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Cromartie to the Jets

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    Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
    Cromartie's Top 5 ***** moments as a Charger:

    5. Cromartie desperately tries to get Santonio Holmes out of bounds in the waning minutes of a 1 score playoff game in 2008. Fails despite perfect angle and setup for a rideout.

    4. Cromartie backs up on 4th down instead of going into the pile, 2009 playoffs v. Jets, last play of the season with the game in doubt.

    3. Cromartie gives up 18 catches to Brandon Marshall, 2008. Talks trash the entire time.

    2. Quicksnap touchdown to Reggie Wayne in 2008 playoff game versus Colts. Cromartie is still walking towards the sidelines after the ball is snapped and Wayne goes by him. Speculation runs rampant that the man must have been asleep.

    1. Shonne Green uses Jedi Mind trick to keep Cromartie away.
    1** Cromartie becomes jesus christ leaps 50 feet in the air and 1 hands a ball some how.


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      Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
      1** Cromartie becomes jesus christ leaps 50 feet in the air and 1 hands a ball some how.
      I could probably do a top 5 superhuman list too, but that is the ***** list.


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        Cromartie is gonna be good just watch

        Jets Superbowl maybe


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          Originally posted by Halsey View Post
          The Jets must not know their stuff when it comes to defensive players. ;)
          Ya now all they need to do is trade for Vernon Gholston o wait.


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            As a #1 Cro is overrated, i'll give ya that. But as a #2, he's better than pretty much anybody the Jets were going to draft in the 2011 draft with a 3rd pick.

            If he lives up to expectations, than a 2nd will be worth it, considering we were most likely going to snag a CB with the 29th this year... I say solid move on paper, but paper doesn't win ****. Also, could see a change of scenery doing him well, guess we'll see.

            "When it's third and ten, you can take the milk drinkers and I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time."


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              When he was rumored to go for a 5th it was a steal, but a 2nd/3rd is very very risky I'll say. I won't call it a failure until he is picked apart, but their scheme is slightly different and Rex knows what he wants in his defenders so I won't knock it until I see it unfold on the field.

              He will certainly get targeted quite a bit, but if they can apply pressure I don't think he'll be all that bad. He won't have to worry about getting trashed by guys like Marshall again because I doubt he sees a WR of that caliber on the Jets honestly, and vs #2 WR's in a high pressure defense I could think of worse options for a future 3rd. I'm guessing it's only a 2nd if he goes crazy in the INT total.

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                Originally posted by Splat View Post
                He had 0 int's his rookie year.
                whatever year he got 10


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                  Originally posted by coordinator0 View Post
                  With Rex Ryan at the helm, they should have better training camp food ;).
                  That's ******* hilarious. (I'm not being sarcastic btw).


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                    Originally posted by superman View Post
                    whatever year he got 10
                    Ya I know I was just being a smart ass sorry.


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                      From Daniel Jeremiah ex Ravens and Browns scout.

                      In BAL, Rex Ryan said that Cromartie's pro day workout was the best CB workout he had ever seen
                      Cromartie fits the Jets scheme. They send heavy pressure and allow their CB's to jump routes. Good move
                      Does anyone know what the conditions are for the pick to change to a 2nd?


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                        Its a combination of team success and playing time.


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                          I'll bet that Cromartie has at least 5 picks next season.
                          This is a really good pickup by Rex.
                          Especially if the Jets can strengthen their passrush, teams will have a very hard time passing on Revis & Cromartie.
                          GO RAVENS


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                            This could either be a brilliant move or a complete disaster.


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                              OOOOMMGGGGZZZZZZZzzzZZZ.... ThISSS iz juS LIKe NNamDI WITHZZZZ DEangelO HaLLZzzzzzzzzzz

                              Cromartie is going to be exposed even more with Revis on the other side. Should be fun to watch

                              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                                2nd round pick??????

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