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Most dominating Lineman you've seen?

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  • Most dominating Lineman you've seen?

    Offense and defense. Even though their just O-Line. I find it being a pleasure to have seen possibly several HOF caliber O-Line & D-Line.

    Offense - Willie Roaf, Walter Jones, Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden, Larry Allen, & long time Jet Kevin Mawae (maybe).

    For defense I can't name many. But I remember watching both Strahan and Reggie White help dominate the Pats. And the U's Warren Sapp.
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    I remember focusing in on Pace and being just blown away. What he is now does not even belong in the same ballpark, he may have been the best ever.


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      Orlando Pace from 1997-2005.


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        Tony Boselli is the best offensive lineman I have ever watched. We'd be talking about him as the GOAT if a Jacksonville doctor wouldn't have butchered his shoulders.


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          On a day when Walter Jones basically hung em up i'd go:

          Walter Jones
          John Hannah
          Gene Upshaw
          Jim Parker
          Jonathon Ogden
          Steve Hutchinson


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            personally i haven't been alive long enough to see many but Steve hutchinson for O-line for sure

            For D-line id have to say jared allen.

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              Larry Allen

              Everybody else.

              Nobody was on that guy's level. He was so good and so dominant it was unfair. Probably the strongest player to ever play the game and his strength translated on the field. Also, back in his glory days with the Cowboys he was also a great athlete. I've never seen a more dominant lineman.

              I'd put Boselli, Jones, Pace and Ogden in some order after him. Munoz also deserves I mention but honestly, I never got to see him play.


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                I got to see Roaf play a lot and I've never seen anyone better. Guy was flat out dominant.

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                  Bruce Matthews, guy played every position on the O-line at a HOF level. I'm not trying to be a homer he is just one of the few greats I got to see play in his prime.

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                    Larry Allen.

                    I think some players in the league may still be suffering from Allenitis to this day....


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                      Originally posted by vidae-KC View Post
                      I got to see Roaf play a lot and I've never seen anyone better. Guy was flat out dominant.
                      What's scary is that he was even better before we gifted him to you guys.

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                        I know I've posted this video before but its one of my favorite plays ever. I can watch it over and over and still be blown away everytime. Larry Allen was a monster. I highly recommend you check it out.



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                          I started following football when Orlando Pace was in his prime in the greatest show on turf days. My friend who originally got me into football told me to watch this Orlando Pace guy, made me appreciate a part of the game I hadn't really taken notice of till then.


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                            Kwame Harris

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                              Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                              Kwame Harris
                              If we're going there i'd like to nominate John St. Clair.



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