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    K. Britt looked good IMO
    I didn't see Hood though- how did he do?
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      Brian Cushing. 8 tackles, 5 solo.

      Maualuga 8 tackles, 4 solo.

      wowwww. James Lauranitis 14 tackles, 10 solo.
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        Alex Mack had an excellent debut. He held his own against the Williams'


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          Not much for the Seahawks on the stat line. Curry only had 4 tackles, 1 of them was a nice hit on Jackson. Deon Butler only had 1 catch for 7 yards, but it was a nice 3rd down conversion in the red zone that lead to a TD. Max Unger's name didnt get called much if at all so thats good.
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            For the first time in a very long time the Titans leading receiver in a game was a WR. That WR's name, Kenny Britt.

            Very nice debut for him, 4 receptions for 85 yards, with that big reception at the end of the 2nd quarter. He did look like a rookie, not doing enough to stop the Polamalu interception, not going on crisp routes, but that gets better with time.

            Jared Cook was inactive, Javon Ringer DNP on offense, did ok on kick returns and got a tackle on defense! Ryan Mouton was either inactive or a DNP

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              Tyson Jackson has looked good in the time he has played. I'm very happy with his production. I'm still not thrilled about where he was picked, but he has a nonstop motor and plays hard to the whistle. Gotta love that.

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              His soft D really turns me off
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                Clay Matthews had just one tackle but I felt like he was in position to make a couple more plays.


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                  Originally posted by wonderbredd24 View Post
                  Alex Mack had an excellent debut. He held his own against the Williams'
                  What are you talking about? Kevin tore him apart consistently.
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                    David Buehler had three touchacks and a couple of really high kickoffs. May not sound great to some but, he is going to help us a great deal with opposing field position.

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                      from the one half i watched before it became unbearable, mack looked pretty good save for a couple plays. Did good in the run game.


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                        Jets rookie watch

                        The man in the sig- Went 12 of 15 on 3rd downs, shows great poise, really carried himself well for the most part. Had maybe 3 bad throws out of the bunch with 1 being picked off and scored but really outside of that, he looked damn good. Finished 18/31 with 272 yds with a TD and INT. Take this every week if you can but I know that it won't be as dandy every week. Loved what I saw still though, should be the top rookie of the week by far.

                        LB Jamaal Westerman- 1 sack, couple of tackles. Very impressive display by him considering he was a mere undrafted FA pickup. Liked what I saw.

                        Shonn Greene was inactive but I still can't wait to see him, especially on the goal line stands.


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                          hmmm thats all.


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                            Alphonso Smith had a nice game - 5 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 pass defensed and almost grabbed an INT. Played both the run and pass well. Good stuff.

                            Moreno didn't do much - 8 carries for 19 yards. At one point he got his bell rung and had to leave the game, but came back in later. In his defense, the run blocking in front of him was particularly shaky.


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                              - Jeremy Maclin didn't touch the ball one time.

                              - LeSean McCoy had 9 rushes for 45 yards, had an awesome catch but it only went for 1 yard. Overall a nice game for him spelling Westbrook and keeping him fresh.

                              - Macho Harris only had 1 tackle but he played a solid game as the starter at FS. He didn't allow any big plays which is all you could ask for from a 5th round rookie. Had a pick 6 in his hands that he dropped.


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                                UDFA CB Bruce Johnson saw the field and held his own.


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