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  • Brag about your team's training camp

    This is different from the Training Camp Update thread that has injuries, contract talk, worries, etc etc.

    Just Brag Baby. Bring it!!!

    Sorry Lions fans. Didn't mean to leave you out by starting this thread.

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    I'm getting a serious broner from hearing about the offense. Returning one of the best offensive lines in the NFL completely and giving a great tandem the chance to dominate once again makes me happy face.

    Smith and Muhummad haven't missed a beat and if Jarrett becomes anything like he showed he could be last season the receivers should compliment the backs nicely.

    Kemo going down as overrated or as underrated as anyone pins him means that this year, Carolina is either going to need to find some amazing "OMFG Who the hell is this dude?" DT off waivers or on the Roster or Meeks will run a platoon and some come up with some master stroke of a plan to cement his place as one of the NFL's better defensive coaches (I'm not holding my breath on either) In fact I think we're going to struggle without kemo and be very offense centric.

    Brayton's been moving inside on passing downs which is promising since an obvious passing situation with Peppers, Lewis, Brayton, Johnson/Brown could be a nice thing to see.

    Munnerlyn could prove to be a huge steal in the coming weeks if early indications are a showing of the future.

    Gary Barnidge is coming along nicely.

    Obviously this is all homer, bragging crap and is to be taken with a grain of salt. I'm guessing that's the point of the thread?


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      well we have Drew Brees and you don't so suck on that Dolphins.

      i'm getting erections left and right about hearing the defense causing turnovers. i can't wait for the preseason.


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        A bragging thread?

        DeSean Jackson will own the NFL (proven fact).

        Shady McCoy is doing fantastic and will see a lot of playing time.

        Jeremy Maclin came in and didn't seem to be missing a beat surprisingly, I guess that time in Arizona with McNabb really put him ahead of the game. He has been flashing great hands, deep threat ability and he is making end-zone grabs. He is however struggling with beating the jam.

        Brian Westbrook is very far ahead of schedule, as is Stacy Andrews.

        Winston Justice is showing that he is a decent RT, I know, whodathunkit? He has shown some fight as well getting in like 3-4 fights already.

        Bunkley, Patterson and Cole are owning. Watch out because that means trouble for opponents if they get going.

        Joe Mays is a monster, if it moves he hits it and hits it HARD. No one will ever question his hitting ability and he is showing he is decent in coverage and he is displaying great instincts and once he is in front of you you're not getting away no matter how many fancy moves you try to pull on him and Shady is learning that the hard way.

        Celek is a big time sleeper this year, grab him because he is showing himself to be a great safety valve over the middle for McNabb.

        Ingram is incredibly athletic.

        Quintin Demps is also athletic and he makes a ton of plays in the back of the defense. Not to mention he isn't one dimensional like last year, he is hitting and he actually knocked Kevin Curtis out of practice for a day and half.

        Quintin Mikell is great, that is all.

        Asante Samuel is doing fantastic out there.

        Thats pretty much all the bragging I got. Shawn Andrews and Jason Peters need to get on the field.


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          We're so good, our first round picks don't even need to show up.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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          do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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            From the impressions I've read, the addition of Washington and Cook to the Titans offense has been making for some impressive shows of offensive speed. Washington is apparently catching almost everything thrown his way. Wonder if he was similarly impressive in Steelers camps? Cook is looking like a rookie possessed out there from what I've read.

            Lavelle Hawkins is also apparently showing some good signs, although throughout the years, so did Brandon Jones, Roydell Williams, and Courtney Roby, not to mention Calico, in camp environments.


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              Oh yea? Well my training camp can beat up your training camp...


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                DHB ran a fast 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raiders FTW

                "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                  Originally posted by trkaline View Post
                  Oh yea? Well my training camp can beat up your training camp...
                  The Titans training camp is so ill, it's got AIDS scared to catch it.


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                    Jared Cook just got inducted into the hall of fame.

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                    I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                      I'm sure glad this guy ISN'T in Bears camp....


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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        DHB ran a fast 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raiders FTW
                        Haha, that made me laugh.

                        Haven't heard anything big out of Chiefs camp except that Cassel and Bowe look to be on the same page already, which is pretty important. Not much else getting out that is either important or exciting. Go us!

                        Originally posted by fenikz
                        His soft D really turns me off
                        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                          Originally posted by vidae-KC View Post
                          Haha, that made me laugh.

                          Haven't heard anything big out of Chiefs camp except that Cassel and Bowe look to be on the same page already, which is pretty important. Not much else getting out that is either important or exciting. Go us!
                          Haley finally snapped at Darling today for lining up that was entertaining to read


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                            Ryan Succup is a ******* tall kicker.


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                              All your Gamecock draft picks are steals, I tell you. Just listen to these rave reviews for Cap, Jared Cook, and Succop. oh snap.

                              As for the Cowboys...Sam Hurd baby! woot woot! Unstoppable in camp.

                              He did catch that^
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                              Thanks BoneKrusher^

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