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    Shaun Hill isn't going to be around forever. When you do finally break a new quarterback in, a player like Crabtree will go a long way towards helping that along.

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      Originally posted by Brent View Post
      Also, while he might not know any of the plays, supposedly he's been training his ass off in Florida, so that when he does show up, he's on track with all the other WRs, as far as conditioning goes.

      At this point, I am torn about Crabs, I'd love to have someone with his potential in SF since we havent had a true #1 since TO was run out of town, but it isn't like we're throwing the ball all over the field and when we do, it's mostly to VD and Gore.
      Well a big plus about Crabtree is that he doesn't need to get the ball by going down field. He can go over the middle on play action and the short passing game.

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        Originally posted by njx9
        you're way more generous than i would be. i'd pitch him the rookie minimum and tell him to piss off.

        and sure i'm being a hardass. but it pisses me off to no end that some unproven ***clown decided that just because he and his idiot "handlers" thought he was the best player ever, that the rookie scale that's been in place for decades shouldn't apply anymore. it's not like these are un-generous contracts. ****, sign the best contract you'll literally ever be offered and get into camp. really, the 49ers should just pour that money into their defense, and making sure willis and those guys stay happy.

        and further, if there was evidence that the 49ers had given him a way low-ball offer given the current system, i'd be just as disgusted by their FO.
        At this point, are you trying to sign him? Because he ain't playing much, if at all this year, regardless of when he signs. If you low ball the **** out of him and offer him the rookie minimum, he has no incentive whatsoever of signing, cause he'll make a **** ton more money if he just stays out completely and re-enters the draft next year.

        I like P-L's idea. Half the offer and tell him he can take it or piss off.


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          Originally posted by njx9
          not really.
          I understand where you're coming from, and why you would refuse to have him on your team, but you also have to consider what was given up to acquire the right to have him on your team. They passed on a whole lot of talent for Crabtree, so if they just turn to him and tell him to **** off, they come out of that draft with nothing to show for the first round.

          At the end of the day, both parties are business oriented, and it wouldn't be in the best interest of either for Crabs to re-enter next year's draft.


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            Hoping the 49ers sign him to a pro-rated contract. Just enough of a discount to be a slap in the face.

            If they do a low-ball offer like njx and P-L mentioned (which I would applaud them for), he'd re-enter the draft, sign immediately and claim victory because he didn't have to settle for a pro-rated salary and he didn't cave to the 49ers. I don't want any perception that Crabs won this stand-off. I would rather see the 49ers take $1 off the original contract to account for the 4 missed games. that way, Crabtree caved and lost money due to his diva behavior.

            Giving Parker a face saving contract annoys me too. why pander to him? The 49ers hold all of the cards. they are in first place, and one miracle play away from 4-0 and they have 2 first round picks next year. AND, having the Crabtree money laying around would certainly help get a new contract to Patrick Willis or another deserving player.

            So, F him. give him a fair contract for a #10 pick that missed training camp, the pre-season AND 25% of the regular season. If Crabtree and Parker have half a brain between 'em, they'd take it.

            Also, not really related, but I heard they have t-shirts in SF that say:
            'We don't have Crabs but we still have VD.'

            i find that awesome.


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              Everybody liked Crabtree before this whole thing. Now no one does. He might have lost a lot of money in endorsements in the past three months.



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                i still kind of like him. he just seems like a fun guy. not a smart guy, but fun


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                  has he signed yet? lol


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                    Crabtree is a bum.He'll end up hurting Duke who is finally starting to show some consistency with his immense potential.

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                      Originally posted by hawkeye123 View Post
                      has he signed yet? lol
                      The update is that the meeting is still taking place, but Crabtree and team president Jed York have left the meeting already. At this time its thought that Parker and the 49ers brass are still up there hammering out the details.


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                        According to multiple sources, the details are being taken care of right now. Matt Maiocco, a 49ers beat writer, has been chasing the parties, including Crabtree himself, around the hotel where the meeting is out and they are avoiding him. Matt Barrows, the other main beat writer, was on the radio saying that the signing is imminent and will probably be announced within hours.


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                          For all of this trouble, Crabtree better work hard and hope things work out for him (assuming he signs with us), because if he is a bust he'll never hear the end of it.

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                          Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


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                            I was wondering if the 49ers make the playoffs(!!), would Crabtree realistically be in a position to contribute in the post season after signing with a quarter of the season already over, that's all.


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                              Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
                              I was wondering if the 49ers make the playoffs(!!), would Crabtree realistically be in a position to contribute in the post season after signing with a quarter of the season already over, that's all.
                              I'd believe so, I mean we still have 13 weeks left until playoffs start, assuming that the Niners are competing for a playoff spot.

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                                About damn time

                                Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                                Show me your Wang, if you will.



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