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    Originally posted by wicket View Post
    he now owns a flyfishing business in canada

    I hope it fails and he falls off a cliff.


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      Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
      Super bowl 34 sucked hard.
      To put a positive note in this thread, this is my franchises best game.


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        Originally posted by yodachu View Post
        To put a positive note in this thread, this is my franchises best game.
        Yeah. One man's **** pie is another man's pumpkin.
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          Originally posted by vikes_29 View Post
          Whats with the Vikings hate here? You guys are assholes. But yes, during that game I was 8 years old, and I honestly bawled my freakin' eyes out. I hated Gary Anderson.
          Ah Dont worry about the Viking Hate. You had to know it was going to come when a teams franchise worst game was brought up.

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            Titans vs Bills, Packers vs 49ers, Ravens vs Steelers, but the one I cried on was Packers vs Eagles. That one hurt so badly man.


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              Originally posted by Geo View Post
              Definitely disagree, it's 2005 all the way imo. The playoff loss to the Steelers. Everything was set up for them, the Broncos in the AFCCG and Seattle in a dome for the Super Bowl, and they completely blew it. So badly on multiple fronts. Can't even get into it the game itself, deep down I don't think I've fully gotten over it yet.

              If there's one game you couldn't pay me to watch again, it's that one.
              This, except to say that I've gotten over it because Adam Vinatieri earned every penny of his exorbitant (for a kicker) contract in the 2006 divisional playoff game. With Vanderjagt, I honestly believe the Colts lose that game as well.

              The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

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                The Colts loss to the Steelers in '05 hurt, definitely. But if you go back 10 years when Jim Harbaugh led the surprising Colts to the AFCCG but just lost by an arm's length... it probably had to do with my young age at the time but I'd really gotten swept up in the Colts that year, and to see it end like that still makes my stomach turn.


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                  Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
                  2002 Playoff Game against the 49er's. Giants had a huge lead and gave it up. We then had a FG to win and Trey Junkin messed up the snap. There was actually a PI on that play that should have been called which would have given us another chance.
                  I AGREE!!!!! It should have been pass Int. AND off setting allowing us a second chance!!!! DAMN you Ron Winter!!!!! Damnnnnn You!!!!!!

                  Also, the Ravens superbowl! I always hated Fasshole and Carrie Collins, but that game made me loath them! Team looked totally unprepared! Thank god both fools are gone!


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                    Haha the steelers divisional game I was probably 14 and I balled my eyes out. Christmas present wasted to see my colts blow that game...

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                    Originally posted by killxswitch
                    Bill Polian is cancer wrapped in AIDS delivered in an XXL enema so please don't expect me to disagree with you.


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                      I'm tempted to say the final game of the 2008 season, but I have to go with the 1996 NFC Championship.


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                        Originally posted by The Dynasty View Post
                        Glorious. Fredex would like to take this opportunity to thank his hands for being so great.


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                          Originally posted by vidae-KC View Post
                          The playoffs a few years back, Chiefs v Colts, where everyone though LJ was going to run over the leagues most porous rush D and instead we didn't get a 1st down until the 3rd quarter. We got dominated.

                          That sucks to remember.
                          I'm surprised you picked this over 1995 and 2003. 03 might be the most amazing shootout in the playoffs we'll ever see, divisional playoffs at Arrowhead and finished 38-31 I believe.
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                            It would have to be the Divisional Game against the Steelers. Anytime the Colts got any sort of luck in that game, it was wasted. The fumble by the Bus looked like it was gonna be returned until Big Ben made a brilliant tackle, the missed Field Goal etc all made that game unbearable. Also, it should have been the Colts year and it would have been brilliant to win it for Tony Dungy, whose son had only passed away a few weeks before the game. I still remember all the players and coaches, on both teams, just saying "He missed it" when Vanderjagt missed his field goal.

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                              Voodoo already mentioned the Superbowl, but some others that come to mind are:

                              -2006 last game of the year against the Patriots, Win and need a bunch of others things to happen. Sure enough everything else happens.

                              -Losing to the Ravens in the playoffs both years as the top seed.


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                                Originally posted by AntoinCD View Post
                                Just ask David Tyree and his damn helmet. Also the AFC Championship game three years ago against the Colts when they came back comes nextfor me
                                Oh man I never want to remember that superbowl.

                                Other than these, I'd say the divisonal playoff game against Denver at mile high. The phantom pass-interference call, the, IMO touchback, but it was waaaay too close to call, on the Watson-Bailey play.

                                I would say the Chiefs game this past year, but thankfully I missed the worst part of that game.
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