterback" by JaMarcus Russell and Derek Anderson

          "Keeping your Cool" by Mike Smith

          "Humility" a collaborative effort from Dan Snyder, Al Davis, and Jerry Jones

          "Adequate use of a Video Camera" by the New England Patriots

          "Being Cool" by Brad Childress

          "Healthy Celebrations: Volume I - Jumping" by Bill Gramatica

          "Success!" by Craig "Buster" Davis

          "Proper Techniques for Head-Butting Inanimate Objects" by Gus Frerotte

          "Never Quit: 10 Tips for an Illustrious Career in the NFL" by Quinn Pitcock

          "Naming Your Child" by D'Brickashaw Ferguson's Parents

          "Relationships: 6 Tips on Dating Classy, Well-Behaved Girls" by Shawne Merriman

          "Dealing with Unemployment" by Tatum Bell

          Props to clover_jeez!


          • "How to get that Promotion" - Matt Leinart
            "Trent Edwards: That's my teammate, that's my Quarterback"- TO
            "Howe to took da Wonderlick"- Vince Young
            "Protecting Your Company's Biggest Investment"- Green Bay Packers O-line
            "I've got Balls"- Deangelo Hall

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            • "how blind homerism of your favorite college RB makes you look like a genius" Scotty


              • Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn View Post
                "Overtime: The Complete Facts" by Donovan McNabb
                I hear another book is coming out.

                "The number of time outs in a game: keeping track to not look stupid" - By Donovan McNabb with a preface by Chris Webber
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                DEATH NOTE MAFIA SIGNUP!

                Originally posted by njx9
                oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


                • A Team's Underbelly of Sabotage: Their Fat Little Girlfriends, by Mike Leach

                  You CAN Tie? No Kidding, Really? by Donovan McNabb

                  Toronto Relocation Made Easy, by Ralph Wilson & the Bills Front Office

                  Biography of a Baby Bullet: How I Hid Behind Huge Guards & Scooted to Daylight, by Maurice Jones-Drew

                  Who's Laughing Now? by Cedric Benson, Fwd. by Josh McDaniels
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                  • Originally posted by broth223 View Post
                    "The number of time outs in a game: keeping track to not look stupid" - By Donovan McNabb with a preface by Chris Webber
                    I hate you so much.


                    • "Coming through in the clutch"- by Kerry Collins/ Tony Romo gives it 5 stars!

                      "QB mechanicisms n' youz "-Bi vnce yonnq

                      "Rasing your 8 children successfully"- By Travis Henry forward by John and Kate.

                      Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                      I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


                      • How to peak at the right time and finish the season strong. By the Denver Broncos.

                        The perils of binge drinking- Kyle Orton

                        Originally posted by Scott Wright
                        Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
                        Originally posted by njx9
                        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


                        • Coaching Football 101 by Eric Mangini.


                          • How to express your emotions : Dick Jauron


                            • "My Quarterback" by Eric Mangini

                              "Condoms: Just stretch the tip and roll to the base" by Noel Devine
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                              • How to get out of a funk by Donovan McNabb



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