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Which Players Are Future Coaches?

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  • Which Players Are Future Coaches?


    Alright, I've wondered this since Mike Singletary was hired as HC for San Francisco.

    What players in today's game do you think can be notable coaches/coordinators 5-10 years from now?

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    Obvious: Manning (if he chooses)

    Less Obvious: Zach Thomas, Brian Dawkins (semi-homer, but I don't care), Ray Lewis???, Jason Witten.

    Really am not sure. Just the names that pop out to me...
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      I have always thought Matt Birk could be a decent coach if he chose to be one.

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        What characteristics are we looking for in our potential coach? Charisma? Knowledge of their current position? a team leader?

        This seems like a silly question, we don't know hardly enough about these players to judge if they would be a good coach or not.


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          Lofa Tatupu will make a very good LB coach when he's all done.

          Originally posted by Tebowfan85
          too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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            It's damn near impossible to ascertain this.

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              Brian Urlacher, Wes Welker, Brian Dawkins, Ken Dorsey

              Like EATW said, just some names that popped into my head.

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                I think Tedy Bruschi could be a good one.


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                  Ray Lewis, just for his amazing pump up speeches.


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                    Every NFL player that went to an Ivy League school or Stanford, but for players sake of naming one I'll say: Mike Vrable


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                      Brian Dawkins and Ray Lewis have defensive coordinator jobs in the future.

                      Ray Lewis is a defensive genius and has carried that Ravens defense for a decade. His knowledge is incredible and he is a great leader. He will be a great coach one day.

                      Dawkins is the same way, he knows the zone blitz system like the back of his hand and he is a fantastic leader. I truly want him to be an Eagles coach one day.


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                        I really don't see the impossibility of this question.

                        I mean, an obvious candidate would be somebody who has been around the game from a X's and O's standpoint, like a back up quarterback or a notable bench player.

                        Basically a player who has watched the game more than he has been on the field.

                        Here are some players that I think could be strong candidates:

                        For some reason or another, I keep thinking Jim Sorgi, the back up QB for the Colts. He is a player who has been behind the best in the game for the past 6-10 years and should have a massive understanding of the game. Yes, he rarely plays, but if there is anyone who knows the X's and O's of the game to a HC standpoint, I would think him.

                        Other players who I have considered:

                        I think Larry Izzo has special teams coordinator written all over him

                        Jeff Saturday
                        Matt Birk
                        Brad Johnson (former QB)
                        Jeff Garcia?
                        London Fletcher-Baker

                        Those are just a couple that I could name off the top of my head.

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                          Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                          Every NFL player that went to an Ivy League school or Stanford, but for players sake of naming one I'll say: Mike Vrable
                          Eric Johnson and Zac Keasey FTW!


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                            Chad Pennington and Matt Light come to mind.


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                              Bruschi if he chooses, same with Thomas I believe but it's hard to say. If they do, they would be great positional coaches. Simulate like 6 years in a madden franchise and go to hire a staff. See what former players are there.



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