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    Rd 3. Jarron Gilbert - DE/DT - SJ State. Red Shirted. INC.
    Rd 3. Juaquin Iglesias - WR - OU. Hasn't stepped on the Field. INC.
    Rd 4. Henry Melton - DE - Texas - Hasn't stepped on the Field. INC.
    Rd 4. D.J. Moore - CB - Vandy - See above
    Rd 5. Johnny Knox - WR - Abilene-Christian - Better than Good. Son. Better than Good. - B+
    Rd 5. Marcus Freeman - LB - Ohio State - Buffalo? I knew I didn't see him... but I missed that somewhere.
    Rd 6. Al Afalava - S - Oregon State - Starting S, quality hitter, doesn't look too lost, is not bad in coverage, and not bad in the run. Not a young Mike Brown, but hey, he's not a glass joe. - C+
    Rd 7. Lance Louis - Some TE/T prospect - SD State - In Court... Automatic F for screwing up.
    Rd 7. Derek Kinder - WR - Released by the Bears. F.
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      Everyone sux except for Percy


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        I'm counting Jay Cutler as part of our draft
        1- Jay Cutler. Made some mistakes early, but is always giving us a chance to win. A-
        2- Traded down
        3- Jarron Gilbert. Ask me next year. INC.
        3- Juaquin Iglesias. Haven't heard a word about him since the preseason. INC.
        4- DJ Moore. Buried in a crowded depth chart of DBs. INC.
        4- Henry Melton. On IR for an ankle injury, and will use this year to learn the position. INC.
        5- Johnny Knox. Has emerged as one of the best return men and is on his way to becoming a great wide receiver. A-
        5- Marcus Freeman. Got cut in the preseason and is now with Buffalo. F
        6- Al Afalava. Stepped in at safety when Manning was hurt and is showing good skills. A
        7- Lance Louis. Still on the roster, got charged with misdemeanor assault, but I don't what that's about. D
        7- Derek Kinder. Didn't make the roster. F

        Not a whole lot you could do with those picks, but a few of them can develop into good contributors.


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          Jacksonville Jaguars

          1. Eugene Monroe, OT B+

          He struggles in week 1 against Dwight Freeny but has been solid since then at LT. Looks like he could be a pro bowler in a couple of years.

          2. Eben Britton, OT A-

          Relatively, he's looked better than Monroe. He allowed us to cut Tony Pashos who was overpaid. Looks like we got 2 outstanding tackles for our future.

          3. Terrance Knighton, DT A

          Guy has started from day 1 and has been great against the run. He is also our NT in 3-4 looks. I thought he was a big reach at the time of the draft, but I was wrong.

          3. Derek Cox, CB B+

          I hate giving up next year's 2nd, but he has been great, starting from day 1. He also allowed us to cut overpaid Brian Williams. He has 2 picks on the year.

          4. Mike Thomas, WR/PR B

          Our slot receiver and punt returner. He is an electric part of our offense.

          5. Jarett Dillard, WR, C

          Only has 3 catches on the year. Looks like the plan is to have him take over for Holt as the posession receiver in a couple of years. Not an immediate impact, though.

          6. Zach Miller, TE, C+

          Has been great on special teams and has 5 catches so far. Should get more PT next year in double TE sets.

          7. Rashad Jennings, RB, C+

          Was great value and is 1 of 2 RBs on the roster. Played well against Tennessee, but hasn't been as powerful as I originally thought.

          7. Tiquan Underwood, WR/KR, C-

          Only on the active roster because of Williamson's injury. Pretty decent kick returner, though. Has a long ways to go as a WR.


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            Hakeem Nicks, WR - B
            Nicks has battled some injuries, but when he's played he's looked great, already having a 100 yard game to his name and some really big plays. If he stays healthy this should become an A by the end of the season.

            Clint Sintim, SLB - C
            Has yet to see the field as expected, but has looked good in preseason and might end up getting into the DE rotation as a pass rusher.

            William Beatty, OT - B
            Has looked really good when he's hit the field. Still could use some bulking up but he is our LT of the Future and should be starting there next season.

            Travis Beckum, TE - C
            You might be noticing a theme that our rookies don't get much PT and the same is true for Beckum, he's looked like a nice option to compliment Boss the few plays he has gotten in on.

            Ramses Barden, WR - INC
            Has yet to play, love his upside but he's behind four other good receivers so we're taking our time with him.

            Andre Brown, RB - INC
            Got put on IR early.

            Rhett Bomar, QB - INC
            He's the third string QB behind two number one overall picks, we'll see what he's got when Carr moves on, for now he's learning the playbook and working with our coaches.

            DeAndre Wright, DB - F
            Got cut

            Stoney Woodson, DB - D
            Pretty sure we put him on the practise squad, so at least he's still with the team.

            Bruce Johnson, CB - B
            The undrafted free agent has looked really good as a shiftier slot guy filling in for Dockery.


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            JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
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            Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
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            Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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              Dallas Cowboys:

              Only Michael Hamlin is worth a damn.

              TAMU QB Stephen McGee is an epic fail. Brewster, Butler & Williams are lost in the LB mix that includes Bobby Carpenter who can't tackle anybody & blows assignments yet he plays, what does that say for these backups?

              Note: USA Today's Preseason mag rated their draft an A ... are they looking at the same Cowboys draft in the same yr. I am? That's what happens when draft classes are rated before the season starts. And that's what happens when Jerry Jones trades back from his highest rd. for more picks, + quantity, - quality.

              That Dallas draft disappoints to the point of nausea, so I'll do

              SF 49ers:

              1st rd, Pick #8, Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech : Jury is still out b/c they didnt sign him until Wk. 6, he will see his 1st action this wk. vs. Houston.

              3rd rd, Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama : As a hardcore Bama fan I'm very familiar with Coffee. He brings a speedburst to their offense that's been lacking in the Gore backup RB, had a Rookie of the Yr. type preseason but made rookie mistakes on clock mgmt. & blocking in the regular season spelling/subbing for injured Gore. Only 21, has enormous upside, 95% sure to be a keeper.

              3rd rd, Scott McKillop, LB, Pittsburgh: Almost missed the final roster, but has starred on special teams & getting turnovers.

              5th rd, Nate Davis, QB, Ball St. : Overcame learning disability & got a roster spot, not spectacular in preseason but adequate, standard sit-a-yr-&-learn backup QB with good size (6-3, 228) & a big arm.

              6th rd, Bear Pascoe, TE, Fresno St. : N. Calif. local player with huge fan following couldn't adjust to the speed of the pro game, released on last cut.

              7th rd, Curtis Taylor, S, LSU: IDK if he made the roster.

              7th rd, Ricky Jean-Francois, DL, LSU: Spot player in preseason, 3rd string backup, Not very smart or disciplined, missed plane to back to SFO in bye wk, Singletary said to "Run his legs off" in practice this wk to adjust him.
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                Does anyone else look at the Dolphins Draft and think Parcells must have taken the weekend off after selecting Smith. The White and Turner picks didn't make sense at the time and make even less sense now. I know they run the wildcat, but they had bigger needs than White in the 2nd. Turner could have been had later in the Draft.

                I wasn't thrilled with the Falcon's Draft. That's not a popular opinion in Atlanta because it seems everything Dimitroff touches turns to gold right now, but I saw things I didn't like well before Jerry tore his ACL and Moore struggled with injuries. Here's me stating my opinion back in May:

                "I must admit that I am not thrilled by this Draft. Obviously I will change my mind if the rookies play well, but I don't have the magic of hindsight right now. I just don't really like the 2009 Draft at this point.
                I am not a big fan of the Peria Jerry pick. He's older than most prospects, has serious durablility questions, and was just not my favorite prospect on the board.
                I also don't get why Dimitroff felt the 2 CB's were worth those picks when everyone else felt they were major reaches.
                and I wanted the Falcons to pick an OT earlier."

                I kinda hate to say it, but the questions about Jerry's durability were justified. 1 of the 2 CB's was released in the preseason and the other has yet to make an impact. The Falcons were in need of more immediate impact because they are ready to make a run this year. They're getting little impact from the 2009 Draft right now. Think how good they'd be if they were getting more impact.


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                  Aaron Maybin: D-- he hasnt gotten much playing time, these past few weeks the amount of reps hes gotten have decreased...apparent liability against the run... we are ranked 32 against the run.. what do we have to lose?

                  Eric Wood--B-- has played pretty well in every game except New Orleans where he was absolutey abused..

                  Jairus Byrd--B-- 3ints in 2 stars... looks promising

                  Andy Levitre--C--- starting a LG, has struggled a bit so far

                  Shawn Nelson- C--- he got hurt early in the season, but has 6 catches for 60yds and 1 td. very promising... ive been surprised how good his blocking is

                  Nic Harris --F-- he got beat by an undrafted FA LB. Was even demoted off of special teams due to constant penalties. with a depleted LB core.. still doesnt touch the field

                  Cory Harris--F-- practice squad

                  Ellis Lankaster--D-- hasnt been active yet, but looked great in preseason


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                    RD1- Michael Crabtree, WR. Hasn't played yet, will start against Houston. INC.

                    RD3- Glen Cofee, RB. 2.5 yards a carry, doesn't bounce the ball outside, dropped some passes. Bad OL in front of him and he can still develop, but he's just bad right now. D

                    RD5- Scott McKillop, ILB. Heir apparent to Takeo Spikes, but Spikes is playing well. He's a good STer and even scored a TD on a muffed punt. But little immediate impact- he's a player the FO wants starting in 2-3 years. C

                    RD5- Nate Davis, QB. 3rd QB, inactive. INC.

                    RD6- Bear Pascoe, TE. Cut, not even on PS. F

                    RD7- Curtis Taylor, S. Inactive every week. INC.

                    RD7- Ricky Jean-Francois, DE. Inactive every week. INC.

                    We also traded our 2nd and 4th round picks for Carolina's 2010 1st rounder.


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                      Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
                      Everyone sux except for Percy

                      Loadholdt started out really slow but he's looked much better the past few weeks, his pass protection early worried me but it's improved since then.


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                        C Alex Mack A
                        He's been a starter from game one, has played pretty well, and improves by the game. No reason he won't be one of the top centers in a short time.

                        WR Brian Robiskie C-
                        He just started getting on the field and although in limited time, he has looked promising, he has hardly been the most NFL ready receiver he was supposed to be.

                        WR Mohammed Massaquoi B
                        Massaquoi has exceeded expectations so far. He runs pretty good routes and gets open. He's made some plays, but he has had an issue with drops as he is a body catcher. Should only get better.

                        DE/OLB/ILB David Veikune Incomplete
                        This has been a redshirt year for Veikune, because Veikune went from being a defensive lineman to learning both the inside and outside linebacker positions and has only contributed on special teams thus far.

                        LB Kaluka Maiava C
                        He has predominately been a special teamer and he's good at that, but with the season ending shoulder injury to D'Qwell Jackson, he should get opportunities as a starter.

                        CB Don Carey F
                        He looked promising in training camp, but he had a season ending shoulder injury and the FO tried to sneak him through to Injured Reserve and the Jags picked him up, so he's on their Injured Reserve list.

                        RB James Davis Incomplete
                        Looked very promising in preseason and had some moments in the regular season, but a shoulder injury ended his season.

                        CB Coye Francies Incomplete
                        Had a good training camp, but has not seen much of the field in the regular season.


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                          Round 1 - RB Donald Brown - B

                          Has been solid running behind Joseph Addai. Has made some plays and will eventually probably be the starter. He's improved his pass catching and blocking. The OL hasn't really let him shine yet.

                          Round 2 - DT Fili Moala - F

                          He's been a healthy scratch behind two undrafted free agents, a pickup from the Titans practice squad, and a guy the Packers cut mid-season last year. Since Ed Johnson was cut he will now get a chance to play, he'd better be ready. He was getting outplayed by Adrian Grady (another undrafted free agent) in preseason.

                          Round 3 - CB Jerraud Powers - A

                          Despite what the other Colts fan said he is now the starter regardless of who is healthy. He is the teams #2 CB, and has made some excellent plays in coverage so far this season. Also very physical in run support and makes great tackles. A real surprise and I'm thrilled with him.

                          Round 4 - WR Austin Collie - B+

                          Not a starter but a regular contributor who has had a near 100 yard, 2 TD game already. Runs great routes in the slot and should be a very good WR on this team for years.

                          Round 4 - DT Terrance Taylor - F

                          Cut. Huge disappointment.

                          Round 6 - QB Curtis Painter - N/A

                          He improved every game in pre-season but hasn't played a down in regular season and is the teams' 3rd QB.

                          Round 7 - P/K Pat McAfee - B+

                          Pretty solid punter with great kickoffs. He took the pressure off Vinatieri and will do the same for Stover. His punts were fantastic early on but haven't sustained that level.

                          Round 7 - OG Jaimie Thomas - F

                          Cut. I think he might be on the practice squad.


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                            2a. Patrick Chung SS: B- Has been a stud on special teams and picked off his first pass last week. He isn't the best athlete in the world but he is a football player and will definitely have a future here.

                            2b. Ron Brace DT : D The big man has barely seen the field, 6th rounder Myron Pryor has been far more impressive. You have to love his size and strength but he may be far too one dimensional, if Wilfork stays and Pryor/Mike Wright continue to play well he may start to fade out.

                            2c. Darius Butler CB: B Has seen his role increase dramatically. Butler has all the tools to be a top notch cover corner, something we lost when Asante bolted. He may be on the field even more if he continues to improve.

                            2d. Sebastian Vollmer OT: A Has already become a fan favorite, something you don't see too much from relatively unknown rookie linemen. Has been terrific in pass blocking and a force in the run game. He is a mammoth with excellent athleticism, before the Titans game Vanden Bosch was talking about how impressive he looks. He is our LT of the future I would say.

                            3a. Brandon Tate WR/RS: INC Everyone loves his talent but we drafted him knowing he was still recovering from injury. Looks like this week may be his first significant playing time in a while, can't wait to see what he can do.

                            3b. Tyrone McKenzie ILB: INC Pats suffered a huge blow when he was lost for the season. McKenzie was going to be a contributor at LB and his injury really hurt us. Hopefully he recovers because he is an explosive athlete and would be a nice body to have next to Mayo.

                            4. Rich Ohrnberger OL: D Haven't seen much of him, still on the roster though. Still early; we will be seeing what these young OL have to offer with Light, Koppen, and Neal getting up there.

                            5. George Bussey OL: D See Ohrnberger.

                            6a. Jake Ingram LS: B Took over the long snapping duties for folk legend Lonnie Paxton and hasn't missed a beat.

                            6b. Myron Pryor DT: A- Pryor was definitely a steal. Has been impressive every time he has been on the field, looks to be very strong and athletic. Plays very tough and may make people forget about second rounder Ron Brace.

                            7a. Julian Edelman WR/RS: B+ Another steal, this guy has a future in the slot and as a returner. Edelman is third in receiving on the team behind Moss and Welker with 21 catches for 188 yards to go along with 22.4 yards per kick return and 10.5 yards per punt return. You have to like his potential since this is his first year not playing QB after calling the signals at Kent St.

                            7b. Darryl Richard DL: D Haven't heard much of him and that might not change with the way Pryor and Mike Wright are playing as depth guys behind big Vince. Ron Brace is also in the mix so Darryl is in a tough spot.

                            Overall, this looks like it could end up being a very solid draft class. A lot of Pats fans were pissed we didn't pick some bigger names at positions of need but it looks like we got some players with big time potential for great value.


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                              2a. SS Patrick Chung - Hasn't looked good. Got beat a few times, hasn't seen the field much. Brandon McGowan has outplayed him, and Chung is the fourth safety on the roster right now. Probably won't see the field much this year.

                              2b. NT Ron Brace - No production, he almost never gets onto the field. I still have hopes that he'll be pretty good, but I can't help but think they wasted this pick on him so long as they can re-sign Vince Wilfork - leverage draft pick?

                              2c. CB Darius Butler - Made some impressive plays last week. Has dropped a couple picks if I remember correctly, but has been better than I expected after watching him at UConn. Seems like he'll be a starter by the end of the year.

                              2d. OT Sebastian Vollmer - Has looked good ever since taking over for Matt Light at left tackle. I expect he'll probably start next year at either of the tackle positions (preferably RT.) Much better than expected, not sure if he can overtake Light, though.

                              3a. WR Brandon Tate
                              3b. LB Tyrone McKenzie - Can't comment on these two guys. They've both been injured. McKenzie is on injured reserve, but I expect Tate to come off of the PUP soon and hopefully contribute in Joey Galloway's spot. This team is THIN at wideout.

                              4. OG Rich Ohrnberger
                              5. OL George Bussey - Neither of these two guys has seen the field much, except a little bit in last week's blowout for Ohrnberger. I don't think either one did anything good or bad, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't last too long, and doubt either becomes a starter.

                              6a. LS Jake Ingram - Stephen Gostkowski hasn't been playing as well this year, and I think that might be because of the snapper. Not sure, though. He did beat out Nathan Hodel, but that might have been because they invested a pick in him.

                              6b. DT Myron Pryor - Has looked pretty impressive in limited time. I think he'll earn a little bit of the rotation, but he probably won't ever be a starter. He can still contribute, and he looked pretty good in the preseason as well when he played.

                              7a. WR Julian Edelman - Looked really good, but his season is probably over now after breaking his arm at the end of last game. Basically the "mini-Welker" tag he's gotten has been about as accurate as possible. Will be here for a while.

                              7b. DT Darryl Richard - Pretty sure he's on the practice squad. I don't really expect him to contribute a whole lot, but this is a pretty solid team with a lot of defensive linemen, and he was a seventh round pick. Low expectations for him.


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                                WR- Kenny Britt- B- IMO he has been our best reciver so far, but is still playing behind the ghost that is Justin Gage. Has had a fair share of drops but looks like he a great future ahead of him.

                                DT-SenDerrick Marks-D- Has never really seen the field. Prior to the regular season there were reports he was looking better and better after every practice.

                                TE-Jared Cook-C+- Looked like he was going to be a factor in our offense, but got hurt. He will get more playing time after the bye-week IMO, with Alge falling out of favor with the coaching staff and fans.

                                CB- Ryan Mouton-D - Has done okay for a rookie corner, but has been a major flop in the return game. lost us the Jets game.

                                T- Troy Kropog-D+- Good backup tackle

                                RB-Javon Ringer-C+ - IMO, The most impressive rookie when he sees the field,however that is not often. Runs with great power and is a ***** to tackle. Should be the number 2 behind LenDale IMO.

                                CB-Jason McCourty- F -I thought he played well agianst the Colts, but agianst the Patriots and Jags, he got abused. He seems star struck at times, which pisses me off.

                                WR-Domonique Edison-C- Got cut but was resigned to the practice squad. Don't be fooled though, the fact that this guy got through waviers is crazy. Great speed/hands and played well during the preseason and TC. Should be on the roster over Lafail Hawkins and Justin Gage.

                                The seventh rounders are on the practice squad.
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